You're mind is like a sieve, you'll forget about me. You were just a toy, a distraction. I never loved you.

A distraction.

I never loved you.

You'll never see me again.

I woke up to a silent scream. My throat felt like it was on fire. The nightmare. I can't believe I had it again. It's been a year and a half since they left me and nine months since I stopped having that dream. Why did it start back up again? I need a glass of water. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and swung my legs to the side of my bed to walk to the bathroom but something stopped my legs from falling to the floor. That's when I noticed it. I wasn't in my room, or my bed. Where the hell am I? There seems to be only one casement window and the little moonlight flooding in isn't giving me much to work with.

The room smells dank and dingy. The mattress I'm sitting on is a thin twin mattress shoved up against the wall with no sheets or blankets. Where the hell am I? I try to remember earlier in the night but it seems foggy at best. I was at a bar with Jessica and we were talking about Angela. Oh dear lord Angela! I forgot, she'd been kidnapped. We were formulating a plan to get more information from my dad but he seemed to know that I was looking for it and flat out refused then threatened to ground me if I went searching for Angela or information. Her family said that she was home by herself during break from school and when her mom came back there was a note stating that she was running away and would never come back. Now I know being the daughter of a minister can be hard but Angela is not that type of person. She was taken but by who? I wanted to get the note from my dad and get Jake or one of the wolves to sniff it and let me know if the scent on it was human or not but Dad was a tough obstacle to get around. I finally managed it and Jake told me without a shadow of a doubt that the persons who touched it were both vampire and human. He also stated that the human scent was not Angela's but in fact Mike Newton. WTF?

Suddenly I'm brought out of my inner ramblings by a faint sobbing sound only a few feet away from me. I stood up deciding to explore my 'cell' for lack of a better description and to find the source of the sobbing. "Hello, is anyone one out there?" I called through the small barred window of the room.

"Ssh. They'll hear you and we'll both get in trouble. Go back to sleep and pretend you're not stuck here." Mystery girl said.

"Too late for that. Where is here? How long have I been here? How long have you been here?" I asked.

"Keep your voice down I don't want to get punished again. I don't know where here is. I've been captured for a few days now. They just brought you in a few hours ago." She replied.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Arianna and you?"


"Aaaw, isn't that sweet two of my three little angels are making friends." I know that voice and suddenly I remember exactly how I got in this mess.

"Mike you ass, you fucking drugged me mother fucker! What the hell do you think you're doing? When my father finds out about this you are going to be somebody's bitch in maximum security." I bellowed.

"Wow! That is one filthy mouth little mouth for such a pristine little virgin! You are a veritable devil dressed as angel. Too bad I can't sample the goods, that would just bring the price down too low." Mike retorted.

"Price? What the hell are you talking about asswipe?"

"I'm talking about the $500,000 I'm getting paid for you at the auction later today. You, Angela and this scrumptious little morsel just made me $1.5 million dollars. Get this Bella bean but not only are there vampires in the world but most of them are loaded and love to buy up pretty little things such as yourself for their personal little play things. Of course as I hear it, you don't survive longer than a year because they either drain you or break you." Mike sneered.

"And what vampire told you to pick me?"

"Surprisingly, none but I knew by watching you with Jess that you still owned your V card and knew that you wouldn't give me a shot at taking it. So I'm doing the next best thing, I'm making money off of it."

"You better pray that I don't get free because I will serve you up to the first vamp I find or better yet I know a few horse sized wolves that would love to tear you apart." I threatened.

"Trust me princess, you're not getting free of that cell until whatever vamp buys you."

"At least let Arianna come in here with me, the poor girl could use some comfort."

"No can do either. She was purchased privately and will be leaving right now. That's why I came down here. That and to give you something to eat." He said as he tossed a brown bag through the slot that opened in the middle of the door. I took that opportunity to reach out and swat at his hand and managed to do some damage.

"You little bitch, you cut me!"

"Make sure you cover that up when the vamp gets near you. Wouldn't want him snacking on his supplier now would we?!" I cackled.

"You are gonna pay for that! I hope you got a bite in of your food because Trey here is going gag and tie you. Trey, give her the treatment and make sure it's secure."

As I heard him walk away and a sobbing Arianna begged to be set free a tall hulk of a man came through my door with cuffs and rope. OH SHIT! FUCK MY LIFE. I hope Jessica decides to give up on looking for Angela or she may end up in the same fate as me.