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Bella Swan:

For as long as I could remember, we've been moving from place to place. Every fourteen to twenty months, like clockwork, my mother, Renée, gets bored with where we're living and packs up, ready to find a new adventure and a new home. When I was younger, I didn't mind. There were always new kids to play with and a new school to go to. But now I am sixteen years old, and it isn't so easy to merge into a new town and a new school. Girls are a lot cattier and a lot less accepting, and it was getting harder to adapt to a new school nearly every year.

But it was what Renée wanted and my father, Charlie, went along with it. When I was four years old she had left us both, and Charlie had been totally distraught. She had obviously come back, but it was very clear that Charlie would do anything to keep her from leaving again.

It was last week that Renée came into my room and informed me that we were moving yet again. We had only been living in Billings, Montana for a year and a half, but Renée had already gotten bored, and my father put in a transfer at work and I had to register at a new school. This time, we were moving to a town even smaller than Billings- Forks, Washington. According to the Forks Chamber of Commerce website, the population was just about 3,000 and there was only one high school; the one that I would be attending for however long I would be living in Forks.

Moving wasn't as much as an emotional thing to me anymore. After our fifth or sixth move, I had come to terms with the fact that this was just the way my life was going to be. We would probably always be on the move. It was tiring and difficult at times, but at least it was an adventure.

I hadn't made any real friends in Billings during the time that we had been here, so there was no one to see me off, and I doubted there would be many people who would notice I was gone. I had learned over time to just focus on my schoolwork and not get too attached to my classmates, because I knew I wouldn't be around for very long.

"Hey, kid, are you ready to go?" Charlie stood in the door of my bedroom as I surveyed the piles of boxes that surrounded me.

"Yeah," I sighed, "it's a good thing I didn't unpack all of my boxes last time…it's much easier to pack."

Charlie was quiet for a moment, and then I felt him place his hand tenderly on my shoulder. "I know this is hard on you, Bells. I…I'm trying to talk your mom into staying in Forks until you graduate. I don't know if she'll go for it, but I think it would be for the best if we did."

"Okay. Thanks." I knew as well as he did that Renée would never go for that, and that she would never be able to stay in one town for very long.

"We're going to be rolling out in about half an hour, okay? The movers will be loading everything later today, so just grab the stuff you want to have in the car with you." He started to walk out of the room, but paused and turned back to look at me. "Thank you for being such a good sport, Bella. It makes this a lot easier on me, too."

I just smiled, knowing that Charlie had to put up with a lot of things when it came to Renée. But he loved her, and that was what mattered to him. As long as I was safe and doing well and school, it didn't matter so much how I felt about things.

A little over half an hour later, the three of us were crammed into our small car, ready to endure the seventeen hour drive to our new home. We had each packed a small suitcase to tide us over in our new home until the movers arrived with the rest of our things.

Thanks to my iPod, laptop, and pile of books, the drive went by a little faster. I was used to the subtle silence that my parent's always shared- it was just the way they were. They might not be happy all the time, but they were compatible and they loved each other.

Many bathroom, food, and rest stops later, we arrived in Forks. I couldn't deny that it was beautiful- it really was. There seemed to be at least a million different shades of green, and trees everywhere. But it was also painfully boring looking. "Main Street" was one pitiful stretch of road lined with dingy little shops and a diner that seemed pretty sparse and pathetic. We also passed by several small houses, most of which were in need of a fresh coat of paint and a little sprucing up.

The house we would be renting could use a little fixing up as well, but it wasn't bad. It was a small two story, painted white on the exterior with blue shutters framing the windows.

"Well, this is it!" My mom exclaimed as the three of us got out of the car. "What do you think?"

"It looks pretty good, hon," Charlie said easily, surveying the house. "It could definitely use a little bit of fixing up, though."

Renée shrugged her shoulders, obviously not too concerned. "That's part of the adventure."

I just rolled my eyes and grabbed my suitcase, ready to get into the house and have some peace. I had been in the car with my parents for way too long- now I just wanted to be alone.

Of course, I would never be that lucky.

A couple hours later after we got settled into the house, I was out on the back porch reading and I heard voices.

"It looks like someone finally rented out that house."

"Thank god. We finally have some new neighbors!"

I glanced up and quickly located where the voices were coming from. There were two teenagers- a girl and a boy, walking over towards the house from another, much more impressive house down the block from us. They looked to be about my age, but I couldn't really tell.

