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Also, just as a warning I have read Infinite Stratos: The Fusion. It's a great read, and while it looks like this story somewhat copies from it, I had this story planned out before I actually read it. Any similarities are strictly coincidental.

And damn I used up a lot of time researching all the Halo things. Because I Did Do The Damn Research.

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Also this is the first time I've ever written a crossover (even if it isn't a complete crossover. It's more like using elements from one in another), so please try to understand.

Warning: This fic DOES mess around a little bit with canon.

Here we go!

April 16th, 2018

"Targets incoming at 10 o'clock! Kira, Mickey, open fire on them!" Sergeant Livith yelled over the incoming fire.

"Roger that!"

"Got it!" I nodded, looking down the scope of my AK74 at the attacking soldiers.

"Damn, why'd they have to get us now?!" Mickey complained as he ducked down to reload.

"Murphy's Law!"

"Which one of his goddamn laws is it this time?!" Romeo asked in a rare moment of emotion.

"The enemy will attack in two weeks when you've got lots of ammo and supplies, but when you've got little ammo and supplies, they'll be attacking the very same night!"

"How true." Mickey mumbled. I heard a click! Click! Click! of an empty gun, "Crap!"

"Last mag I can give you!" I threw it towards him, "Make it count!"

"You three, less talking, more shooting!" Corporal Xanatos screamed over the gunfire.

Ducking down to reload, I bit back a curse. Damn, this my last mag too!


"What the fu-"


"What the hell is it?!" Mickey asked as the dust cloud began to settle.

"Shit, it's another one of those goddamn infernal machines!" I cursed, remembering how the last one oh, I don't know, cut my damn chest open.

"Hold your fire, it's attacking the Russians!" Livith ordered us, "Private Bosch, take point!"

"Alright…" Everyone knew what happened the last time we encountered one of these things, "Star!"

I took a quick look at the Russian bodies piled around it, "Sweet mother of God, it's shooting energy bolts or something! Are we in Star Wars now?!"

"Hold your fire, it's only attacking the Russians…" Livith ordered, "Bosch, take point."(0)

"Star!" Bosch said a bit nervously, everyone acknowledging how dangerous this could be.

"Star!" As Bosch yelled at it again, it turned around and acknowledged us. Then it started running towards us, firing blue energy bolts.

"Oh crap!" Mickey screamed as he opened fire.

"MOTHERFU-AAAHHH!" I screamed as shot through my arm, separating most of it off.

"Fall back!" Livith commanded.

"I got Kira!" Bosch yelled, his voice also echoing in my ears.

"Wait! Nat-chan, they're US Forces!" a purple haired woman with bunny ears called out, and the doom robot stopped shooting.

"Are you sure you should be out, Doctor?" the pilot of the doom robot thing asked.

"Doctor? Hey, we need one over here! Wait, you're our rescue?! Why the hell did you attack Kira then?!" I heard Mickey scream.

"…Damn, my arm…" I groaned, "Fucking hell, did I get it shot off?"

"Oh, that's nothing for me! Hold on…" I saw purple-hair pull out a small remote then push something. A giant friggin' carrot came down from the sky and opened up, "I made some extra robotic arms just in case of something like this! Hm…" I also saw her pull out some small red orb, "This should help him adjust to the robotic arm… It'll have to go in your eye though."

"He's losing lots of blood. You'll have to be quick, Doctor." Romeo said, "Please."

"Would you like to be asleep for this?" purple-hair asked, concerned.

"Hell no… I've been through worse when I'm awake." I forced a smile.

"Come on Kira, you don't have to act cool and calm all the time." Mickey snorted.

"Just… do it already…"

"Alright, you two." she pointed at Mickey and Romeo, "Please hold the arm still near there. Once this goes into his eye, then it'll automatically seek out the nearest robotic appendage that it will use the body to attach to and heal the hole. Are you ready, all of you?"

"Yes ma'am." we said at once.

"This might hurt." she added.

"I won't scream." I grit my teeth and widened my eyes, "Do it."

I don't know how long it was before I couldn't hold back anymore and started screaming like a crazed madman. Fucking hell damnit shit that HURTS!

"Alright… core successfully integrated. Arm seems to be responding correctly… Can you try moving your arm?"

I blinked and looked around pushed myself up, "Wow… it works…"

Then I found myself blacking out.

"Where the hell am I?" I asked, waking up.

"Been out for a week." a voice I recognized as Romeo's said. I got up from the bed and took a look at him. He's wearing a dark green t-shirt and blue jeans that go in balance with his dark red hair, "We're back in Japan. Mickey's making breakfast. We're talking with Doctor Shinonono, the one who fixed you, very soon."

Fixed me…? Oh, that's right… robotic arm.

"We calibrated it since that thing she put in your eye is almost like a mini-computer if you understand where I'm going with this."

"I'm Megaman?"

Romeo sighed, "It shall be explained later."

Let me explain: Romeo, Mickey, and I are survivors from the invading Russians.

