Real Steel: Firelight

Emma, Firelight, Jack, Rick, Henry, Rain Shadow, Jett, and Axon are mine. Story contains spoilers for the movie, if you haven't seen it, don't read it. I am going to be going between different POV's, so let's just get on with the story! This is my very first time writing for this fandom, so bear with me. This may or may not get better as I write it so please don't be mean to me if you don't like it. Read and review please! :D

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"You're not still working on that hunk of junk are you?"

Scowling, I looked up at the man that had spoken and replied, "Yes, yes I am. What's it even matter to you, Jack?" The man came closer and took a seat across from the huge metal form I've been working on as he said, "Emma, I don't wanna break your sweet little heart, but this thing ain't ever gonna power up."

"Oh, I'd love to hear you say that once I get Firelight into the WRB," I growled, annoyed with the man as I diverted my attention back to the eight foot, seven inch robot I've spent so much time building. After a while of ignoring my dad's friend, he left out of frustration and giving up on trying to talk me out of making my own fighting robot. Leaning back from over the robot's open chest cavity, I wiped the sweat off my forehead and closed the piece of armor, reaching for the remote sitting beside me and climbed off the table before turning the robot on and jolting back as the robot's optics lit up and lifted it's head to look around before sitting upright and staring at me.

At seeing Firelight online, I laughed and leaned back a bit to take in the light orange and yellow robot and made a face as the robot mimicked me and leaned back. "Sweet! You work!" I exclaimed happily, leaving the robot to go inside, turning back around at the sound of heavy metal footsteps against the cement floor as Firelight followed me to the door and into the house.

Walking into the living room to see my dad, Rick, and his friends watching robot boxing on TV, I cleared my throat and the men looked over at me, beer coming out of Jack's nose at seeing the robot he said will never come online.

"His name is Firelight," I said proudly, glancing up at the robot, his blue optics looking slightly curious as they found and locked onto my blue grey eyes for a few moments. "Can you get him a fight?"

"Ain't you gonna train 'im 'fore you take 'im to a fight? I mean, you can't expect to win anything if ya ain't trained your robot, girl," Henry, another one of my dad's friends, asked, jerking his beer bottle in Firelight's direction. I mentally groaned at the one thing I made him to do and forgetting to train him for it though I just got him online ten minutes ago. "Of course, I'm gonna train him! I just don't know anything about boxing," I said rather sheepishly for making something to do something I know nothing about.

Glancing over their shoulders at the TV screen, I grinned broadly at the seven foot, six inch silver mech dancing in the middle of the ring with a young child and was sitting on the floor in an instant with Firelight in tow. Glancing over at the orange and yellow robot next to me, and seeing the unusually curious look in his optics (Firelight isn't supposed to show any kind of emotion and he is doing it anyway), I pointed to the screen and said, "That's Atom, a G2 sparring bot that actually got into the big leagues. That's where we're going next once we get you trained and noticed by fight promoters."

"Where are we going when we get noticed?"

Everyone froze at the sudden question and all eyes fell on the giant metal titan at my side, eyes wide in disbelief. "Firelight, was that you?" I asked uncertainly, looking up to meet the gaze of the robot. He nodded and spoke again, the accent sounding oddly like John Wayne with the Southern drawl that tinged a baritone voice. "Yes, I spoke. But you failed to answer MY question as to where we're going if we get noticed by these fight promoters you mentioned." "World Robot Boxing; the big leagues, if you will. If you get the attention we're wanting, we could very well end up like Atom and his tiny trainer. I mean, come on, the kid found him under a pile of crap in the junkyard and you were built in my garage, put together with crap Radio Shack threw out as unsalable, car parts, and parts from the junkyard, so what difference is there between you two? If Atom can do this and get in the big leagues, so can we," I explained and the robot nodded his head in understanding.

After a few hours of watching robot boxing and rubbing in the fact that Firelight came online in Jack's face, I got up and left for the garage with my fighting robot in tow. Picking up my cell phone, I called one of my friends that helped me create Firelight.

" 'Lo?" came Jett's voice over the line.

"Hey, Jett, I need you to get your lazy butt over here and check out Firelight. He's talking and displaying emotions on his own," I said to the youth on the other end of the phone. "That's great he came online, but I don't think he's really talking and showing emotions. The talking could probably be explained by you wiring some program into him and you didn't know its function and it was a sort of vocal program and the robot's utilizing it to communicate," the boy said, his tone suggesting cluelessness and curiosity. "How would you explain the display of emotion from the time he cam online? He was showing curiosity about the fight on TV," I countered, getting silence from the boy.

"Alright, alright. I'll be over in a minute."

"You're the best, Jett!" I said happily before disconnecting and turning to face the silent robot behind me.

"Jett?" the 'bot questioned, jerking his head towards the phone on the table in the same manner Jack did when he was talking about him.

Looking in the direction the robot kept jerking his head, I smiled and replied, "Jett's a friend of mine. He helped get me parts to put you together."

Finally after five minutes of waiting, my friend arrived. Jett is like me and sports tanned skin, dirty blonde hair, and green eyes. His shirt is white and covered in oil stains and his jeans sport holes on the knees, all bare footed and crazy, just the way he is. I greeted him with a hug and switched Firelight to manual control and sat him down for my friend to check him out.

"What do you think?" I asked, watching the young man work from over his shoulder as he inspected Firelight's inner workings. "It's unlike anything I've ever seen in a fighting robot before. I've worked on Twin Cities and Zeus before, but I have NEVER seen anything like Firelight's circuitry and wiring. You must have done something 'cause there's an interface port here to jack into anything like the Internet and download information to show artificial intelligence. I've seen some impressive stuff in famous fighting robots I've been hired to fix, but Firelight is in a league all his own with this crazy wiring you put in him," Jett answered, looking up at me with a smile.

"You never told me you worked on Zeus and Twin Cities! What else have you been hiding from me?" I asked him, punching his shoulder playfully. "Yeah, I worked on Ambush and Noisy Boy before, too. How do you like me now?" he said, laughing before turning back to Firelight, who was making faces at us before going back to a smile. Now it's Jett's turn to make a face and say, "That's interesting. When you said he was showing emotions, you weren't kidding. It's probably just pictures of faces with various expressions he downloaded off the Internet to learn how to read faces and know what they're feeling and he's trying it out for himself, showing artificial intelligence like I suggested on the phone earlier."

"Okay, before we proceed with the further inspection of my inner workings, are you going to dismantle me and correct these imperfections? I would prefer you left them alone as they make me quite unique among the other fighting robots . To be frank with you, I enjoy being able to talk and you understand me," the metal titan cut in, making us jump and Firelight issued a laugh that reverberated off the walls in the room and vibrated our bodies leaving a funny feeling in our ears when Firelight went silent, waiting for us to speak again.

"We never said we were going to 'fix' anything, Firelight. I just wanna know how you're talking at all when all the other robots don't," I reassured, patting the yellow detailed armor plating beneath his chest plating. This seemed to relax the stiffness in the robot's chassis as Firelight shuttered his optics and issued his version of a sigh of relief as the robot expelled hot air through his vents.

"I gotta get going. Mom will kill me if I'm late for dinner again," Jett said as he wiped his hands clean and left.

"Okay, now that that's done, you and I have work to do tomorrow, so power down until I come get you. Be ready, 'cause we need to get on your training if we're gonna get into the WRB," I said as I opened the port on his back and plugging the recharge hose into him, turning him off for the night.