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Bonus Chapter: How Kira Stole-

Kira: Hey, no! That was not in my contract! I am not stealing Christmas, damnit!

What, I can't get away with one joke? Would you rather the title be 'How Chifuyu Stole Kira's Heart'.

Kira: Oh hell no.

Author powers, bi-atch.

Kira: You. Suck. I will kill you.

Get in line, buddy.

Kira: …Well, I can always do this.

Wait what-

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Bonus Chapter: Secret Santa Shenanigans

"Alright everyone, gather around!" Mickey rang a bell as lout as he could, "Alright, now that I have everyone's attention, it's time for a special announcement." Everyone was gathered in the small bedroom that was mine. Shinjiro was by the door way, leaning back against the wall. Xavier and Romeo were sitting in my swivel chairs, while Houki and Ichika (who have yet to confirm their attraction that everyone can see) were sitting on one of the beds while everyone else, Cecilia, Rin, Charlotte, Laura, Rei, and Tabane were sitting on the other. Meanwhile, I was sitting on my desk, watching the snowflakes fall outside, the snow starting to collect on the ground, painting it a pure and innocent white. Huh… it's been a while since I've actually seen some snow.

"Come on, tell us already!" Xavier pleaded like a child begging for a new toy, "Stop leaving us hanging, man!" Ha, it's funny what the holidays does to everyone when they roll around. It's time like this we remember that we all are human and equal. I mean, come on, if during trench warfare during the world wars two sides got out and had a fu- er, no, no swearing as much during holidays, and had a nice game of soccer, I think we can actually all get along for once.

"Well, since Christmas is in a little while, I suggest we do a 'Secret Santa' sort of thing!" Mickey declared, "The rules of it are fairly simple. Romeo, if you would?"

"Lazy." Romeo jabbed playfully, "But yes, it's very easy. All we do is take names from a hat, and then you buy a present for that person. But, you aren't allowed to tell anyone who you got or any information about it, keeping everyone on their toes until it's Christmas. Let's get started."

He went around the room, and everyone took a small piece of paper out of the black hat Romeo had produced from somewhere. Ichika had a brief look of happiness on his face when he got his, so I'm assuming that he got Houki. I still have to ask him about that new hair clip Houki has, because I know that Ichika had to be the one who gave it to her.

When it was my turn, I fished into the bowl and picked out a name. Hm, I got Tabane. Oh… um… what should I get her? This is going to be rather tricky, actually.

What about a date?

My mind flashed back to that Ferris Wheel incident but it was quickly filed away. Er, I don't know about that one, E. Is Tabane really the kind for that sort of thing?

You'd be surprised at what Tabane likes.

E! No jokes like that! That was rather mean of you, and that's saying a lot. This holiday season I, er, we could try to at least be nicer…ish.

"Everyone got one?" Mickey asked. A solid 'yes' came back from everyone, some happier than others, "Then let the hunt commence!"

Okay… would Tabane want… no, on second thought I don't need her creating Space Marines. Maybe I should buy her Halo 4? She seemed to enjoy it… then again she'd wind up making the technology in it.

Ugh this is so difficult!

You're approaching this wrong, Kira. Tabane is a woman, the last time I checked.

Right! Now… would a girl prefer Battlefield 3 or Command and Conquer-


E, I'm not good with this! Help me! Please!

This is your gift to Tabane, not mine. I'm only here to pester you.

Ugh, whatever! Um… what about music? Maybe she'd like a CD of Queen? They're a good band, if I do say so myself. We are the champions, my friends…

Kira stop mentally singing.

Fine… what about a book? I think I saw a few good comedy novels. Maybe she'd appreciate a romance novel. I mean, she is rather young and maybe she should think of settling down or something, it might help tone down the mad scientist part of her.

Do you really think having a mad scientist in love is a good idea?

Oh. Well, that sucks! I seriously have no idea what to get her. I've never been shopping for a girl before, and I'm not that great with gifts if it isn't a video game or something.


Sends the wrong message.


Again, sends the wrong message. Also, I want my gift to be something special. Tabane was the one who fixed me and allowed me to be this sort of person, a lot better than the old me. I don't want to just show her thanks with a box of chocolates or flowers. It's gotta be something amazing, something that she'll remember for a long time. Now what would that special something be?

For now, I should retreat from the store. I need to think of what to get her.