See, when there were about two thousand nukes launched at Japan, a few went astray, and hit other countries. A few of the US missiles hit the Russians, and while there were rumors of a Russian invasion force mobilizing, it was dismissed as a rumor. I mean, three years after the whole incident, no one would ever believe that.

Oh, how wrong those people were. Anyways, all you have to know is that we three survived along with a group of US soldiers that we bonded like brothers with.

"Check your left arm, by the way," Romeo told me as he left, "You're a Wolverine now."

Left arm? I rolled up my short sleeve blue t-shirt to find a tattoo of a snake coiled around a sword and shield. Huh, I guess this is something they gave survivors? I guess so, since Wolverines were from Red Dawn, and that's what the fighters named themselves.

But I better go take a shower because damn, I stink.

After a long shower and a change of clothes, which includes a dark grey long sleeved shirt (because I'm sure a robotic arm is attention grabbing), a black leather glove on my right hand to cover the robotic hand, and black jeans, I headed downstairs.

"Oh hey, catch!" Mickey (dressed in light blue jeans and a white t-shirt with his messy black hair) threw two objects at me. I caught my kukris (in its sheath) that I always keep on me (never know when you'll need a knife), and the Strike One handgun (with the holster) that I had liberated from a Russian soldier. This pistol and I are like Gordon Freeman and his crowbar. That close, "Getting that gun to go with you was a nightmare, until Tabane said to let it slide. I knew woman had a lot of power in this day and age but that much?" He let out a low whistle as I put the two weapons back where they normally went. My kukris has a sheath that goes on my right shoulder, kinda like Emile from Halo. Pistol has its holster 'round my waist.

Before I forget, I'm Kira Orthun, born in Japan, shipped to America because my shitty parents decided they didn't want a kid and then made me go live with my uncle. Uncle Fisher was awesome, he taught me survival and a bunch of stuff you'd see in spy movies. I wonder if he was spy before… Nah, probably not.

"Aw, crap." I sighed, "Just realized we're back in Japan, Mickey. We can't just call people by first name now."

"Oops, must be why I got some odd stares when I was talking around. Eheheh."

"You never were one for situational awareness." I rolled my eyes. But we're all Japanese, so it's amazing he managed to forget, "So, where's the fair doctor?"

"Sheeee's right here!" I sidestepped as I felt a presence fly at me, "Oof! Kira, you're not supposed to dodge a hug!"

"…Oops." I don't care if people call me just 'Kira' though. It's fine, I was never one for honorifics and stuff back home anyways. I think I got in trouble a few times when I'd just refer to my teachers as 'Teach' and whatnot. But now we're here in Japan and I can't do that anymore. Well, shit.

"Now, onto business." Mickey said with a straight face. Damn, this must be pretty serious, since he's normally a silly kind of guy, "…You remember that thing that was put into your eye, right?"

"Yeah…" I raised an eyebrow as Mickey slid me a mirror across the table, "Wait, why are my eyes mismatched? My left one is still it's normal dark blue but my right one is blood red. The fuck?"

"It was an IS core implanted in your eye." Romeo added, "Unfortunately, none of us knew. Besides-"

"Except for me- Kira?" she gasped as I pulled out my handgun on her, "W-what?!"

"You… you fucking think I was just some random dying person out there you can fucking EXPERIMENT on?! Give me a good damn reason why I don't just fucking kill you for turning me into some fucking cyborg and shit! Besides, an IS can only been piloted by girls! Did you change my DNA and change me into some freak?! ANSWER ME!" (1)

"Kira…" Mickey stood in front of the doctor, "It was the only way to save you."

"So turning me into some goddamn guy-slash-girl-slash-machine abomination was the only way to save me, huh?" Mickey nodded at me, "Then why the fuck didn't you just leave me to die?!"

"You sure do swear a lot." the doctor commented.

"Only when I'm mad. And I'm hella pissed right now." I snarled, "So give me one good reason I don't just shoot her. Romeo and Mickey, you both know I don't really hesitate with killing anymore."

"It's a chance." Romeo said from behind. I suddenly felt a cold metal pressed on my head. So he'll shoot me, huh? We both know I have a faster trigger finger, "Remember all you told us in our time in DC? How you hated the way males were treated by woman because only women can pilot an IS, and how they take advantage of it?" I slowly nodded, "Think of this as a chance to prove that if men could pilot an IS, they can do just as well."

I holstered my gun and felt the coolness leave my brain area, "What the hell do I have to do?"

"All we're asking… Actually, Tabane…san-"

"It's just Tabane, actually, just call me Onii-chan!"

"I believe that's a way of saying sibling." Romeo explained. I know this, Mickey on the other hand…

"Very well… Onii-chan, I believe it would be better if you told Kira. It would be better if you explained it to him fully so both of you can acknowledge you're on the same side."

"Kira." Tabane said firmly, "We'd like for you to enroll in the IS Academy here in Japan. There you'll learn how to use an IS and all of that. After, of course, we announce you as an IS Pilot, if you choose to accept."

"Are there any other male pilots?" I asked, "Because I know I could not take that mental assault known as being in an all girls school. That's just me waiting to be thrown into a harem style anime. And you know how they end?! Have you ever seen School Days? Holy crap, I do not want that!"

