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I was twirling my pen while not paying attention in class when-

~Now I face out, I hold out, I reach out to the truth of my life~ I got my phone out and answered it, "Romeo? Hey!"

"What makes you think you can just interrupt class and place a phone call above class?"

"KIKUUUUUUUUUUUUN!" Oh, I guess Tabane's taken Romeo's phone for now. And it's not even on speaker.

And the goddamn Tabane strikes again!


Yes really. You know how my mind works anyways.

"Tabane…" Orimura-sensei growled in a low enough voice that only I could hear it. Geez, she actually looks rather irritated. Everyone RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! "Why are you interrupting my class?!"

"I believe I'll know that," I swiped the phone back, "What's wrong?"

"Finally! Kira, come to the front gates. There will be a Pelican there."

"A Pelican? Just how much free time do you guys fucking have?"

"A lot more than you'd expect. I'll talk to you later."

"Well," I ended the call, "Looks like I have to take my leave… Something very important came up. I'm sure you understand Orimura-sensei?"

"Just go." she seethed. And running awaaaay!

Yeah, just like Romeo said, there was a Pelican.

"Alright, what do you guys want?" I called out, wary of my surroundings.

"Ah, you're here." Romeo hopped out of the Pelican's passenger area, "Mickey's here as well. We're still waiting on the other two."

"Other two?"

"Tabane will explain later… Oh, hey, he's here by the way."

"Kikuuuun!" Should I dodge? I think I should dodge, but then again it would be polite not to dodge. Actually I think I- OOF! "Oh hey you're finally here!"

"Alright. Can I breath now?" I took a huge breath in as she released me, "Okay. Hello."

"Here!" she handed me a small chip, "It's for E. It'll enable her to actually get into a computer and mess around with things. It makes hacking for her a lot easier, plus it means she can fly things for you. Though it means she won't be able to access functions of your IS at the same time, such as computation and weapon switching."

"Fair trade… So, how does this thing work?"

"There's a slot on the right side of your helmet," I activated my IS and plugged in the chip, "Now just give the mental command to E. E, are you ready?"

"Let's go." E said using the speakers of my helmet. Alright, go!

Okay, I'm in the chip. However since it's still connected to the IS, I can still chat with you and whatnot.

Awesome. I'll try moving you back…

And done.

"Thanks Tabane. I think this'll be pretty helpful." I deactivated the IS, "So…" I heard a car stop outside.

"Is that the other guys?" I heard Mickey ask from inside the Pelican. So who… HOLY SHIT it's Shinjiro!

"Oh hey Kira, never expected to see you here again. Actually that was kinda a lie." Shinjiro wasn't dressed in his driver uniform as he stepped out of the old looking car. Cars were never really my thing. He was dressed in normal civillian clothes, white t-shirt and dark blue jeans, with his unkempt dark brown hair going every direction and sleepy light green eyes. I thought something was up as well when he stopped the car due to 'reflex' after hearing a bullet hit the car.

"Hey old pal." Oh fucking hell, is it really- "I'm back!"

"Xavier?! Dude is that really you?!"

"In the flesh," he chuckled. His hair was still that strange silvery white blend that I had come to know. He wore a black zipper hoodie, grey jeans, and a white t-shirt with a nuclear explosion on it. Xavier (last name Xanatos) was the son of Corporal Xanatos. His mom wanted to move away but he wanted to stay with his dad and you know how biased the world is towards women so he got dragged along. Anyways, he's always had a thing for explosions…

The same way you have a thing for older women?

SHUT UP! YOU ARE NOT TO MENTION THAT TO ANYBODY OR DROP ANY HINTS! And stop saying that! I am NOT attracted to older women!

Really, cause that certain dream about Chifuyu-


Whatever you say… whaaaaatever you say…

Fuck off, geez, can I ever get some rest?

Nope! Not with a certain someone being in your dreams all the time doing a certain… tiring activity if you know what I mean? Eh?

Shut… Up… Now.

"Anyways," I snapped out of my thoughts, "What are we here for?"

"Everyone, get on the Pelican. We'll explain when we get there," Romeo said calmly while Mickey obviously was struggling to keep the information to himself.

"Alright then…" we all climbed into the Pelican, "Tabane, you want me to plug E into the system?"

"Go ahead! I can chat with her while you guys all talk with each other!"


Mouth is zipped.

Good. Alright, let's send you over to the chip, plug you in, and away we go!

A few minutes later Mickey had already fallen asleep, and unfortunately none of us had any markers. Shame, I've been wanting to get back at him for that prank he pulled at school that involved rope, markers, three gallons of air freshener, and a medium sized roll of Swiss cheese.

Don't ask.

"So Shinjiro, how'd you get involved in all of this?" I asked, wondering about his background."

"Well, I used to be a stunt driver for movies, then got kicked because of the IS and women apparently get priority in order to suck up even though the IS is not a fucking toy that can be used anywhere, then I went into the military, but I'm not one for uniform stuff, so I decided I'd just become a cab driver. Though I got a call for driving you guys because of my military experience. Anyways, what's his story?" he pointed at Xavier.

"Well, I'm an old friend. But yeah Kira, when I heard you were an IS Pilot, HOLY SHIT did I freak out. Unfortunately you didn't take any of my phone calls but the fact I had your number was enough proof I knew you. Got me the hate of a few ladies but it was worth it. After all, I knew if anyone could topple the gender inequality, it would be you."

"Don't get so ahead of yourself," I cautioned him, "I've barely started. Sure, I beat a Representative, but there's plenty who can do that. I am going to fight with all I've got though. You can count on that."

"So… What do you think is gonna happen?" Xavier asked.

"Obviously something that has to do with military. Kira being here is kind of an obvious tip off."

"WHAT HAPPENED?!" I heard Tabane yell followed by a bout of laughter, "Oh sorry if I disturbed you guys…"

"Er… ignoring…" I turned away from the cockpit door (which was closed), "So, Xavier, you still play Magic?"

"Yeah, but unfortunately we didn't have enough members to keep our club room from being taken away."

"How many did you guys have?"

"Twenty four. Guess who got our club room?"

