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Chapter Fifteen: Festivity of a Prototype

"'Sup Shinjiro?" I asked as he pulled up in his Warthog. I'm surprised he made it here without a scratch considering his driving skills. I wonder how long it'll take before he actually gets his in a big enough accident to damage the Warthog.

"Morning Kira," he greeted as he pulled out the keys, "Anniversary Festival, eh? Pretty cool."

"You'll need this," I threw him his ID badge that labeled him as a guest of mine, "Keep it on you at all times."

"So, why'd you pick me?" I nearly froze, but remained calm.

"The friend I originally wanted to invite wasn't able to make it." I stated calmly, trying not to sound disappointed.

"Ah, Tabane had someone, huh?" Despite being the adult on the team, Shinjiro still manages to bring out the child in him to snicker at me.

"…Shut the hell up."

"It was her, wasn't it?" Shinjiro laughed as we walked down the empty hall, eager to milk it for all it was worth... that came out wrong.

"It was merely a platonic meeting. I wanted to pay her back for all the work she's done for us," I rolled my eyes, "Don't get any funny ideas."

"It's not funny, it's realistic." Shinjiro retorted, "Kira, seriously, it's painful to watch, We all kind of know you like her more than others."

"Okay, so she holds a significantly higher place than some of my other friends. So what?"

"You know what, I give up." Shinjiro sighed, shaking his head, "But hey, there's a festival, food, and I heard there was a helicopter chain gun simulator set up by some programming club when I was driving in. Let's do this!"

"I swear if you yell Leeroy Jenkins I will shoot you before you even finish off that first syllable." I murmured as we entered the absurdly chaotic halls of the school. Okay, maybe not chaotic, but it wasn't peaceful to say the least.

People lined the halls, students all dressed up for various events and classroom things. Chatter was everywhere, and I could barely hear my own thoughts. Oh, and today E- er, Elysian's out with Rei as her guest. She really does love that body of hers… and that came out wrong. What is wrong with me today...

ANYWAYS, I am just trying to make a point that it wasn't peaceful in here.

"Sheesh, it sure is loud. Though not as loud as the first time we tried out our Vulture modifications." Shinjiro laughed.

"We're all lucky to be able to hear today." I laughed back with him as we walked the halls, "Now, where the hell is that chain gun thing?"

It took a bit of wandering before we actually found our sought destination. Though the scores were pretty low, and it was mainly for fun.

"Oh, Kira! How are you today?"

"Ah, Charlotte. I thought you were in our classroom."

She giggled a bit, "Well, the programming club wanted some help, so here I am." she wasn't dressed in her usual IS Academy get up, but rather in a very conservative light orange dress that the color seems familiar to me but I can't place my finger on it, "So, did you want to try?"

"Try? There is no try for chain guns," Shinjiro rolled his eyes, "There is only not enough dakka and not even close to enough dakka."

"You'll have to excuse Shinjiro, he's kind of… trigger happy, to say the least."

"I will admit to that," Shinjiro raised an imaginary glass, "Hear, hear."

"Yeah, alright. Let's go try it out." I snickered mentally as Shinjiro rolled his eyes.

Needless to say, we were kicked out after taking up too much time, as the Programming Club had designed infinite stages that were generated as you went. See, the problem was that most people tried to burst fire the chain gun… but didn't realize the programming team overlooked overheating and ammo. So Shinjiro and I kind of just held down the trigger and pointed the guns everywhere. End of story.

And now we're just wandering around, eating stuff that they've got around here.

Now, normally I'd be taking part with my class in the 'Service Café' that was set up in our classroom, but apparently Tatenashi told them to give me the day off because of 'high stress activities' that I had beforehand. Well, I suppose living with her is 'high stress' if you ask me.

"Oh! Hi Ki-kun!" I turned around to see Tabane dressed in her usual get up, while Houki was dressed in her IS Academy uniform. I guess she got off as well for bringing Tabane.