"There's another one," Mickey added, sliding a clipboard across the table. It had a profile on it... Hm, that is a wealth of information. Height, age, address, siblings, known family, personality traits... Wow, he's easily read? Oh holy crap, one of these traits even says 'Dense as a ton of bricks'! I gotta see the guy who wrote this profile, "Ichika Orimura, oh shit, Orimura Ichika. My bad. Anyways, he was recently discovered as a male pilot. However, we're gonna have to hide your eye, either that or we can lie about it."

"Alright, I'll go ahead with it… I have the best cover story ever however I'll keep it a secret… But what about my arm?"

"Oh, that's a normal robotic arm. The IS core I put in you just helps it function, due to… Oh right, I need to fully unlock the IS. While you were mentally unstable and unpredictable, we didn't want you accidentally activating it and hurting someone."

"Like a few minutes ago?" I asked with a raised eyebrow, "You could've at least said what it was when you put it into my eye. I might've been more understanding."

See, there is a difference between just springing shit on someone then revealing it later and telling them the situation then allowing them to make a choice based on information. I mean, I might've been willing to be part IS if there I knew the risks and all, but the fact I was just turned into one without my knowledge just pisses me off!

"I'm sorry, it was just the heat of the moment thing! I mean, here was a prime sub- er, possibility to have a male use an IS! I mean, it being female only was a bit of a nasty side-effect." Whoa, really? Oh, I thought it was made with that in mind.

"…Very well then." I nodded, "Let's unlock it… wait, what's this IS called?"

"It's name is MJOLNIR… Now, I just need to unlock it… Ah! Oral command: Full unlock. Password: Spartan."

I don't like where this is going. Okay, maybe I do. Just a little. Considering those words-

Why am I suddenly in the MJOLNIR Mark V armor like Master Chief in Halo: Combat Evolved? Can someone explain this to me?

"Why… why does Kira look like the Master Chief?" Romeo asked, mouth agape. Oh, just realized my peripherals are just a little bit limited. Guess the helmet is on.

"Well, while the IS units were cleaning up the Russian army, I found this game called Halo! It was very nice too, when I read some of the novels. The science behind it all wasn't much for a scientist of my calibur!"

Sooo, what she's saying is that because she's that damn smart, she managed to replicate Halo technology. Which is centered in about year 2552. What. The. Fuck. That is literally just above five centuries into the future.

That's right.

"AGH WHAT THE FUCK WHO SAID SOMETHING?!" I jumped backwards, knocking over my chair.

"Oh, so the AI finally decided to come around? How are you, Epsilon?" Tabane asked with a smile.

I blinked to refresh my sight as a pale skinned, black haired (her hair reached to about her shoulders) teenager just about my height appeared, sitting on the table dressed in a white blouse with a grey jacket you'd find with a school uniform with matching tie, black skirt that went past her knees, long white socks, and black sneakers. Ba-zing, "Hello. Hi Kira. I am Epsilon, the AI of this unit, or if you're talking IS science, I'm more of the unit's personality."

I think I'll just go with AI…

Oh, okay.

Holy shit, you can read my thoughts?!

I was implanted in you and therefore am a part of you. It's only natural I can read your mind. Hold on, let me just calibrate the Neuro-Interface System for you. Are you seeing this?

Since I played Halo back in the States, I recognized the motion tracker, shield bar- wait, what's this other bar here that looks like a circle thing? Oh hey, apparently this comes with an Identifier, so I can tell who people are. And this voice thing?

It's the IS' shield. The shield bar there is the Energy Shield that MJOLNIR has. It'll fall to one melee hit, but it can take projectiles very well, and will take damage before your IS' shield. The voice box there is what allows you to replicate voices if I have enough voice data on it. A small sample of a voice and I can analyze it, then allow you to replicate it.

Wow, that's handy, I guess. Can I… uh, deactivate or put away the IS? I don't wanna be walking around in this.

Very well then. Oh hey, her hologram thing is gone.

"Alright then…" I landed softly on the ground as the IS vanished in one flash of light, "So that's Epsilon, huh?"

Please call me E. Epsilon is such a cliché AI name and it irritates me whenever someone calls me that.

Um… okay? Anyways, back to business…

"So we're reporting him in as an IS Pilot?" Romeo asked, "I thought it'd take more than that."

"You reminded me of the past and whatnot. I… saw things no one should have had to watch and experience as a boy for this day and age. I will fight." I looked at him with steel eyes, "But thank you for snapping me out of my rage, Romeo. I'm guessing you remember what happened last time I got angry?"

"You killed thirty Russian troopers without even caring about the shots in your leg and didn't even use as much as a bullet." he stated bluntly, "And then you used their own clothes to wipe your knife."

"Gee, thanks. I just got tired of being able to sleep at night," Mickey snorted, "But man, that was terrifying to see you like that. You're usually a nice kid, but you've got the whole alone, angst, and aloof thing going as well."

