I am so so sorry that I've been MIA for so long! The holidays were busy to say the least and my writer's block was denying my imagination. But here I am back to add to the drama! Kisses my lovelies, I'm on to Chameleon now.

I took my time going back to the house. There were plenty of vampires there capable of taking care of whatever threat may arise. Esme with Eleazar's help seems to have taken on the role of coven leader with finesse. May be we should set up some sort of American fortress like that of the Volturi's precious Volterra. I'm not saying that we would require vampires to pledge allegiance to us but it could be a sort of safe haven for nomads trying to escape persecution from other vampires or even other creatures of the night so to speak. Of course that would require a new treaty with the wolves and I think they would rather we just left the area once this threat with the Volturi is over. Oh well, I'm still coming by to visit my dad from time to time. They can't stop me from that, if they do I'll sick Ares on them. Ha that would be quite a show too bad I can't eat popcorn or human food anymore! I'll just get Angela to eat it and then tell me how good it is.

As came into the clearing of the front yard there was a crowd gathered by the front door. They were arguing but I wasn't quite sure what the subject matter was. Oh well no time like the present to ruin my good mood. At least Leah should be having a good time about now.

"Hey what's going on?!" I shouted.

"It's about time you got back? Where have you been young lady? We have a major issue in the works and you just up and disappear!" Esme squawked.

"Esme I already told you that she had to chat with her sister and she can take care of herself. She doesn't need you going maternal on her. She already has one loony mother." Charlie barked at her.

"How's she doing sis? She quit fighting it?" Seth whispered.

"I don't think you have anything to worry about. You may have a brother-in-law very shortly." I replied.

"Ugh! I so do not need to see a vampire doing my sister in my mind! That's just wrong."

"Says the wolf who imprinted on a vampire."

"Touché. But it's still my sister and I don't want to see it."

"As touching as this is can we get back to the problem at hand?" Carlisle questioned.

"Esme why is your pet speaking to my mate?" The Major asked beside.

"My apologies Major. Dearest I warned you that if you spoke I would chain you back up. Do you wish for more punishment?" Esme asked.

Carlisle stood silently with his head held low.

"Answer me."

"No Mistress, my apologies for speaking out of turn."

"Okay so give me the skinny. What did I miss?" I asked.

"Well the five nomads that came while you were gone were actually three nomads and two Volturi guards."

"Really?! Where are they now?" I asked.

"Four are ash but the fifth got away. Apparently he's faster than Edward, if you can believe that." Rosalie quipped.

"Fascinating. Did you get any info from them?"

"As a matter of fact we did but so did the one that got away." Edward replied looking ashamed of himself.

"Why so sad Edward, you had no idea he would be faster than you. We'll get them when they come again. And you know they'll come again. Aro is probably chomping at the bit now to get a hold of Bella Boo." Emmett interjected.

"Yes I know, but I should have expected that Aro taught them to keep their thoughts hidden when coming upon other vampires who can read minds." He replied chastizing himself.

"So let me get this straight, the one that got away not only can read minds but is also faster than you Edward?"

"No he is faster than Edward but the other guard, a small female was the mind reader. She's like Aro, she had to touch a person to read their thoughts. One of the wolves was holding her back and she got everything. She knows about you, the wolves, your father, the tribe, all of us." Peter explained.

"So she just shouted out the info to the runner and he took off like a bat out of hell?" I asked.

"Pretty much, Lil Bit."

"Shit I can't leave you alone for one second."

"So what do we do now? Attack the Volturi?" Emmett asked.

"Actually we won't need to. It seems Aro is planning on testing our boundaries so to speak." Edward announced.

"And how is it that you just come to realize this Edward?" Jake snarled.

"Because Alice just saw the vision of Aro deciding it. The runner gave him the info and he wants to see exactly how strong we are. We should expect some surprise attacks in the next week."

"Alright so in the mean time we need to strategize and train all wolves and vampires to properly fight. Captain, do you recommend any soldiers from either the pack or our kind?" The Major stated. Have I mentioned how yummy he is when he goes all militant and that kind of shit?!