"Morning, Tabane," I greeted, taking a hug from her. I thought public displays of affection were frowned on in Japan… then again we're talking about someone who can probably blow your brains to smithereens so I don't think anyone would be opposed to it.

"Ki-kun, they have a shooting range. We checked there first, but you weren't there-"

"There's a shooting range?" Shinjiro asked, nearly dropping his drink.

"It's open?!" I nearly shouted. No way! BEST. DAY. EVER. Huh, I'd oddly joyful today.

"Though Houki-chan won't let me, because she knows I don't know basic gun safety," Tabane pouted, "Though I make them all the time…"

"Ah, I can handle that." Though… how did she make them without knowing safety- oh, right. Just because she makes them doesn't necessarily means she knows how to operate them. Though that's really strange.

"Ahem. Kira, I-"

"Houki, I think it's a good idea. Tabane may need to know how to defend herself later on," Shinjiro interrupted, wagging his eyebrows at me.

"Fuck off," I mouthed at him, "Er, let's go."

"Okay, so this is the safety and everything… you've got your earplugs on, right?"

"Yes." Tabane nodded.

Standing behind her, I took Tabane's hands and put them into the proper position for firing a handgun, "Now, don't forget to aim down the sight…"

"I think… I think I got it."

"For the final step, remember: Squeeze, do not pull the trigger." I cautioned, "I'll run it once with you."

Both of our fingers went to the trigger, resting on top of each other, "I'm ready."

"Steady… squeeze!"


"Headshot!" Tabane cheered, turning around to hug me-

"Nononono, the safety Tabane!" I quickly put the safety on, "Always remember to put the safety back on when you're done shooting."

"S-sorry…" she looked ashamed, not being able to face me as I carefully set the gun down.

"Well, not bad for your first time shooting a gun. Though, make sure you don't practice by yourself. You always should have a buddy for this sort of thing." I reminded her, "I don't want you getting hurt."

"T-thanks Kira…" Tabane blushed as I put the pistol away.

"Ahem." Shinjiro coughed.

"Ahem!" Houki coughed louder.

"R-right," we said together, before looking at each other for a quick second, "Let's get going."

"So, you're putting the moves on Tabane, eh?" Shinjiro asked with a cocky grin.

"That was not 'putting the moves on her', that was training her to handle a gun with care, and also safely." I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, 'cause she's pretty eager to touch a certain gun of yours if you know what I mean," Shinjiro wagged his eyebrows.

"Dirty old man," I growled.

"Hey, who are calling old?!"

"You, asshole." I led us towards our classroom-

Why the hell is Ichika in a butler costume, running around delivering things. Where is your pride as a man, Ichika?! A butler? You could at least have co splayed as an awesome ninja butler. Though, our class is pretty aware that Ichika is Houki's, so no one in our class is making remarks about him, but everyone from the other classes is.

"What was that flash?" he asked, turning around and seeing me, "Oh hell no."

"Ah, memories of our youth. How they will be used as blackmail in a few years." I chuckled, pocketing the phone.

"You lucked out, the President mentioned you had 'high stress' and needed to cool off," he sighed, "So what is that high stress from, anyways?"

"Living with the Prez is pretty high stress." I hung my head low, sighing at the eternal damnation that was Tatenashi.

"Yeah, if you're living in sin." Shinjiro laughed, nudging Ichika, "I mean, betraying Tabane and all. Must be high stress."

"I. Hate. You. Where is my shotgun…" I mumbled, resisting every urge to end Shinjiro's life right there.

"Ah, Kira~!" Whoa. Charlotte. Maid outfit, "Did you come here to eat?"

"Well, more like to take pictures of Ichika to blackmail with him later," I shrugged, getting a glare from him, "Hey, at least I'm being honest."

Charlotte giggled, "Ichika's pretty good at this. It must be from all of your training."

"I have no idea how it could help, but sure, let's roll with that."

"So, can I get you anything, Kira-sama?"


"Ehehe, I just wanted to see how it sounded." Charlotte winked at me with a slight blush, "Ah, I should get back to helping out!"

