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Exhausted from training and catching thugs, the Avatar drags her feet into Asami's room and collapses on her bed. The heiress pauses from her reading and looks across at Korra, keeping her worry at bay because she knows what happiness and fulfillment Avatar duties brings to her.

The wind blows through the open window, and the trees cast oddly shaped shadows across the bed and the Avatar's body. The way Korra lies on the bed bears witness to her character, the heiress thinks. Despite the relaxing quality she shows, Korra's sleep is accented by a sort of openness that only the wildly confident can achieve. Asami gets up from her chair, places the book she was reading down on the nightstand and glides her hand on the edge of the bed, eyeing Korra's dark skin.

She's given their appearances some thought before. Their contrasting colors somehow give a physical form to their contrasting lives. She thinks about calling Korra's skin something exotic, but it's more than that. It's smooth and soft, and bleeds red when wounded. Korra may put up a tough exterior, but Asami is careful to treat her right because the only true difference with Korra's skin is how touching it makes Asami's breath catch in her throat.

She lifts her hand and lightly traces a finger on the shadows playing at the Avatar's cheek. Korra's eyes flutter even though they're shut, which alerts Asami that she's not really asleep. She sits down on the bed and leans over, sliding her hands through Korra's hair. She takes out the hair ties and strokes through her hair some more. At this, Korra opens her eyes and gives her a quizzical look.

"It's nothing," Asami says. "I just like your hair."

Korra snorts, "You're the first."

"That's alright," replies Asami. She brushes aside the soft hairs on Korra's forehead, and leaves a tender kiss there instead.

"Y'know your girlie magazines tell me that a kiss on the forehead means deep affection," Korra states, a smirk playing at the edge of her lips. "Borderline love even."

Asami shares a steady gaze with the Avatar, content as she continues to stroke the side of Korra's cheek.

"Well," she chuckles softly, "It's a good thing that I love you, isn't it?"

Asami smiles as the Avatar's lightly blushes.

"When you say things like that…" Korra begins, biting her lip slightly.

The heiress feigns innocence. "What?"

"…Nothing," Korra shakes her head and pulls Asami's face down for a kiss.