I found Ichika back at the place, where he had already found his present for his person. Damnit, I wish it was easy for me. He probably got another hair clip for Houki… or a new shinai to whack me upside the head with. Maybe I'll get a bunch of ice packs for Christmas.

"What are you gonna get your person?" he asked as we sat down on the bench outside after clearing the snow from it. It was still falling, albeit a lot more slowly.

"I have no idea. I don't know what to get her." I sighed, kicking the snow, "It's just that… I want something she'll remember, but I don't know what."

"Not good with women?"

"Pffft, you don't know the half of it." I snorted, rolling my eyes.

"Don't worry about it now though, you've got, what, two weeks? I'll think you'll be fine." Ichika patted me on the shoulder, "You'll find something. Besides, you're Kira, you always find something in the end."

"Thanks buddy," I grinned mirthfully, "Funny, used to be me giving you all the pep talks and now look at me, always on the receiving end. What happened, right?"

"Haha, right. But to answer your question, what happened? You found your heart again," Ichika said rather seriously, "But hey, I'm sure that you'll find that special something. Seeya around."

I watched him walk off, the snow crunching underneath his feet. A cold wind blew for about a second, causing me to shiver even though I was under plenty of layers. Sheesh, it's really cold this December, but at least we'll be having a white Christmas.

"Not out shopping?"

"Shin-chan?" I asked sarcastically, ducking underneath a whap to the head, "Have to try harder than that."

"Shaddup," he growled as he sat down, "Thought you would've been shopping."

"Not easy finding a gift."

"Hmph, that's a shock. Thought you would've already found something."

"Are your expectations of me so high?"

"Of course, dear leader," Shinjiro saluted in a joking manner.

"Ugh, whatever." Why does finding a present for the one person I'd really like to buy a present for? I've always wanted a way to pay her back but then I can't actually find one now. This really does suck… Fukou da. I decided to get up, "Well, I'm gonna go take a walk. Maybe find some inspiration."

"You do that." Shinjiro nodded as he sat on the bench.

The snow crunched underneath my feet as my black boots sunk their way in with every step. I noticed the bright multicolored lights that hung everywhere, celebrating Christmas and other various religions. It was a time where people could actually set aside their differences for once and get along. As I passed by I saw couples holding hands and looking happy for once, both the man and woman smiling as they walked the streets, ignoring the culture that had been instilled in today's day and age because damn the world if it was going to get in the way of the holiday joy.

I passed by even more stores that had all sorts of holiday deals, all begging to be bought as I scanned each one. Nothing was out of my price range though, which made it all the harder. I mean, I did make a lot of money from previous missions along with some mercenary missions I had during some free time, so I had a lot of money. The problem is, is that you don't feel like you earned it. Those earrings that you worked for don't feel the same if you just had the money lying around. Damnit, this sucks again!

I trudged through the snow, feet dragging on the ground as I desperately tried to think of a gift for Tabane. There had to be something she'd like here… but yet nothing seemed to tell me that as I looked at it.

"Sir, is there anything I can help you with?"

"No ma'am," I shook my head, "Unless you can think of something extremely special."

"I take it she's someone special?"

"How would you figure that out?" I let out a small chuckle at how right she was.

"Well, you've taken your time with every object, as if scanning it for imperfections. But you haven't found it, huh?"

"Nope. Having money can suck when you feel as if you didn't work for it." I sighed, shaking my head in near frustration, "Anything you can suggest?"

"Hmmm… why don't you make her a gift?"


The clerk giggled, "Silly, make her a gift! If you don't want to buy her one, make one… hm, does she do a lot of things?"

"Yeah, moves on all the time. Finishes one thing and moves straight to the next."

"Perfect! I've got just the thing!"

"Done!" I held up the freshly wrapped present in my hands. Two days before Christmas Eve and I had just finished piecing everything together. I've got the perfect gift for Tabane now!

I heard knocking on my door, "Yes?"

"Hey, it's Mickey. Can I come in?"

"Yeah, hold on-!"

"HOLY SHIT!" Mickey screamed as he walked into my room, "What the fuck happened here?!"

Yeah… my room was a mess. Okay, that's an understatement. Maybe… death junkyard where not even radioactive toxins would make a dent. Glue and tape were lying everywhere, bottles and rolls making great Rube Goldberg machines as the bottles rolled on empty rolls of tape. String and other colored decorations lay on the bed and desk, a few being spread out on the beds, and lastly scissors and other sorts of cutting materials were sitting around the place. The trashcan was full… so were three others, and they were all overflowing at this point.

