A/N: So I'm trying this out. Idk how many people are going to like it, I just hope you do. This story is about Diana Meade (of the secret Circle). YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT THE SECRET CIRCLE FOR THIS STORY. Everything you need to know will be written in here! I just took Diana's character out of Chance Harbor and placed her in Beacon Hills :] Please review! Full Summary: Diana Meade is forced out of Chance Harbor and into Beacon Hills. Though she thinks she's a new fresh start, she learns that Beacon Hills has as much supernatural problems as Chance Harbor did. And when she finds out her cousin and mystery man Derek Hale are werewolves, they wonder how they'll take her secret of being a full blooded witch. What happens when a certain hunter sets his eyes on Diana and Derek both?

Chapter One:

Fresh Start

Chapter Song: Speed Of Sound by Coldplay

There was a certain sense of comfort that overtook Diana as she looked onto the two-story brick house her dad was hauling luggage into. It wasn't so much comfort; it was the sense that she was safe…free. She could feel the rush of power that had been pumping furiously through her veins for the past two days calm down. I think my powers and I need a little break, Diana thought. She wasn't a normal sixteen, almost seventeen, year old girl. Diana happened to be a witch, a very powerful one at that. Though only two years ago she was one of those girls who believed that having powers and being a witch was one hundred percent impossible, she was a full blooded witch. No one could tell though since she looked like every other teenage girl. Apparently the part in the storybooks about witches having green skin and massive noses was false. Sabrina the Teenage Witch had it so spot on, minus the dangers of being so powerful. Though her dad never really admitted the full truth, she knew he had taken her out of Chance Harbor for one soul reason: John Blackwell, the extremely powerful witch that happened to be Diana's real father. He was a master of deception and manipulation, just like Diana could be if she tried to. It was because of the black magic that they shared together. Knowing such power was inside his daughter made Charles go crazy. Why Beacon Hills? That was the question Diana asked herself over and over. Charles had said something about them having family here long ago. She knew her cousin Scott, who she hadn't seen in

years lived here, but why would that make Charles choose Beacon Hills? It was a small, quaint town in northern California where nothing bad, supernatural, or dangerous happened. Well, not anymore at least. Charles didn't have to worry about that since the Hale fire six years ago.

"Diana, are you going to help or what?" Charles called from the front door. The brunette snapped out of her daydream and headed over to the her fathers grey BMW, pulling out a few suitcases she had packed for the fifteen hour drive from Washington.

"That's my girl, thanks sweetie." Charles smiled to his daughter and disappeared somewhere in the house. Before walking into the house, Diana took a breath of fresh air. This was what freedom felt like, not to worry about hunters or John freakin' Blackwell, who had been testing her nerves for the past week before she left. Pulling her luggage out of the car, a shiver crept up her spine as she felt a presence behind her and a black silhouette in the corner of her eye. She turned around to look at the woods in front of the house, but there wasn't anything there. No need to be paranoid anymore, Diana thought. Once she reached her bedroom, Diana threw her bags onto the bare mattress. She searched through the luggage and pulled out a leather journal that looked to be over a hundred years old. On the front was a Celtic triple spiral engraved on the front. This was the Meade Family Book of Shadows, a book containing spells, rituals, and ancient recipes. It was like a witches cookbook, and Diana would absolutely die if she lost it. That's why she kept it so close to her, and well hidden too. She stuffed the journal into her dresser drawer, which she'd plan to fill with various sorts of clothes so her father couldn't find the journal. She was almost positive that her dad knew more than he lead on. She didn't fully trust him; it was hard for her to learn who to trust nowadays. She remembers when they used to have the best relationship. He played both the parts of the family, the mother and father. And she loved him even more for it; he cared for her almost too much. Sure, he didn't get all the awards for best parent, but in Diana's mind, he was the best dad any girl could ask for. It took a short while for Diana to get everything settled. Of course, it wasn't perfect, but it'd have to do…for now. Diana was known as the perfectionist back home, she was the leader of her 'circle' and wanted everything to be perfect. Well, that clearly didn't turn out to well. Much like the circle and their teenage lives, it had fallen apart. Diana took this move as an advantage. It was a fresh start. No one knew her, or her secret, or how much she's changed in the past year. She used to be so naïve and nice. Now she acted more like her friend Faye, who was the queen bitch back in Chance Harbor. God, how could she let Faye rub off on her? She couldn't stand Faye's personality from the second she met her and now she was kind of acting like her? She had to break out of that horrible habit.

"Fresh start." Diana whispered as she stared at her reflection in the mirror above her dresser. Now that there wasn't anything to do, Diana was stuck. She didn't know left or right from this strange little town, but how hard was it to figure out a place so small? Without looking, she grabbed a jacket and headed downstairs. If she was going to be in this town for a while, she'd have to make some friends, and she'd start with her cousin.

"Where are you going?' Charles protectively asked.

"I was thinking about stopping to the Melissa's to see Scott."

"This late?" Charles asked, checking the face of his watch.

"It's not even dark yet," Diana defended and pulled out her phone, "and it's only six something."

"Fine." Charles reluctantly agreed.