I hate meeting new people when I move. It's not that I'm a hermit or a recluse, it's because I don't see the point in getting attached to the new people I meet in each place we move. It just makes things harder when I have to leave, and even if people do promise to keep in touch, that never really lasts long.

"Hi!" As they got closer, the girl reached up and waved at me. "We're your neighbors from down the block!"

"Hi," I said cautiously, standing up to greet them. "I'm Bella."

They both stepped up on the porch, friendly smiles on their faces. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Alice Cullen and this is my brother." The girl spoke again, gesturing to the boy with her as she introduced him.

"I'm Edward," he supplied, reaching out his hand to shake mine.

"I'm Bella. It's nice to meet both of you, too," I said, shaking Edward's hand firmly.

I had to admit, this guy was pretty cute. He had tousled auburn hair and expressive green eyes, not to mention his square jaw, full lips, and straight nose. He was classically handsome, in an all-American kind of way. Good looks must run in their family, because Alice was beautiful as well. She and her brother shared many of the same facial features, including their green eyes.

"Are you going to start school at Forks High?" Alice asked, and the three of us sat down on the steps of the porch.

"Yeah, I'm going to start Monday," I said, nodding my head. "I'll be a junior."

Alice's face lit up again. "Nice! I'm a junior, too, so maybe we'll have a couple of classes together. I could probably show you around, if you want."

"That'd be great, thanks," I said. "What about you, Edward? Are you a senior?"

He nodded, a crooked smile on his lips. "Yep. I've only got a couple of months left, thank goodness."

Alice rolled her eyes and shoved her brother's shoulder playfully. "Shut up, Edward. It's not that bad." She turned to me, her expression suddenly serious. "Really. Forks High is kind of boring, but it's an okay school." I told her that I believed her, and the serious expression was replaced with another smile. "Where did you go to school before this? Anywhere nearby?"

"Well, the last school I went to was in Billings, Montana. Before that I was in Phoenix, Arizona; Long Beach, California; and Tulsa, Oklahoma for high school. I've lived in a couple of other places too, but those were before I started High School."

Edward and Alice's mouths both dropped open slightly. "Wow. And you're only a junior? Three high schools in three years…damn. Is one of your parents in the military or something?" Edward asked, his eyebrows raised.

"Nope." I shook my head. "My mom likes to move around a lot, and she kind of drags me and my dad along with her." I gave them the short version of the story, not wanting to get into the whole thing with these almost-strangers.

"That's crazy. Where-" Edward started to talk, but he was interrupted when his cell phone started to ring. He quickly pulled it out of his pocket, glancing at the display to see who was calling. "Shoot. It's Rose, I was supposed to meet her at the library. I have to go. Bella, it was really nice meeting you. I'll see you around, okay? Alice, I'll be home sometime after dinner."

He waved before answering his phone and hurrying off in the direction of his house.

"So how long do you think you'll be staying here?" Alice asked, breaking the brief moment of quiet.

"I'm not sure," I said truthfully. "My dad told me he's trying to convince my mom to stay until I graduate, but I kind of doubt that will happen."

Alice pouted. "Well, I hope you do stay that long. I think you and I will be great friends. I'm here if you ever need anything."

And sure enough, when I got to school on my first day and needed help, Alice was there. She walked me to all my classes, not just the ones we had together, and filled the walks with interesting conversation pieces.

"Watch out for Mike Newton. He's a nice enough guy, but he cannot keep his dick in his pants. So he's kind of made the rounds and…ugh. It's just kind of gross."

"Wow. Is that the guy with the blonde hair that's kind of spiky?" I asked. Forks High wasn't very big, but I was the new girl so I felt like I was being bombarded with new names and faces to learn. Even though I know deep down that I won't be here very long, I'm trying to be optimistic. Alice was so accepting and friendly with me, so she's making it a lot easier on me.

Alice crinkled her nose slightly. "Yeah, that's him. God only knows why he still wears his hair like that…oh, hey, before I forget do you want to come over tonight for dinner? My parents are going to be gone, but Edward is a great cook and he wants to try out some new recipe. He told me I could invite you."

This was new for me. I wasn't used to being invited over places or to making new friends, but it really feels nice. I had closed myself off to people so much in the past, and now that I was opening up again.

"That'd be awesome. Thanks for inviting me!" I exclaimed, hugging my books to my chest.