"Alright then. I've got my blackmail material, so I am set to go." I waved goodbye as we exited the room.

After we left, within thirty seconds, I swear I heard Ichika scream 'LET ME FREE!', only to cry hysterically as the other girls pull him back in. Huh… well, I don't know. He's got more self-control of himself than that-

Wait, is that Rin decked out in a really fancy dress with Houki and Tabane behind her? Oh boy, things could get ugly… but far be it from me to get in the middle of a catfight. As we all know, two girls fighting over a guy is a very destructive force that should not be trifled with.

"Oi, Kira, I'mma use the bathroom," Shinjiro paused, before realizing the implications, "Crap."

"Better get running."

"What? How do you keep up all-"

"Once in the morning, and pray I don't drink too much at lunch."

"…Right." he quickly ran off.

"There you are!" Oh no. Run! RUN! "Come here, Kira-kun."

"Senpai. Please. Let go. Of me." I growled as she wrapped me up in a hug from behind, "There are people staring."

"Oh, but Kira-kun had no problem with Shinonono Tabane earlier," she teased.

"She's a close friend."

"Only?" she giggled, "You don't have to lie to your senpai, Kira-kun. If she's your girlfriend, then you can tell me."

"I swear on my life that at this very current moment I am not in a relationship with Shinonono Tabane," I said blandly, turning around- holy sweet crap why is Tatenashi dressed in a maid outfit? Oh hell and now the news group is here. Stop taking pictures, damnit!

"Ah! Prez, Kira! Finally! Everyone wants to know why Kira got off from duties, as you said it was 'high stress'." I mouthed 'you told everyone?!' to Tatenashi. That's a private manner- then again I'm talking about Tatenashi. Nothing is private to Tatenashi. My virgin eyes have been soiled… again. Why. Why does the universe enjoy doing this to me? IT'S NOT FAIR!

"Well, as I have observed in our many meetings in Student Council-"

"And other places," I mumbled to myself.

"-I have noticed that Kira seems to be under a lot of stress."

"I see," Mayuzumi Kaoruko, the ace photographer of the Newpaper Club nodded, "Does it have anything to do with the rumors that he and Shinonono Tabane have been dating?"

"Of course not," I quickly cut in, "Those are but rumors."

"And we hear it from the source himself," she nodded. Ugh, I hate media people. Twisting everything you say all for a good story, "Any other comments?"

"No, that's all for now." I quickly ushered them away. Press folks…

Escaping Tatenashi, I went towards the Art Club, finding out that apparently they had some sort of bomb thing set up, you know, because Laura's part of the club. Oh, she also brought Romeo, but he was out getting an ice cream for her. Romeo, I see what you're doing. Note to self, matchmake them later…

So now it's down to the red or blue wire…

Well, it's not really about which wire to cut, but which one not to cut.

"Hm… analyzing this one…" I looked at the gigantic mess of tangled wire, "We'll be dead if I cut the-"


"Blue wire," I grinned while cutting the red wire, stopping the timer.

"Wow, how'd you know?!" one of the girls asked.

"Ahem, Kira is an expert in-" Laura started, but I cut her off.

"It's always the red wire." I got odd looks form everyone, "What? It's true! In every movie, it's always the red wire!" Everyone seemed to consider it for a second before nodding, "Though, in actuality, if you guys were making a real bomb, you wouldn't use color coded wires in the first place, because that's just impractical."

"Now, for this one. Laura-san, if you would?"

Laura brought out a… oh my that's a lot of wires.

"Only one wire will stop the timer. You have two minutes," Laura looked proud of her creation, but her eyes were shifty. I smirked, and cut the red wire, stopping the timer.

"Always the red wire." I grinned.

"Kira, they're all red," she told me, pointing… oops.

"Uh… lucky guess." I shrugged, quickly running away as a bright flash of light lit up the room, most likely from Laura's IS.

Take no chances.

I stashed myself in one of the random rooms after running around for a while, just to avoid Laura for a bit. Apparently we had one room that had a few people doing 'magic', like fortune telling and charms, but I didn't know until right about now.