"Shut up… So how long is it going to be before I have to deal with-"

The TV that had the weather report on it suddenly started blaring loudly, "Oh my, it appears we've gotten a personal message from the creator of the Infinite Stratos, Shinonono Tabane!" She created them? Sudden urge to kill-

Administering sedatives to the-

And urge to kill gone. Thanks, E.

It is no problem. I… have seen your memories as being a part of you and do not wish for… a repeat, I suppose.

…Thanks for not really talking about it. Back to the news report-

"She apparently has discovered another male IS pilot. His name is Orthun Kira, and he was just given an PERSONAL IS?! Eherm, excuse me. He was given a personal IS by Shinonono Tabane herself!"

Aw, shit, I gotta deal with reporters now, don't I?

"He'll be attending the IS Academy along with Orimura Ichika, the other male pilot. That's all the information we've got at the moment."

April 27th, 2018

"We've just found Kira again, but he's running away!" I heard several reporters yell, "Please, just answer a few of our questions!"


"'Scuse me, coming through!" I yelled. It's a good thing I played Assassin's Creed. Damn I'm good at running through crowds. However, crowded streets, eh, not so much.

Turn left- Shit, alleyway. Okay, damn, can't reach the fire escape by jumping!

"There he is!" I do not like the number of voices.

Okay, options?

Let them interview and tear you to shreds?

Like hell they will! Aha, I know what to do!

I ran up the wall and kicked off at the peak of my jump, then turned around and grabbed the fire escape ladder. I started climbing up it as the reporters came in. It's a good thing that Uncle Fisher kept me fit.

Now just to jump across roofs on the way home.

May 4th, 2018

"While Orimura is unable to be questioned, we have spotted Orthun Kira many times on the streets. He however, has always managed to get away. But wow, just look at his skills! Many are still speculating if that is his natural talent, or if it's the IS somehow channeled in an inactive mode. And while few details have been given, Shinonono has revealed his IS' name. MJOLNIR."

"You're quite popular." Romeo snorted as he poured me a glass of cold water, "So how was your run today?"

"Fuck… reporters are learning. Even opposing stations have been teaming up to catch me. Thank God for fire escapes. Though those fangirls are scary as shit. Worse than Amnesia: The Dark Descent."

"You're gonna turn into an alley without one sooner or later." Mickey laughed.

"I can always shuffle up the thing like that Spider Walk from Ninja Warrior or something." I shrugged, "But I'm not sure if I want to keep this up or be thrown into the school where I'm a harem anime protagonist who will have blue balls by the end of the month."

May 17th, 2018

We (As in Romeo, Tabane, and I. Mickey is our PR monitor and self-appointed Morale Booster) have been working on my IS and making sure it's up to snuff. The Equalizers thing was hard to wrap my head around at first but E is brilliant at summing things up. She managed to add my own kukris (since MJOLNIR came with one as a CQC Weapon) and somehow put Shield Pierce on it. Unfortunately it means a permanent 75 Shield Point loss to charge up Shield Pierce for 15 seconds, but I still have 550 Points to start with.

However, JetPacking around sucks. It doesn't really have the flight capabilities other Infinite Stratoses tend to have. My JetPack can fly me around like Superman if I want to since I can fly in pretty much any position, but doing something advanced like a high speed pull up from the ground is impossible for me. (2) But it does come up with a Turbo Booster for emergencies, so that's nice. Tabane also installed... something, but it took up three expansion slots. Since the others were used for my new Shield Pierce (which in itself was another goddamn slot!) Kukris and the Miniature Slipstream Engines, another flight pack was out of the question.

In case you don't understand exactly, each IS has its own Preset, which is all the default stuff it comes with. I have a lot of weapons in my Preset, which is a blessing and curse, since the large amount of Preset stuff limited my expansions. I would've tried to branch out towards a Sniper setup or Assault setup, but looks like I'm running a Jack Of All Trades setup. But about Equalizers, it's pretty much an addition to your IS' stuff, and your IS can only have so many, plus because of its AI/Personality, it might not take certain equalizers.

I wonder what took up three slots though, it must be something good. Hell, even E can't figure it out.

But yeah, the only complaint I have about this IS is the JetPack. However it has a load of goodies, as E told me. Tabane managed to squeeze in nearly every Human weapon in Halo onto this thing. I won't have them all at once when I first start piloting, but that's amazing. Plus I get both Armor Abilities and Equipment if the hints E has been dropping me are anything to believe.

August 5th, 2018

So now it's time for some 'Entrance Exam' thing to see where I'll be placed or whatever. I dunno, I didn't brush up on Japanese customs because I thought I'd be stuck in America. Now just to wait for a little bit until they call me in. But this means one thing: Finally some combat!

So, do you want a challenge?

What do you mean by that?

We'll place a self imposed limit on what you can use. Let's see… I'll give you the M6E Handgun and M7 Caseless Submachine Gun. Manual reloading for you, right?

Yeah, I don't want to rely on having whatever technology keeps the magically appearing bullets feeding into my gun because if that jams, well crap.

I'll give you both of your kukrises as well as a CQC weapon, if your fists aren't good enough.

