Chapter 11

My knees hit the concrete floor of the basement and I felt jolts of pain. I soon heard him descending the stairs. My heart pounding, I pushed myself up and turned around to see him smirking as he walked down. In the back round Kagura stood in the threshold her face was unreadable. "Stay away from me!" I shouted to him as I backed away. I prepared myself to put up a fight, I felt the impulse to run but there wasn't anywhere I could go in the basement.

"Kagura don't just stand up there come and help me get her tied up." he ordered as he reached the bottom. I scowled and tried to deliver a swift kick to his groin but he backed away just in time. Before I could react I felt his fist smash into my face causing me to stumble backwards. Blood leaked from my nose as I tried to recover from the shock of the hit.

When he grabbed me from behind I immediately started thrashing and screaming. He was pulling me towards a door that led to another part of the basement. Kagura followed, shaking her head. "Just accept it and do as you're told it will make things so much easier. Trust me." she told me. Was she out of her mind? There was no way I could do that. But no matter how much I protested and fought the man had still managed to get me into the room.

Kagura switched on the light and I saw that in the room was a metal table with two sets of restraints at each end. Sitting on the floor beside it was a black bag. There was a shelf that held various sharp tools such as knives, scissors and scalpels. I shuddered. There was another door that was open in this room but it led to a visibly small and cramped space. "Don't worry you won't be going on the table, not yet." Naraku said to me. "Kagura get something to tie her up with" She nodded in obedience and walked to the black bag.

"You can't get away this! I've killed people you know! I can do the same to you!" I shouted, I needed to show him who he was dealing with, it was a desperate attempt.

"I can assure you will not be doing that to me." he said. I was about to say something further but then I saw Kagura approaching with two sets of something that looked like wire.

"You're not gonna tie me up!" I cried, attempting to kick at her. Naraku's grip on me tightened.

"I'm tired of her mouth. Kagura get something to knock her out with first."

"Whatever you say," she said, I could easily sense a hint of bitterness. She placed the wire down and looked around, then selected a discarded board from under the shelf.

"Kagura wait! I know you're not –" I was shoved down by the man. Before I could even begin to lift myself up the board made painful contact with my head. Everything went black.


"Koga...Inuyasha..." I said as my eyes began to open. They weren't there of course, I was within the small space I had saw earlier, on top of a small and bare mattress. The wires were tied tightly on my wrists and ankles. I wasn't sure how long I had been out, my head was still throbbing from the blow. My nose twitched from discomfort, there was dried blood under it. This was all my fault, there was no way Inuyasha and Koga could save me. I had to get out of this on my own, some how...

I looked around the "room" the walls were dirty and stained. There was a white bucket in the corner that had spider webs clinging to it. I felt tears coming on but I held them back. What good did crying ever do? Instead I began positioning myself so my feet were facing the door, without hesitation I began kicking at the wooden door. "Let me out!" I screamed as loudly as I could manage.

I kept on kicking until the door flew open and there stood my captor, Naraku. "So you've awaken."

"Just let me have to..." I pleaded as I got into the sitting position.

He smirked and then walked into the space, making the gap between us inches. I felt even more contained and smothered with him inside with me. "Please just let me go," I continued on. He didn't listen instead he bent down and grabbed hold of my restrained ankles. "What are you doing?" I asked, filling with fear. Again he didn't speak, I was thrust back as he dragged me out into the basement room.

"Answer me you psycho!" I shouted.

"Didn't you say you're a murderer? Or was that just a pathetic attempt to frighten me?"

"I am!" I cried, after all he did there was no fear of telling him too much. He was clearly just as bad as me. Most likely, even worse. "I know two guys who would kill you if they find out what you've done."

"Let me guess, they're the bad characters you were talking about."

"Exactly, so I'd let me go if I were you."

He then knelt down and lifted up my legs. I cringed awkwardly. "No one can save you, Kagome." With that he grabbed onto the lining of my pants and underwear and began pushing them upwards until my womanhood was exposed. Instantly I began to squirm. I just couldn't let this happen! I felt so helpless and weak, I bet he enjoyed making women feel this way.

Again I had to fight back the tears that threatened to fall as he unzipped himself. He entered me, I felt a wave of shame along with strong hatred. Was this just really karma in action? As he began thrusting in and out of me I could no longer hold them back, my tears broke free. I even cried out for my mother. Irony could be so sick and cruel.


It seemed so long that I was trapped. I constantly thought about Koga and Inuyasha. I wondered if they were looking for me. Naraku often visited me in the little room of mine, and sometimes Kagura.

As I thought about being back with the boys the door suddenly opened. It was Kagura, in her hand she had a plate with a single bologna sandwich and a glass of milk resting on it. It was her job to bring me food, which was almost always the same thing. As well as empty the waste bucket which I found mortifying. "Your food," she said flatly lowering it down to me. I took it and sat on the floor.

"Kagura, can I talk to you?"

I could see she was hesitant, "Sure." she replied after a pause.

"I can tell you don't like it here, why do you stay?" I asked.

"Look Kagome." She said as if merely saying my name were difficult. I know she wanted to make it seem like I wasn't a person, that I had no identity. That way she could spare herself the guilt of being an accomplice. "I've been in the same position as you. The best you can do is be a obedient and a good little girl that will make him take it easier on you."

