Just three days before, the excitement had been overwhelming. And now, not so much. However, Abed was determined not to let anything get him down.

Abed made his way through the 'Inspector Spacetime' convention floor, his bowler hat securely on his head and long coat flapping with every step. He nodded and raised his fingers to the brim of his hat as people smiled and acknowledged him.

"Hey Inspector, where's Constable Reggie?" one of the familiar convention goers asked.

Abed frowned. Troy had been supposed to come with him, but something came up. Abed suspected it might've been a girl, and although these things normally didn't phase him, a promise was a promise was a promise in his book. Like the Inspector, he could feel things changing and shifting.

As Abed walked through the convention center, only a select few close enough could hear his faint words. 'I have to continue this alone. That's the curse of the Infinity Knights.'