"Lemme guess, six girls wanted to make a club and you guys get shoved out?"

"Bingo. You know they can make a club for anything. Hell, they have a Baking Club, Cookie Baking Club, Brownie Baking Club, Cake Baking Club, and all this other shit just because they WANT TO! Hell, they have a fucking World of Warcraft club that is just them sitting in the beginning areas and gossiping! And we went there to play because I wanted to finally get to a high enough level to make a DK and we got kicked out BECAUSE WE WERE ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME."

"I fucking lost the game, damn you!" Shinjiro growled.

"I won the contest." I announced, getting odd looks, "Oh, when someone loses the Game, first person to announce they won the contest… well, wins, I suppose. And what does that mean when I win instead of you Romeo?"

"I'll get you your fucking Pepsi later," he growled, "By the way Shinjiro, you lose. Again."

"Huh? Oh fuck you. Damn your deck is a lot like Yusei's though."

"Guess whose deck it actually is?" Romeo jerked a thumb at me.

"Hey, it took a long time getting that Shooting Quasar Dragon card. Not to mention the fact it is kinda ridiculous once you actually get it on the field. Anyways…"

"We're here," E announced via PA system, "Take a look outside."

The hatch at the back opened, revealing a sparkling ocean and what looks like construction… of the island?

"Doctor Shinonono's private island, currently in construction."

"You have got to be kidding me," Shinjiro let a low whistle, "All of this is artificial? It looks so real…"

"That's the result of many years of work, Shin-chan."

Snickers from Romeo and myself were heard, "Shin-chan…"

"Oh put a sock in it, Kikun."

"Yeah fuck you too Shin-chan."

"Now now boys, no fighting!"

"Yes, but there will be Mortal Kombat." Xavier laughed.

"And kung-fu fighting!" Mickey sang, "What? I just got up."

"Eh, screw all of that," Romeo took a butterfly knife and started flipping it around in his hands, "I'mma just knife yah in the back." he switched to his best Spy impersonation, "Nothing personal, I just had to shut you up." he went back to his normal voice, "Unless you're Kira. You can kick anyone's ass barehandedly."

"Really? Even if your enemy is armed?"

"You guys still remember the amusement park incident?" I smiled, getting nods from Romeo and Mickey, "Well, see, we were about to ride the newest roller coaster at whatever it was called, the Annihilator. And when we got up front, some girls decided they were more important and demanded we step aside."

"And then of course you had to say it," Romeo let out a rare chuckle.

"Yeah, I pointed my finger up to the sky and yelled, 'JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?!' Guess how many Gurren Lagann fans just came to my support."

"A lot?"

"None. Anyways, they started calling me weak and shit, so I told them that if they could beat me in a fight, then they could go ahead."

"And then they called in the guards."

"Who were pathetic. Seriously, I sidestepped one, tripped him, as he fell grabbed his ankle and swung him into the second, blocked the third guard who had a stun baton, disarmed him, smashed him on the head, then threw the baton back and took out the last one."

"And you didn't get arrested why?"

"Well, it was self defense since I didn't attack first, plus they were infringing on my rights as a customer since the amusement park has a statement about being equal to all its customers, which for the most part is a fucking load of bullshit by the way. And now, since I actually stood up, the male employees there have looked up to me since, and I get free admission for enforcing park rules. Hell yeah."

"You've got to be fucking joking," Xavier growled, "Dude I want free admission to ShadowSpike Park!" (Lame name, I know)

"Oh right, that's what it's called. But yeah, I made a lot of friends there. Plus my uncle was totally fine with it cause he gets in free as well."

"That is the craziest bullshit I have ever heard," Shinjiro shook his head, "And if you're lying, you are one hell of a liar."

"I speak the truth, my friend." I said as the hatch closed as we started to land, "People are just afraid to show what they really think. All they need is a man to rally behind, and the supporters flow in."

"Ain't that the truth…"

We walked through the labs, and eventually came to a room that had a huge tarp piece over a few huge things.

"So are we looking at the tarp or what's underneath?" Xavier asked.

"The tarp." Romeo said in the most blunt way possible.

"Yeah man, check out that tarp." Shinjiro nudged me and Romeo while grinning.

"No you morons, it's what's underneath."

"You're missing the joke." I told him blandly.

"Eh? What… oh."

"Dumbass," Romeo snorted.

"I'm going to ignore that! Anyways, here we go!" Mickey grabbed the tarp and tore it off. Underneath were four MJOLNIR suits. They all followed the basic designs of the characters from Noble Team (I guess Tabane got lazy), with replicas of Jun, Jorge, Emile, and then one was a variant of Emile's that had the Commando shoulders and GUNGIR helmet. All of course, in standard Master Chief color scheme.

"Alright then," Tabane smiled, "This is what I have brought you all for. The SPARTAN-II program! Kira, you're the SPARTAN-I, the hybrid of the IS and MJOLNIR suit that branches off. However, while the SPARTAN-IIs don't have the equalizers, Absolute Barrier, or IS shields, your Energy Shields ARE rechargeable plus they take 250% more damage than Kira's does. However, you are very mortal in this unlike an IS where AB protects the pilot."

"So do we need training for this?" Xavier asked.

"That's why we were selected, right?" Shinjiro asked, "We all have experience in military operations, and if all our stories are true, we all have reason to want to have a male counterpart to the IS."

"Yes, that's correct Shinjiro. You're all technically listed as an Elite Special Operations Team, and while official reports will have you doing other things, you'll be going after extremist hideouts and taking out rogue IS pilots."

"These can take down an Infinite Stratos?" Xavier looked at the Emile variant, "But…"

"Your weapons…" Tabane pulled out a small device that was a holographic keyboard and typed a few lines. A door to our right opened, revealing a HUGE load of weapons. Sooo… many… GUNS! I don't know about you, but guns have always interested me more than girls.

And I'm not crazy.

"First you'll have to be equipped with the MJOLNIR suits, they'll make it easier to hold those." Tabane told us but apparently Shinjiro didn't care… picking up what looks like an M247H Heavy Machine Gun with his bare hands… oh my.