"Would you believe me if I said I was making my present?"


"…Okay, so I won't tell you."

"Okay then… I'm scared to ask you what your present is."

"Trust me, it's gonna be great." I admitted with a cheesy smile.

"Right, and we'll all die because of it." Mickey deadpanned, "No, seriously, what's your present."

"You don't believe me?"

"You're serious, aren't you?"


"I'm outta here." he bolted as I sighed, starting to clean up my hazard zone of a room.

Christmas Eve finally arrived, and we all sat down in my room again. Why is it always my room, anyways?

"Now, let's get started, shall we? Ichika, you're up first." Mickey said as he sat down, putting his Santa hat back on, which we all had. Though the girls were dressed in rather skimpy red dresses (Rin being rather irritated for some reason), excluding Tabane who was still in her usual get up. I don't know, I like the blue dress on her, it fit's a lot better than red, if you ask me.

"Uh, here you go Houki," Ichika said, handing over his small box. Houki opened it, revealing another hair ribbon… wait a second, that's the old ribbon she used to have… what? I thought- "Uh, I know you thought it burned up and I gave you another one for your birthday, but I managed to recover it and piece it back together with the Sewing Club's help." Aw, that's actually really sweet. Did I just gush there? Man, the holidays are really getting to me, huh?

"T-thanks Ichika," Houki stammered as she held the ribbon in her hands as if it was her lifeline. Her entire face was red, and I could tell that there might be a confession soon.

Note to self: Keep track of Rin and ensure nothing drastic happens.

"H-here's yours," Houki handed a rather long black box to Ichika that was rather shiny. Carefully undoing the bow that was tied to it, Ichika opened it and nearly dropped it. What's inside that thing?

"Whoa…" Ichika took out the… damn, that is a well made katana! It shined in almost a holy sense as the light from outside reflected off of it, making the sword almost seem to glow, illuminating the room, "I dub thee… Z-Saber!" No one except for me and Romeo got it, "What, no one else played MegaMan Zero?"

"I prefer X more." Romeo said bluntly.

"I got it though," I reassured him, "I hope you got me an X-Buster though, Romeo."

"Actually, I didn't get your name." Romeo opened the sliding door outside, "Just so you know, here's your gift, Shinjiro." A jingle was heard as Romeo threw the very small box.

"What the hell is… no. You didn't."

"Dropping in three…two… one." Romeo counted off on his fingers before a blur came down from the sky. Hold on, what? No way! Shinjiro got a fucking Warthog?!

"Damn, no Gauss turret?"

"Did you think I really want you to have the cannon that can kill an armored vehicle in one shot?" Romeo asked sarcastically.

"Yes. Yes I did." Shinjiro declared proudly. Ah, despite being a grown adult he can really be childish at times, especially around big guns. He still calls his newest gun, which happens to be an upgraded machine gun loosely based off of whatever video game Tabane is playing right now, his 'little babby', "By the way Mickey, I got you a practical gift."

Mickey took the box that was wrapped in Halo 4 wrapping paper… note to self, find that, and tore it open, "A… Practical Guide To Japanese."

"Figured you could use it. After all, you suck when it comes to pronunciations and especially honorifics."

"…Damn you English." Mickey muttered in English instead of Japanese, making most of the people in the room confused, but then shifted back, "Uh, yeah. Thanks. It'll help." he shifted into a whisper, "As flame fuel. Eherm! And, uh, yeah. My turn, right? Here ya go, Xavier! Hopefully you like it."

"Making Your Own Fireworks? Please, as if those puny explosives could-" Xavier's jaw dropped as he opened up the book, "No. No way! I never knew that cereal could be used in such a way!"

Everyone scooted roughly two feet away as Xavier said those lines. Just what the hell was in that accursed book he was reading?! Ah, hell, it's like the explosives version of the Necricomicon, isn't it?! We're all doomed now, aren't we? One day I'm gonna wake up and find out something went wrong with one of Xavier's crafts and that the world is drowning in a giant pool of chocolate milk and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

"Oh, right. Sorry, I need to give my gift…"

It went on and on, for a while. Romeo got a new scope for his sniper rifle, which I saw through and damn is it amazing!

