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Shiki awoke in a foul mood. Maybe it was because the sirens awoke her, or a result of being utterly alone in some city – or perhaps it was because she was lying in a pile of trash. Either way, whatever poor creature that would soon cross her path was doomed.

That said creature was a black cat with purple eyes. They blinked at each other for a few seconds.


The chase had begun.


Several hours later, Shiki had yet to give up on her chase of the purple eyed cat. Unfortunately, the black cat was out of luck – the irony – and was soon caught by his pursuer.

"Mr Kitty, I caught you!" Shiki gushed as she hugged the cat tight to her chest. "I love, love, love you! I will name you Mr Sparkle Muffin!"

"I found you!" A voice shouted through the air.

"It's a flying seal! Attack, Mr Sparkle Muffin!" Shiki screamed as she threw the poor cat at the white seal-type of creature.

"Meow!" Screeched the cat as it flew through the air.

The flying feline hit its floating target. At its sudden release, the cat fled.

"Come back, Sparkle Muffin…!" whined the girl.

"Why did you do that?" The seal questioned.

"You're a talking, floating seal!" Shiki replied, wide-eyed. "Why wouldn't I do that?"

"You're more impossible than the first girl…" The seal mumbled.

"What first girl? Is it Chiyuki or Renee or how about Koneko?" Said Shiki in a flat tone.

"Chiyuki… It was Chiyuki." Wheezed the seal.

"Is she okay?"

"She's fine. She's gone off to see your other companion, Koneko."

"That's good. Who are you?" asked the now semi-calm female.

"Liu, the great guardian."

"Uhuh, good for you. I'm guessing by some magical awesome force has brought me to Darker than Black."

"Yeah, kind of," Liu muttered. "Anyway, you're supposed to follow me."

"Where are we going?" Shiki grinned brightly as she followed the seal.

"You'll see…"


Shiki was rather confused as Liu led her further into the town. All that the seal had said was that he had a job for her to do if she wanted to get back to her own world.

Almost as if it were fate, Shiki and Liu came across that same cat that was now dubbed as Mr Sparkle Muffin. It was almost as if Mr Sparkle Muffin had sensed their presence.

The cat turned and sent a hiss their way before he ran. With a shout, Shiki chased after it.

"God help us…" Liu muttered to himself as he chased after the girl. "This is just ridiculous. I honestly hope that the others aren't as bad as these first two have been…"

With that said, the seal chased the girl who was pursuing the cat that was fleeing from them.


When Shiki had finally caught the cat, it was right outside an apartment complex. Among much fuss from the cat, Liu attempted to tell Shiki about what she was supposed to do whilst trying to avoid the claws of an angry feline.

"Go into that apartment complex and find Hei," Liu instructed. "Take his mask. That's your job."

"Wow, that sure sounds easy." With a large grin, Shiki carried the cat with her into the building.

Shiki climbed several flights of stairs, still carrying the cat, before she stopped outside one apartment in particular. She knocked.

Once the door had been opened, Shiki slipped inside without a word, past the black-haired male that was standing there with a frown on his face.

"What did you get yourself into, Mao?" The Contractor known as Hei questioned with a sigh.

"Don't ask me!" the cat cried as he tried to get free once again. "This girl is crazy!"

With a triumphant cry, Shiki raised Hei's mask into the air. A sudden pain overwhelmed her before all of a sudden, Mao jumped her out of her arms and landed on the floor just before a bright light enveloped her and sucked her into the next world.

Just as had happened to Chiyuki, Shiki was also coming out of this world with something unheard of before – the power to materialise things.