Abed walked into the Dreamatorium dressed in khakis and a button down white shirt with plain old school blue sneakers. He pushed a few buttons on one of the controls and sudden the grid stripes melted away into a sandy beach with palm trees dotting the landscape. Abed found himself standing at the banks of a lagoon.

A few minutes later, Troy came in wearing bell-bottom blue jeans and a red polo shirt with a white hat. 'I don't think this is going to work,' Troy admitted.

'Why not, there are seven of them, seven of us. It is the perfect logical match up.'

'Think about it buddy, it's not a good fit. While you may be a brainiac, I am not a bubbling idiot. And while Annie is cute, she can't boil water, much less bake. Shirley is the baker, and lord knows you don't want her as a farmgirl. Pierce is wealthy and old, and well, ok so that one fits. And Britta, while bumbling, isn't a redhead. And as for Jeff, well there's no way I'd see him wearing that captain's hat, what do you think?'

Abed considered this a moment. 'There are certainly valid statements in your argument, the truth is, I could build a boat from coconuts.'

'And that's why we're ten times better than Gilligan's Island.'

'Shhhh,' Abed started. 'Don't let Gladys hear that.'


'The gorilla. She always takes Gilligan off to wherever it is that the characters go offscreen.'

At that exact moment, both of them heard a screaming coming from somewhere, sounding like everywhere. Troy's eyes widened as he ran for the invisible door he knew gave them their escape back to reality. 'SKIPPER!' he yelled as a massive gorilla jumped in front of him and ambled towards him, arms outstretched.