"Oh, Kira! Do you want to try out a charm?" one of the girls asked. Huh, it's Mayumi Origna. She's apparently famed in the school for having working charms, though I never really talked to her.

"You know what, sure. Why not?" I shrugged.

"Okay," she sat down, "First," she brought out a small set up thing, which was a board with two small pillars of wood on it, with a tightrope of string, "You have to balance a coin on the rope." You've got to be joking…

A ridiculous amount of tries later, I finally got it.

"Now what?" I glared at the coin, daring it to fall.

"You have to take a second coin and do the same."

"…Fuck me."

"YES!" I cheered, finally getting it done, "What's next?"

"Chant, 'Klaatu Barada Nikto' three times," she instructed me.

"Klaatu Barada Nikto, Klaatu Barada Nikto, Klaatu Barada Nikto…" Hey wait, isn't that the chant from Army of Darkness? Eh, never mind-

Everyone froze as the string suddenly snapped, causing the sound of two coins clanging upon the table to ring throughout the room. Holy…

"Hold up, what does this charm do anyways?" I asked, getting up.

"Oh, it locks you in a janitor's closet with a girl you're thinking of." she said without missing a beat, winking at me.

"Riiiight," I nodded incredulously. Pshaw, as if. Alright then universe, I dare you to lock me up with Tabane, "I'll… be going now."

I quickly rounded the corner and ducked into the stage room, where the Music Club was set up. Wow, that's a lot of instruments… Hey, what's Tabane doing here?

"Tabane?" I called out to the purple haired woman sitting alone in the stands.

"O-oh, hi Kira." she waved meekly as I sat down next to her.

"What are you doing here?"

"Tired, just needed a place to rest," Tabane's always been a pretty bad liar. Sheesh, she could at least tell the truth. Guess I'll have to do some prodding.

"Tabane, did Houki just leave you?"

"…She saw Rin with Ichika, and…" she slumped over, laying her head on her shoulders, "I thought maybe we were getting along again… but he's still more important to her."

"I'm getting that there's something more…"

"Some other developers came up to me for the IS, they said that I didn't deserve to be your provider…" she was nearly crying, "They had better weapons, and were serious about it. Some… some even said that those rumors about us were all started by me for attention…" Bastards…

Noticing the guitar that no one was using, and it was hooked up to an amp, plus the other club members were helping out the other people around the place, I got up and walked to it.

"Kira…?" Tabane asked as I strapped the guitar on and recalled a few chords that I still remembered. Hey, I liked music, so obviously I learned to play some.

The place became silent as I started playing. Ah, a certain song should do the trick…

"Hey," I smiled, singing into the mic, "don't write yourself off yet, It's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on," The people in the club started to move to the other instruments, backing me up.

"Just try your best, try everything you can, and don't you worry what they tell themselves when you're away."

Tabane's sad face wasn't so sad as I continued singing, "It just takes some time, Little girl you're in the middle of the ride! Everything, everything will be just fine! Everything, everything will be alright, alright!"

Someone else got on the drums, playing along, adding to the experience, "Hey, you know they're all the same. You know you're doing better on your own, so don't buy in! Live right now, yeah, just be yourself. It doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else." I mouthed a "Because it's good enough for me" quickly, causing Tabane to blush.

"It just takes some time! Little girl you're in the middle of the ride! Everything, everything will be just fine, Everything, everything will be alright, alright!"

By now, someone had joined in with the bass, plus someone else was playing back up, just like a real band, "It just takes some time! Little girl you're in the middle of the ride! Everything, everything will be just fine. Everything, everything will be alright, alright! WHOO!"

I played the solo rather well, the memories of my time with Luke flooding in as Tabane's gift gleamed in the spotlights. Also, the place had begun filling up, "Hey, don't write yourself off yet. It's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on. Just do your best, do everything you can! And don't you worry what their bitter hearts are gonna say!"

