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Chapter Three:

What Are You?

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Scott had been acting strange all day. Diana had been curious of to what it was related to, but she didn't dare ask. First this morning, he runs off with Stiles freaking out over Allison for some reason unknown to Diana. School had ended an hour and a half ago, and the three teenagers were trekking through the woods. Diana knew the woods back home like the back of her hand, she figured she needed to get to know the ones here.

"Why does someone need to know the woods?" Stiles mumbled.

"What if I want to take a short cut or something? Can't have myself getting lost now can I?"

"Why would you even be in the woods?" Scott asked his cousin. As she took another step, the heel of her ankle boots sunk into the earth. With a groan, she pulled it out. Great, how well would that come out?

"Okay, looking back on this wearing heels to go exploring probably wasn't my best idea." Diana sighed. "And I don't know, I like the woods. It reminds me of home."

"Well the woods here are dangerous."

"Okay." Diana waved it off.

"I'm serious Diana, there's things in here that creep me out." Scott was trying hard from not telling her about the night he was attacked. That would give her a good scare. But once again, he didn't want to drag her into this.

"Alright, well when I'm in here and some—" Diana stopped mid sentence hearing the snapping of a twig from behind them. She stopped all movements. Being a witch also meant Diana was blessed with extremely good hearing, it was borderline supernatural.


"Shut up." She demanded, listening for more noises, "did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Stiles asked. Scott had been looking around as if he heard the noise also.

"Something was over there."

"See, there's things in the woods, can we get out of here now?" Stiles urged. Diana began walking behind her where she heard the noise originate from, but she failed to hear anything else. She turned back around and craned the area. The boys watched her with their brows tightly furrowed. That same feeling overtook Diana. Her magic was warning her of danger.

"Diana, I don't—" Scott was cut off when someone had come out of nowhere and grabbed Diana by the throat, pinning her to a tree at an incredibly fast speed. The bark hit her back and it ached in pain. A loud gasp escaped her mouth and her eyes opened met a pair of crystal green eyes.

"Stop! What are you doing?" Scott was yelling to the man.

"Finding out the truth."

"Get off!" Diana defended, and just as she did, the man was thrown into the air and landed fifteen feet away on his back. Her magic had kicked in instinctively. She had wanted to do that, to defend herself against the danger. Her eyes grew large, realizing she had just used magic in front of two humans, and whatever the man was. Her breath was caught in her throat, she didn't know what to do. Should she say something? Run away? She began breathing again, but only to control her emotions. Instead of running, she looked over to the two boys who were wide eyed. Their eyes traveled from the mystery man over to her. She slowly looked away from her friends and looked straight ahead at the man who was now propped up on his elbows, a confused and angry look painted across his face. Their eyes met, causing Diana to shift her vision to her feet. Diana took a few steps to her right and then took off.

"Diana, wait!" Stiles called. Okay, wearing heels into a forest was really not her brightest idea. She thought earlier how she'd be cursing herself out about it later, but guess what? It was later. She didn't get to far due to the height of her heel. God, why didn't she know spells like how to disappear or fly? To bad witches couldn't fly, this was the real world. Turning around after hearing the footsteps of Scott and Stiles charging through the leaves, she didn't see anyone being her. When her head turned back around, there was the man, standing right in front of her. She stopped in her tracks.

"Diana…" Scott was behind them now. So was Stiles, she could hear his breathing. She connected with the mans gaze again, and recognized him to be Derek Hale. As they looked at each other, it was like Diana felt this connection between them. But she was the one to break it as she took a step back and to the side so she could see all three of the boys.

"What did you mean finding out the truth?" Scott had asked Derek.

"More importantly, what the hell are you?" Stiles yelled, throwing a hand up towards Diana.

"Yes, let's get that answered because that sure didn't go according to plan!" Derek yelled. Her jaw clenched.

"I can't tell you," she paused, "not here. Somewhere private."

"Have you looked around? We're in the woods, it's a pretty private place!" Stiles exclaimed. Diana shot him a glare.

"Fine," Derek roughly announced and turned away. He began walking away, leaving the three teens to look at each other.

"Are you coming or not?" He barked. The three trailed quickly behind him in complete silence. They soon arrived at the old Hale house and Derek opened the door for them to come inside. A shiver was sent through Diana as she walked through the Hale house. It really did look like the abandoned Blackwell house back home. Eerily similar. But then again, this place wall all burnt up and dark. The abandoned house had been more open and, you know, less burnt. Derek led them into yet another dark room with a few furniture piece lying around. There were a few tables covered by sheets and there were lamps without shades.

"Here. Is this private enough for you?" He growled. She walked into the room, her heels clicking on the creaking wood, and turned around to face them. God she didn't want to do this. Being here, coming here, the whole reason Diana was fine with it because she wanted to start over. Where no one knew her secret. Now her two good friends and a complete psycho stranger knew it! How many people were they going to tell?

