Lustful Magical Rainbow

Written By TacticalFriendship
Edited By JasonSonicZombie

Shipping: Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle
Possible Future Shipping's: ?

Story Description
Rainbow Dash is a hard working strong Pegasus, but lately she has been feeling down in the dumps because of feelings that have spawned up from deep within her. Feelings for a close friend of hers she doesn't completely understand what she is feeling and how it will effect her life. Rainbow Dash simply wants to be happy follow Rainbow Dash as she battles her demons and fights to find the love that she desires so desperately in this romantic fan fiction. Watch as the drama unfolds revealing secret love triangles and deafening scuffles amongst friends which could ultimately cause to there eventual separation. Will Rainbow Dash's love hold strong or will it be exposed and snuffed out. Rainbow Dash is afraid of what others would think of her if they knew the truth.

("Hello this is my very first fan fiction this is practically my very first time writing so please go easy on me I shatter to pieces easily! OK this story takes place eight months after Twilight Sparkle arrived in Ponyville! I hope you enjoy this story! Thank you so much for your precious time!")

"Chapter One Lonely Night"

Ti's a dark night the only light in the sky was from the dim gloomy moon. Rainbow Dash lied on a cloud feeling the tension and backwash of a hard days work she sighed heavily. Suddenly the stars revealed themselves sparkling down upon Rainbow Dash who starred up to there beauty almost reminding her of one of her close friends who was probably resting in her soft comfy bed by now.

"Hoh! Why do I have to be alone on such a beautiful night and why do I continue to feel this way?" Rainbow Dash said blandly depression evident in her faint words.

Rainbow Dash placed her right hoof on her chest feeling her soft coat Rainbow Dash's heart pounded loudly out of her chest as she thought of her close friend Twilight Sparkle a powerful unicorn who somehow caused Rainbow Dash to give into weakness. A cool breeze blew past Rainbow Dash blowing her long mane into wind allowing it flow freely with ease. The moon suddenly brightened revealing Rainbow Dash's face she blushed lightly.

"When I look up to the stars I see you in them... Twilight! You are my constellation! I may be a strong iron pony... Oh how I wish I had the strength to tell you." Rainbow Dash muttered softly with a deeply saddened look evident upon her gloomy face.

Rainbow Dash suddenly gave into a single thought of Twilight Sparkle and her elegant soft comforting smile a few tears broke off from Rainbow Dash's grasp slowly it slid down the sides of her cheeks. The moons overwhelmingly beautiful rays of illuminative light caused her tears to shimmer as they fell from her face slowly to the ground they went.

"I shouldn't feel this way it is wrong but I can't help myself or rather I can't stop myself from thinking of you Twilight! I wish I knew if you felt the same way?" Rainbow Dash bit down on her lip begging for an answer.

Rainbow Dash lowered her head down into the dreary cloud that she lied so comfortably upon. Giving weigh to her own powerful emotions Rainbow Dash let out another loud sigh.

"Twilight Sparkle's Cabin Tree House"

Twilight Sparkle tossed and turned relentlessly in her soft comfy warm bed Spike slept on the other end across the room in his little basket bed. After a few minutes of fighting with tough hardened pillows trying desperately to get into the right resting position Twilight Sparkle eventually ended up simply starring up at the sealing. Twilight Sparkle slowly placed a hoof upon her chest it was evident that she was in pain, truly it was written all over her face.

"What is this I'm feeling? My heart why does it ache so it's as if I'm missing something important or some pony close to me is hurting desperately crying out to me!" Twilight Sparkle mumbled to herself wishing she knew the truth of this mysterious ache in her chest.

Twilight Sparkle slowly sat up looking out of her window to the moon's bright gloomy aura she starred up into the twilight of this night she then sighed loudly the moon was very depressing tonight. Spike's entire little body twitched before rolling over Twilight Sparkle nearly woke him up from her loud heavy sighing.

"I'm not sure if I'll able to sleep like this! Maybe if I go for a quick walk that will clear my head enough for me to rest easily tonight, I hope..." Twilight Sparkle whispered to herself.

Twilight Sparkle gently hopped out of bed she trotted downstairs as quietly as she possibly could not wanting to waken Spike as not to cause a fuss over nothing. Twilight Sparkle simply needed some fresh air or so she first thought as she stepped outside into the coldness and loneliness of this fare night. Twilight Sparkle quickly found herself trotting through the empty deserted streets of Ponyville feeling even more alone than ever before. Rays of moonlight glistened down upon Twilight Sparkle as she trotted past Rarity's Boutique. Twilight Sparkle let out a loud sigh as she trotted across a bridge underneath was a small river of flowing water that glistened brightly on this beautiful of nights. Twilight Sparkle slowly approached the entrance leading into Ponyville she starred out off into the distance to see the EverFree Forrest it's trees were swaying back and fourth on this a most breezy of nights. Twilight Sparkle sighed once more she then looked up into the deep darkened sky to see clouds spiraling about a storm would be upon Ponyville by the morrow. Out of the corner of her eyes she noticed a rainbow colored tail hanging down from one of the clouds the sight of it caused a smile to fall down upon her face. She knew exactly who it was, she knew exactly who was going to keep her company. Then suddenly Twilight Sparkle's eyes widened in absolute fear for a moment in time she thought she saw tiny shimmers falling down through the air just below Rainbow Dash's cloud.

"What... What was that just now? Should I wake her if she is asleep that would be most rude of me. Rainbow Dash works hard she does need her rest... I guess I'll just go home and force myself to sleep... Again!" Twilight Sparkle said in a deeply depressive tone.

It was apparent Twilight Sparkle desired Rainbow Dash's company for this loneliest of nights but was more considerate than she should have been. Twilight Sparkle turned and began trotting home in a crude matter a regretful wind blew past blowing Twilight Sparkle's mane into a frenzy flowing wildly with the wind. Rainbow Dash slept as peacefully as she possibly could considering her heart's current condition. Suddenly Rainbow Dash's tiny nose bounced up and down to the familiar sensation of one of her closest friends scent's rising up into the air.

"Twilight..." Rainbow Dash muttered softly in her sleep she squeezed the cloud tightly believing it was her that she was grasping upon. "I... I..." Twilight Sparkle slowly trotted home gentle drops of what almost appeared to be rain flew freely through the night time air the moons dim light caused them to shimmer ever so graciously.

"End of Chapter One"

I really hope you all enjoyed this chapter please don't hate me if it's bad I did the best I could. Thank you so much for reading my story I would really appreciate your feedback but please don't be rough. I'll try to start on chapter two tomorrow of I can. "illuminative" Isn't a word but it is now! By the way Rainbow Dash is my first favorite and Twilight Sparkle is my second favorite I am more like Twilight Sparkle I love reading. I never got a chance to explore this site before I will try to do so later I look forward to it. I love the thought of Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle in a loving relationship it's so adorable. I love Rainbow Dash's smile. Again I hope you all enjoyed this thanks so much.