Hey, what about those armor abilities that you mentioned before? Would any of those be any good in this fight?

Ah, yes. I won't give you JetPack, but I'll give you… Hm, no. Ah, Hologram. It makes a holographic image of yourself that you can use as a decoy.

Running with a decoy strategy... not my favorite, but I guess if I'm going to be the wild card with my weapons, I'll have to know how to use everything I've got. Now just to review the weapon specs.

Anyways, my opponent was one of the instructors at the school, and my ID thing put them as second year teachers.

IS reads as an Uchigane Instructor Custom. Equipped with a pistol sidearm, medium ranged assault rifle, and katana. Meant to assess the quality of fighting from a long and short distance.

Huh, and the battlefield has some cover around it, which means I can put my motion tracker to real good use here.

And your Hologram should be able to fool her a few times. What about the Dupe Hologram Strategy?

Right, right... I'll see about that one.

Reload the handgun and SMG, kukris stored in a sheath that I can easily pull it out of since it's at my chest level and the non-shield pierce one on my shoulder, let's go.

Counter counting down… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 GO!

I dived behind one of the covers, dodging her initial shots with her rifle. Okay E, I need a Hologram to walk on over to the other cover there, how do I do that?

Look where you want to place it... Calibrating Target Reticule. Done.

There was a small 'x' in the middle of my Interface. Looking over to the other pieces of cover I mentally activated Hologram. As it ran I waited for the first shot to be fired before popping out and unloading with a clip of SMG at her. Not wanting to waste time reloading when I could be shooting, I reholstered my SMG, took out the pistol, and began firing at her. Ducking down again when E detected an energy build up in the opponents weapons (pesky thing about energy based weapons, by the way), I took the time to reload.

Okay, I know she won't fall for the same trick twice, but-

Dupe Strategy?

You read my mind. Anyways, I just need the Hologram to remain crouching, can you handle that?

Reworking image. Task complete.

Thanks a bunch, now just to deploy it here. Look down at my feet, place Hologram, and begin running straightforward.

"Won't fool me twice, kid." I heard the instructor chuckle as I watched her dash to my hologram with her katana on my motion tracker.

"Good thing it wasn't a trick," I smirked behind the helmet as I opened fire on her with my SMG again. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to reload or draw my sidearm as she seemingly teleported right in front of me and slashed, breaking past my energy shields and inflicting a good 36 damage to my shield. Damn, and here I was going for flawless. Man, she hits HARD though. Guess none of these guys are taking any chances. Good thing I'm not either.

Also, Hologram is like a mini-shield since it can take a good attack or two before fizzing out, since I used it in a panic as she struck again, only to hit my hologram and bounce back. I took this opportunity to tackle her to the ground and begin unloading my sidearm into her, and when the mag was empty, I simply began beating her with my fists.

She knocked me off after a while, and I had to roll over a few times to dodge katanas flying at my face. I was able to get up eventually and retreat behind another solid barrier where I reloaded my weapons.

This would be a lot easier if you didn't have manual reloading.

Hey, I like a challenge. Besides, this also helps my eye-hand coordination. I think so, anyways. Hm, I don't think I've tried dual wielding yet... Hehhehheh.

Vaulting over the barrier, I then shoved her initial attack to the side and kept firing my pistol into her while keeping her weapon out of use. During the time I was reloading my pistol, I opened fire with my SMG to buy me some time. The whole point of dual wielding is to be able to have something else to use while you're reloading your other weapon.

It also looks very badass, but I digress. Hm, I need to end this quickly. E, any ideas?

Use your Shield Pierce kukris. Shield Pierce goes past your IS' shields and forces the enemy into activating Absolute Barrier. Normally that happens when your shields run dry, and by making them activate AB, you essentially win the match.

I see... My kukris goes SP for about 15 seconds, right? Looks like I'll have to get a sneak attack on her- DODGE LASER! Shit, she's learning that she can't rely on close range, plus I think she's noticed I haven't been using any other weaponry that is even remotely long ranged! Sure my SMG is okay at medium range, but this pistol isn't made for long range! There's a reason it's a sidearm!

"Let's see if you can reach me from here!" she taunted. Ooooh, prideful are we? The bigger they are, the harder they fall... E, how much damage can that laser rifle do to us?

Gathering specs... Running simulators... Task complete. Each shot is going to take off approximately 25 Shield Points with a successful hit. A graze should do about 15 damage. That's with no energy shields.

Well, that's just great... Looks like I'll be ducking from cover to cover! Luckily there's a lot of it around here. Okay, hologram run over there, I'll run in the opposite direction- Shit!

"You can't run then place your hologram, can you?"

Damnit, she saw right through it! E, damage report!

Your Energy Shields managed to take a little bit of damage off. Only took 18 damage instead of 25. Shield points are now 496 out of 550.

Fuck! Plus she knows which is my hologram and which isn't... If only I was shrouded in darkness, since my motion tracker would put me at an advantage... Wait, there's lighting in here.