"Cool. It'll just be me, you, Edward, and Rosalie, but I think we'll have a lot of fun."

"Who's Rosalie?" I asked, wondering if that was the "Rose" that Edward had talked to on the phone the first day we'd met. "Edward's girlfriend?"

Alice laughed loudly, shaking her head. "No. God, no. They've been best friends since forever. Rosalie's boyfriend, Royce, is a couple years older and is in the military. Edward kind of watches out for her while he's gone."

"Oh. I see." I nodded my head and I could feel my face getting a little warm.

But I couldn't help it. Edward was so cute, and sweet. I had seen him and Alice over the weekend, too, and he had been so nice. But I have to keep telling myself that there's no point- I'll be gone soon and I don't want to have to start over in another town with a broken heart.

I hadn't really believed Alice when she had said that Edward was a great cook. But god, he really was.

"That was so good, Edward," I said, pushing my empty plate away from me.

"I agree." Rosalie pushed her plate back as well and rubbed her flat stomach. "You're going to make me fat with all this good cooking," she complained. Edward replied with a snarky remark, but you could still feel the love between them.

Rosalie was Edward's age, and she too was devastatingly beautiful. I was beginning to wonder if there was something in the water around this place, because there seemed to be a lot of beautiful people in Forks. Edward was handsome and Alice was gorgeous as well, but Rosalie was the kind of pretty that made you wonder if she was a model or something. She was skinny and toned, and she had long blonde hair that fell halfway down her back like a silky waterfall. Her blue eyes were clear like ice, but they were warm and friendly. She and Edward truly were best friends- and they were alike in many ways.

This group- Rosalie, Edward, Alice, and I, became almost inseparable within the next couple of weeks. It was so easy for all of us. Despite the slight age difference and the fact that Edward and Alice sometimes had some sibling rivalry going on, we got along wonderfully.

This was the first time in a long time that I had actually made a group of friends, and I was loving it. We went out every weekend, Edward would cook us dinner every once and awhile…it was awesome.

And yes, I loved spending time with Edward, especially. Sometimes there looks passed between that maybe he had a little crush on me, too, but I could never really be sure. Plus, the more rational side of me knew that if he ever did express interest in me, I would turn him down. I knew how quickly my mother could get bored living in one place, especially in a town that was as small and quiet as Forks.

Even though I never voiced my hopes, every day I prayed that my dad would actually be able to convince Renée to stay here until I graduated. Charlie and Renée both noticed how much happier I was here in Forks, and how well I was doing with my friends. Maybe that would be enough to convince them to stay.

About two months after I moved to Forks, my suspicions about Edward's feelings for me were confirmed.

When we had first started hanging out, he treated me just like he treated like a mixture between Alice and Rosalie- little sister and best friend. And slowly, that started to change. We had quickly become close friends, and we were starting to spend more time together without Rosalie or Alice there with us. Edward was nice to everyone, but with me he seemed to be extra sweet. He held doors open for me and pulled out chairs, and when we walked along the street together, he always made sure to put himself between me and the road. Those little gestures made my crush on him grow, but I kept telling myself that it would never work.

I would much rather just be friends, because maybe that way it will be easier to keep up a relationship when I eventually do leave Forks. And even if I don't leave soon, Edward is graduating this year and will be going off to school anyway. It seems like a lose-lose situation.

But apparently Edward didn't see it that way.

"Bella, can I talk to you?"

"Yeah, sure." I put my book down immediately and patted the spot next to me on the porch step. We had been doing homework on my back porch while Alice was shopping and Rosalie was at cheerleading practice. "What's up?"

Edward took a deep breath and looked straight into my eyes, his expression serious.

"Do you want to go out to dinner tomorrow? With me…on a date?" he asked, smiling at me hopefully.

I dropped my face into my hands, totally at a loss for what to do.

This was Edward. He had quickly become one of the best friends I had ever had in just two short months and yes, I'd had a crush on him since we had first met, but I didn't want to mess this up. I finally had friends. What the hell was I going to do when I left Forks? And it would be even worse if I had to leave a boyfriend and friends behind in Forks.

"Shit, are you crying, Bella?" Edward put his hand on the small of my back as I shook my head and tried to gain my composure. "I'm sorry. I just…I thought that maybe you felt the same way I do."