Charlotte got a full version of Assassin's Robes for Laura, which was very terrifying but also mind-numbingly cute beyond all comprehension. Laura gave Cecilia three new combat knives and a book on how to use them effectively. Practical and yet scary… I get the feeling that they're teaming up to get me now. Hm, Laura will no doubt use the Assassin's Robes to hide, seeing as they have the mystical power of camouflage, while Cecilia tries to get me with the knives… and looks like Cecilia is giving Rin a recipe book. How sweet. It's nice to see we all came from being near crazy people to rather well… less crazy people. That says a lot for me as well, haha. Rin got Rei a new telescope that was top of the line, and Rei got Charlotte a nice, white coat that looked rather snazzy on her.

Then it was just two left. I could see the amusement in both Romeo and Shinjiro's eyes. Meanwhile, Mickey, Xavier, and Ichika just looked ready to laugh their eyes out.

"So, uh… just me and Tabane left, huh?" I took out my box- "Mickey it's not going to fucking explode!"

Yeah right, you saw what happened when you tried to wrap that thing!

Not helping, E! "Ahem! Anyways, erm… here you go." I handed the box over to Tabane and she meticulously took off the wrapping paper, eyes darting over it as she tried to figure out what it is.

"Hm? A book?"

"A scrapbook. I figured you know… you might want to have some memories of Wolf Team along the way. I recovered the pictures that we had of Wolf Team with yourself and the various shots, plus left a little space in case you wanted to add a few."

I followed Tabane's gaze to the picture on the front page after the cover. It was Wolf Team standing all together in a badass looking walk as there was a burning and shot down helicopter in the background. Underneath it was written, "When you ride by helicopter and it gets shot down, most people ask for help. Wolf Team gets up, dusts themselves off, and goes to help those they were sent to help."

The next page had a bunch of photos of several IS Squads and then Wofl Team. The captions read, "Look at your squad, now back to my squad, look back at your squad, now back to my squad. Sadly, your squad isn't my squad. But if your squad used kickass MJOLNIR armor, Armor Abilities, backed by the best scientific genius ever, it could be like my squad. Look down, back up, where are you? You're on the battlefield, with the squad your squad could be like. Anything is possible when your squad runs off pure badassery. You just lost the game."

Tabane was in giggles as she read through it, nearly laughing her eyes out and I could see the tears of laughter and joy in her eyes as she looked through it. There were a few memorable pics, such as us standing together for the first time, weapons ready.

"O-oh! Right, my gift…" Tabane pulled a black velvet box out and carefully handed it to me. I opened it slowly and saw a glistening silver necklace… with the Legendary difficulty symbol on it!

"It's down to the exact detail of the skull…" I breathed out in sheer awe, taking in the amazing creation. I quickly put it on and watched it shine in the room.

"If you pull up on the eye slots…" Tabane whispered. I pushed my two fingers in and pulled them up, and heard a click! but nothing else, "Oh, it's not working again? Let me fix it…"

I had grown over the past few days, actually, so now I stood roughly an inch or two above Tabane as she went to work. Her purple hair was thrust into my face, and I could smell the mixture of her sweet shampoo and overpowering perfume as the smell started to somewhat intoxicate me… ugh, I sound like some lovesick poet… but it's true. Maybe it's because I finally let someone in close, both literally and in another meaning. See, even though I've gotten over my past and whatnot and still need some therapy which should be scheduled soon, as E was having difficulty finding a good therapist, I still don't like people that I don't let close to me well, close to me, like Tabane was as she worked on the necklace. Her breathing tickled my chest and sent shivers down my spine as she worked away, her breathing starting to be a little nervous, if you could say that, as the last few clicks were heard, "Okay, done."

I pulled up again, and watched as it slid away, "Whoa, just like Assassin's Creed…" I saw both Mickey and Romeo's eyes widen at the necklace.

"U-um, the picture in it…" I pulled it forward and looked in the picture. I nearly dropped it out of my hands as I saw the familiar picture of Luke and I standing back to back, both with a smile on our faces, "Tabane, where did you get this picture?!"

She pointed towards Romeo and Mickey, "I knew you two were close, but you never had any photographs of him around… so I figured I'd get you something that could remind you of a person you care for and are still fighting for…"

I quickly embraced her in a tight hug, whispering into her ear, "Thank you…" We just held each other there for a while, thankful for the memories that we had preserved for the other person… memories we could hold for the rest of our lives and beyond that.

"Uh… guys, you can stop anytime now… Guys?" Mickey started first as a teasing tone but then was seriously starting to get annoyed.

