After He Left The Room

"Profit huh?" Kyouya pondered Haruhi's words as he left his room so that she and the blonde idiot could talk. The Shadow King walked down the hall of Nekozawa-sempai's beach house and tried to think of something he could do while the two in his room chatted. Perhaps I should see what the twins are up to.

He walked to the room that Hikaru and Kaoru were sharing and softly knocked on the door not wanting to wake either of the little devils if they had already fallen asleep.

"Come in." A voice said softly.

Kyouya walked in quietly and saw one of the twins leaning against the opposite wall and looking out the window. When the boy turned his head and Kyouya was able to see his face in the flashing light caused by the lightning outside he knew that it was Kaoru who was still awake.

"Still awake I see Kaoru." He said coolly.

"The thunder woke me. I think Hikaru could sleep though anything." Kaoru spoke softly despite his words.

"For some reason I can't sleep either, would you like to keep me company?" Kyouya asked.

Kaoru thought about it for a minute. I don't see myself getting any sleep while the storms like this and what better way to pass time than spending it with your crush? "Sure Kyouya-sempai, should we go to your room?"

"No, let's go to the sitting room." The Shadow King answered.

Kaoru simply nodded and walked out of the room. Kyouya closed the door behind him before leading the way to their destination. After they sat down the red-head looked to his sempai. "What now?"

"I'm not sure really. The only cards that Nekozawa-sempai has are tarot cards." Kyouya told his kohai.

"I know you're not really one to do so, but we could just talk." Kaoru suggested.

The older boy raised his eyebrow and looked to the younger. "What makes you think that I'm not one to talk?"

"You don't talk much; that's what. Sure you talk more than Mori-sempai but you still don't talk too much, unless Tamaki-sempai is being…well…tono." Kaoru explained.

"Perhaps I just need a reason to talk and someone intelligent to talk to." Kyouya looked straight at Kaoru as he said this.

Said boy blushed and was thankful for the dark room because of it. "Is there anyone in particular that you had in mind?" He didn't wish to pry but he also had a secret hope that the reason that Kyouya chose him to keep him company was that he was that person.

"There is, but I'm not sure if he feels the same." He looked away.

"I don't see why he wouldn't. If this person is smart enough for you to actually want to talk to him then I'm sure he's smart enough to see that deep down you're a good guy that's worth talking to." Kaoru said with a smile before realizing just what he had said. His words echoed in his head and his blush deepened. Thank God for Nekozawa-sempai's sensitivity to light!

"Do you mean that Kaoru?" Kyouya sounded touched.

Kaoru gulped. "Yes."

Kyouya leaned forward a bit. "How long have you thought so?"

"I'm not sure exactly, but for a while now I guess." The red-head twiddled his thumbs.

The Shadow King actually blushed a little at this. "Kaoru."

"Yes Kyouya-sempai?" The boy looked at the upper-classman nervously.

"Do you really want to know who I enjoy talking to?" There was a sweetness in his voice that only someone who knew the boy for some time could detect.

"That's up to you Kyouya-sempai. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. But if you did I could tell you a secret of my own in exchange to make it fair." Kaoru knew how the Shadow King was about favors and payment; though he didn't know what secret he should reveal were Kyouya not to say his name.

The older boy leaned in close to Kaoru so that if there had been anyone else in the room none of them would have heard what he was about to say. "You." Kyouya kissed the stunned boy before him.

Kaoru couldn't believe what just happened; Kyouya said what he'd been hoping for and then kissed him. Wait, why am I not kissing him back? Just as the thought went through his head Kyouya broke away.

"So what's your secret?" Kyouya coaxed as he leaned back on the couch.

Kaoru looked at the raven haired boy and smiled. "I like you." It was his turn to kiss the other boy. Kyouya wrapped his arms around the red-head's waist and returned the kiss.

Velvet moved against silk as they showed their love for one another. Kaoru felt Kyouya's tongue request entrance which he gladly granted. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths, neither really fighting for dominance, just lazily kissing. They broke for air after a few minutes and touched their foreheads together. "Y'know Kaoru, you telling me that you like me wasn't much of a secret considering I already knew that, so that means you still owe me." Kyouya smirked.

"How would you like me to pay you back Kyouya-sempai?" The younger boy asked in a sultry voice.

Kyouya was about to repeat the words he'd said to Haruhi earlier, but this time he truly wanted the words to come true. "You could pay me back with your body."

At this Kaoru was pushed down on to the couch by his hopefully soon-to-be lover. His neck was assaulted by kisses and he just now realized that he'd never put his shirt on before leaving his room. Kyouya brought his hands up to Kaoru's bare nipples and began playing with them, rolling the nubs between his fingers and flicking them every now and then. Kaoru gave a soft moan at the sensation and started to undo his sempai's vest.

Kyouya straightened up long enough to slip of his vest then went back to pleasuring Kaoru by kissing and nipping at his chest. The boy purred his approval and laced his fingers in the shadowy hair of the club's vice president. As the King of Shadows, and apparently pleasure, kissed lower he lost the conviction of his words. The kisses were halted as he looked up at the face of the center of his desires that was currently in a relaxed state of pleasure.

