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Chapter 8 – Central City Part 2

A Lovesick Hedgehog

"Where do you think Sonic is then?" asked Bedwyr as he had lost sight of Sonic in the middle of Central City.

"I honestly don't know," replied Aquarion, "The format of this city is repulsive & crowded, far from how Camelot is structured… Look over there!"

Walking out of a large store was Amy with a bag. When she heard Aquarion call out she went over and said, "Why it's you two again… Sorry, but what were your names again?"

"He's Sir Bedwyr the Second and I'm the Sacred Sword Aquarion. You're the Queen Amy correct?"

"I wish I was a queen, but yeah I'm Amy… What brings you two here anyways?"

"We were with Sonic when something called a GUN truck & GUN Beetles chased us or something," replied Bedwyr, "Now we have no idea where he is in this large city!"

"If you need help finding Sonic, then I'm the right girl for that! I wanted to show him something too, so just follow me! Now you said those annoying GUN people were chasing you two huh…" Amy looked around for a moment before breaking a random crate with her Piko-Piko Hammer, revealing a spring as she jumped into it. Bedwyr, not having any other choice, jumped into the spring in pursuit of Amy's hunt for Sonic. As the two ran on the various rooftops (that were far from the nice look that Spagonia has), Amy kept her eyes focused ahead of her, only occasionally stopping to look around before moving on.

After a while Bedwyr asked, "Amy, how much longer will you take?"

"That's a rude way of stating that," added Aquarion, "but in all honesty how much longer Ms. Rose?"

"Shhh!" suddenly said Amy while motioning with her finger to be quiet. She then pointed at a near-by cluster of GUN Beetles patrolling an area. "If GUN is looking for Sonic, he'll probably be running near them for the reckless thrill he loves when he gets bored between adventures… Look over there! SONIC!"

Intermission – Classic vs. Modern Weaponry

At this moment Sonic, thinking it was only Amy trying to get his attention, boosted even faster. Since the GUN Beetles lost focus on Sonic, they turned their attention to who they thought was at fault. They shot a scanning laser at both Amy & Bedwyr and stated in a robotic voice, "IDENTIFYING MOBIANS … AMY ROSE … UNKNOWN MOBIAN & WEAPON: CALLING NEAREST GUN AGENT … AGENT SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG."

"Oh no…" muttered Amy, "Now we're in trouble…"

"Chaos Control!" At this command appeared Shadow with the green Chaos Emerald in his grasp. "Now what's this about Amy & an unknown Mobian…? Oh it's you… Bedwyr correct?"

"Yeah, what's wrong?"

"Well you're new to our world but surely you have laws where you come from."

"What do you take us for? Barbarians?" mocked Aquarion all of a sudden, "I'm insulted by your rude comment!"

"That weapon… What is it?"

"I am Aquarion, the 5th Sacred Sword of Camelot!"

Shadow then pulled out a small tablet with the GUN logo on the back and typed something into it. "I see… The legend of King Arthur… So I guess the Faker was right about his crazy adventure in the medieval past…"

"How dare you call Sir Sonic a Faker!" shouted Bedwyr.

"We formally challenge you to a duel Sir Lance- I mean Agent Shadow! Bring out your weapon at once!"

"I know about the fact that I'm supposedly the descendant of Sir Lancelot in Arthurian Legend. Anyways I'll fight you, but I won't be using a sword…" While Shadow was finishing this statement he pulled out not just any gun, but his signature Shadow Rifle that is guaranteed to kill all small enemies in one shot and deal good damage to larger foes. "You do know about guns right?"

"Didn't the Knight-General once mention creating a cannon that can be held in one's hand?" asked Bedwyr to Aquarion.

"He did, but this so called gun appears to be far beyond that weaponry… Bedwyr, be cautious…"

Immediately Shadow raised his rifle and fired, causing Bedwyr to go into Cavalier Form and dodge. However Shadow quickly reacted, appearing right next to Bedwyr as he stated, "It appears the Faker has trained you to react fast, but not fast enough." Bedwyr barely had time to switch to Paladin-Form as Shadow fired, knocking Bedwyr back into a random car. As Shadow fired a second shot Bedwyr used Cavalier-Form to dodge, but as he did so the shot barely hit the edge of Aquarion and reflected into a street lamp.

"Sir Bedwyr, instead of dodging, use me to deflect the blasts as if they were shots from the Dark Queen!"

"Sure Aquarion?" asked Bedwyr as Shadow readied another shot since they were both running.

"NOW!" At this moment Shadow fired three shots, prompting Bedwyr to swiftly slash at all three: the first hitting a car, the second nearly missing Amy, who decided to hide behind another car, and the third hitting Shadow, making him stop in his tracks.

"Aquarion, Aqua-Cannon!" Bedwyr took the opportunity to launch a Soul-Surge against Shadow, thinking it would land a clean hit.

However, Shadow reacted by calling out, "Chaos… Control!" With a blue-white flash Shadow disappeared (but the Shadow Rifle was knocked away by the Aqua-Cannon) and reappeared behind Bedwyr as he then called out, "Chaos Spear!" The Chaos Spear landed a direct hit on a defenseless Bedwyr, causing to kneel down in pain.

"Ow… I… will… NOT LOSE! Aquarion, Misty… Tsunami!" Bedwyr had no choice but to go to his last resort move as a tsunami started to engulf near-by buildings.

Shadow countered by calling out, "Chaos… Blast!"

However, before both could finish their attack the hedgehog everyone was wondering about appeared in a blur, pulled out a blue Chaos Emerald, and called out, "Chaos Control!" This stopped both Chaos Blast & Misty Tsunami, but Sonic was sitting down and breathing deeply. "Geez… Take it easy on the new guy would you Faker? You know I hate using my Chaos Powers as often as you do…"

"Well sorry Faker but he was getting in the way of GUN arresting you, but it worked out for the better since you're already here and exhausted."

"Well you know I won't go into the custody of GUN without a fight…"

Shadow raised a Chaos Spear as he said, "I know that, but this is going to be ea- Ugh!"

Back to the Lovesick Hedgehog…

While Sonic & Shadow were arguing Amy had sneaked up behind Shadow and landed a direct hit on his head with her Piko-Piko Hammer, knocking him out with Flickies circling his head. "Hmph! That ought to show him not to mess with my Sonic!"

"Heh… Thanks Amy, I owe you one."

"How about you take me out for lunch then?"

"Uh… (Stomach growls) Oh I guess it wouldn't hurt… But since Bedwyr isn't familiar with the town, let's take him to my Bro & Sis ok?"

Sonic & Amy, who had conveniently left her car for use in the city near-by, drove Bedwyr to a music store that Sonic, Manic, and Sonia owned in the heart of Central City.

"Yo Manic, Sonia!" called out Sonic as he opened the door. As Bedwyr looked in he saw basically any and every instrument that's known from Orchestra, Percussion, Acoustics, Electric and everything in between.

"What's up bro?" called back Manic as he walked out of his bedroom in the basement.

"Do you have to yell?" said Sonia as she came down the stairs from the apartment above. "Anyways, what brings you guys here?"

"We lost track of Tails, got chased by the GUN truck, and got into a fight with Shadow," replied Sonic.

"So the usual?" said Manic, "Living the dream aren't you?"

"Yup, but you know who is wanting to go to lunch with me and A. I'm Hungry B. I owe her one. So, you guys cool with Bedwyr staying here till me or Tails show up?"

"No prob bro!"

"Welcome! A friend of my brothers is a friend of mine!"

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