"Alright, we've pestered Mickey enough," I let her go, "So, what's next on the list?"

"KEEP MOVING!" I screamed, moving up on the field, snowballs held in one hand as it began to hail down a flurry of snowballs. Where the hell had Tabane even gotten the idea of making a snow artillery cannon?

I vaulted over the first barricade and let loose my attack, hitting Rin and Charlotte with several snowballs. Rules were you were out when you took enough hits that you couldn't get up, or if you hurt a little too much. I whipped around and ducked underneath a long range shot from Cecilia from up in the trees, and returned fire from behind one of the barricades.

"We're pinned down!" Mickey shouted from behind his cover, "Can't maintain this ceiling much longer!"

"Then move, damnit! Keep moving, avoid being hit!" I ran from behind cover, Gears of War style, then dive rolled into a crater, taking a breather as snowballs hit where I had just half a second ago. Man, that was close.

Phoom! A massive pile of snow hit nearby, spreading some over me. Damn, there's just no way to get near them on the field… on the field… AHA!

I started chipping away at the snow in my crater, digging a tunnel to get closer to them, following the squeals and cheers of the girls towards my destination. I tried to make as little sound as I could. Man, so this is how Simon feels, huh? Crap, I'm missing a drill! Damnit, I knew something was up.

The footsteps were quite loud, so I kept digging… downwards. Eventually I made a good enough pit with enough on the above layer to keep them up. Oh, don't worry. The pit isn't that deep, but enough to trap them.

Bursting from the ground, I threw as much snow at them before they all turned to me, scooped up snow from the ground-

And then fell due to the layer suddenly become a lot smaller. Hell yeah!

"Victory, Wolf Team!" I cheered over the hole.

"Ki-kun that's not fair!" Tabane pouted rather cutely. Ugh, again, I apologize for sounding like some lovesick imbecile.

"You had an cannon!"

"But you dug underneath-"

"You had an artillery cannon!"

"… fine." she huffed, turning away while crossing her arms. Uh… I can see where Houki gets it.

It took us a while to heave them all out but we got them all eventually. Shinjiro's new Warthog was helpful, so we didn't have to bring in the Hornets or anything else.

"Take this!" I was surprised by a snowball to the face. Come on Tabane, you surrendered! That's a violation of the Hague Convention!" Another snowball to the face. "That's it," I smiled, though, and threw one right back at her. Soon it erupted into warfare between us as we launched snowballs back and forth.

We both fell as Tabane tackled me, sending us rolling down the hill, laughing it up the entire time.

"Enough! Enough!" I tried to shove her off as she half buried me in snow, but in between the laughter my arms became jello and I was unable to push her away from me, "Tabane, stop!"

"Only if you say you surrender!" she giggled.

"Spartans never surrender!" I growled back, taking my chances and topping us over so that I was on top now and that came out wrong…

"Kira and Tabane sitting in a tree, K-I-S-"

"FINISH THAT AND DIE, MICKEY!" I roared/snarled in his direction, "So, uh, do you surrender?"

"You sound a little shaky there, are you afraid I can still win?" Tabane looked like she was forcing a giggle back, trying to keep up this game a little longer.

"Hell no." I shot back. We held the death gaze for a good while… before erupting into laughter and collapsing on each other.

"Sounds like someone's having fun." Xavier commented as we I got up before helping Tabane up.

"Yes, but I'm also freezing cold now." I shivered, since rolling around let the snow get underneath my coat, and I could already feel the biting cold.

"Let's get inside then, we shouldn't stay out too long," Tabane suggested.

"Well said," I nodded, walking back to the Academy.

"To victory!" Wolf Team clanked its mugs together, a little bit of hot chocolate spilling onto the tablecloth that we had set up, "Spartans never die, we just wait for our respawn counter!" We all chugged our mugs for a bit before putting them onto the table, letting out a simultaneous sigh of relaxation.

"Having fun, boys?" Tabane called as she entered my room.

"Very much, mother," Xavier chuckled as Tabane giggled.

"Good to know. Now for that remark, your bedtime's been moved to eight thirty tonight."

"Wow, eight thirty?" Xavier gasped, "That's… a full minute more than usual!"

We could only keep it running for so long before one of us cracked and started laughing crazily. Surprisingly, it was me, and usually I'm last to break out into merry laughter. Eh, I blame holiday season. But for now, I don't really care. If I'm gonna be happy over the holidays, then sure, I don't mind at all. It helps to just sit back and rewind for a while.

