Together We Fall

A/N: Rated M for violence, some language and some sexual stuff. Also, in this story Inuyasha and Koga are human. Told from Kagome's POV.

Chapter 1

Some people just don't know why they hang around those that complicate their life. I'm pretty much one of those people, sometimes I just don't understand why I continue to be around Inuyasha and Koga. For some reason I just feel drawn to them. Like I'm supposed to be with the two of them, I can't explain it. I think I love them but I'm not sure.

On this day we were sitting at the park on a bench, I was in between the two boys who were both puffing on cigarettes. Koga and Inuyasha were like brothers, they grew up in the same neighborhood, they bickered sometimes and got each other in trouble. "Just look at that little tramp over there" Inuyasha said. He was referring to the pretty blonde girl on the other side of the park. She was talking to some middle aged guy, it looked like she was flirting with him.

"I'd like to take a chunk out of her" Koga sneered. I hope they didn't plan to make a scene here, I already had plenty of people who thought badly of me because I hung around with them. If I was here while they did something horrible I would automatically be guilty by association.

"Doesn't look like she's doing anything wrong" I said quietly.

"Why does she have to wear so much damn pink?" Inuyasha said in disgust, "Sure glad you don't dress that way Kagome" He hated bright and feminine colors for some reason, I always made sure to wear darker clothes around him.

"I wouldn't even think of it" I told him. He flicked away his cigarette bud and beamed at me.

"She also has her stomach showing and look at those perfect arms" Koga said with a slight growl, "She's just asking for me to bite her" Koga loved biting, not just sensual biting but really savage biting. Not surprisingly, it often got him in some trouble.

"Go for it" Inuyasha said with a shrug. "It's a bit boring here, could use some excitement"

I gave Inuyasha a hard nudge, they were always encouraging each other to do destructive things. "Let's just enjoy this nice summer day" I said wrapping my arm around Koga, maybe I could distract him from the girl in pink.

"Ah, Kagome then can I bite you?" he said teasingly.

"Yeah, let him bite you" Inuyasha added, showing his teeth.

"No!" I snapped.

"That's what I thought" Koga wiggled out from under my arm and stood up from the bench. "I'll go for one of those amazing arms, what do you think Inuyasha?" he grinned and dropped his cigarette, smashing it into the ground

"Whatever you like" Inuyasha replied.

"How about none of her body parts" I uttered.

"Don't be a buzzkill Kagome, it'll be fun!"

Inuyasha stood up. "I'll take care of that old guy she's with if he interferes" he said and with that him and Koga started walking towards the girl. I sighed and then followed behind them slowly. I wasn't surprised they didn't listen, they rarely did. But hey it didn't hurt to try.

Koga walked up to the blonde girl and Inuyasha went up to the guy. The two of them were good looking guys, there was no denying it. Girls often loved their long black hair, fit bodies and handsome faces. So at first the girl looked happy to see them but the guy sure didn't, he was no match for them in terms of looks. I felt sorry for the two strangers.

"You look like you're looking for some fun" Koga said to her and Inuyasha smirked.

"She's with me" the guy said, irritated. I was near them, close enough to watch them and close enough to hear but I was making sure to stay out of the way. Unless of course I would need to jump in for some reason.

"Shut it old man" Inuyasha snapped.

"Kim let's get away from these creeps" he said to the blonde. She just shook her head, she was already becoming infatuated with the two younger men. I wish she would come to her senses and just walk away with her boyfriend or whatever he was to her.

"No, no just go for a walk or something. I'll catch up with you later" she said flatly.

The man scowled, "No we won't be catching up later bitch. There's plenty of other sluts out there" The two younger men just laughed at that and Kim just rolled her eyes. "Whatever" she mumbled. The man glared at her for a moment and then stormed off.

"So where you guys from?" Kim said, instantly bringing her focus back to Inuyasha and Koga. She didn't even seem to notice me at all. The way she batted her blue eyes and flipped her blonde hair, I have to admit it was very infuriating to me.

"Does that really even matter?" Koga said and grabbed her forearm. "Don't try to tease me sweetheart if I see something I want...I take it"

The blonde looked at him, blinking in confusion from his words. "So you're the aggressive type?" she said trying to keep up her flirtatiousness. She didn't seem to mind him touching her all that much.

"Get on with it Koga" Inuyasha said, licking his lips a little.

"Guys I-" her voice turned into a scream as Koga bit down on her shoulder. "What are you doing freak!?" she cried through her screams, trying to pull away. I could see the blood, Koga wouldn't stop until he literally had a piece of her. Inuyasha had a very wicked smile on his face.