I know what I said, I want this, but does he? I don't want to hurt him by making him do something he doesn't want to, I care about him too much for that.

"Kyouya, what did you stop for?" Kaoru brought the older boy back to the here and now.

"Do you want this? I know what I said but if you want to stop I will." Kyouya said gently.

"Of course I want this." Kaoru said as though it was common knowledge. "If I didn't I would have resisted the second you pinned me. And if you need any more proof…" Kaoru took hold of Kyouya's hand and placed in on the bulge in his pants.

That was all he needed to know. The Shadow King smirked and removed his hand before grinding his hips into his kohai's. Kaoru gasped at the rush of pleasure. "You tease." Kyouya's smirk grew as he leaned down to kiss the boy beneath him.

Kaoru wove his fingers through Kyouya's midnight colored hair and deepened the kiss. Kyouya's hands traveled down the other boy's fairly toned body until they reached the waist band of his pajama pants. Kaoru broke the kiss for a breath of air and lifted his hip. "Do it Kyouya-sempai."

"I think you can drop the sempai for now." Kyouya told his kohai before pulling the pants and boxers off of the boy in one fluid movement. He also removed his own pants and briefs before returning to his love.

Before he could get comfortable Kaoru pushed him back and trailed kisses down his chest until he reached Kyouya's aching member. The red-head gave a devilish smirk to his sempai before giving the tip a lick and then taking the head into his mouth. Kyouya gasped as he was taken into the warm wet cavern. Kaoru sucked, licked, and grazed his teeth against the raven haired boy's hard prick.

"Who's the tease now?" Kyouya breathed out. As the ministrations continued Kyouya could feel himself getting closer. "Kaoru." He warned.

The boy stopped with another small lick to the head. "Yes Kyouya?"

The older boy brought three fingers up to the mouth of the younger. "Suck."

The kohai did as he was told and suck and licked the three fingers making sure to coat them with as much saliva as he could. Kyouya withdrew his fingers from Kaoru's mouth and gently pushed the boy back down onto the couch. "This is going to hurt a bit, please bear with me." He said gently. When Kaoru nodded he inserted the first finger. The boy relaxed surprisingly fast. "Don't tell me that the act for the club is more than an act."

"No, it's an act. I've just…fantasized about this for a while." If Kyouya could see his lover's face he's see it was now beet red.

He kissed Kaoru to soothe his nerves. "I'm flattered." He inserted a second finger and scissored them. Kaoru winced a bit from the pain but eventually relaxed as Kyouya moved his fingers and pumped them in and out. When he felt Kaoru was ready he inserted the third and final finger. The younger boy once again winced from the pain. Kyouya probed for the spot that would make his lover forget that pain.

"Oh God! Do that again!"

"Found it." The Shadow King said as he did as requested.

As the older boy watched his lover writhe in pleasure under him it turned him on to no end and knew that he had to claim him. He removed his fingers, earning a whine from the younger boy, before positioning himself at the boy's entrance and pushing in gently until he was fully seated in his lover. "Just tell me when you're ready."

Kaoru took a deep breath to relax. "Move."

Kyouya started out slow not wanting to hurt the boy. Once the pain dulled and was replaced by pleasure Kaoru moved with him. The two boys moved in sync with one another as though they had done many times before. The pace quickened with each pleasure filled moan and whispered name. They kissed sloppily while hands roamed. When Kyouya once again felt himself nearing his end he took hold of Kaoru's leaking member and started to stroke in time with his thrusts. "Kyou, I'm so close."

"So am I Kao." Hearing his name said in such a way by the boy he'd been in love with for so long sent him over the edge. Kyouya was close to follow.

As the two lay on the couch basking in the afterglow they both came to the realization of what they just did. Kyouya was the first to start dressing. Kaoru layed there and watched the boy put on his pants before getting up to do so himself.

As the red-head watched his sempai put on his vest he knew there was a question that had to be asked. "Do you regret what we just did?"

"Not at all Kaoru. I wanted you and still do. I…I love you." Kyouya told him.

"I'm glad to hear that because I love you too." Kaoru stepped forward. "Does this mean we're boyfriends?"

"If that's what you want." Kyouya smiled.

Instead of answering Kaoru just kissed his new boyfriend.

"Kaoru! Where did you go?" Hikaru called down the hall.

"I'm in here with Kyouya-sempai; now hush before you wake the whole house." Kaoru answered back.

"What do you want to tell him?" Kyouya whispered to his new boyfriend.

"I'd like to tell him the truth." Kaoru whispered back.

"Have you guys seen Tama-chan?" Honey asked as he walked in with Mori in tow.

"No, I haven't." Kaoru answered.

"I left him in my room to talk to Haruhi." Kyouya told them. "Perhaps we should go see if they've made up yet."

"I hope they have!" Honey bounced before turning around to leave the room.

"The truth can wait until morning I guess." Kaoru whispered to Kyouya before taking his hand and walking down the hall with the others.

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