"Eh, not that heavy." he grunted, "I think I'll call him Akito."

"W-well, let's get the suits on, shall we?" she stuttered, noticing how easily Shinjiro could move with all of that weight.

So, Romeo's in the Jun suit, Shinjiro obviously is in the Jorge suit, Mickey is in the Emile suit, while Xavier has the variant.

Which means, of course Romeo's the sniper, Shinjiro's the tank, Mickey is out assault/CQC guy, and Xavier is out Splosion man.

Apparently I get to be the wild card! Social Link, GO!

…I'm waiting spooky voices… never mind.

We're all actually pretty balanced as a team though. Romeo has his butterfly knife, pistol sidearm, BR, and sniper rifle. Mickey's going with an assault rifle, SMG, shotgun, and apparently he know has a katana on his back… I don't know how, but okay? He's not half bad with it though. Shinjiro's our tank, so he's got his machine gun (Natalie), TWO assault rifles, and your standard switchblade knife. How can he even carry that much weight?! Er, back to the topic at hand. Xavier has the rockets, grenade launcher, remote projectile detonator, two SMGs, and Tabane gave him hidden blades. Right where the ones in Assassin's Creed are. I seriously need to limit how many games she plays… Soon she'll be making Warhammer 40K things and we'll be fighting with Bolters! WHY NOT?!

As for Armor Abilities, Romeo has Active Camo, Mickey has Evade, Shinjiro has OverShields, and Xavier has the infamous Armor Lock. They'll only have JetPacks if it's absolutely necessary though.

Geez, your mind is actually off the topic of-

SHUT UP! Anyways, I wonder if we'll get a mission soon.

"Ah, and since your all in this, you're official military now. Congratulations, Wolf Team." Tabane took out several envelopes and handed them to us. Inside were some dog tags. I'm… whoa, I'm a Second Lieutenant? Why did I start off so high?"

"They took a good look at everything you've done beforehand. They believe you deserve that position."

"Send it back to them," I closed the envelope, "Tell them I'll start off wherever the rest of the team is. We're working as one now. I can be the leader, but it doesn't mean I get advantages just because of it."

Tabane sighed, "Kikun, you really need to do something about that extremely self sacrificing part of you!"

"A good leader makes sacrifices for his men, he does not make sacrifices OF his men."

"Just take it!" she pleaded. Oh not the puppy dog eyes, I can resist ANYONE but Tabane… IT HURTS!

"J-just make it stop… don't look at me like that… FINE! Damnit, I accept! Just stop giving me those puppy dog eyes! It burns!"

"I knew you'd see things my way!" she clapped, "Oooh, you have your first mission already!"

"Let me see… Wow, there's very little info. All we have are the coordinates and the basic outline of defenses."

"That's a lot of defenses though," Shinjiro remarked as we pulled up a holographic map.

"I see a weak point at the front gates though. But this isn't an HQ, right? Just one of their operative buildings?"

"The design is… similar to you know what Romeo. Don't ask by the way."

"Indeed. You think you know what it is?"

"Yes. It means that there are lots of defenses outside. There aren't too many inside but they ARE highly trained."

"You'd know… never mind." Xavier saw my glare, "Okay, so we just blow up the front door?"

"Yeah," Mickey chimed in, "Tricky part is actually getting to it. Look here, they can EASILY blow us apart if we charged in. Our best bet is to actually go for that helipad on the west side there. That cuts off their air support."

"So it's settled then," I activated my IS, "We roll out in five. Tabane, requesting use of the Pelican."

"Got it, let me just unlock its systems, and you're good. And Kira…" her voice suddenly took a turn for the serious as the others left for the bird, "P-please come back alive."

"Guess you don't do bits and pieces, huh?" I chuckled, "But count on it."

Amazingly, we didn't have to deal with ANY forest patrols. And that was with Romeo checking thermals PLUS E scanning the area. I think they don't expect anyone to even find them.

"Keep your eyes peeled," Romeo cautioned as we advanced, "We might not have seen any via technology but that doesn't mean they aren't present."

"Not finding any tangos," Mickey whispered, "Motion tracker's clean as well."

"We're about 200 meters away from the edge of the forest. Let's move." I broke into a light jog, Battle Rifle at the ready, "Hold up, get into the shade." We ducked down underneath the darkness of the shadow of a huge tree when we heard a helicopter pass by overhead.

"Will they see the Pelican?" Shinjiro asked.

"Stealth systems were engaged. It is currently hidden using the Active Camo technology." E told everyone over the comm unit. Wow, that's pretty great though. It means we as a team can communicate faster with E relaying information rather quickly. Awesome and practical! "Also, Tabane locked me out of some executable file, so I don't know what it does and since she obviously doesn't want me going into it, I'll respect that."

It was quiet as we reached the first waypoint area. Good thing too.

"You want me to fire off a rocket at that chopper?" Xavier asked, getting into a firing position.

"Wait… Let me see what's around there… Ah, fuel tank."

"You wanna do something bang out of order?"

"You know I'm a bit of a closet pyromaniac."

"Rocket, away."


"BOOM FOR THE BOOM GOD!" Xavier cheered over the loud explosions, "Shit, duck down so they don't see us!"

We darted behind some trees and hid, and I had to resist looking out to watch the explosions.

"Do we charge in now?" Shinjiro asked as the chain reaction of explosions made the noise get louder and louder.

"Yeah. Everyone, comm units up, we won't be able to hear each other scream over the gunfire," I checked all my weapons. Yeah, fully loaded, "On three. One. Two. THREE!"

We all dashed out from behind the cover, opening fire on the stragglers. The recoil of the BR just felt so familiar as we charged the panicking guards.

"Eyes up, sniper towers!" Mickey alerted us.

"Taking care of them." Romeo replied, and suddenly the sound of sniper rifle fire filled the air as people fell from the tower, already dead, "Cover me while I take the rest out."

"You heard him," I said, picking off another defender, "Buy him some time to take out those towers."