A quick look at the ceiling revealed that the lights weren't too far away. I think a well placed pistol shot should take care of them.

You... are very resourceful. But you do realize that some might see it as dishonorable, right?

This is a battle to test my true strength of body and mind. Now, just to take out those lights.

One bullet, one light goes out. Another shrouds even more of the area in darkness.

"What the hell are you doing?!" the instructor shouts.

"A little change of scenery." I laughed, taking out another light. Because of the growing darkness, she can't see my dark green armor as well anymore, so it's anyone's guess on where I am. That's the advantage that bullets have over lasers is that you can't determine where it's coming from almost all of the time.

I actually haven't moved from where I was, and it's a great vantage point from here.

Three more shots later and my half is dark. No lights, just me waiting in the shadows. I see another good vantage point, but it's on the other side of where I am, but still in the darkness. Hmmm... if I run with my hologram at the same time, plus the darkness, we'll be but wisps in the wind. Hologram, run over there and now I'll run as well.

"Tch..." I heard the instructor grunt in frustration. I safely reached the other side and proceeded to take out the lights. Amazingly she hasn't spotted the muzzle flash. But that's what you get with laser weapons, you start losing once you're faced with an opponent that has bullets but amazing strategy. Seriously, that is one MAJOR drawback with these guns is that compared to laser weapons that can deal a crapload of damage with one shot, a single bullet from most guns will deal about 3-5 damage at most. A sniper rifle, shotgun, or machine gun could do better, but you're still dealing fairly little damage. But you do get the speed of bullets and their invisibility. You can see a laser begin to charge but you can't see the muzzle flash until it's too late.

A few more shots took care of the lights.

Now just to draw her out with a hologram that's running across the room back to my original hiding point. Great, she took the bait. I sprinted up behind her and pulled back her right shoulder with my left hand. Being caught off balance, her eyes widened as I took out my SP kukris. Doing so brought up a small timer on my Interface that read Charged Shield Pierce Duration: 15.00 Seconds. Stabbing her right in the chest, I watched as she sunk down in her IS, signalling defeat.

You know, I really hope I don't have to pay for those lights. That would be a bummer on this victory.

September 17th, 2018

It had been a long time and several payments for replacements since I first arrived here in Japan. Now I'm heading over to Ichika's house at midnight to meet with him because I don't want to be chased by reporters and those demons known as FANGIRLS plus we're trying out MJOLNIR's miniature Slipstream Engines. However, I have to be going at 155 MPH before we can safely jump into Slipstream Space.

Waypoint set for Orimura Ichicka's home. Destination reached in about 1600 miles.

The lower left corner of the Heads Up Neuro-Interface Display (or Interface, as I like to call it. It's so much simpler) has my speed. Luckily we can still jump into Slipstream no matter where I'm going, so I can fly straight up and it'll be all good. Activating Turbo Booster...

155 MPH barrier broken. Jumping into Slipstream Space in 3... 2... 1... Jumping.

HOLY CRAP, that was AWESOME! And it only felt like a few seconds, maybe a couple minutes at most as well!

I adjusted our speed so that way we would not be torn apart exiting out of Slipstream Space, we were not travelling faster than light. Since our travel time has been reduced, it is now morning. (If anyone can explain exactly how Slipstream works, please tell me. I'm going off on a bit of a limb here)

I turned around to see the white circle-slash-aura thing vanish. Man I love that. Plus since it's a REALLY small Slipstream Engine I don't have to worry about the huge Slipstream Wake that'll wipe a bunch of people out! (3) Unfortunately I can't use it as a combat maneuver, as I have to be going ridiculously fast (which means Turbo Booster if you ask me), and everyone knows that if you can't see your enemy, keep on fucking moving, because if you stand still it makes for an easy headshot.

Back to business, anyways. We're right about his house, and luckily I have to jetpack controls down so I landed safely on his lawn.

Man, I could use a friggin coffee right now. Seriously, I think I'm gonna collapse as some point.

Electrical jolt, perhaps? I can imagine E right now with the most psychotic grin at the moment.

Only if I'm dead on my feet. Anyways, knocking on the door.

I'll hold you to that.

…Uh oh. Anyways, before I could think any further, someone opened the door. Brown eyes, black hair… Hold on why is my Identifier coming up?

It has to do with the fact you are part IS now and because of that, you'll have access to some of the passive abilities such as the Identifier, Energy Shields, Motion Tracker, yadda yadda. Would you like me to perform calibrations?

Please do. Meanwhile, now to introduce myself! "You must be Orimura Ichika, right?"

"Uh… yes. You're… ah, you're that other male pilot, right? Orthun Kira?"

"Yeah, that's me. I was told by Doctor Shinonono that I'd be the one to accompany you to the IS Academy." I shrugged.

Update by the way, The Doctor just informed me that your transportation will be arriving in about 15 minutes.

Thanks E. Man, you are really helpful, you know. Kinda wish you had your own body so we could be friends and I could talk to you without zoning out.

Aw, gee thanks, John.

I'm not ever going to call you Cortana.