The crowd that had came in was already clapping to the beat of the English lyrics that I was singing in, even if they didn't understand it too well, everyone enjoys a good tune.
"It just takes some time! Little girl you're in the middle of the ride,"
I pointed to Tabane specifically, making sure those damn bitches that thought they'd make her cry knew exactly who this song was dedicated to, "Everything, everything will be just fine! Everything, everything will be alright, alright. It just takes some time! Little girl you're in the middle of the ride! Everything, everything will be just fine, Everything, everything will be alright, alright!"

"Whoa, did not know you could play like that," Ichika said as he came running up to me, still dressed in a (partially damaged) butler outfit.

"I picked up a little bit in the States," I told him, setting the guitar down, disappointing the crowd a bit.

"Bullshit," Shinjiro called me out on it, "You told me that you, Luke, Mickey, and Romeo were gonna have a band."

"Eyup," Romeo finally came around, "Sorry I'm late. Damn lines…"

"So, how's Laura been like?" I asked him, but his response was drowned out.

"ENCORE! ENCORE!" the crowd chanted. I grinned, knowing what to do.

"Alright then, but on one condition, and one condition only!" I said into the mic, "Can you convince Shinonono Tabane, who that song was played for specifically, to ask me for an encore?"

"We'll go keep her safe," Shinjiro and Ichika nodded, going to Tabane's spot.

The crowd quickly spotted her and began their pleas, chanting, begging Tabane to request an encore.

"Alright! Go ahead, Kira!" she yelled out, blushing from all the attention.

"Hey, you guys know Absolutely?" I asked the group.

"Yeah! I saw a Suzumiya Haruhi music video for it!" the girl on the drums nodded.

"Cool, let's do it," I tested out the strings again, before starting to sing, "This is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world. And while she looked so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her… When she smiles!"
Tabane looked as giddy as a school girl when she heard the lyrics, with me winking at her. Shinjiro just rolled his eyes while Ichika was nearly laughing, "Now how many days in a year, she woke up with hope, but she only found tears?"

"And I can be so insincere, making her promises never for real. As long as she stands there waiting, wearing the holes in the soles of her shoes. Now how many days disappear, when you look in the mirror, so how do you choose?"
The crowd was already clapping along with the beat of the song, with a few people trying to sing along. However, this was my performance for Tabane, so I turned up the mic.
"Your clothes never wear as well the next day, and your hair never falls in quite the same way. You never seem to run out of things to saaaaaay!"
"This is the story of a girl,"
I sang as the spotlights focused on Tabane, "Who cried a river and drowned the whole world."
"And while she looked so sad in photographs. I absolutely love her… When she smiles!"
The crowd cheered, already starting to form a bit of a mosh pit, "Now how many lovers would stay
Just to put up with this shit day after day?"

"Now how did we wind up this way? Watching our mouths for the words that we say? As long as we stand here waiting, wearing the clothes or the soles that we choose… Now how do we get there today? When we're walking too far for the price of our shoes?"

"Your clothes never wear as well the next day and your hair never falls in quite the same way. But you never seem to run out of things to say…"
"This is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world. And while she looks so sad and lonely there, I absolutely love her… When she smiles!"
During the solo I played around a bit, twisting and spinning mainly just to get the crowd pumped up, "Alright, everyone with me!"

"Well your clothes never wear as well the next day and your hair never falls in quite the same way. You never seem to run out of things to saaaaay!"
I slowed down, making my voice very soft, "This is the story of a girl… Who cried a river and drowned the whole world… And while she looks so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her!"
Nearly laughing at how Tabane was covering her face as she was blushing, considering the next part of the song, I forced myself to continue, "This is the story of a girl, whose pretty face she hid from the world. And while she looks so sad and lonely there, I absolutely love her! Come on Tabane, get up here!"
She tried to make herself as small as possible, and I couldn't help but let out a chuckle, "This is the story of a… girl! Who cried a river and drowned the whole world and while she looked so sad in photographs… I absolutely love her! When she smiles… When she smiles!"

