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"Hmmm." Francis purred seductively. "I'm not quite sure." He smirked sliding into a chair. "What would you recommend?"

The adorable blushing young man looked as if he was trying to cover his face with his order pad. "Well, uh, last time you had a coffee with two sugars and crème."

"Oh? You remember me?" Francis couldn't help the bright smile that took over his face. He knew he left an impression wherever he went, but this boy remembered his coffee order when he probably had taken hundreds.

Mathieu smiled shyly at his shoes, long blonde lashes over his violet eyes, "Ah, well…you kinda really helped me out…with that woman who was yelling."

"Yes I remember that. I remember you."

The boy's eyes snapped upward and reflected what seemed liked astonishment. He looked positively shocked at what Francis had said. He made a strange high-pitched noise, half way between a whimper and a chuckle, and then promptly looked back at his shoes.

After a long pause, Francis finally spoke "You know, I feel a little guilty keeping you here when you're closing. I'll tell you what cher, let me treat you to a drink. Anything you want. And what you pick, I'll have as well."

"That's not…I mean I can't…I mean it's-" Mathieu mumbled as his eyes stubbornly bore into the floor.

"I won't leave until you do." Francis leavened in and raised his eyebrows. Mathieu's eyes flickered up, "We can stay here all night if you want to."

Mathieu sighed and gave a small grin. "Alright then. Fine. I'll be right back." He turned, a little too swiftly because he stumbled over his own feet, which Francis found adorable, and walked behind the counter.

Francis smiled. This was perfect. Mathieu was the perfect chase, not to easy but knows when to give up. I wouldn't be long until he gave in completely and Francis would be sucking the life out of those rosy red lips. But the look of surprise Mathieu gave him was still on his mind. What was that all about? he wondered, Maybe I should let up a bit, I do tend to get carried away in my pursuits sometimes.

Mathieu walked over with two steaming mugs in hand and put one in front of Francis before seating himself. The aroma wafted up into Francis's nose and made him smile.

"Hot chocolate?"

"Ah, yes is that okay, I mean you said you wanted coffee, but then you said that you wanted to have what I was having and I already drank a lot of coffee today and if I have more I'm afraid I won't be able to get to sleep tonight because of all that caffeine but I should have just brought coffee because you asked for it sorry let me just get you so-" Mathieu fell silent when Francis placed his hand on top of his.

"Hot chocolate is wonderful cher. Perfect." It wasn't until Francis's moved his hand away did Mathieu exhale.

"Oh okay." He said in a very small voice, chewing his lip lower lip slightly "Good."

Francis chuckled. Mathieu was going to be the death of him, really. On the one hand he was so adorable that Francis wanted nothing more to spoil him like he would a child, and on the other hand he was so alluring he wanted to do things only suited for consenting adults.

"So Mathieu," Francis said as he brought the edge of the mug to his lips, "Where are you from?"

"Oh I'm from Ottawa." He took a sip. His face visibly relaxed as he relished the taste. "That's in Canada."

Francis chuckled, "I know where Ottawa is cher, I've been there a few times myself."

Mathieu looked up, faced brightened "Really?"

Francis smiled again, pleasantly surprised in the man's changed demeanor. "Yes. It's a very nice city, but personally I prefer Montreal."

Mathieu chuckled, "You would being from France."

Francis laughed "Is it that obvious?"

"Kinda." Mathieu smiled.

I comfortable silence settled in between them. It had been a good idea to ease up on the flirting. Francis was quite enjoying Mathieu's happy hot chocolate indused company until an annoying splinter of thought probed his brain.

He sighed. "Mathieu I know this is terribly rude of me, but what is your age?"

The man looked up at him inquisitively, "I actually just turned twenty five. Why?"

Francis's heart soared. For once, time was in his favor. "Well, eh, I have a friend who is um, a strong believer in the Chinese Zodiac. I was just wondering which sign you are. In case he would want to know, which he usually does."