"So, was there anything you wanted us to do?" I asked, wondering why Tabane had come here in the first place.

"Oh, we're setting up King's Game in Ichika's room, since we've used your room a lot." King's Game? Oh boy, this is gonna be funny. And possibly scary considering how many of the girls are after me. But why not?"

"Sure, let's go."

"Did… did Kira just willingly… oh no. Xavier, catch me."

"What the hell are you- holy shit! Mickey's fainted!" Xavier shook Mickey as Romeo shot me a disapproving look, which I shrugged to. He raised an eyebrow and looked curious as Shinjiro left with Xavier to get Mickey to the clinic where they'd help him out, "We'll take care of him with the supplies there. Shinjiro, you know how to pick a lock?"

"By shooting it," he grumbled, "Let's get going."

While those three went, Romeo, Tabane, and I all headed down to Ichika's room. Oh the chaos that was about to unfold.

Then again, how bad could it be?

Damnit. This is bad… ish.

"Remind me again, why I am wearing blindfolds for this…?" I sighed, using the motion tracker in my head to find everyone in the room.

"I-I read that a wi-husband will always know where is wife is and would like to test that!" Laura said rather assertively with a mild tone of embarrassment. So, apparently I have to pick out one of the girls with blindfolds on with a hug. At random. Hooray.

Romeo coughed from about a four o'clock angle. Rei was on his left and Tabane on his right. Okay, yeah. Let's go for Rei. Least likely to spawn craptons of hatred considering I still care for Rei like she's my little sister and the girls know better than to go after her.

I sighed again, then started walking towards the source of the cough and then turned about thirty degrees left, reached out for someone with my hand, and felt a shoulder. I took my blindfolds off and hugged Rei. Joy. Laura looked irritated while the others had a mix of relief and disappointment

We put the chopsticks back in and started again.

"Alright, who's king?" Romeo asked, twirling his chopstick around with his fingers. His had the number two on it… hm… you know what, Romeo and the others have always rapped on me for not having a girlfriend or whatever, so time for some vengeance.

"Me. Now… four… has to sit it two's lap for the remainder of the game, and no king can undo it."

"I. Hate. You." Romeo hissed.

"Payback's a mean bitch," I told him as I sipped some soda, "So, who's four?"

"M-me." Wait, did Laura of all people just stutter?

I see a potential matchmake.

Well, those two are the most serious people there are, plus only Laura seems to not be affected by Romeo's cold face of indifference.

"The King's orders are absolute!" Cecilia and Rin chimed in. Did I mention that those two are currently drunk off of eggnog? How? I don't even understand at all! Yeah, it's been a bit of a hellish game. Cecilia first round was seemingly drunk off her ass and decided to make number two straddle me, who was number five. Yeah… uh… I kind of felt like Ichika was gonna stab me when Houki was number two… Thank goodness for shields.

Oh, did I also mention when earlier today, Chifuyu tried to hit Ichika again and found out she couldn't when his shields blocked it? Her facial expression was priceless.

"Alright then," Romeo said gruffly as he adjusted himself so Laura could sit. She looked as if she was trying not to blush wildly as she sat down, very much different from the Laura we had first known. She squeaked when she made contact, but then took a deep breath and sat, using all her willpower not to make a sound, most likely, "Let's move on."

Another round, eh? Well, let's see. Shit, I'm not King this time around, I'm number one.

"Who's King?" Cecilia asked in a very excited voice.

"I am." Ichika called out, "Let's see, what should I do…? Aha! Number six and number one-" Damnit, "Have to go stand under the mistletoe." He knows, doesn't he? He's psychic, I knew it! So is Chifuyu! They're all psychics, they can read my mind!

"I-I'm three." A voice on my left. Oh… oh my, "Who's one?"

"Me." I sighed, "Let's go get it over with." I have a plan.

Tabane and I stood kind of awkwardly under the mistletoe while I mumbled, counting to ten before going to sit back down.

"I thought you have to kiss underneath the mistletoe." Romeo brought hated fact up.

"Purely optional. Ichika simply said 'stand underneath the mistletoe' but never specified if we had to follow tradition about it." I had a rather smug smile on my face as Tabane sat back down next to me, "Though if the lady would rather-"

"N-no, it's perfectly fine!" Tabane burst out a little too quickly, "Oh wait! I totally forgot!"

