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Francis woke up early like he did almost every morning since he left France. He showered, trimmed his beard, dressed, and had a small breakfast before leaving his condo. It was early summer, the last flowers on the trees had started to wither and weeds on the sand seemed to growing at full force. He sighed as he got into his car. Another day.

Three whole years of another days. Well not whole years. Christmases, birthdays, extremely rare days off. Sundays. Points of excitement and liveliness. But really his time here felt like blur of "another days". He was fading into it, becoming weightless, like a ghost. He was almost empty.

It wasn't all that bad, he had a job that he liked and paid him an amount equal to how much it troubled him, which was a great deal. He had a nice home, a comfortable life, and the ability to seduce almost anyone. More importantly, most importantly, he had his best friends. He had his family. People who cared enough to nag him to come out for a drink and have fun. Those who would check up on him if he weren't in contact with anyone for more than a couple of days. They gave him weight, they kept him living.

But he was only half full. He still floated. If he missed one step he would tumble, tumble, tumble, upward toward the sky. He would get lost.

It was worse in Europe. After the two patriarchs of their makeshift, messy, extended family died everything sort of fell apart. The loss and pain translated accusations and loss of trust, which caused betrayals and feuds comparable to war. And so one by one, with the family broken, everyone left Europe until Francis was alone. Devoid of any actual real love, platonic or other wise, Francis did become a ghost. He only had his work to keep him from disappearing completely.

That was until Antonio and Gilbert who both stayed in touch called him from where they were and begged him to come over. It seemed that the in two years that everyone was apart they had been able to mourn and heal and they naturally gravitated toward each other. They all had ended up in the same city, and although egos were bruised and feelings were still hurt, they were together.

Come over here they pleaded, our family can be back together again. It's not the same without you!

He didn't need to be asked twice. As fate would have it, he was thinking about leaving Paris anyway, propositioned by a very rich and very demanding clothing designer to design her stores across the very same city they were all in. So he sold his soul to the boss from hell, packed his things, and moved right away.

Francis rolled up in front of the small simple looking café that made the best coffee around. He got out and entered, only to be surprised that the there was huge line in front of him. Usually, the place was mostly empty in the morning, the pretty little barista taking orders and making coffee in what seemed like seconds, having time to chat with Francis.

He sighed and looked at his watch. He had time before the meeting with the she demon, and if he was going to make it through without losing his temper and his job, he needed his morning coffee. As he was waiting on line he impatiently wondered what was taking so long. As the line inched closer he noticed he didn't see the dark hair curly of a petite woman, but the beautiful strawberry blonde waves of a tall man. As he inched closer he saw a glimpse of his glasses and an adorable curl sticking up from the top of his head. The closer he got, the more Francis got to see the thin but lean frame, the broad shoulders, the nice toned rump. But wasn't until he was in front of the man that he really saw him.

Francis nearly gasped, he so was amazed. A true work of art stood before him. Pale, soft looking skin was complemented by kissable pink lips, and a slightly crooked but fitting nose, and beautiful, dazzling eyes. Oh those eyes! They were a mystifying violet blue, shy and surrounded by blonde eyelashes. And his features were all accented by a bright flustered blush. Francis was baffled. How could someone look so adorable and yet so innocently erotic at the same time?

"Um sir?" The man's sweet timid voice pulled him back into reality. Francis hadn't realized he'd been staring of a couple moments too long. Thankfully there was only two people behind him and they were both preoccupied with their cell phone.

"Oh, I'm sorry cher" he grinned, only slightly embarrassed "I got lost in my out thoughts. Distracted."

"Oh" a small smile, Francis almost swooned. "It's okay. Can I help you?"

"Hmmm," Francis leaned in. "I think you most certainly c-"

"What the hell is this?" an angry looking woman yelled at the bespectacled beauty as she pushed Francis aside. " What the HELL is this!" she waved a coffee cup in the air

"E-e-xuse me? Is there a problem ma'am?" the young man stuttered.

"This!" she spat as she pointed to the cup, "is NOT my order! I said latte with nonfat soymilk and two spoons of zero calorie sweetener! This crap is whole cow's milk with white sugar!"

"I-I'm sorry ma'am, I would be happy to make you a new-"

"Like I'm going to let you near anything I eat again! How much of a fucking retard do have to be to mess up a simple order like this huh? At least the little brown girl can take a coffee order right!"

"Miss" Francis put his hand on her shoulder. He had heard more than enough. "Firstly, as a long time customer I assure you that that kind of language in not tolerable here. Secondly, there is no need to scream like a child when things like this happen. If you had simply ask the young man to remake your coffee they way you desired. There is no need for name-calling and I suggest that you stop using that term to refer to something distasteful. It is very rude. And thirdly, if you do not like the service here I recommend you get you coffee elsewhere."

There was a moment of silence. The woman looked at Francis, to the young man, back at Francis, and then the other people in the café, who were all looking at her. She flushed with anger and she scowled and muttered something under her breath as she stormed out.

Francis turned back to the barista and everyone else went back to whatever they were doing. He smiled.

"Are you alright cher?"

"Yes I'm okay. It really was my fault" he sighed and took a breath. "But thank you so much."

"No problem." Francis smiled and gave the other man a very obvious one over, enjoying the blush it elicited before checking his watch. Uh-oh. He would have to save the flirt for later or he would be late and had to deal with the dragon lady. "But if it's not too much trouble, may I order my coffee?"

"Oh! Of course! What would you like?" his face brightened.

"Just a simple coffee, two sugars," he put his elbows on the table and dropped his voice an octave lower, "and lots of cream."

The blonde's eyes widened as he blushed again and squeaked something in response. He scrambled to make the coffee, spilling the cream and sugar around. When he returned his face was calmer, with a great effort it looked like.

"Thank you cher" Francis said as he paid for his coffee and put his change in the tips cup. "Merci beaucoup" Francis winked and walked away, confident that the blush had returned of the young beauty's face.

He couldn't wait to see it again tomorrow.

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