"Koga that's enough someone's going to call the cops" I said, the other people in the park were looking at us. Koga held up a hand, signaling me to wait. I watched as he tore away a tiny chunk of her flesh, it made me cringe. Her screams were painful to my ears. Koga would pull away, taking a piece of her with him. The blood that dripped from his mouth and the look in his eyes made him look feral. "Koga come on already" I said grabbing his arm.

"Wait" he smirked and took the chewed up flesh from his mouth, then shoved it into the mouth of the screaming blonde. . "Now let's get out of here" That's when the three of us ran, together like always.


Late in the afternoon I go home, I have archery lessons tonight and need to get my things from my house. Koga and Inuyasha will roam the streets for awhile as always and then go home late at night. I'll meet them first thing tomorrow morning, like always. My house is really quiet, my little brother's gone off to private school. Mom's sick and mostly stays in bed, grandpa takes care of the house most of the time but right now he's taking a nap.

I put on something more flexible and grab my bow and arrows. It's a bit odd carrying it around, I'd prefer to leave it at Miss Kikyo's over night. However, Miss Kikyo says having it at my house somehow helps me build a connection to my bow, doesn't make sense to me. I like archery lessons although Miss Kikyo is a bit odd and...let's just say she's very "touchy" A lot of girls come to her for lessons but she only does one-on-one sessions with them.

I walk up to her front door and knock even though she said one time I didn't have to. "Hello, Kagome" she says when she answers the door, she's smiling at me. I see what Miss Kikyo's wearing and I blush. She's wearing a very low cut red top that show's off her breasts a lot along with a very short jean skirt. I hope she doesn't touch me too much today. I just wanted to practice my archery.

"Come on in" she says and we go inside. "Would you like something to drink before we begin?"

"No, that's okay Miss Kikyo" I say.

"Well I for one am going to have a drink, so please have a seat" she says. I take a seat on the couch while she goes into the kitchen. "Kagome, you look beautiful today by the way" she calls from the kitchen.


She comes out carrying a glass of wine. Miss Kikyo loved wine, but fortunately she didn't drink enough to get drunk while I was here. "You're my best student Kagome, soon you'll be a master at archery" she says as she sits on the couch next to me. She takes a sip of her wine and then sets it on the coffee table. "I want to ask you something important" She nuzzles up close to me and I shudder a little.

"What is it?" I ask, forcing a smile.

"I want you to work here with me as an assistant real soon, I've always wanted someone to help me teach. But I'm very picky about my choices" Miss Kikyo places her hand on my thigh and I blush deeply.

"That's real nice of you Miss Kikyo but I'm not sure I'm ready to take on that responsibility" I said, I really didn't want to take on that kind of commitment. I sure didn't want to be an accomplice in Miss Kikyo's "Touchy" ways. I was already involved with two deviants and that was enough.

"Hmph, I see" she said, disappointed. "Well Kagome, you don't seem to understand how lonely I am" Miss Kikyo suddenly sobbed and buried her face in her hands. "You don't even really like me" she said through her sobbing. I've seen her get emotional like this before and it was never easy to deal with.

"Miss Kikyo I already have so much going on in my life is all" I say, placing a comforting hand on her back. "Why don't you have some more wine it will help you feel better"

"No! I want someone here with me, to love me!" she wailed, "I do things with these girls because I have no one else!"

"You're beautiful, a lot of people would love to be with you" I told her, truthfully.

"No, no, no you don't understand" she sat up and wiped the tears from her eyes. "Sometimes I just want to die"

"Don't say that" I snapped. "Miss Kikyo maybe you should get help"

"No, no one cares" she said sadly.

I sighed, "I care"

She looked at me and smiled weakly, "Prove it to me. Kiss me first this time" I blushed and shifted uncomfortably, I just wanted to get to the archery lessons. The faster I gave her the attention she wanted, the faster she would do her job. I forced a smile then leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She then perked up, her eyes blurring with lust. "More..." Miss Kikyo whispered to me.

I closed my eyes and kissed her full on the lips. If she really needed love, I could at least give her false love. She was beautiful and amazing with the bow and arrow, but their was this loneliness to her. Something that made me feel sorry for her although she often irritated me. I twirled my tongue with hers and placed my hand on her breast.

Miss Kikyo pulled back and gazed into my eyes. "I love you, Kagome" she said in a soft voice. I smiled and slowly moved my hand along her leg. "Shhh, just be quiet" I whispered as my hand moved under her skirt. She moaned as I rubbed my hand on the outside of her panties.

I knew we wouldn't get to the archery for awhile.