Another one-shot! Sorry, I have major writer's block for the other story. :/

This is after Tori Goes Platinum. The night Tori has her concert.

It was a little after midnight when Jade stormed into his RV. She had a look full of fury on her face. Beck was shocked and a bit angry, himself. They'd broken up. Why is she here?

"Oh, yeah. Come in. Is it too late? Nah. Make yourself at home. It's not like...oh, I don't know. We're broken up." he said, his voice rather sarcastic.

She looked at him. That's when he noticed the small tears on her cheeks. Jade West never cried. She most definitely would never come to her ex when she was crying. "You tried to kiss her! We haven't even been broke up that long! You always swore up and down, you never liked her. Promised, that you'd never go out with her if we broke up!" she yelled.

His eyes widened. How'd she know about that? He'd figure out later, instead he looked at her, shocked. "I didn't kiss her, though.." he said quietly.

She rolled her eyes. "Oh, yes. That makes it so much better." she scoffed. "Except. She was the one who stopped the kiss!"

He sighed. "I tried to kiss her to move on! You were out of my life all of a sudden, I needed some way to try to get rid of the feelings I had for you!" he yelled.

She hid her shock and continued yelling. "Where were those feelings the night you let me walk away?! You had the choice!"

"And I chose the wrong one! I was confused, and tired!"

"Now you're not? Suddenly you just love me again? It doesn't work that way, Beck! You can't break up with me then come back and say you love me! Especially after trying to kiss Tori!"

"It worked when you broke up with me!"

"That's different and you didn't take me back right away after that either!"

"I wanted to see how much you cared..."

"I've always cared! Can't you see that! I never stopped caring. If I didn't care, I wouldn't be standing here right now! You're the one that didn't care! You let me walk away. You never cared.."

"I always cared!"

"You have a fu-" Jade's yelling was cut off by Beck's lips on hers. She hadn't noticed that he had made his way across the room. He snaked his arms around her waist as she wrapped hers around his neck, deepening the kiss. Their argument totally forgotten. Everything forgotten. All they knew now was that they were meant to be here. In each others arms. No matter how many fights, they always loved each other. They always cared.

When their kiss was finally broken, Beck looked down into those blue eyes he loved so much. "I love you.." he whispered. She rolled her eyes and kissed him again, mumbling "love you too" right before their lips met, again.