The crowd clapped loudly as I finished with a bit of flourish in my bow. I thanked the Music Club for letting me do all of this, and apologized for derailing anything they had planned. However, they were totally fine with it, plus I was welcome to just come in and play if I wanted to.

Eventually, the crowd dispersed, though some people wanted me to play another song, and it took an annoucement that I apparently "cut my fingers on that last epic solo" to get them to leave.

"So, are you cheered up now?" I asked Tabane, getting an incredulous look from Ichika.

"That was just to cheer her up?" he asked, clearly surprised.

"Oh, yes." I cracked a grin, pulling Tabane in, "Sometimes we all just need someone to cheer us up. I'm here for all of you, you should all know that."

"Lean on me?" Shinjiro suggested.

"I ain't singing again," I growled.

"Though it that's just to cheer her up, whoever is your girlfriend down the road is one lucky girl," Ichika shook his head, "Hey, you guys don't mind if I go look for Houki."

"Yeah, go look for your totally-not-your-girlfriend," I rolled my eyes, shooing him off.

"Can it," he snapped before leaving, but in the childish kind of way when two kindergarteners are said by their parents to be perfect for each other.

"Kira!" Rei called out, running over along with Cecilia, "That was… beautiful."

"Well, it wasn't Billy Joel, so I don't think so. More like awesome." Rei rolled her eyes at my comment, "And I'm not in the mood to sing any Elton John."

"W-well, I think it was splendid," Cecilia admitted while blushing… and why is everyone in my class dressed in a maid outfit?! Am I missing something here… Oh, right. Service Café. But why maids? …MEMOES! Ahem, yeah, whatever, "C-could you sing for me, sometime?" I could tell Rei was stifling laughter at Cecilia's embarrassment.

"Well, if you ever need to get cheered up, sure." I laughed, "I mean, Tabane needed some encouragement, so I gave her some."

"Again, Kira's self-serving heart knows no bounds," Rei said with mock worship, "I am not worthy to stand in such a hero's presence."

"Oh screw off. Anyways, thanks, you two…" I noticed a group of women heading over, "You might want to leave. Things are going to get…"

"Ugly," Rei noticed my gaze's direction, "Cecilia, we should go."

"O-of course, Rei. I-I'll be expecting that song, Kira."

"Yes, yes. Anything for my dear ojou-sama," I teased, making Cecilia giggle as she left.

"Ah, Orthun-san," one with red hair greeted, dressed all business-casual like.

I held up a hand to stop her, "First off, I prefer to be called Kira."

"Of course." she nodded, "Well, I am the current head of GRM Corporations, and we'd love to extend a hand to you-" I saw Tabane shrinking. Ah, this must be that group she was talking about.

"I'll have to decline politely," I cut her off.

"Well, what about Sabre Industries? We do focus mainly on bullet technologies, and are no doubt better than your current producers." They started making various sponsorship details, and I started clenching my fist and Tabane's arm was tightening around my right arm. Their gazes looked towards it for a second before their deals started to get more aggressive.

"Look, all of you," I quickly burst out, my aggression becoming harder to control, "My current producer, Tabane, is completely fine."

"But Kira, wouldn't you rather have some specialized?" the redhead asked rather suggestively. Ah, I can see what this is also about. Ha, pathetic.

"Sure, I mean, there's plenty of people better at making weapons that Tabane is. But who else would be crazy to create dimensional travel, optical invisibility, and stuff from a video game set five centuries into the future? Who else would be crazy enough to hand me essentially a suit of death that has no equal?" They started to back up, "Who else would be awesome enough to give me an aerial vehicle that has rail guns, rockets, and a bunch of other weapons a hormone driven teenager should definitely not have have? Seriously, I could be arrested for walking near a school with the amount of guns I have, even in the US. I mean, maybe Tabane isn't the best weapon maker, but she's the one for me. So you can take your deals somewhere else. Thank you and have a nice day."

Storming out with Tabane, I laughed once we were out of earshot, "YES! That felt awesome."

"T-thank you…" Tabane whispered.

"You know, why would they do this to you? I mean, you could just carrot bomb their house or something."