"It's not that I don't feel the same way," I said softly, still not uncovering my face.

"What is it then?" Edward demanded. "Come on, Bella…I really like you."

I just shook my head. "You know I have to leave soon!" I exclaimed, finally lifting my head up and revealing my puffy, red eyes. "This is so unfair! I finally have friends…I have you, and I don't even know if I'm going to be here this time next year."

I got up and started walking slowly, trying to clear my head.

Why was this happening to me? Why couldn't I just have a normal life?

"Come on, Bella, don't do this," Edward said, quickly catching up to me. "What if your dad actually does convince your mom to stay here? Just because you might be leaving doesn't mean we can't give this a shot." I didn't respond, and Edward grabbed my arm and pulled me over to him. "Please," he finally said. "Give me a chance."

"I don't know what-" I started to say something, but Edward interrupted me by grabbing my face between his large hands and kissing me firmly on the lips.

My first kiss.

After that kiss, there was no way I could turn him down. I let down my guard and let Edward in despite all of my doubts and fears. My parents still hadn't decided when or if we would be moving again, and we were still renting the house out from month to month. That was a little discouraging, but I was trying to be a little more optimistic.

"So, are you my boyfriend?" I asked, Edward, sticking my hand in his back pocket. He was cooking dinner yet again for me, Rosalie and Alice. It had become somewhat of a tradition, and both of us vowed not to exclude Rosalie and Alice just because we were an item now.

Edward looked down at me and laughed, slipping his arm around my shoulders and holding me close. He was stirring something in a pot on the stove, and he held the spoon up to my mouth. "Of course I am. Taste this."

I grinned and opened my mouth slightly, tasting the warm, rich soup. "Yum," I said, puckering my lips slightly after I swallowed my soup. Edward leaned down and kissed me sweetly, but our cute little moment was ruined when Alice and Rosalie started booing.

"Come on, lovebirds, break it up," Rosalie complained. "I'm hungry."

"Yeah, come on, Bella. That's my brother you're sucking face with," Alice teased

Edward rolled his eyes and flipped them both off, but he kept his arm around me.

This felt so good- being with him was one of the best things that had ever happened to me, along with befriending him, Rosalie, and Alice. But there was always that little lingering feeling of doubt, that this was too good to be true and that it would all have to be over soon.

It's been six months, and we're still in Forks.

For our four month anniversary, Edward gave me a bouquet of roses and stargazer lilies that made my whole house smell wonderful. He also bought me my prom dress.

Being a junior, I had never been to a prom before. I hadn't really been planning on going, but it was Edward's senior year and he wouldn't shut up about it.

He came with me, Rosalie, and Alice to go dress shopping, even though the girls bitched about it. They said that he shouldn't see my dress before prom, but I reminded them that this wasn't a wedding dress, and that since he had offered to pay for it, he had every right to help me pick it out.

And sure enough, he picked it out. Everyone picked one dress for me to try on and even though the dresses Rosalie and Alice picked were beautiful, nothing compared to the one Edward had picked out.

It was a beautiful deep indigo color, and it was fitted snugly against my body until around mid-thigh, where it fanned out exquisitely. There were a bunch of tiny little details that made it even more perfect, and I fell head over heels in love with it.

Prom night came along and Edward treated me like a princess.

My parents and his both proudly took pictures and we took them all willingly, even the posed, cliché ones. My parents were happy that I was so happy and that I was finally coming out of my shell, but I still doubted it was enough to change my mom's mind. Sometimes I get paranoid and think she's starting to get bored and restless. But this is the happiness I've ever been, and I never want to let it go.

We hadn't said "I love you" to each other yet, but the feelings are there. I'm hoping we'll say the words tonight…and I'm also hoping that tonight, we'll finally have sex.

Alice let it spill early on that while Edward hadn't really had a lot of girlfriends, he had definitely had sex before. And I definitely hadn't. When I asked Edward about it, he confirmed that yes, he had sex with his last girlfriend, Kate, and that there was no pressure on me. He told me that it was all up to me. We had done other stuff, of course, but I was still anticipating the real thing.

Prom was all a blur of fun, laughter, and music. Edward held me tight all night long, and I had never felt more loved. As the last slow song of the night played and we swayed together to "Can't Help Falling in Love", Edward kissed my earlobe and whispered, "I love you, Bella."