"What is it?"

"I nearly forgot to give E her present!"

"…You got me a present?" E asked with childlike wonder.

"Yup, here we go!" Tabane ran out of the room and came back… with what looked like a human model of E, "It's…"

"Just place the chip in here." Tabane instructed. I took out the blue glowing chip and put it behind E's right ear. After three seconds, her eyes opened up.

She was still dressed in her usual get up, the same outfit she'd wear if she was in her hologram form. Her hair was black this time around and light blue eyes. How did…

"It wasn't an easy process, but I finally got around to it. This is a robot that E controls, fully functional like a human, given a synthetic compound for skin, and all of that!" Tabane showcased her newest creation.

"This… oh… my voice, it doesn't sound synthetic! Tabane, thank you!" She's… oh holy crap, E is crying. E then turned to me, then embraced me tightly, "You have no idea how long I've always wanted to do that…"

"Okay… E… starting…to choke…here!" I took in a large inhale of breath as E released me, "Well, I think we can actually put off the game for now. We have to come up for a new name for E, since it just doesn't feel right if we call her that like this. Something that starts with E."

"How about Elisa?" Charlotte offered.

"Eleanor?" Cecilia suggested.

"Elysian." Of, or related to heaven or paradise… Sounds good.

"I like that one," I nodded, "You fine with it?"

"It's a nice name, I'll take it!" E, no, Elysian, smiled as she sat down next to me, "Let's keep playing!"

Somehow, along the way, we wound up playing twister with only our noses and toes… plus Tabane brought out some sort of sake. Is this even legal?

Everyone but Romeo, Elysian, and I were lightweights. You can imagine how well this went.

Let's see, what's happened so far?

Right, Cecilia wanted me to squeeze… uh, never mind.

Laura suggested a threesome between me, her, and Romeo… I don't even want to know.

Charlotte decided… you know what, I'm not even going to say it. It's just… ugh…

"Kiiiiiii~ra…" Charlotte wobbled back and forth, more than Cecilia had at the start. By the way, Rin's already out cold in the corner, "Are you sking naoh…"

"No…" I looked towards Elysian for help but she just laughed at my misfortune. Okay, I now am past Touma when it comes to unluckiness. Joy, "Er… who's king?"

"ME!" Oh no. Not Tabane. Anyone but Tabane, "Naaaaoh… Numbah… two!" FUCK! "Hadsh taa kiush… hum… me!" No! No! This is not happening!

"Oh the lips?"

"Shut up Elysian!" I hissed.

"Kira's number two!" Romeo broke his stoic mask and was currently laughing his ass off on the floor.

"Commeh here… I've… goetsh plenty of esspierence…" Tabane grabbed my collar.

"My sides…!" Elysian giggled, have a laughter spasm on the floor.

"T-t-tabane I don't think we should- mphm!" she pressed her lips against mine, trying to push past my mouth. It's like that mission we had a while ago. Defending that bridge was a real pain in the ass. Fight tongue, fight! Don't let the drunken enemy inside and what the hell…? I am really out of it today.

Oh, by the way Tabane just broke through. Retreat! Retreat! Damnit Tabane let go of my collar!

"Munya!" Tabane held her fist up triumphantly as she broke the connection, "Heh, Kira, wheresh sha leern to do zat…?"

Okay, screw this, I'm out of here!

I panted, breathing heavily as I sat down on the bench, snow still falling. Okay, no one close by, that's good.

The lake nearby was frozen solid, still sparkling with the moonlight that glittered on the surface.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

"Evening… Chifuyu." my left hand drifted towards my firearm just in case.

"You can relax, Kira. I'm not so foolish as to try anything again."

"I see." I nodded, leaning back into the chair, "So, what brings you out here?"

"I could hear the laughter and screaming. I needed a little quiet. You?"

"Crazy party went terribly off the rails. Tabane brought sake, and most of them are lightweights. We were also playing King's Game. You can imagine how that went."

I could've sworn Chifuyu, the stoic ice demon of the IS, smiled, "I still remember the last time I played that with Tabane. She's… crazy, to say the least."

"Tell me about it," I snorted.

"…" Awkward silence? "Maybe I should."

"On second thought don't." she opened her mouth, "Please don't. I don't need my mind to asplode itself right now."

"Before I forget…" she shuffled in her coat pocket, "Merry Christmas." she handed me a small box. I opened it carefully, finding a new MP3 player, "I had broken the one you had by accident back at the hotel-"

"Say no more," I cut her off, "Thank you, though."