"I got this," I heard a hint of excitement in Shinjiro's voice. I looked at him after ducking behind some cover as he put the machine gun on his back and brought out his two assault rifles. And… he just activated OverShield since his shield bar just increased by A LOT. Did I mention my HUD displays the team status? I don't think I did. Anyways… "ALRIGHT LET'S DO THIS! LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERROOOOOOOOO OYYYYYY JEEEEEEEEEEEEEENKIIIIIIIIIII INNNNNNNSSSSSSSSS!"

"He had to go ahead and say it, didn't he?" Xavier chuckled over the screams of agony (the guards), fun (Shinjiro) and assault rifle fire.

"BURN IN THE MAKER'S FIRE!" I heard Shinjiro yell over the comm.

"DAMNIT SHIN-CHAN STOP KILLING MY EARS!" Romeo screamed, "Oh, by the way all guards are down. Shinjiro, you make quite the good tank with that over shield."

"No shit, Sherlock." he scoffed, "Seriously, gives me the equivalent of two more extra shield bars."

"Let's blow a hole in the front door, don't wanna waste any time," Xavier reminded them, "Let's move out."

"Hell comes knocking. Blow the charge." I gave the signal.


The remotely detonated rocket did its work as the ornate wooden doors were blown open.

"Go, go, check your corners," Mickey went in first with his shotgun, "Motion tracker's clean for now…"

"Not seeing anything… it's pretty dark…"

"Wolf Team, turn on your night vision." E, if you would?


Niiiice, this has outlines of stuff and everything! Wow, that's great!

"It's a little too-" Xavier started.

"Don't you DARE finish that statement. Everyone knows things get a lot louder whenever you say that." I snapped.

"…Whatever you say, boss."

We kept on going through the halls, silent. Nobody around, which is nice.

Hold up, I'm scanning for electronic activity… we've got a camera there down the hallways after the corner!

"Mickey, hold up. E's detected a camera."

"None so far until now, means they want to watch who comes through here," Romeo guessed, "Our best bet?"

"Turn back, find the security station and disable their watch." Shinjiro offered, "We can't hold our own too great against here, we don't have much cover if any at all."

E, mark a waypoint here. We'll need to remember to come back here.

Got it. Let me scan for the most amount of electronic activity… found it. Placing another waypoint.

"Whoa, what's with all these waypoints?" Xavier asked.

"That would be me. Hello Wolf Team, I am E, the AI unit/personality for the MJOLNIR Infinite Stratos Unit. I apologize for not showing myself earlier. Anyways, that waypoint should lead you to the security station, which mostly likely is the source of the main electrical activity here."

"Thanks for the info. Alright then Wolf Team, let's move out."

It was another long and silent walk, but we found it.

"How do you wanna do this?" Mickey asked.

"You know what, you do it. I wanna see how you think," I told him, "Just try not to make things hard for-"

Mickey had already opened the door and fired his shotgun, then I heard a WHACK! and then another shotgun shot.

"Done," he called out.

"What the hell did you do?" I asked, stepping inside.

"Well, first guy I shot him, second guy I whacked him on the head while pumping the rack, and then shot again. Let me check the body," Mickey ducked down to check the pulse of the guy he had hit on the head, "Hm, dead. Geez I must've hit pretty hard."

"You are in a strength augmenting suit after all." I reminded him.

"Thought so, it's a lot easier to aim now then back during the invasion." he wondered, "Now, how to disable this…"

"I got it." E, let's transfer you in there.

Got it. Plug me into the system.

I took the chip out of my helmet and plugged her into the system.

"So your IS can hack into things as well?" Shinjiro let out a low whistle, "What can't you do?"

"Well, first off, she's the personality of the unit. She's just as human as us. Hell, if it wasn't for E's computational abilities, I wouldn't have an easy time with things."

"Done." E appeared on one of the TV screens in the security room, "Pull me out of the system."

"Got it," the chip glowed blue again as she put herself into it, and I pulled it out, "Alright then, let's go down that hallway."

"It's clear. I see a door at the end of the hallway. Breach and clear?" Xavier asked, readying his rocket launcher.

"Can't do that with explosives. I'm reading plenty of life signs on the other side. Most likely some of those are civvies."

"Does anyone else… moaning?" Shinjiro asked, "I hear… screams of pleasure as well? The fuck?"

Romeo, Mickey, and I all knew what was going on.

"Gentlemen, you are about to realize just how twisted society is." I brought out my shotgun, "Make sure to target tangos only! We're trying out best to bring everyone back home. Clear the room when I give the mark. Three, two, one, MARK!"

I kicked down the door and before me was a disgusting sight of perverseness and whatnot. I will not go into details about what I saw.

Use your imagination if you dare.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!" Shinjiro yelled alongside Xavier as they opened fire on the females there who were… doing things with the hostages.

"Picking off the guards." Romeo said bluntly as he opened fire with his BR.

"How the hell are you so calm about this?!" Xavier screamed.

"When you've seen this once, you slowly start to steel your mind against it. It doesn't bother you afterwards." Mickey explained, "After all… it just gets easier to deal with."

We cleared out the room quickly.

"Wolf Team, let's get these guys clothed and out of here," I turned to one of the guys here. Identifying... fourteen years old, damn… "Are there others anywhere else?"

"N-near that plant in the corner there," he pointed to the correct one, "There's a hidden door… so what are you gonna do to us…?"

"We're getting you all home," I patted him on the shoulder, "Wolf Team, get to work! I'm gonna explore the area this guy told me about." I turned back him, "Thanks kid. Don't worry, you're in good hands now. You'll be back to a somewhat normal life soon enough. Just have a little faith."

The boy nodded as he joined the others. Let's see, I'm too lazy to look for the door itself, so I'll just kick down the wall. Heeeeey, a secret passage! Reload shotgun, and let's head down these dull grey stairs into hell.

You want to use Active Camo?

We had that the whole time? We could've avoided the explosions and stuff!

Did you really just say that?

Okay fine, I guess explosions beat stealth…

Alright then. It lasts until you disengage it, you're hit by a hostile projectile, or your shields take damage. If you move too fast your outline will be seen as well.

Awesome. Where's my regular kukris?

Are you really gonna-

Yeah. Now, let's just go down this hallway…

I found the jail like area. It wasn't too complex, just ramps/stairs with three rather large floors and many doors leading to different rooms.