"I do sir and I might suggest that we split into specific groups that best represent our fighting styles and capabilities." Peter said while quickly morphing into his Captain persona.


In the end Peter and Charlotte took the pack and alternated between separate one on one lessons and group tactics and formations. The Major trained most of the vampires leaving me to train with my sisters on our succubus talents as well as showing all the mated couples how to use each other as a team to taken an opponent down. The vampires trained for the next twenty-four hours continuously while the humans and pack came in shifts. The pack was thinking about calling Leah and Dominic back but I suggested for their safety as her brothers to leave them be. I even suggested letting Seth have some time alone with Elle. It took some explaining to them about the intensity of feelings for newly mated vampires before they eased up on needing the whole pack in their territory. Poor Seth and Elle haven't been able to complete their bond and it has to killing them both. I had to remind Jared, Paul and Sam about what they were like when I first came around the rez.

We spent another day intermingling vampire and wolf teams explaining that it would help them to become familiar with different vampire styles while 'studying' the talents of the guards. I can probably shield a good majority of our group but I would prefer to take out the biggest threats before draining myself in the middle of a battle. Edward warned us that we had more visitors coming so we are now preparing for the next group of nomads wanting a piece of the succubus that 'called to them'. Sometimes it would be nice if there were a warning label on each person before you turned them into a vampire. I'm just saying.


"So they're from the Amazon?" Jacob asked.

"Yes, apparently Carlisle and Eleazar know them. Esme didn't have much to say I assume she isn't very familiar with them." I replied.

"Are they friendly? Are they here like the rest, because of your succubus mojo?"

"Yes and no. They are curious but plan to return to the Amazon after the Voltiuri show up.". I replied.

"They seem hardcore savage to me. Can we trust them?"

"Yes. You worry too much and you're hypocritical considering you turn into an oversized wolf." I chuckled.

Hmmph was the only response I got.


"So Drac 1 and 2 are from Romania how fitting." Seth joked and Elle smacked him in the gut.

"Careful Seth, Vlad and Stefan are just as old and experienced as the Volturi. Don't let them here you making fun of them, they have no allegiance to anyone they would not think twice to attack and kill you." Eleazar explained.

"Ow, that actually hurt Bite Size."

"Sorry forgot to pull back a bit furball, still a newborn you know." She replied. Nicknames so cute. They are sickeningly sweet and adorable. I actually want to eat them both.

"Darlin' those are some interesting emotions you got going on there. Do you need to feed?" Jasper questioned.

"Yes and no. I'll feed once Leah gets back. She should be here any minute." I replied.

As if on que, Leah and Dominic emerged from the trees. Leah had what looked like the leg of a mountain lion in both hands and she was biting into it. Blood smeared all over her face and dripping off of her chin. Dominic who happened to be sporting a few new bites was dragging the rest of it. Bites, interesting! I wonder if Leah has any. She's not wearing much in the way of clothes but I can't see any visible marks.

Slowly and lovingly Dominic sat Leah down on the porch swing before stashing the lion on the side of the house in the bushes. He kissed her on top of the head and casually turned to the rest of us.

"Hey everybody, what did we miss?" He asked.


"Okay so now the Romanians and the Amazons are here to watch or help, whatever. You killed a bunch of nomads but one guard in disguise got away and he's a mind reader. Huh! So I assume that we all have to stay close until the Volturi finally attack?" Dominic asked.

"Yes that would be wise dear. May I ask what happened with the two of you? We left clothes out in the woods for you both and it seems that your shirt or what's left of it is on Leah and you are wearing only pants. What happened to her clothes?" Esme gently inquired.

"Well we kind of ran into three nomads on our way back and Leah instantly phased. So of course her stuff was destroyed and I gave her my shirt. Oh by the way, one of the nomads told me to give this to Bella and Jasper. He got away but has a few new marks to add to his collection. Leah got a paw down his chest and I spit some venom on my hand and smeared it in the wounds. That should hurt like hell. But I can tell you this much that little shit was fast." He stated handing me the piece of paper.

