A/N Okay, there are a few notes in here that I should explain before you begin reading. Also, if you are one of my main readers, please know that I have taken a break from writing everything except f or this. I just need time to relax and do something as a group with my friends.

Despite this story being based on my real-life friendship group, we have changed the names for the privacy of the others. We also chose to use Japanese names because we honestly cannot stand it when English names are mixed with Japanese names.

Though we've used Japanese names, there are several things in here that we've kept in English e.g The PC game, 'Binding of Isaac'.

We have done our best to keep everyone in-character and the names we chose to use for us were picked for their meanings.

There will be footnotes at the bottom of certain chapters to clear things up.

And Jalu, if you're bothering to re-read this, you should know who you are :P

Animes that are in this story; (Title of chapter will tell you what anime that chapter will be based on).


Darker than Black



Yu Yu Yakusho


Death Note

Sailor Moon

Hitman Reborn



Fruits Basket


Soul Eater


Blue Exorcist

Black Butler

For such an insane group, it was no surprise when portals to the anime worlds are opened. However, our story begins just before that.

A group of thirteen high school students are expected to be rowdy – however, most groups this size are calm and quiet compared to the group unofficially called Puppy's Pack(1).

Probably the loudest in the group is Hansuke – as full of bullshit as he was – followed closely by Akiyoshi and Ranma; yet Chiyuki is probably louder than all of them on a good day.

Koneko, Hana and Jiro probably fall somewhere in the middle. While Jiro and Kiyoshi tend to play games on their laptops during lunch (Kiyoshi, preferring to keep to himself most of the time), Yuu rarely participates in conversations, quiet enough for everyone to almost forget he is there. He tends to watch Kiyoshi play Binding of Isaac, and on the rare occasion he speaks, it is to discuss some element of the game with Kiyoshi.

Yasu and Kaede are rather quiet themselves. Yasu does his own thing while Kaede tends to stick closely to Hansuke. Despite Shiki almost always absorbed in manga, Yoko can be quiet or talkative, depending on whether or not the conversation interests her.

While the entire group is relatively close, Ranma and Chiyuki share sort of a love-hate relationship – nonetheless, both are extremely fond of the other, always shit-stirring or dragging the other to the canteen for company.

Today is no different – Ranma is stirring the girl up with her fear of Slenderman, which quickly escalates into the two running around the library for one reason or another.

"Stop it, Ranma!" Chiyuki whines in the childish way she is so fond of.

Ranma just laughs and chases her further into the corner of the library. "He just wants the drawing his son made back! Look – he's even standing behind you, waiting patiently!"

With a whimper, Chiyuki sidesteps Ranma and attempts to flee to the outside, only to bang into another student. The two hit the ground with small oomphs.

"S-sorry…" Chiyuki stutters, avoiding eye contact.

With a growl, the male student shoves the small teenager. "Watch where you're going, you freak…!"

With that said, the black-haired male gets back to his feet and walks off, leaving a depressed Chiyuki in his wake.

"Don't listen to him," Ranma says in a soft tone. "Besides – hey, look! He dropped something! This looks so cool!"

Chiyuki looks over at where Ranma is pointing, only to find an orb of some sort sitting where the pupil had fallen. It has a strange green glow to it.

"It's so cool…!" Ranma reaches out to touch the orb, which raises the question as to what sane person would touch a growing orb. Only Ranma. Or maybe Hansuke.

The second Ranma's hand makes contact with the orb, a loud whooshing sound fills the air. Screams overlap as Puppy's Pack disappears into darkness.

1 – Puppy's Pack is basically what me and my friend Shiki call our group. In real life, Koneko called Kiyoshi Puppy for about three years because she didn't know his real name and it just kind of stuck. And obviously, because we are all so close – almost like a family – we just call ourselves Puppy's Pack.

Here are the name meanings so that you can have a better understanding as to why we picked these names.

Chiyuki – Blood-red snow

Shiki – Death spirit(?)

Koneko – Kitten/cat

Yasu – Peaceful

Ranma – Troublesome/destruction/ect

Kiyoshi – Quiet

Yuu – Gentle

Hansuke – Helpful friend

Akiyoshi – Bright and good

Jiro – Second son (it's kind of an inside joke, because Jiro, Akiyoshi and Hansuke all share the same name in real life)

Kaede – Maple (Again, another inside joke)

Hana – Flower/peaceful(?)

Yoko – Honored child (Feel special, Jalu? :P The co-author picked that name for you).