"But – wait what do you mean he's done the same to you? I thought you were his daughter!" I said.

"I am but that's never stopped him. He started taking me down here when I was twelve and it continued on," when she said this she seemed so cold and broken. "He did awful things. my body is filled with more scars than you could imagine."

"What about your mother?" I said my voice trembling slightly.

"She ran off shortly after I was born, I can't say I blame her for not wanting to stay with him." Kagura said, "He doesn't hurt me as often anymore, since he started getting girls off the street...girls like you."

It made me a little angry to be thought of as just some girl off the street, "Well what's happened to them?"

"Isn't it obvious?" she said, "they end up dead because they don't listen to me. Just be what he wants you to be and you could have a chance!" I didn't believe her, I'm sure he was able to break plenty of girls and make them exactly what he wanted. But he would still kill them, they were nothing to him and he could throw them away like trash whenever he wanted. Kagura wanted some way to blame the victim. "And you've been lucky."

"What do you mean lucky?" I said, my eyes narrowing.

"He hasn't put you on the table yet where he has the real fun. I'm surprised he hasn't carved you up yet.There must be something special about you if he's waiting..."

"He raped me!" I bellowed.

"Trust me. What he can do with those tools of his is much worse, he gets off on disfiguring –"

"You don't look disfigured," I observed.

She sighed and began to unbutton her blouse. Before she had it all the way open I could see the hideous scars. I nearly gasped. The flesh was rough and puckered as she revealed more I saw that her whole upper body was scarred, her flesh was unrecognizable as human skin. I couldn't help but shudder. It seemed unique attention had been paid to her breasts, they had been burned...badly. I felt so much pity for her along with fear for myself. "Kagura...I'm so sorry." I said, my voice soft and shaking. It was strange that I had seen all the things Koga and Inuyasha had done to their victims yet this affected me more, probably because I simply knew it was very likely to happen to me. Selfishness was human nature, I was certainly no exception.

She shook her head, buttoning herself back up. "He hasn't done anything to my face. But he always does it to the street girls he brings here, they go from pretty to looking like monsters. Maybe it's good he just ends up killing them."

"Kagura!" I cried suddenly, "You have to help me get out of here, you could come with me!"

"No trust me it's hopeless. I'm leaving now." With that she quickly shut the door before I could say anything else.


As I laid in my miniscule prison the image of Kagura's scars stayed fresh on my mind. I would often glance hopelessly at the tight wires on my wrists. I was so involved in my thoughts that I jumped when Naraku opened the door. Seeing him I felt a strong surge of terror, after seeing what he had done to his own daughter I feared the man even more.

"It's time you told me your story." he stated then seized me so he could drag me out into the open.

"What do you mean?" I asked weakly.

"You know very well what I mean."

I lowered my eyes, "I don't want to tell you anything now." I admitted.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and tugged on it hard, "Tell me or I'll kill you right at this very moment." His voice was angry, frightening. "You will tell me every little detail."

I looked up into those eyes of his and soon began to speak. At first I had to force the words out but soon they began to flow out. I told him everything, leaving nothing out. I felt much regret once I finished but also a small amount of relief. For a moment he just looked at me without speaking.

"You are truly pathetic Kagome." He concluded finally, "You let two disturbed young men completely take over your life." I nearly screamed at him for even daring to refer to others as disturbed.

His face moved closer to mine, "How does it feel to know that you gave up so much for them when you will never even see them again?"

I knew he wanted to break me down with his words. What he had said did effect me but I wouldn't let it show. "It doesn't feel too good." I stated in a forced casual tone.

With a smile he began backing away towards the shelf. He picked up a scalpel. Immediately my body went tense. "I've waited long enough, it's time for me to ruin you." He then cupped my chin and grasped it firmly to keep me from turning away. "You'll end up being my best work." he said, slowly cutting just above my jaw. I began whimpering from the twinges of pain.

"" I begged.

He seemed to be contemplating as he observed my face, "I think I'll-" We both heard the sound of heavy footsteps. That was when he turned his attention away from me. It was of course Kagura. She had her hands behind her back. "Kagura, I didn't call for you." Naraku told her irritably. She remained silent and he then turned back to me, ready to use the scalpel again. "Go back upstairs."

She didn't listen instead she revealed what was behind her back, it was a hammer. I saw but her father didn't. He wouldn't realize anything until the tool hit the back of his head. Instantly he fell over, landing on the ground beside me. I was in complete shock I had never expected such a thing from her.

Without hesitation she skillfully undid the restraints on my wrists and ankles. Although the wires had left their painful mark it felt amazing to move freely. "Thank you so much..." I said as I stood up.

"Don't say anything. Just get out of here." she said coldly.

"Aren't you going to come with me?!" I asked.

"Shut up and just go!" she cried, I could see tears in her eyes. I gave her a grateful nod and then ran as fast as I could.

When I was out of the awful house I felt like jumping for joy. But instead I just kept going, I had to reunite with Koga and Inuyasha. I didn't know how long I had been imprisoned and it was possible they had gone to some other part of the city. But I didn't care, if I had to search every inch of the city to find them then I would.