"So, everything should be working right, dad said nothing broke since your dad used it last" Jr. said to Trill rather matter-a-factly. She started feeling over the controls. "Trill?"

"Yea, good as new" she said looking out the front window, it being obviously new.

"You ok?" Jr. asked.

"Yeah, yeah."

Jr. walked over to her side and placed a single hand on her shoulder.

"He misses you ya know…" Jr. said trying to comfort her.

Trill had a silent moment then she started messing with the controls.



"Have you talked to`im since?" Jr. asked while he tried to see her expression.

"What's it to ya?" Trill said rather snappy.

Jr. stepped back and spoke "Imma go check on the mechanic"

Trill nodded in agreement while still feeling over the well polished controls.

Jr. hopped down the stairs to the dining area, then to the engine room. "Leo, you got us runnin` yet?"

"Yea, my mom took darn good care of er`" she said fixing the wires under the panel.

Jr. smiled at the answer and agreed. "I got Trill up there figurin` stuff out"

Leo gave him a look, "Trill? You found a dead person?"

Jr. went stone faced, "Trill ain't dead, and she's very much alive and kickin `too"

"Where has she been?" Leo asked, almost giddy.

"The alliance locked `er up, beat `er half to death, she's been locked away ever since" Jr. explained.

Leo grimaced, "Poor Wash and Zoe"

Jr. looked away and sighed, "Don't bring `em up in front of Trill, ok?"

"Yes Cap!" she said with a smile. She left the small space they stood in and went to plug stuff in.

Jr. walked out of the engine room and down to the infirmary. "Tyler, you got everything you need?"

"Yes, my father kept this well stocked, and well organized. He must of scored somewhere"

"You could say that" Jr. laughed. He paused, "Where's Viv?"

Tyler frowned, "Hopefully jumping off the Bow"

"Play nice" Jr. said with a stern voice.

"I'll go find `er" Jr. said leaving the doc.

Tyler just went back to organizing the loose vials.

"So, Trill is here?" Jr. went silent and stopped in the doorway.


"It's just that," Tyler said stopping what he was doing, "Wasn't she reported dead?"

"By the alliance, yes" Jr. pointed out. "But she ain't, so let's all be a lil` understandin`"

Tyler nodded and went back to his work.

Jr. finally left and went straight to the cargo bay, Viv wasn't real hard to find.

Viv was a 'hard ass' as Jr. Likes to say, she wasn't directly related to anyone but she did the job.

"Viv, you about?"

"Above ya Cap" she said.

Jr. looked up and there she was, in full "armor" as it were. The walkway she stood on was suspended and railed. Her hands mustered about the gun she held.

"So`s we gettin` in the air anytime soon?" She asked Jr.

"As soon as Trill gets everythin` straight, we'll be on our way" Jr. confirmed.

"Of all the pilots in the verse and you take up a Washburne" Viv chuckled.

"Viv" Jr. said sternly. "Yes cap?" Viv responded.

"Please, Trill is a great pilot, she trained under the greatest hand my daddy ever knew" Jr. said loudly while walking up the stairs to Viv.

Viv pushed off the railing to stand up in the middle of the walkway. Jr. made it to the top of the stairs and went toward Viv.

"Look Jr…she's a Washburne…she won't be as great as your thinkin`" Viv explained in almost a whisper.

"Cap" Trill said over the loud speaker. "Yea?" Jr asked.

"We're ready to go"

"Right, go `head then" Jr said. A ding sounded and a sudden jerk happened.

Trill came back over the loud speaker "Sorry".

Viv and Jr held on to the railings for stability. "See" Viv pointed out smugly.