I'm going to have fun with this…

"I will find you… and eat you…" I said in a raspy and scary voice as I came up behind a guard. STAB. One guard dead.

"W-who's there?!" a guard looked around with her assault rifle. No laser sights, so she won't be able to actually see me. She backed into the dark corner, most likely hoping to get a surprise attack on the 'ghost' attacker.

"You can not hide…" I calmly walked up to her and stabbed her in the heart.

"W-what?! Anna, Mia?! What happened-"

"Who wants to die next?"

"Hm, some friggin' assassin? Ha, you can't hide forever! Just try to kill me!"

"I can totally do that for you." I stabbed another guard who was coming around the corner and threw the body at her, to which the first guard let out a small gasp.

"Tch, stop leaving me hanging already and do it!"

"Give me approximately… now." I slit her throat, leaving her to bleed out.

Aaaahhhh, I love this camouflage!

Okay, I think I had a little too much fun with that, acting like an evil ghost and stuff.

Wow, I did not know you could get your voice like that.

That's it? I thought you'd chide me for being pretty evil back there.

Well, I guess, but it was funny watching those guards react.


Never mind. Anyways, there's some guys down here.

"Alright all of you, I'm getting you guys the fuck outta here. Let's roll." I said, fishing through the guard's pockets for keys.

After getting all of those guys out, I realized there was another hallway I had missed since E detected a sudden burst of electronic activity, and I went searching for it. It was cleverly hidden in the walls as well, so I'll give them that.

I slowly and cautiously walked through the dimly lit hallway with my shotgun ready to go. No sounds other than my nearly silent footsteps.

"You will pilot it!" I heard a female voice shout in a commanding tone.

"N-no… I don't want to…" a meek female voice, my guess would be a teenager my age, protested, barely audible compared to the other voice.

I quickly picked up my pace, breaking into a jog. There's the door-


I kicked the door down. I was in some sort of large locker room (meaning plenty of cover), and found a scientist (female, obviously) with a clipboard next to a computer and a girl who had light blue hair in an IS… that looked a lot like slimmed down Power Armour from Warhammer 40K. I have a bad feeling about this… Hm? IS Identifier…

It's the Dakka Dynames. It went missing from America approximately three months ago. Four Hurricane Bolters, Two RapidFire Rocket Pods. Made for taking on a lot of enemies, light and heavily armored.

"Tch, I'm sick of this. Nero, take over." the scientist hit a few keys. I tried to shoot her but it was too late as the girl began to scream in pain. At least the scientist is down.

"Please…" the girl sounded as if she was struggling, "Leave! I… I don't want anyone to get hurt any-AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHH!"

"Pathetic…" I noticed the girl had gone unconscious, "She didn't even last ten seconds this time. Ah, it feels good to be let free again…" the IS turned to me, "Ah, is this who I was requested to destroy? All right then…"

[Music: To Aru Majutsu No Index: Break Through]

Oh shit. It is pointing four Hurricane Bolters at me.



Head for the lockers! Those should give you some cover!

Do I have any other weapons besides mine at the moment?!

Um, hold on, running a scan!

Run faster!

Don't rush me!

I'm talking to myself! I'm trying to get myself to RUN THE FUCK FASTER OH FUCK I HATE BOLTERS WHEN I'M ON THE RECEIVING END!

Got it! You've got the Asymmetrical Recoilless Carbine-920, which is a rail gun. It takes time to charge though. There's also the M363 Remote Projectile Detonator or Rocket Pistol-

Give me that! I can use it for some traps!

Alright then!

The weapon appeared in my hand, and the weight wasn't too bad. Hm, Armor Ability, how about Hologram for now?

Switching. Task Complete.

Awesome, now just to have it run at him, put the sticky on the back… there!

"Hahaha, rushing at me straight on? Pathetic. Oh, never mind. It's just a hologram."

FUCK, he can tell?!

"Whatever, I'll just ignore it."

Oh, that's good. Let's blow it up now.



I think Tabane made our weapons just a tiny bit more dangerous than the others.

If that's a tiny bit more dangerous I want to see what she thinks a LOT more dangerous is.

You did not pick up on the sarcasm.

Fuck. And here I thought we'd get a N2 mine at one point.

I'm sure she can come up with that and DUCK!

I hit the deck as a hail of fire came over my head. Geez, that was CLOSE!

You can thank me later. For now, take this guy out.

You got it. Swap to Sniper Rifle and begin firing. It's like playing whack-a-mole but I'm the mole with a sniper rifle and the guy with the hammer just has a shit ton of bullets.

Wait, if I can close the distance, then he won't be able to shoot me as much, because I don't see any CQC, plus his movements are pretty slow, so I should be able to dodge.

I sprinted at him, ducking from cover to cover area as I shortened the distance between us.

Just about there just have to stab him out with-

Oh shit rockets.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAgggggggggggghh hhh!" I flew back and crashed into the showers, water spraying everywhere. Gah… that stung…

And man he knocked the wind out of me as well… gotta, catch my breath…

I heard guns shooting before I let myself collapse onto the floor. Ack! E… are you alright?

I'm fine… you… should be concerned with yourself.

What does that- Oh shit…

Nero picked me up and threw me aside, so I flew through several more lockers, taking multiple hits. Fuck, IS shields are critically low! And he's way too fast for me to counterattack! I shouldn't have trusted just calculation and all that!

Ugh… AAAHHHHH! Nero tossed me again, and I slid across the floor.

"Lech!" I started coughing up blood.

R-removing helmet!

Isn't there Absolute Barrier?!

You might not actually take damage, but your body will feel the pain and react.

Fuck, I guess AB isn't perfect… Wait… I'm right next to the computer…

I pulled myself up and removed the chip after getting E into it.

"E… please find a way to disable him…" I gave a silent prayer as I plugged the chip in, "Guh…"

"Hm. Now you will know death."

My life flashed before me as the Hurricane Bolters were pointed at my face.

All I see is death, destruction, desecration, and doom.

Which is when I started laughing.

"What is so funny?"