"Hmhm," she let out a meek and soft laugh, "But… it's true. I can't make weapons. I only created yours because I had something to work off of. There are far superior weapons."

"And yet, none of them would work with me." I told her, "Remember Tabane, that your weapons and your weapons alone fit with the MJOLNIR. Besides, I don't think Elysian would take too kindly to foreign weapons."

"I bet you're right. Speaking of which, where is Elysian at this hour?"

"Attention everyone," Oh no. That's E's voice, "It's now time for the High Noon Couple Walk."

"Oh no she didn't," I growled, ready to shoot the speakers.

"What does she…" Tabane trailed off.

"To all girls, only a few will find the very little men. Boys… get running." No, E! This is NOT FUNNY! "Stragglers will be punished, along with hiders. That means you, Kira." Way to call me out, E. Well, there's a janitor's closet right here…

"What are you going to do?"

"Hide. Here, get in with me." I motioned for her to get into the rather large closet before making sure no one knew we were there. Damn, I wish I had my Radar Jammer. But still, I am so going to kill Elysian later. It will be slow and painful, no doubt. Anyways, lock the door, good.

"What do we do now?" Tabane whispered.

"Now… we wait."

Three… two…

"Damnit this is too boring… I'm going to run and make it to my room," I started unlocking the door… what the hell… "Ah, crap!"

"What is it?" Tabane asked.

"Lock's jammed, and I don't even have my handgun on me. Plus, because Elysian's out and about, my suit only retains as much abilities as a regular MJOLNIR suit."

"Couldn't we just break down the door?"

"I've tried once, these things are like, made of steel or something. I have no idea what they're made out of," Then again, leaving a bunch of girls with explosive weapons near chemical wouldn't be a good ideas. I growled, punching the door, only to make a small dent…

Hey, wait… didn't that. No way… Uh…

"Tabane, I'm so sorry!" I quickly apologized, bowing towards her slightly.

"Sorry?" she asked, "What a-about?" I looked up and she started backing away, "W-were you t-t-thinking of doing something?"

"Wait wait what?! No! No! It's not like that! Just… just hold on for a second!"

"Ahhhh!" Tabane yelped as she tripped over something, landing on her back on something soft in a rather suggestive posture- wait why am I thinking of this?! Focus, Kira! "N-no… I mean… we have to consider a lot of things… we aren't even…" she gulped, "D-dating."

"Just hold on for a freakin' second! Let me explain!"

"T-think about what you're doing!" she curled up. Tabane, just give me a freakin' second!

"I'm freakin' sorry about the charm, damnit!" she paused for a second, "One of the rooms I ducked into apparently had some charm cast on me that would trap me in a janitor's closet with a person I chose." Before she could say anything, I interrupted her, "And I chose you because I figured you'd have something that could break us out."

"O-oh," she stammered, getting up, "S-sorry about that."

"I'm sorry for causing a misunderstanding." Phew, that could've gone horribly wrong! "Wait… aha!" I saw a few chemicals around the place and started grabbing bottles. Now just to get to work.

"Kira, are you sure this is a good idea?" Tabane asked as we took shelter behind the mats.

"Nope. If it turns out to be a good one, great. If not, we won't live long enough to find out." I grimaced.


"Light 'em up!" I ducked down and plugged my eyes and closed my eyes.


"Are we dead yet?" I asked. Blink. Blink. Oh… I'M ALIVE! FREEEFFALLLL-wait what am I doing? Ugh, I'm really not in the mood for this. Well, it's a good thing to know that so far, besides from today's shenanigans, that everything is going absolutely a-oka-

"Intruder alert!"

Oh son of a AAGHH one day. One day, world. Just one day where everything goes well.

I looked around for a makeshift weapon. Something that would help me attack people. Like this pipe. Perfect.

"Hey! I found one-" One intruder who was obviously patrolling the halls yelled.

