Sorry if this story seems dark i was listening to a VERY great Michael Jackson song when i wrote this. I bet you can't guess which one. Anyway i don't own Penguins of Madagascar. Enjoy. sorry for the shortness. i promise the next chapter will be better.

Private's POV
I remember hearing him scream. We were to late Blowhole would've killed him and he would never know.
When we found where they were Skipper was still alive. Blowhole just managed to stab his wing. He managed to still fight with one wing but every so often Blowhole it his hurt arm causing him to hurt more. I didn' want to see this I wanted Blowhole dead because of all the pain he was causing my father. I wasn't thinking straight but i didn't have time to think. Skipper was bleeding a lot and he would soon fall unconscious from his blood loss. If I didn't do what i was think he would have died anyways. I walked up to Rico and hit his stomach. He coughed up a pistol. I took aim. I knew I wasn't a good shot but I had to try. I pulled the trigger and heard him breath his last bit of life. I looked up and gasped because I hit...

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