This is for all of you idiots, and you non-idiots who are just curious.

Katniss isn't a jerk, heart-breaker (most of the time, but even then it's not her fault), and, my personal favorite, a bitch.

First, Katniss isn't a jerk because all she ever wanted to do was save her little sister, Prim, from eminent death. Isn't that sweet. Her being a survivor, she uses Peeta's love for her to make a show for the audience, and to get sponsors. Now, she didn't know that Peeta's love was genuine, so don't even try to use that against her. She thought he was faking it to try to win the games, just like her.

She never intended to hurt Peeta in any way; she was just trying to get both of them out of the arena alive.

Not unscathed, not unharmed, and not without pain.

No; just alive. That was her only goal. She never knew what would come with her handful of berries. She didn't think she would come out with nightmares, a broken Peeta, and, worst of all, two guys completely in love with her.

That's where the heart-breaker comes from.

She swore that she would never have kids, love anyone, or get married. She didn't want to even have the possibility; the slightest chance, of having yet another child go into the Hunger Games.

So when she broke Peeta's heart, it wasn't her fault. Nope, not even the slightest bit of blame can be laid upon Katniss. It all goes to whoever thought up the Hunger Games, because, if the games had never happened, Katniss wouldn't have sworn to never fall in love, have kids, and marry.

And when she broke Gale's heart, it was because she was in love with Peeta just a bit more than him, so it wasn't her fault. She fell in love, because when you play a part, you turn into the part you play, even if it was just a little bit. So, when she played the part of the star-crossed lover, she turned towards Peeta to be the one that she loves.

And as for the bitch part, well let's just say that just because you love two people, it doesn't mean you're a bitch. It just means that you can't help but love those two people because they mean so much to you. Also because, in a way, they practically made you fall in love with them.

So, even though Katniss loves two people, broke hearts by accident, and might occasionally be a little rude, well, if you're looking for my opinion, refer to the beginning.

Oh, and one last thought, is that, if you think Katniss is any of the items at the top of this sheet, well, leave your thoughts, and think about if you take one of the roles that I listed.

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