Mark walked out onto the private beach, the damp air finding its way into his lungs while the hot sand warmed his feet. Slowly he made his way to the double lounge chair underneath a large beach umbrella, a small table with drinks and fruit beside it. Yet it was the occupant of the chair that drew all of his attention: lithe curves covered in soft skin barely concealed by a crimson bikini.

"So what's the status?" Princess asked, offering Mark a tropical drink inside a coconut shell.

"Status…?" Mark automatically reached for the drink, unable to tear his eyes away from his wife.

"What did Chief Anderson have to say?" Princess asked, poking him lightly in the side.

Mark blinked, setting down his drink before stretching out on the chair next to his wife. "He said I should be spending time with my wife on our honeymoon, not calling in every few hours to check on Jason."

With a playful growl, he grabbed Princess and pulled her warm body next to his. He began nibbling at the spot where her neck joined up with her shoulder, enjoying her soft squeals and the way her bottom rubbed against him as she wiggled in delight.

"Jason who?" she laughed, turning her face to his for a kiss. For a long moment the newlyweds kissed, enjoying the feel of the warm air against their entwined limbs.

"He said that things have been settled with Zoltar." Mark finally revealed, perhaps half an hour later. "It seems Jason and Milhara's marriage has been officially validated under Spectran law. Like it or not, Zoltar had to accept that."

"So Jason's going to be the Royal Consort?" Princess asked, her eyes wide with amusement. "Father to the future ruler of the Spectran Empire?"

"It would appear so." Mark confirmed. "After his initial ravings, Zoltar has apparently calmed down. He's decided that having a member of G-Force in the family isn't such a bad thing, given the new peace accords. Although I'm not sure the same could be said for Jason having Zoltar as a father-in-law…"

"Jason will be just fine." Princess assured the Commander. "He's stood up to Chief Anderson for all of these years; I suspect Zoltar won't be much of a challenge at all. Besides, Milhara's on his side. I have a feeling that together, those two could accomplish anything they wanted."

"I think you're right." Mark agreed. "Then again, with Zoltar looking over his shoulder, I'm sure Jason will have to stay on his toes at all times."

"How is that any different from how we've always lived?" Princess pointed out. "Of course, our life will be much more dull than that, now that G-Force has been decommissioned and we're at peace with Spectra."

"I have a feeling you'll always keep me on my toes." Mark told her, kissing her again as the sound of waves crashing on the beach filled his ears.

"Isn't that what marriage is all about?" Princess giggled.

"After what happened at my bachelor party, marriage is turning out to be a relaxing vacation." Mark decided.

"Let's hope the same holds true for Jason."

"You know, after all the stunts he's pulled on me over the years, he deserves whatever he gets. But like me, he's got a wife who'll stand by him, and that's what really matters."

"Mark, you say the sweetest things!"

His mouth found hers again, and soon thoughts of bachelor parties, Las Vegas, and friends new and old disappeared from their minds. The newlyweds focused on each other as they joined in body and soul.

Just as it should be.