"For once, can I have a NORMAL day?!" I growled, smashing said intruder with a pipe right across the face, knocking her out. Great, Phantom Task. One day, universe, ONE DAY is all I ask for. Eh, well, let's loot this nice and awesome M16 they happen to have on them. Hehheh, I've always wanted one of these. Maybe I'll keep it as a trophy later.

"Kira, are you sure you should be using that pipe rather than an actual gun is better?"

"I am so glad I remember my street fighting days," I cracked my neck and knuckles, "Let's go crack some heads."

I strolled through the halls, beating down several Phantom Task members with a blunt metal pipe like it was nothing. These guys are absolutely terrible. Then again they're probably relying on the parents being scared of having their children hurt so they won't do anything. Ha, well, sucks to be these Phantom Task members then.

Kicking down the door to the cafeteria, I found myself in a hostage situation.

"You! Put the gun down or she dies!" The woman grabbed Elysian. Heh.

I put my weapons down, "Very well then." I embraced her as she ran out to me… and then I extracted the chip and plugged it in. I watched as these amateurs kicked my guns away from anyone, smirking as I donned my IS.

After dramatically cocking my gun as loudly as possible, as is necessary in these predicaments, I smiled as I said, "Hello there."

"Who's on their phone- oh shit." They noticed the shotgun and SMG in my hand, "Hey, don't do anything or we shoot-"

Unfortunately after those words several people now needed therapy after watching a teenager kill several soldiers that were holding innocents hostage with a smile on his face. With no regeret whatsoever.

"Ugh!" the woman grunted as I held her up against the wall, shotgun aimed at her cranium, "What do you want?"

"I want some answers. What's your play in all of this. There's no doubt that there's an ulterior motive." I growled, ready to pull the trigger.

"You're too late, they're probably taking away Byaku Shiki right now-"


Oh, looks like someone's plan didn't go just as planned. I particularly enjoyed the screams of terror as the shadow of Ichika's drill filled the room. Yes, indeed.

Kira you're becoming way too anti-heroic now.

We're talking about Phantom Task here, I think it's perfectly acceptable. Besides, it's not like I'll become Archer or something along those lines.

Eh, well, you might as well just finish this.

Squeezing the trigger, I ended the soldier's life, then dashed over to Ichika, who had apparently now tore through all of the soldiers once they tried to take them hostage. Awesome. You know, it's a good thing I trained him or we might actually have been in trouble there.

"Kira-kun! Orimura-kun!" Oh, it's Tatenashi, "I found out they're trying to take Orimura-kun's… I…S…" I believe it is about now that she noticed the dead bodies on the ground. Oh, I should probably wipe the blood off of my face, I was a little close to the targets when I got them with my shotgun.

"No need to worry about it, Pres." I reloaded my shotgun, "We'll clean up from here."

So, in short, it is impossible for me to have a normal day.

Oh, the festival ended without incident afterwards though, and was a lot livelier because people had come so close to death, but I mean, come on. I want one normal day! Just one! Okay, maybe like three, but at least one. Is it too much to ask for?!

Yes, Yes it is.

Shut up, E.

Well, you are the 'hero' on mankind in this world and you have a harem after you. Did you really expect any day to be normal?

Yes! Why, is it too much to ask to have a normal day- Don't answer that!


"Oh, hey Tabane," I turned around from looking outside, "What's going on?"

She walked up next to me and leaned against the window, "Oh, nothing much."

"Houki leaving for Ichika still on your mind?" I asked, noticing how she just stared at the ground.

"…Yes," she shyly answered, still not looking me in the eye.

"Tabane," I sighed, "I want you to know something. Here, come on, face me." She looked me in the eyes, and she had a bit of tears in her eyes, "I'll be here for you, alright? Me, Wolf Team, and all of the Spartans. You'll never truly be alone."

"T-thank you…" she sniffed, hugging me.

"Hey, there's still a festival out there," I smiled, "Let's go enjoy it."

There were still many games, festivities, food contests, and a bunch of other things to do at this festival, and I wasn't about to let a very close friend of mine be saddened. Note to self, chide Houki for this later. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a festival and friend to attend to.

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