Alright so I'm a lot older and a lot more experienced with life that I was when I wrote this, and I have to say that this fanfiction literally haunts my days and my nights. So, I'm going to rewrite it because I can't handle the thought of this being tied to me anymore. I don't wat to delete it because there are so many of you who love it, though I have to be honest, I don't know why. It's pretty bad and I'm sorry I've subjected you to read it. But, if you like it, I appreciate your support and putting up with it.

The rewrite is going to have changes to make it much better, less out of character, more focused specifically on Bella and Emmett (the original plan with this was to have more chapters of them falling in love, but I was a bad author so there's that), and TBH I'll probably take out the pregnancies and tone down the hatred between families because it's so implausible and I just CANNOT TAKE IT.

Look out for the update. It'll be a bit, but I'm going to just make it one big one shot I'm sure, so that I actually write it all.