"You, an AI, would think you know what death is?" I started laughing so hard I saw him apply force to keep me still, "I have gone to the abyss of death itself and returned."

"And why would you say that?"

"Trust me, would you really want to know the deepest secrets of the human mind? Do you want to know how it is to slowly be killed from the inside out?"

"Are you mocking me?! I know more than your pathetic mind could ever know!"

"Are you so sure?" Come on E.

"Task complete."

"What? What task?!"

"This is why I'm going to win."

"And WHAT is that reason?"

"Because you, my friend, are quite easy to stall. E, do it!"

"Your way of controlling the IS is interesting. Leave the source and important parts of you in here and project the rest into the IS with a stable bond. But taking out the source part of you should do that trick."

"No… NO!"

"Send me a postcard from whatever hell they put homicidal AI in." I said coldly as the grip around me loosened and I fell to the ground. FUCK, that hurt… Just gotta… retrieve E… good… I forced myself to sit up against some debris as the girl came back from her unconscious state.

"Where… am I?"

"Safe… Nero… gone," I forced out. Damn, it hurts to breath… "You'll be fine… what's… your name?"

"Rei… Rei Aragaki…" I noticed she had light green eyes as she stared at me, "You…"

"I'm Kira… agh, Orthun… Kira Orthun…" E, comms please…

Got it.

The helmet came back on me and I started talking to the team, "Everyone, I've explored the building down here. It's fine… Everyone finish up what you're doing and get out…"

"Yessir!" four voices replied. I got up shakily, having E summon out my Sniper Rifle to use almost like a crutch, even if it is really impractical.

"Wh-what are you going to do with me?" Rei asked.

"Let's get you home." I started walking towards the exit, "You might be kept for questioning just to see how you've worked with these people and all that, but I don't think they'll jail you for it. Didn't the AI take control of you anyways?"


"Then it isn't your fault… Come on… agh, let's get going…"

"Leader!" Mickey helped me up as I fell as we reached the Pelican, "Whoa, who's the girl?"

"Rei… she's… an IS Pilot they forced, her to pilot…" I coughed, but no blood this time, "Let's… get out of here…" Staggering to the cockpit, I took the chip out and plugged E into the system, "Everyone on?"

"Yeah… All civvies here and accounted for." Shinjiro nodded as he helped Rei in, "Close the hatch."

"Alright thank you for flying with Spartan Airlines, now it's time to get the fuck outta here!" E said as the Pelican took off.

"Kira, here." Romeo opened a hatch and fished inside, pulling out a canister, "Biofoam. It'll help patch you up. Here…"

"FUCK!" I snarled as he used it on me, "It's like ten thousand fire ants biting all over!"

"Relax… and… done."

"Damn! We got hostiles coming up from behind us!" E shouted over the intercom.

"Damn… I'm in no condition to fight…"

"How many are there?!"

"There's pretty much a fleet of planes or whatever the hell the terminology is!"

"I… I can do it."

"What?! Rei…"

"I can do this…" she closed her eyes, "Dakka Dynames… help me."

A bright flash of light… and then Rei had her IS on, "Please open the hatch."

"E, you heard the lady!"

"Roger that. Opening…"

"Locking onto targets," WHOA THAT IS A LOT OF TARGETS! "Done… Hurricane Bolters… targets locked. Opening fire."


"HOLY SHIT!" Shinjiro screamed over the mass amounts of dakka, "I WANT THAT WEAPON!"

"IT'S SO LOUD!" Mickey yelled as he tried to calm down some of the guys, "GEEZ!"

"T-there's too many…" Rei broke down after she stopped shooting and sobbed, "I… I let you all down…"

"It's fine," I limped over and patted her on the back, "You're not useless."

"Um… hey that executable file opened up. Closing the hatch…"

"Alright, time to see what it does-"

"Er, entering… SlipSpace?"

A blink later we were in and then out… and why don't I see anyone else? Why is only Rei with me in the cockpit all of a sudden and…

"This… is what Tabane added? Geez. Just look at this hologram."

We… are piloting a modified AC-220 Gunship, also known as a Vulture.

And by modified, I mean several things.

One, it has six Hurricane Bolters.

Two, there is a MAC Cannon on top that can be rotated.

Three, there are two undersided missile launchers that are also rotatable.

We are armed to the FREAKING TEETH!

"Don't worry about to civvies, they're actually safe right now." E brought up the hologram and highlighted a back part, "They're there, safe. Anyways, you have piloting controls with me, Shinjiro's at the Hurricane Bolter station, Romeo's at the MAC Cannon, Xavier at the missiles, and Mickey's at the two standard guns it normally has."

Awesome. I think everyone knows what to do… E, make us face the planes and whatnot.

Doing so.

"Everyone…" I paused for full dramatic effect as I looked straight at the enemy, "This is one thing I have always wanted to say. FIRE! ALL! WEAPONS!"

"OOH-RAH!" came a loud chorus as the thundering sound of Dakka and explosions filled the air. I watched as each plane, helicopter, and whatnot (No ISes though) were all shot down, spiraling as they burned.

"Detecting a large airship! It's… twice the size of us! They're all retreating towards it! And now it's facing us!"

"Don't worry, I have this covered. There's apparently some sort of 'Ubercharge' on the MAC Cannon."

"Gee, I wonder that does," Shinjiro had sarcasm dripping the whole time.

"No need for sarcasm Shinjiro. Anyways, here we go! Activating Ubercharge!"

"Whoa! The energy readings are off the scales!"

"There's just one good line for this… I'MMA FIRING MAH LAZAH, BITCHES!" Romeo yelled with excitement as the round fired, tearing a huge hole in the bridge of the gunship… and going all the way through the engines. Why not?

"Damn, though there's a long cool down, since there's so much energy used there it takes some time to use just the standard MAC Cannon again." Romeo sighed, "But I think we beat their gunship or at least disabled it."

"Yeah… alright then everyone… let's head home."

"Alright, I'll just restore us to our normal Pelican mode for reduced travel time then…"

I think… I'll just go rest… now…

I woke up on a bed with beeping machines on my left.