The cold silence set in once again, the wind being the only source of noise as we just watched the frozen lake sparkle. The snow glistened on the ground as well, and I tried to find something to talk about. Though, the thing is, Chifuyu is some professional, so it's hard to find something to talk about that doesn't make you, well, meh. She's a business oriented person, and I somewhat wonder why she decided to teach. Then again she can keep a closer eye on Ichika considering how he was kidnapped and all.

"Though, I didn't get you a present, so now I feel kinda guilty," I admitted. Chifuyu actually laughed.

"You don't need to get me anything." she told me, "Think nothing of it."

"You do realize that that's only going to make me think of it?" I rolled my eyes, "Though still, thank you."

"Can I ask something?" Hm? This doesn't seem like the Chifuyu that is normally out and about.

"Go ahead."

"How do you wear the mask everyday?"

"Excuse me?"

"Considering how many people know your past, you still act like before. So how do you wear that mask everyday?"

"Is yours cracking?"

"…You could say that."

"…Well, I don't really know. But, I had friends with me to help, and that's probably why. When my mask was broken all the way when Madoka attacked, everyone was there, ready to help me. I could rebuild my life and move along with a new mask on. I'm guessing this has to do with you and me, and then how people would see that. The supposed 'Ice Queen of the Infinite Stratos' showing some sort of emotion for someone, preposterous to the world. But if you're willing to take off the mask for a moment to show the world what lurks beneath, we'll be here for you, because we do care. You might not take part in our group at times, but remember that you aren't alone in this world. Does that answer your question?"

"It does."

"Good to know," I nodded.

"…Thank you."

"Kira?" I heard E's-, er, Elysian's voice call out, "Are you there?"

"I suppose it is time for you to go then," Chifuyu waved a hand, "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine."

I paused, then took off my coat and handed it to her, "Don't go getting a cold on my watch." Before she could say anything, I jogged away towards Elysian's voice.

"Kira! Where's your jacket! You'll catch a cold in this weather!"

"Armor, gel layer, doesn't matter." I smirked as E hit me playfully on the head, "Anyways, are they done yet?"

"Everyone's out cold, except Tabane. We uh… had to tie her up when she started screaming for you to…" Elysian's cheeks went red, "Uh, never mind! Anyways, just head back already. Romeo suggested we write over their faces with marker."

"I'll go get my industrial grade Sharpie (A/N: It actually does exist.) and go to town." I grinned. Now, what could possible go wro-



New Years Eve

2359 Hours

My Apartment

"To a new year," Shinjiro raised his bottle.

"May it be filled with better things," Xavier started.

"Brighter days," Mickey added in an excited tone.

"Less annoyances," Romeo smirked as laughter flashed in his eyes for brief second. Elysian had said the same thing but rolled her eyes.

"And most importantly, equality," I finished along with Tabane, all of us raising a glass of champagne (non-alcoholic, of course), "independence, and love."

"Three!" the TV blared.

"Here it goes!" Mickey was nearly jumping up and down like a five year old as the ball descended.


"I have to tell him…" I thought I heard Tabane's voice say.


"Kira, I-"

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Shinjiro, Xavier, Romeo, Mickey, Elysian, and myself yelled.

"New year, new challenges," Romeo said in a very 'Wise Old Man' sort of way.

"But we'll overcome them all, am I right?" Mickey raised his glass again.

"Hear, hear!" Xavier yelled, then started chanting, "Speech! Speech!"

"Ugh, I thought I got non-alcoholic," Shinjiro sighed, shaking his head. Ha, well, I know it was, but I'll let it play out. I turned to Tabane, who looked a little down.

"Hey, is something wrong?"

"N-nothing's wrong," she quickly answered. I gave her a disappointing look at her failed attempt to lie, "It's nothing, nothing!"

"…All right then, if you insist," I leaned my head back, "But new year, eh? Let's make it better than the last."

And there we have it, the Christmas/New Year's Special is complete!

Yeah, expect delayed updates though, as my computer decided to crap out. I'm currently on a friend's at the moment DX

Though, I should still be able to write, but not update as frequently, if I draft during school.

Anyways, hope you guys had a good Christmas/whatever, and have a Happy New Year!

Achievement Unlocked: [Happy Life Day] Description: Survive the December 21st 2012 Apocalypse :D