"What you saw out there, you can't tell anyone."

"We won't." Scott assured.

"So what exactly are you? Because you sure in hell aren't what I thought you were." Diana was taken aback, how did Derek know she was something? What did he think she was?

"How did you know I was something?"

"I just did."

"Is that why you've been stalking me the past few days?" She crossed her arms over her chest.

"Derek!" Scott cried.

"No." he grumbled.

"You were stalking her?" Scott was getting angry. Derek had turned to him.

"I was trying to find out if she was a danger for both of us!" he pointed a finger from himself to Scott.

"Why would I be a danger to just you two?" Diana wondered. "How would you even know anything unless…unless you're not fully human." She cocked her head, examining Derek and Scott closely.

"What gave it away? Was it how fast I was?" Derek sarcastically commented.

"I saw the wolfsbane in Stiles car, I had my suspicions."

"Can you keep anything to yourself?" Derek hissed at Stiles.

"Okay, so if they're werewolves, then what are you?" Did Stiles just say werewolves? Diana didn't believe her ears, she thought the two were like her. Werewolves didn't exist…but then again, witches weren't supposed to either.

"Werewolves? I thought you were like me." Diana admitted. Derek and Scott turned to Stiles, he had just blown their secret…basically.

"You mean…you didn't know what they were?" Stiles stuttered.

"I didn't know werewolves even existed. As I said, I thought they were like me." Diana was quite nervous. Her heart was beating faster than normal.

"Which is?" Derek urged.

"I'm a witch."

"A witch." Derek blankly repeated.

"Yes, a full blooded witch," Diana let out a sigh. She spotted a dust-laden couch, so she took a seat on it, crossing one leg over another, "so what do you want to know?" She asked.

"Everything!" Stiles burst out. "Like for instant start out with explaining how you're a witch."

"It's passed down through family. My mother was one."

"Was?" Scott realized the past tense.

"She was killed," Diana pursed her lips, "it's a long story."

"It's passed down through the family, does that mean I'm one?" Scott asked his cousin.


"Good." He sighed with relief.

"So? Tell us!" Stiles urged.

"Tell you what? You know you need to be more specific on things, Stiles."

"I don't know, everything! It's not everyday you meet a witch."

"And it's not everyday you meet a werewolf…or two."

"You're killing us here, Diana." She sighed, growing annoyed of the two boys pestering her about her powers. She didn't plan on telling them everything; she would keep it short, maybe a hair detail here and there.

"I moved here to start over. My dad knew about this town from you, Scott. He knew nothing bad happened here so he moved me here. And the only reason I'm here is because of a man named John Blackwell…who's my real father. To make the long story short there's these things called circles witches have. It's a group of six witches that bind their powers to make each other stronger. Everyone in my circle, their parents were in a circle together the generation before us. John Blackwell, easy way to explain it is that he's the bad guy. He got my mom pregnant with me just to make sure we were all in a circle together. He screwed our parents over and we each had one family member that died in a boatyard fire sixteen years ago. But that's not the point. My best friend Cassie, who's also apparently my sister, we both have dark magic from him. It's dangerous and terrible, and I hate the way it makes me feel. If activated, I could easily kill someone with it and not think twice before doing it. What else? Let's see, witch hunters have kidnapped me on more than one occasion, my best friend Nick committed suicide because he had a demon in him, my friend Jake is an ex-witch hunter witch, my grandmother tried killing my best friend for having dark magic, I got arrested, kind of, for breaking into a car with my friends to see if there was a dead body in there, and oh, remember Nick? The guy who committed suicide? Right, he's alive. Don't know how, but he is. Wonderful life of being a witch, right?"

"Wait, you broke into a car?" Stiles asked, shocked. Scott gave him a dirty look. After everything Diana had said, that's what he questioned her on.

"Well…not your kind of breaking in."

"What do you mean not our kind of breaking in?" Scott asked. Diana looked over to find something locked to show the three as an example. All three boys followed her gaze and she found the window, it's latch put on lock. Lock unlock, she silently stated in her head. The lock flipped to the side.

"That. Was. Awesome!" Stiles cried, "what else can you do?"

"Way to much." She gravely noted, "now. Enough about me, I want to hear about the two werewolves. You haven't said much, Derek was it? Was that what the cops were saying the other day? How are you out of jail anyways, I thought you killed some girl."

"Derek didn't kill her." Scott muttered.

"It was his sister." Stiles had added with a fairly loud sigh.

"There's another werewolf, an Alpha, he killed her." Derek explained.

"Another? So you two aren't the only ones?"

"No." Could this man find it capable in him to speak more than one short sentence? No.

"You don't know who it is, do you?" Diana realized, her brows scrunching together.

"We don't." Scott let out a frustrated noise from the back of his throat.

"How hard could it be to find out?"

"Hard." Derek snapped. Diana wondered how hard getting Derek on her side would be. After all, she didn't need any enemies in this town.