"Kikun…" Tabane hugged me. She probably was sitting next to me, "You had me worried…"

"Tabane… Can't… breath…" I forced out, taking a huge breath of air as she let go, "Is everyone else alright?"

"Why do you always have to ask that?" she sobbed into my chest, "You nearly died!"

"Those who kill… should be prepared to be killed…" I choked out.

"Don't say that!"

"It's true."

"But still!" she hugged me again, "I don't want to lose any of you… I brought you all into this because I thought you'd like to help but I knew the dangers and…"

"Tabane, shush." I looked at her in the eyes, "I know the risks and I took them. You… should have faith. Injuries heal, after all."


"Where are Rei and the others?"

"E is taking everyone back home, Rei is currently going to be seeing a psychologist like the boys you rescued, and she'll probably go to the Academy for social contact afterwards."

"Good…" I stretched my arms, "So…"

"Um… there's something I'd like to talk to you about…" Tabane tapped her fingers nervously, "We could go to the town near the IS Academy… I have a forward base we could teleport to."

"Alright then," I got out of the bed, "Let me change and then we'll get going."

My clothes consisted of a white t-shirt, dark blue jeans, a black blazer, and a fedora.

The town was pretty lively, since some fair from America had stopped by on some world tour and whatnot.

"So…" I paid for our two lemonades, "What did you want to talk to me about?"

"I… just wanted to know how you felt… going on a mission again."

"Well," I took a sip of- HOLY SHIT THIS LEMONADE IS AMAZING! Oh, right… "It felt natural I guess. Back in the saddle of firing a gun and whatnot."

"No guilt felt?" she asked with concern.

"I don't feel guilt for when I kill evil things."

"…I see…"

"Don't feel bad for me though. In fact, thanks for letting me do this sort of thing. It feels good to make a difference in the world."

"Okay… Oh! They have a ring toss for goldfish!" she suddenly perked up. Status quo maintained, I see.

"Do you want me to get one for you?"

"No! I've got it handled!" she pulled out her own wallet, "Just sit down and I'll be right back."

I found a seat next to some guy with blue hair who was drinking a Pepsi, "This seat taken?"

"No sir," he chuckled. He pointed at Tabane, "She your girl? You're a lucky one. Most fellas get dragged around in a fair like this."

"Nope," I sat down, "Just friends. You waiting on a woman?"

"Of course." he pointed next to Tabane, "She's a nice one, not like many of the stuck ups these days. Met her on the beach."

"Lemme guess," I pondered for a second, "Some girls were harassing some guy and she stood up for him?"

"Nailed it in one." he laughed, then took another sip.

"And that's the day you knew she was gonna be the one to be with?" I noted a ring on his finger, "So how was proposing?"

"Scary day. Hell, I've faced tanks less scary than that prospect." he shook his head.

"But you don't regret anything, huh?"

"Of course not. So, you know what they call you?"

"You know who I am?" I arched an eyebrow.

"What man wouldn't recognize Kira Orthun?"

"I guess so. So, what do they call me then?"

"You ever watch Code Geass?" I nodded, "I guess I won't have to tell you why they call you Zero."

"The man who creates and destroys world? Hm, I wouldn't say I destroy worlds and create them. More like I change them."

"Did Zero really destroy the world though?"

"I guess so." I shrugged, "It fits at the very least."

"Hey, you better get going," he gestured, "Your friend's coming back."

I saw Tabane looking both a mix of happy and sad. Wonder what could've happened?

"Thanks… hey, it was nice talking to you… Uh…"

"Just call me Minato," he laughed, but then pointed at Tabane, "I can see you two have a special bond though. Make sure not to break it. Bonds are the true power of people, after all."

He is right actually… "I'll remember that. You take care."

"I say the same to you." he nodded as I walked away.

For some reason I think some glass just broke. Nah, I'm just hearing things.

"So… what's up? You look bittersweet."

"I won… but," she gestured over to a young boy, "That boy didn't win one… so I gave my prize to him."

"I see… That's nice though. And it may make a difference later on in life."

"What makes you say that?"

"There's a quote that goes like this. In one hundred years, it won't matter how much money your bank account had, the car you drove, the type of house you lived in, or how much money you made. But what makes your life count is how you may have made a difference in the life of a child." I grinned as the small child showed what was probably his father the goldfish.

"How would I have changed his life?"

"I don't know, but maybe we'll find out." I said as he came over with his father.

"Excuse me miss?" the young voice of the boy asked.

"Yes?" Tabane put on a smile as she kneeled down to look the boy in the eyes.

"Thank you for the goldfish!" he grinned, "Mommy would never let dad buy one because she said it was a… 'waste of money'? Was that right dad?"

Another victim of female favoritism and how families where the wife isn't in charge are frowned upon… even nice girls are corrupted by what society expects of them.

"Eherm!" he coughed, "I too, would like to thank you." he looked at me, "My God, Kira Orthun-"

I put a hand up to stop him, "Please don't say anything about me. I don't like publicity. And before you ask, we are just friends."

"Of course," he nodded, "I'd just like to thank you for all you've done."

Did I mention I did a LOT of talks during the summer and protests as well for the side of man? Yeah, that's probably what he's talking about. Those are why I'm considered the 'Cynical Bastard Hero of Man'.

"It's nothing. I'm just doing what my heart and mind tell me is right. I would advise you to do the same. Sometimes, taking the consequences is better than avoiding them. As the phrase goes, 'Just break the rule and you'll see the truth'."

"Where did you hear that?"

"Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Watch it, it'll help you." I reached up and patted his shoulder, "Anyways, it's getting late. Wouldn't want junior to be tired in school and miss out on a piece of information that could help him change the world, right?"

"Right… come on, son, let's go home."

"Okay dad!" the boy smiled as he was helped up onto his dad's shoulders by Tabane, "Thanks again!"

"Thank you." the father grinned as he walked away, "For everything."

"I think that went well," Tabane had a big smile on her face, "I feel… fuzzy inside."

"That's how it is to help others, I guess," I shrugged, "So… do you want to go on the Ferris Wheel they've got here?"

