I never thought I could ever feel as emotionally broken as I did at this moment. Watching Billy up there on that stage with Zoe and hearing the words "it's you" why didn't I realize it before... I was completely and utterly in love with my best friend and now I had lost my chance. As the curtain closed and the sounds of applauses filled the auditorium I realized I had to pull myself together, I didn't want anyone to notice how heartbroken I was even though I know Ben is starting to catch on.

"Janey, so how did I do? Tell me the honest truth was I horrible?" I wanted to tell him that he was perfect and that I loved him but, I fought back my tears and the truth. " You were fantastic! I'm so proud of you."

Then at that moment Billy leaned in for a hug and I never wanted to let go. Closing my eyes I took a deep breath and realized this was it. I was losing my best friend; my soul mate. One more deep breath and I let go knowing that he was Zoe's now and I was too late. This is where our journey ends.

"Billy hurry up so we aren't late for the cast party! Also, some people really want to take our picture for the newspaper." Hearing Zoe scream across the room I knew I had to let it all go. "I'll see you later Jane." Knowing that I was fighting back tears my voice cracked as I let out a "Bye Billy" barely above a whisper.

I walked slowly back over to Ben completely exhausted and just wanting to go home and cry. "Hey kiddo let's head home." I could see in Ben's eyes that he knew I wasn't okay and that he knew I was upset about Billy and Zoe. Just as I was about to head out Amanda came over to tell me that people wanted to see me because they were interested in my costume designs. At least maybe something good can come out of tonight.

Walking further down the stage I heard a familiar voice say "Jane? What are you doing hear?" I froze in that instant realizing that my life was officially over. Looking up I realized Grey and Eli were both right in front of me. There was no way out of this one I was totally screwed. I couldn't even gather up the courage to say anything. "Jane?" I realized that I better say something but, before I could Eli already started speaking "Jane your designs looked even better up there on that stage then when they were still on the designing table, It's nice to know that you could help this school out by volunteering for the play." A sigh of relief was definitely called for I really owed Eli a thank you and the truth. After speaking one last time to Grey I headed to the car to go home with Ben.

"Jane wait up!" I turned around and saw Eli running towards me. "Thank you Eli I really owe you for that. I owe you the truth though." He saw that the tears had already gathered in my eyes as I started to explain everything from the mistaken internship to my hidden life. I was shocked to see how compassionate and kind he was. I felt his arms gather me in an embrace and I let everything out... Billy... my job.. my life. At that moment little did I know Zoe and Billy were heading to his car and that Billy fought back tears as he had saw the sight of me and Eli together...

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