To Annoy a Weasley Part Two: In The Common Room

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Harry and Ginny were still in a kiss, when the portrait hole burst open. Fred, George, and Ron ran towards them, looking murderous. Harry and Ginny broke apart and faced them. Harry put an arm around Ginny's waist. Everyone but the Weasleys, Hermione, Alicia, and Angelina flooded into their dorms, wanting to avoid the impending doom for the Boy-Who-Lived-but- died-from-the-wrath-of-the-Weasley-Brothers-for-touching-their-little- sister. Ron stepped towards them. "Did I just see you guys kissing?" He spat out the last word like it was a disease. "Yes." Harry and Ginny responded. Ron glared at Harry. "Why did you do that? You don't even like her like her!" Harry stepped away from Ginny. "What if I do, Ron?" he said quietly. Fred and George had their wands out, and the three other girls besides Ginny were standing up, ready to restrain their dates. "What if I do?" Harry said again. Ron looked positively murderous. "You can't, she only a little girl." Ginny had never felt angrier in her life. "A little girl?" she said. "A little girl?! Ronald Weasley, I am one year younger than you and Harry! I can make my own decisions! Why do you want to murder your best friend over me, why do you always overprotect me? The twins do it too! I'm the last born, so I must be some kind of little baby who can't take care of herself. You act more like a baby than I do! You can't even say Voldemort's name!" Harry looked at her. He walked and stood next to her. "Ron, Fred, George, I love your sister, and I will never hurt her. Please, let her do what she wants." He glanced at Ginny. "If you want to go out with me." Ginny smiled at him. "Of course I do." They smiled at each other, completely forgetting the very angry Ron and twins. Harry leaned down and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and he put her hands on her waist. "Oi! Ginny!" yelled Fred. "What?" she said breaking the kiss but staying in Harry's arms. "Oh, nothing." said George. "There was just Harry on your face, but its gone now." The twins smiled, and along with Alicia, Hermione, and Angelina, walked over to congratulate them. Ron followed them after a bit. "Potter! If you ever hurt my sister, I reserve the right to kill you!" Harry grinned back at him. "Duly noted." He leaned back down and kissed Ginny again, knowing that doing so would not get him murdered.

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Beth! Beth!

Yes, Gin? How was the ball?

Oh, it was wonderful! I danced with Harry, and we played a trick on my brothers! We ran back to the common room, and Harry kissed me! He kissed me!

Oh, Ginny, that's wonderful!

Yes! Ron and them were really mad, but they came around! Harry wants to go out with me! We're going to Hogsmeade together! Goodnight, Beth, I'm going to bed!

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