"Thanks, daddy." Diana quickly pecked his cheek and rushed out the front door with the spare keys to the car in her hand. The second she sat herself in the car, Charles had texted her directions to the McCall household. Diana tossed the jacket onto the passenger seat until she noticed that jacket she had grabbed was in fact her fathers. A heavy sigh passed through her lips. Was a jacket really worth going back inside for? Well, she did have powers for a reason…no! What was she thinking? Diana got out of Chance Harbor for the soul reason of leaving all of that behind, now she was acting like Faye, thinking she can use her individual magic whenever. A surge of power shocked through her body. Did I…

Diana's eyes reluctantly trailed over to the passenger seat to see her favorite black blazer lying there. A smile lifted Diana's lips.

"Okay, that's it." The witch mumbled to herself.

Diana arrived at the McCall's just around nightfall. She parked her car parallel to the driveway and slid out of it. The door thumped loudly as it shut behind her. She trudged up the driveway, her heeled boots clicking loudly on the pavement. Beacon Hills was much like Chance Harbor in the fact that at night, or sunset, it was quiet. There was no big buzz like in bigger cities. The town's residences were all tucked up away in their homes, enjoying dinner with their families or working late at the office. Nothing excited happened here. A crappy blue Jeep sat in the driveway besides a beat up Toyota. It dawned on Diana that she was the only person here with a nice, fancy car. Diana's fist knocked on the front door and she patiently waited for an answer. What if they didn't know who she was? That would be sufficiently awkward. What if Scott snubbed her, and what if he was a total jerk? What if—

"Hello." A curly haired brunette opened the door, her eyes looked at Diana from head to toe. "May I help you?" It was awkward.

"Melissa." Diana smiled to her aunt.

"Yes?" The woman's brows furrowed together tightly, "I'm sorry, do I know you?" Diana let out a mixture between a sigh and a quick little laugh.

"I'm sorry, wow, this must be weird. I'm—"

"Diana?" Melissa's face lit up. Diana nodded. Melissa quickly let out an 'oh my God' squeal and wrapped Diana in a hug.

"I've missed you, sweetheart! Come, come in." Diana walked past her, the scratchy fabric of Melissa's scrubs brushing Diana's arms.

"I should have remembered Charles called me a few weeks ago saying he was thinking of moving back. How have you been?" She asked, "Scott, get down here!" She yelled up.

"I've been good. Busy." She sighed. The set of loud footsteps shook the stairs.

"What? Me And Stiles—" The boy who came down the stairs defiantly didn't look like the Scott I remembered. His skin was naturally tan, his hair was shaggy, but tamed, and he was about ten times more buff then the last time she saw him. Wow, Scott McCall definitely had grown up a bit. A strange feeling surged through Diana. It was her magic, but she couldn't tell what it was doing. Why would it do anything here, in a house full of humans? It was probably because she was so nervous.

"Scott." She smiled.


"I'll leave you two alone, I'll be right back." Melissa squeezed Diana's arm and disappeared into another room. How could she leave her alone like that, with her cousin that barely knew her?

"You don't remember me, do you? I don't blame you, the last time I saw you, you were twenty pounds heavier and had a Justin Bieber haircut." Diana chuckled.

"Not to be rude or anything but do I know you?"

"Diana." She simply said. Scott's eyes widened.

"Diana Meade? Holy crap, no way!" He laughed, grabbing her into a hug. "What are you doing here?"

"My dad and I just moved here today."

"You should have called, wow you look so different."

"Yeah, no, I would have but life back home was pretty hectic The move was kind of a spur of the moment idea. You know my dad, he jumps at the craziest opportunities." Diana played it off like it was nothing. She didn't need Scott knowing about her witchy life back home.

"Scott, we really need to go. It's getting—hellllooo." A kid who looked to be around fifteen or sixteen came walking down the stairs with a navy duffle draped over his shoulder. He stopped dead when he saw Diana. Diana looked to Scott, raising her eyebrows.

"Diana this is my best friend Stiles."

"Can you excuse us for a second?" Stiles grabbed Scott and pulled him into the living room, away from the girl he had set his eyes on.

"Scott, there's a hot chick that I don't know standing in the middle of your house and you leave me by myself upstairs to focus on Derek? Come on, dude." He threw his hands up.

"That's my cousin Diana."

"Cousin? Why haven't I met said cousin before?"

"I don't know, maybe because she just moved here!" Diana could hear the boys bickering between each other. A smirk lifted her lips. Scott had elbowed Stiles in the side and they walked back to the girl like nothing was wrong.

"Nice to meet you Diana, but we really need to go." Stiles abruptly announced.

"I'm sorry. Hey, are you coming to school tomorrow?"

"I mean, I guess." Diana shrugged.

"How about Stiles and I pick you up, then we can go to the Lacrosse game later?"

"Sure, I guess, I'll text you my address." Diana proceeded to give Scott her phone number and the two boys hastily ran off, hoping into Stiles Jeep and driving off to somewhere Diana would never know. As much as Stiles had wanted to stay there, talking to Scott's pretty cousin, he knew that finding out the truth about the girl Derek buried in his backyard was more important.