With a deep intake of warm summer air, Christina Shaw started for the high chain link fence in front of her. She was determined at first as she climbed over the boundary, but as soon as her feet landed on the soft grass of the park, her courage started to leave her. The darkness seemed to be thicker here and Christina could barely see three feet in front of her nose. Reaching for the flashlight within her backpack was tempting, but she refrained; instead she looked up at the sky letting the twinkling stars comfort her for a moment.

It was now or never.

Taking in another deep breath to steady her, Christina glided noiselessly through the evenly planted trees. The stories about this place were enough to make her blood run cold at the mere thought, but she tried to keep her mind clear. If she revealed any weaknesses to the evil lurking here, she would be a goner for sure. The rapid pounding of her heart sounded like a loud drum in her ears and Christina prayed that He couldn't hear it.

An outline of a massive, twisted shape appeared not ten yards ahead of her. Carefully taking hold of her flashlight, Christina flipped it on for a quick second just to verify her locale. Sure enough, it was what the folks in town called the "death tree." It was a fitting enough name mainly because that tree is where most of the bodies were found, its branches impaled through the stomach of the victim.

Not one bone in Christina's body wanted to near the tree, but if she wanted answers, she would have to go where not even the bravest of men had ventured. She had to dismiss the fear; He fed on fear.

The sudden white flare of a piece of paper caught her attention as she searched the death tree with her flashlight. Snatching it from the rough bark, Christina studied it carefully.

Don't look or it takes you.

Christina couldn't help but crack a small smile, "Nice advice," she whispered to Him, because she knew He was listening.