"Er, Orthun-kun, are you-"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just mentally chatting with the AI of my IS. Also, it's just Kira, since I'm not fond of formalities."

"Well, then it's just Ichika for me, then." he chuckled. I like this kid already, "Do you want breakfast?"

"Nah, I'm fine. Unless you've got coffee though."

"I'll go get some." he quickly nodded before heading off, "Ah, please come inside."

I slipped off my shoes before going in. Yeah, I've at least got the basics down for Japanese stuff.

Ah, the bitter taste of coffee that reminds me why I hate it so much for smelling so damn good but tasting like crap which wakes me up because it fills me with energy because I summon all the strength I want to destroy coffee!

Did I mention I may be a little off my rocker?

"Where's your bags?" I asked as I heard breaks and an engine outside, "I think our ride's out there. I'll help you with them."

Yeah, you know, I thought they'd try to use a car you'd see around here if we're trying to lay low about it and avoid any bad situations. I mean, I've got my handgun and a few extra rounds, but that'll only last so long. My kukris is fine, but it's not as good as my gun if I need to cover Ichika.

Guess how right I was about being sneaky about the car!

I was dead wrong.

It was a completely conspicuous white limo. With tinted windows. Geez, that thing just spells out VIP in nice, bolded font. PLUS the IS Academy logo is on the doors! Are we TRYING to get ambushed?! Ah well.

I helped Ichika load his bags in before we got it. I decided to keep my pistol and knife on me, because I have a bad feeling about this ride.

Ichika and I sat in silence for a bit before he broke the ice.

"So, why do you think they had us go together?"

"Well, two things. First, I can probably protect you if necessary if on the off chance there is an attack on us on this ride because I'm pretty well versed in combat," I don't like to tell people I'm a Wolverine because you get all this bullshit sympathy from people, "Second, we're the only two guys at an all girls school. And unless you're planning to become one with your feminine side or start a harem which is generally seen as a bad idea since they aired School Days, at least you have a fellow male with you. Besides, this is going to be one of the most mentally taxing things either of us are ever going to do." I explained, "So hopefully you've watched a lot of harem anime, because knowing what not to do is going to be very important."

"Have you watched those kinds of anime?" he asked, chuckling.

"Eh, I've seen enough. Your best bet is to keep your hands to yourself or in your pockets and don't say anything that can be misinterpreted."

"You sure seem to know a lot." he laughed, "Guess I'll be hiding behind you."


"Holy sweet crap!" I yelled, "Geez, E, do not scare me like that! Oh hey, why don't you show yourself to Ichika?"

"Er, who's E?" he asked.

E popped out and sat next to me, "Hello!"

"So this is E, huh? Pleasure to meet you." Ichika smiled. That guy is a gentleman, alright… I see unwanted harem bait. Oh crap I'm pretty much the guy who is the silent, possibly angsty loner guy! Shit, I'm going to be even more of bait! Fuck my life… Damn, I swear I'll have to stay away from any girls that seem like they keep wanting me to open up… Wait, that's how it usually goes and then I start falling for them and FUCK I have just screwed myself over and it's way too late to just suddenly reform…

"Like wise, Ichika. Anyways, I'll be hopping into your Core again…" E said before she vanished. Thank you E for just breaking out of my panic!

We were still driving when I heard something. It was a small Piyoink!

"Hm? Why did the car stop?" the driver (who was a guy, surprisingly. His name is Shinjiro) asked.

"Ichika, Shinjiro, GET DOWN!"

I heard guns firing outside.

"Glass is bulletproof." Shinjiro told me, rather relieved.

"I got this." I told Ichika, "close and lock the door behind me."

"Are you crazy?!" he asked.

"A little bit. E, just keep the shields up on me, if you can."

Got it. Shields online at 100 %.

I stepped out of the car, "Alright, what do you guys want?" I heard the door close behind me.

Take a look at the scenery. Damn, we're in open ground save for a few trees. All of them have assault rifles. There's about ten of them.

Analysis shows them to be Howa Type 89s. Motion Tracker is clean besides the ten of these. They appear to be hostile.

Thanks, E. Anyways, there's no cover for me and we're surrounded.

"We know you two are the male IS pilots!" Females? Damn, must be extremists trying to keep the IS Pilots 'pure' and shit. Had a few run ins with those during my stay in the apartment, "Surrender yourse-"

She never got to finish as I shot her in the chest without a second thought, running on pure instinct, then sprinted over and grabbed her gun. Thank you for keeping this fully loaded! Before any others could react, I shot three more then threw the assault rifle at another before finishing her off with a bullet between the eyes from my Strike One. I noticed another one throw something-

Oh shit, is that a grenade?!

I dived and rolled behind the car, barely getting out of its range. The other five are on the other side, so I can somewhat use the car as cover. Peeking out from behind I spotted two behind some trees. The others were advancing out in the open.

Big mistake.

Three shots, three down.

"Got you now!" my eyes widened as I turned around. Shit, must've not seen one of them sneak around as I ducked behind cover. I moved my head to dodge the initial knife stab then punched her in the face, unsheathing my kukris.