Mathieu cocked an eyebrow at him. "Really? So do you know what I am?"

"Oh no, no cher. I am not versed on such things. My specialties are food and wine and design."


"Yes. That is what I do. I design buildings. Or at least the insides of them anyway. Here the title is "interior decorator" I believe. That it is why I am here, a woman has paid me to decorate for her here."

"Wow." He said, looking down and tucking his hair behind his ear. "That's amazing."

Francis huffed and rolled his eyes as he smiled, "You flatter me. It is not that impressive. I simply offer my suggestions, listen to the instructions she gives me, and then carry them out. Not so far from what you do here actually."

Mathieu's head cocked to the side and grinned, "Well when you put like that, then yes. But being a waiter is a lot less, um, glamorous than being an interior designer. And there are other differences."


"Like that they are in two different industries, and you probably work with cool and interesting people. And your boss probably doesn't force you to stay after hours with no pay." He frowned.

"Sounds like a pain."

"Absolutely! It's infuriating; he somehow thinks I want to be here, that I have not life. I don't like being all night with stupid customers." He looked up at Francis quickly, "But I don't mean that you are! I just meant that-"

Francis waved his hand, "Non, I understand Mathieu. Work is very frustrating for you. We should not talk about it any longer." He quickly finished the rest of his now lukewarm chocolate. He took a breath.

"As a matter of fact," he put his hand over Mathieu's again, "I don't want to spend another moment keeping you here when you can be doing more enjoyable things." He lifted the other man's hand between his own and brought it to his lips. Violet eyes widened as pink cheeks went red.

"You should come out with me. I promise that with me, your mind will be occupied with only pleasurable thoughts. What do you say cher?" Francis raised his eyebrows at him and smiled, waiting for the inevitable acceptance.

But Mathieu didn't say a word.

He just sat there, eyes wide, face flushed, like he was captured in a particularly captivating photograph. He didn't blink. I didn't even look like he was breathing. Worried, Francis lifted his hand to cup his cheek and Mathieu jumped out of his chair and away from the table as if Francis's hand had given him a bad shock. He stood panting, while he stared down at Francis.

"I um, uh-" He swallowed. "No. I'm sorry. I think you are…But no. Definitely no. I'm sorry."

Francis was taken aback for a moment, before rising from the chair himself and sighing, a little heart broken. He looked up with sad eyes, "I apologize, please do not take offence. I just assumed you were attracted to men, but I guess it was just wishful thinking."

Mathieu shook his head, "No I-I do. I-I mean I am, and I, and you…I mean you are… But no I can't." He sighed and looked at the floor, his curl almost looked droopy.

It would be and understatement to say the Francis was shocked. It was like the world stopped spinning. One of the only things he was sure of was this one truth; Francis wants someone, Francis gets them. Never forcibly or coerced, the men and woman he pursued always hopped on his arm or into his bed with no effort. He even seduced people who claimed didn't like men! Rejection didn't make sense! He was trying to go over the facts in his head. Mathieu liked men, Francis liked Mathieu, so Mathieu must like him. That is the the mathematics of his life. His A+B=C. He had always gotten anyone he wanted. Every time.

Francis was in a daze as his brain tried to wrap around this new development. So this must be what it felt like when people found out the world was round, he said to himself internally, so distracted that he didn't notice the extremely uncomfortable blanket of awkward silence that was damn near suffocating Mathieu.

He taller blonde cleared his throat. " Fran-" Francis raised his head as Mathieu started to speak. But he stopped and corrected himself, "Sir, I need to close the shop. I have relatives in town and they will have been waiting for me."

Francis nodded avoiding eye contact. He reached for his wallet, pulled more than enough to cover the bill and handed over to the other man. Mathieu started to walk over to the register to get change, but Francis stopped him.

"Non, C'est bon." he said, still mind still so foggy he unconsciously slipped into French. "Au revoir cher."

And with one last look at the beautiful, charming man in front of him, Francis turned and left the café, got in his car, and drove home.

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