"Okay that explains the clothes but can you please explain why my sister is chewing up a mountain lion like her life depended on it. Or why she won't let anyone near her. Oh I know how about why she's covered in blood and looks like she is drained of all energy." I yelled snatching the piece of paper and shoving it into Jasper's hands.

"Yeah well I'm not sure how to explain this but -"

"She's pregnant!" Edward announced.

"WHAT?!" Seth yelled before pushing Elle to the side and phasing to a wolf. Sue thankfully stepped in front of Seth to calm him and Elle gently held him around the neck.

"How is this possible? Wouldn't your venom kill her? How can you even produce a child? Don't you have to be alive to produce living sperm?" Sue questioned.

"I don't know how it happened Sue but I can tell you that we are both extremely happy. She wants this baby and so do I the problem is that it grows faster than a normal pregnancy. You can already see her baby bump. I heard the heartbeat just last night while she was sleeping. There have been so many changes with her since we mated I can only assume that her body is morphing to adapt to me. She has several bite marks from me and the venom didn't harm her or change her. I can smell me on her and she can smell herself on me. I love them both so much!"

"Sue he's right, I can hear the heartbeat from here. Seth can you hear it?" Elle said. Seth nodded.

"My baby is having a baby? Will she let me near her? I want to hug her." Sue cried.

"Let me talk to her first, she's been extremely territorial and possessive since I told her this morning. She actually marked me again this morning after I told her. And I won't even go into how she acted with the nomads."

Dominic stepped closer to Leah and instantly she growled. She had finished the leg and had yanked another piece of the animal off and was eating it. "Mine!" She backed away from him but he wasn't deterred. He gently cooed to her that the lion was all hers and promised to get her more. Slowly he reached his hand out to her and she cocked her head to the side. "Dom?" He nodded and pulled her into his embrace and sat back down on the swing with her in his lap.

"Baby, your momma wants to talk to you. She knows about the baby. She just wants to hug you and love you. Can you let her come up here? He asked.

"Momma?" She said while looking into his eyes.

"Yes baby, all your family and friends are here. They all love you and want what's best for you. Can you be a good girl and let your mom come talk to you?" He asked. She gave a slight nod and wiped her mouth off on the back of her hand effectively smearing the blood up to her ear and scalp.

"Leah baby, can I come sit with you?" Sue said from the bottom step.

Leah choked back a growl but still nodded. Dom told her to move even slower than she was.

Sue finally reached the seat next to them and sat down while constantly wiping tears from her eyes.

Leah leaned forward from Dom and sniffed Sue. She whispered that Sue smelled of apple pie, Charlie and home before bursting into tears.

"Oh baby don't cry, it will be alright. We're all here for you. Everything is going to be just fine." Sue cried.

"Dom pull me back, please." He instantly did as she said.

"Mom, I love you but you smell really good and that's starting to scare me. I think you need to go." She whispered.

"I will not leave my daughter in such a state. I will help you through this."

"Dom I'm begging you please get me away from her. I can hear her blood in her veins. Taha Aki I'm so thirsty!"

"Leah baby what's wrong I can get you a water or some juice?!" Sue cried some more.

"Oh shit!" I squealed.

"I feel it too Darlin'!"

"Seth get Sue out of there right now." We both screamed.

Seth ran up the porch and used his nuzzle to shove Sue inside the front door. Leah buried her face in Dominic's neck before sinking her teeth into him. He waved us all off when we came to help and we took that moment to look at Edward.

"She's craving blood, or I guess I should say the baby which is half vampire is craving blood; more specifically human blood. I'll need to consult with Carlisle on this but I think it's wise to separate her from all humans until the baby is born." He stated.

"That's what we were thinking but we weren't sure how far she would go." I replied.

"Esme can we use one of the guest rooms for Leah?" Edward asked.

"Of course. Carlisle take Edward, Leah and Dominic to your study and see what you can determine for the pregnancy." She instructed.

"Absolutely, my love." He said while kissing her hand.

After they retreated to the study I looked at Jasper and asked what the letter said.

"Oh shit." Was his answer.