My heart pounded in my chest, and I couldn't contain the smile that broke out on my face. "I love you, too." He dipped his head down and kissed me long and hard on the mouth, our tongues lazily touching each other.

I never wanted this moment to end. And later on that night in the hotel room Edward had gotten for us, when the moment came, I knew that I really was ready. Despite all of my fears and reservations, it just felt right.

His touch was so soft as his hips moved against mine and he kissed me on the lips. He's on top of me, nestled in between my legs, and I can feel him against me. "Trust me," he whispered against my lips, soft and sweet.

I do what he says and kiss him back, moving my body along with his. He starts to tease me and in no time at all, I'm in a frenzy- impatient and more ready than never. It feels so good, and the fact that I'm with Edward makes me feel less nervous. I know that this boy will never hurt me. Eventually, when I think I can't take it anymore, he stops teasing me. He's pushing up against me again, almost inside of me. He moves forward just a little bit, that'll be it. I feel myself tense up and when Edward looks at me with concern, I shake my head.

"I'm fine," I whispered. "Please, do it."

Edward kisses me again and pushes forward gently. I can feel myself stretching around him, but it isn't painful yet, just uncomfortable. And then he pushes all the way in and I feel a brief moment of pain before it fades away and is replaced with a slight sting and some discomfort. But I like how this feels, because now he and I are tied together in a whole new way. We've taken this relationship to the next level.

It doesn't feel that good to me yet, but I can tell by the sounds that he's making that it's good for Edward. His grip on me tightened and he moaned every so often. He rubbed me in between my legs, right where we were joined together, and it starts to feel good. He still fell apart and came before me, but I didn't care. I held him close to me as he tried to regain his breath.

"I love you, Bella," he whispered. Then he reached down and stroked me and fingered me until I came too, a sweaty, incoherent mess.

"Edward, I love you, too."

Sometimes people say that sex changes a relationship, but it wasn't really like that for us.

He was still the same sweet guy that I fell in love with- the only difference was that we couldn't keep it in our pants.

When we couldn't be alone in either of our houses, we took the old rusty blue truck that Edward used for his part-time lawn mowing job and drove out into the country until we found a private, abandoned area. He would love me right there, out in the open, on the hood or in the bed of that old truck and there was nowhere I would rather be.

We were young and stupid, but we were so, so in love. We became a unit that could not be divided, presenting a united front to everyone else. We still spent a lot of our time with Rosalie and Alice, but some of my favorite moments were when we were alone in the bed of his truck.

My parents cautioned me to be safe, and not to let myself get too caught up in Edward.

"You're a young girl, Bella Marie," Charlie said. "Your whole world shouldn't revolve around that boy."

But it was too late. I still had stellar grades and was involved in a lot of school activities, but I couldn't deny that I loved Edward with my whole heart and I didn't want to let him go.

Even after he graduated from Forks High, we would still be together. He decided that for his first year of school he would go to a community college in Port Angeles, and then after I graduated, we would go to UDub together. It had programs for both of us, and it was semi-affordable.

Everything seemed to be falling into place, and I couldn't have been any happier.

Of course, it was too good to be true.

In December of my senior year at Forks High, just eleven months after we moved here, my mom was offered a great job in Florida. And she took it. She was already sick of Forks, she said, and that there was a great magnet school in Jacksonville that would look great on my college and scholarship applications.

I felt like my whole world was falling apart on the night that my parents broke the news. I cried and cried, but my mom told me that she was sorry; the decision was final. She had accepted the job and was expected in Jacksonville in four weeks.

And then I had to tell Edward.

"It finally happened," I whispered, running my fingers up and down the bare skin of Edward's muscular chest.

"What did?" He asked lazily, holding me close to him. We had just finished making love in the bed of that old truck, and I couldn't go another minute without telling him what was going on. I still felt like I was falling apart, and I didn't know how he was going to react.

I took a deep breath and I could feel tears gathering my eyes again. I looked up at Edward, staring him in the eye, and told him the bad news. "My mom was offered a better job somewhere else, and she took it. We have to move in a month," I finally said, tears streaming down my cheeks. "I have to leave."

Edward stared at me with wide eyes full of disbelief. "Maybe…maybe you could stay with my family until you graduate! Or you and your dad can just stay until May, when you graduate, and your mom can go ahead to Florida…I'll think of something, Bella. I'll think of-"

I shook my head, putting my hand up to his mouth. "I'm leaving," I whispered, tears still falling down my cheeks. "My mom has it in my head that Jacksonville will be better for me, that I'll have more opportunities for school and some shit like that. She said I'm too dependent on you…that it's unhealthy for someone my age."