"Okay!" she quickly wrapped her arm around mine. Is that a blush on her face, "A-a real gentleman would escort a lady, right?"


"Well, that's what one of the women there was talking to me about. Her husband, Minato, was always like that to her," she giggled, "She said I should try it with you."


"Ehehe, is someone embarrassed?"

"No, it's funny, since I was talking to this Minato guy actually."

"Wow, that's a coincidence," she said as we started walking to the Ferris Wheel.

"I guess." I shrugged, "Minato seemed like a nice guy."

"His wife definitely agreed with that… what was her name? Aigis?"

"Well, we're here…" You know, thinking about all that talk about differences, I just thought of something interesting. What if I hadn't actually come here? Hell, Tabane would be a smiling wreck that might have undiagnosed possible depression (Hell, she does have those really sad moments but smiles all the time), Ichika wouldn't have found his own strength and wouldn't until it was too late, making him some sort of heartbroken badass or mad berserker in combat, Houki would keep repressing her thoughts about Ichika until it was too late such as him nearly dying or actually ending up dead, Cecilia would be extremely stuck up and all that, and who knows about Rei?

As we stepped into the Ferris Wheel cab, I said, "Thank you."


"I… just realized how much has happened not just to me, and it might be selfish to say this, other people as well since you, you know what."


"So, I just wanted to say thank you."

"Mkay!" she smiled as it started moving. We both looked out the window, "So, what do you see out there? I see a beautiful world."

"I see a world waiting to be changed. And that's the only thing I ever want to see outside a window."

"You have an interesting way of thinking about things."

"I've been told that a l- whoa!" as we reached the peak of the ride, it was shaken violently.

"What happened?"

"It apparently stopped." I tried to listen to what was going on outside. The people there are saying something about… the electronics messing up… everything? YES, of FUCKING course, I am stuck at the top of a ferris wheel, which is seen as a romantic point, with a rather attractive older woman! E is going to have a field day with this if she finds out! WHY ME?!


A few hours?! I don't think this'll take that long. And damn it's late…

"Uwaaaah!" Tabane yawned, then shivered, "It's cold…"

I took off my blazer and handed it to her, "I've slept in worse. Don't worry about me."

"Um… okay... Oh, I have something else to ask of you."

"What is it?"

"What color would look good next to silver or white?"

"Is this for Houki's IS?"

"How did you-"

"Ichika has a white silverish IS and Houki has feelings for him. I simply put the pieces together. By the way, a good color is red. Maybe some black as a secondary color, I'm not really sure. So why the sudden interest?"

"I thought maybe she'd be more accepting of me if I gave her something..."

"Well, why not say sorry first?"


"I can tell that both of you want to reconcile. Houki hides it pretty well, but the signs were there... They're just really deeply hidden that most people would actually think she hated you. The only thing is... you're both afraid of getting hurt. You felt hurt when Houki probably decided not to speak to you again and she felt hurt when you sorta just ripped her away from Ichika and all that. Hedgehog's Dilemma. People want to be cared and loved for but are afraid of getting hurt. Sometimes, you just have to reach out."

"I see..." she paused, then yawned, "I think... I'm going to go to sleep now..."

She fell over and was instantly in a deep sleep. You know, I think I'll head to sleep as well...

I woke up to something brushing up against me.

Is it… Tabane? Geez she hugs really tightly.

"Don't… go… Don't… leave me…" she mumbled in her sleep, "I'm… sorry… Houki-chan…"

She has nightmares about Houki leaving her? Damn, this is a lot worse than I thought... I mean, I just thought they'd be on the whole sibling rivalry/irritation level but this is... different. A sibling who wants to care and a sibling who has convinced herself she just wants the care out of her life. This is going to be very tricky to reconcile them. It's going to take a lot more than a gift, even if it is a personal IS to fix their relationship.

Hell, the least I'm thinking of is that Tabane has to save Houki's life without an IS. But-

A bit of light leaked into cab. Sun's starting to rise, huh?

I took off my fedora and carefully laid in on her face, blocking light from entering as she kept on sleeping. What was that song that helped me get to sleep? Right…

"Ima, watashi no… negaigoto ga. Kanau naraba tsubasa ga hoshii. Kono, senaka ni toru no you ni…"

The song is Give Me Wings, by the way, from Evangelion. I always felt at easy listening to that song…

I think… I'll go back… to sleep…

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Well, time for the usual rundown of events!

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And yes, they DID just get a Vulture ship that has 6 Hurricane Bolters.

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I flicked my right wrist and a chainsword appeared in my hand. Putting the tip in the ground, I drew a circle.

"What the bloody hell are you doing?" Cecilia screamed.

"Patience." I smirked, finishing the circle. It was roughly ten feet in diameter, "Do you see this circle here?"


"Good. I thought you'd gone blind there for a second." I cleared my throat, "Alcott-san, I will defeat you without stepping fully outside the bounds of this circle."

"Are you so confident in yourself?! That will be changed soon."

"Perhaps it is your confidence that will be changed," I got into a battle stance as the helmet for my Power Armor-esque IS appeared.

"WHY YOU!" she took a shot at me, but I simply blocked it with the chainsword.

"Please, I thought you'd do better than that. After all, you said you were a representative pilot. I thought they'd know better than just to shoot the enemy head on."

"Ichika..." Houki's voice came through on the HUD, "Are you sure it is a wise idea to annoy her?"

"An annoyed enemy is one that will mess up in their rage." I rested the sword on my shoulder, "Is that it? Is that your entire strategy?"

"Take this!" she unleashed four small drones that all came at me, shooting rapid fire.

"Hmph." I spun the chainsword at amazing speeds, enough that each shot simply was blocked by the chainsword, "Is that all your puny guns can do?"

"How dare you insult the weaponry of Blue Tears! This, for your information, is a Starlight Mark III! It is one of the highest quality sniper rifles there is!"

"But it's not like a high damage weapon will do you any good if you can't hit your enemy. But what if I show you a weapon that has both rapid fire and high damage?" I put the chainsword on my back and the familiar shape of a weapon known as a Bolter appeared in my hands, ready to go, "Two words, Alcott Cecilia. More dakka."