"Elders, mails here!" McKinley yelled so everyone in the small mission house could hear through their doors. They all ventured out of their dorms and walked over to the piles of mail, which Conner had already organized into different groups for each person.

"Hey McKinley, looks you got two letters! Pretty lucky," Cunningham said as he carelessly ripped open the envelope. McKinley shrugged, thinking how could have written him twice. After reading the first letter from his mother, he picked up the mystery one and stared blankly at it. He gulped, his hands shaking as he re-read the letter over and over.

"What's wrong McKinley?" Poptarts shyly asked.

"It's a letter from the mission president..."

The room became completely and utterly silent. They all stared at the small envelope just imagining what possible things could have been written inside the tiny note.

"Well open it already," Price stated, tired of all the silent awkwardness. McKinley shot him a glance but knew he was right. The paper fumbled under his cold fingers as he carefully ripped the top off. He took out the single paper and read to himself while all the elders nervously watched him.

Dear District leader of District 9,

After going over your case, we gave decided to re communicate you with The Church of Latter Day Saints. This means, that you must teach the Africans the RIGHT Bible stories from now on. Also, we will ask for weekly checkups from two new missionaries we are sending. We hope to hear wonderful things back from your district.

- Mission President

"Well...they've heard our claim of being communicated with the church again..." Conner finally said. "And, they're sending us a new pair of missionaries to make sure we re teach the Africans the RIGHT way to the bible." everyone shot a stare at Arnold who was in his own world at the time.

"When are they coming?" Davis replied.

"Not sure, but Elders, this is great! We have a fresh new start to do as Price says, 'something incredible'," McKinley stuck his tongue out at Price who gave him a sarcastic look in return.

"I don't like strangers," Cunningham shouted.

"Well they don't like you either then," Church retorted. They all laughed, now feeling more relaxed and less nervous.

"Well...if that's the news, shall we celebrate?" Price suggested. All the Elders nodded and then decided to have movie night. New Missionaries...they all wondered what they looked like, or talked like. They couldn't wait however; it was a new start to a long adventure ahead of them.