"I just got you, Bella," Edward said softly. "I don't want to have to give you up. What about your dad? Don't you think he'd be able to convince your mom to stay until you graduate?"

The tears were streaming down my face faster now, even as I tried to wipe them away. "Are you kidding me? My dad's a coward. He's so afraid of my mom leaving him again that he'd never actually go against her on anything. It's pathetic."

Edward nodded silently, his eyes tearing up slightly. "It won't be long, though. We can still go to UDub together after you graduate…it'll just be for a few months."

I nodded, and finally I was able to stop my tears. "I can't imagine being away from you." I kissed him, trying to convey my feelings into that kiss.

I wanted him to know how much I loved him, and that being apart from him would be horrible.

I should have seen this coming.

Our last four weeks together were hard. We wanted to be together as much as possible, but I also had to make time for Rosalie, Alice, and a few of the other friends that I had managed to make in Forks. Plus, I knew that spending every waking moment with him now would just make it that much harder when we had to be apart.

Jacksonville was looming over me like a giant black cloud, but it was inevitable.

On my last night in Forks, Edward promised to take me out for a romantic last night. He told me we would make one last trip in the blue truck, but the rest of the night was a big surprise.

"I'll pick you up tonight at seven," Edward said, kissing my forehead. We had been watching television together in my living room, but he had to go out and run some errands before picking me up for our date tonight. "I love you." He kissed me again, this time on the lips, and I felt like I was melting into him. He made me felt so good.

"I love you, too. I'll see you tonight." I walked him to the door with a sad smile on my face, and I waited in the doorway and waved as he drove away.

"What time is your date, sweetheart?" Renée asked. I hadn't heard her come into my room, and I jumped slightly.

"He'll be here at seven," I said shortly, and continued to brush my hair.

Renée didn't leave; I watched in the mirror as she sat down on my unmade bed. "I'm sorry, Bella," she said softly, running her hand over my soft blanket, the one that I'd had since I was a little girl. "I know you think your relationship with Edward is the most important thing right now, but going to this school your senior year of high school will help so much with you getting into an Ivy league college-"

"Stop it." I put my hairbrush down and turned around to face Renée. "Stop acting like you understand! All the other times we've moved, I've gone along with it and just adjusted as much as possible. But now…now I actually like living somewhere. I have friends and a job and a boyfriend who actually cares about me. I thought that maybe if you saw how happy I am here, and how much living in Forks has helped my attitude and self-esteem, you would hold out for one more year and let me be happy. But no. You're being your usual selfish self and only thinking of yourself."

"Bella, that's not true. On top of me getting a better job, you would also be able to go to a private high school and have so many more opportunities for your future."

"Oh my god! My GPA is over 4.0, I'm in National Honor's Society, and I got a 33 on my ACT. Going to a snobby private high school in Jacksonville isn't going to do much more for me, mom. I've worked my ass off for years to get ready for college. You and Dad both know that. And I don't want to go to some Ivy League college- I'm going to UDub with Edward and I've already been accepted. So stop pretending that you actually care, and let me enjoy my last night with my boyfriend before I have to move halfway across country."

My mom left the room with a huff, but she didn't scold me.

She knew I was right.

I was ready to go by seven o'clock, but Edward was running late, which was very unlike him. Seven o'clock came and went, and then seven-thirty, and then eight and nine…finally it was eleven o'clock, and Edward still hadn't showed. I called his cell phone countless times, but he never answered. I was a mess, crying and distraught.

I didn't understand how Edward could ever do this to me, especially on what was supposed to be our last night together.

My mom held me as I cried all night, and when seven o'clock in the morning came and Edward still hadn't contacted me in anyway, I just gave up.

"Can we just leave?" I asked Charlie and Renée, my eyes swollen and heavy with tears. "Please, I can't stay here anymore."

They obliged, and we silently left the white house in Forks with our suitcases. Like always, movers would follow behind us with most of our stuff.

When we drove past the Cullen's house on our way down the street, I couldn't help but look. Nothing looked out of place. All four of the garage doors were closed, and the house looked quiet and still.

No explanation, no nothing.

And I left Forks, Washington with a broken heart.

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