Of course, that's just a distraction. I shot her in the face for her troubles as she got into a fighting stance. As for the last one-

I whipped around, blocking another knife attack by pushing aside her arm and then stabbing her in the stomach. Why didn't she just shoot me in the back?

Do you really want that?

Just making a comment on the smartness of these guys.

"It's clear!" I yelled. Am I wearing gloves?

Good thing too. You probably won't be identified for this.

Self defense though. Ichika and Shinjiro can testify to that, at least. Hell, they were trying to kidnap or kill us!

"Dude, did you talk it out with- Why are they all dead?"

I wiped the blood on the grass, drying my kukris, "Dealt with them."

Shinjiro stepped out of the cab and let out a low whistle, "You sure did a number on them."

"Let's see what's wrong with the engine." I shrugged, "Don't want to be late."

Nothing was wrong with the car at all. Turns out that Shinjiro had just hit the breaks after hearing the bullet sound in reflex. No parts of the car were actually damaged though.

Anyways, Ichika and I talked a whole lot about stuff. He's a nice and interesting guy, to say the least.

I could spy IS Academy up ahead, so I put my pistol away into my backpack, since I do not want to be carrying that thing around in broad daylight in that heavily populated area. Besides, there shouldn't be an attack at this point. That and I might also muscle-memory-reflex-draw out my handgun if someone taps me on the shoulder. On second thought that means I should put away my knife as well…

"So, why were you carrying weapons?" Ichika asked as we got off.

"Well, after that '69 Day War'-"

"Whoa, you got caught up in that?!"

"Yeah, I'm a survivor. Trust me, it was not fun having all those Russian troopers just start raining from the skies. But still, you know, being in that sort of situation for a while, you generally like to keep a firearm later on in life in the event something like that ever happens again." Hey, Ichika's not giving me the whole 'I am sorry for whatever losses' crap! What a nice guy!

"I can see where you're coming from, and I guess this is the main entrance…"

Golden gates and white pillars? Geez, am I sensing a hidden message about this place?

"Ba-zing," I let out, "Anyways, let's head inside."

To your probable deaths by suffocation by girls?

Shut up… I suddenly hate how likely that is. Well, I hope I don't actually draw my gun on anyone, because that would suck. Well, here's to hoping I am not killed via being torn apart by girls.


(0) What is going on here will be explained later. Though since Ichika and Kira talked ever so slightly about the '69 Day War', you can guess when that scene was.

(1) About Kira pulling a gun on Tabane: Wouldn't you be pissed as well if you were saved just because they thought you could be used as a test subject because you were THAT close to death anyways? That's how Kira saw it, anyways. And judging by Romeo's dialogue, he's seen some pretty bad things happen to males just because females can pilot an IS and the social imbalance that is caused, so to him could be Tabane using her status as a female to force this on him.

(2) If you saw Halo: Reach's Deliver Hope trailer with the old Noble Six and you see how he flies, that's Kira's jetpack. Not the one in game that you can't pull off something like the old Six did.

(3) Slipstream Wake is the giant white explosion like thing that occurs when you jump into Slipstream. Look at Halo 2 at the end of the Metropolis level when Regret jumps into Slipstream. The giant explosion that pretty much destroys New Mombasa is Slipstream Wake.

Alright, first chapter done!

Kira: I can't believe you actually did this. Somehow, somehow you mixed these two in a roughly okay way. Though having The Doctor play HALO? Really?

Hey, shut up! It's pretty cool. Besides, you get the Mark V MJOLNIR armor. But your weapons are gonna shown later, and you have Armor Abilities and Equipment, but not all of them because then you'd just be OBSCENELY powerful.

About E, how can you have MJOLNIR without the AI? Just wondering. Besides, it gives off more of the Halo feeling, if you ask me.

Then Kira killing people without a second thought: He fought in that war that will be explained through... wait why am I telling you this? Also since Romeo hinted at him having bad experiences with females in the past, he's not really thinking twice when he's been attacked by female extremists about shooting them.

So, let's go over what's happened so far:

Kira gets his arm shot off by an IS. Guess which one it is.

Arm is replaced by a robotic arm that is helped by the IS Core now stuffed in his eye. Initially Kira is upset for being made into an experiment, but goes along with it as Romeo explains the possibilities.

Kira's summer break, yadda yadda, wins his Entrance Exam with use of battlefield tactics.

Goes to Ichika's house and meets him, trip to IS Academy is slightly put off track as female extremists try to keep the IS Pilots 'pure' by killing the two male pilots. Kira kills them without second thought.

Now they're at IS Academy.

Review of Kira's MJOLNIR skills at the moment:

Two kukrises, one with Shield Pierce for tactical use and one without for ordinary CQC.

M6E Handgun, short range. 2x scope with help of the Interface.

M7 Caseless Submachine Gun. Short to medium range. Loses effectiveness at medium range but is still passable as a weapon for that range.

Hologram: Creates as holographic copy of yourself. Uses Dupe Strategy which involves using risking yourself by pretending to be the hologram.

No Equipment yet, but you'll see... you'll see.