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"All right. Gently this time."

Anna's voice rang through the quiet hall, just over the sound of several lightsabers igniting on their lowest setting. Bastila watched quietly from the balcony, resting heavily on the banister.

Her friend was sprawled in a chair on the floor below, hands splayed on her rounded stomach. Not far away her four year old son played with his toys, levitating them to spin around his head. As soon as she'd spotted him trying it himself she'd been overjoyed, teaching him to manipulate the Force long before he would have otherwise been taught.

Stubborn, brilliant, and strong in the Force — obviously their child. And with another on the way, Bastila didn't know how Anna and Carth would continue denying their marriage.

"Adjoon!" Anna barked, the Twi'lek target of her shout promptly looking abashed. Advanced Lightsaber Forms was the most desired experience in the Temple, and Anna was very peculiar about picking only the best students each session. "Your guard! A blind Rodian with a knife could have gotten behind that!"

He ducked his head. "Uh … sorry, Master Anna."

"Apologize to the Rodian who has to clean your blood off his knife, not me." She waved her hand. "Try it again. Focus on keeping your blade across your chest. Yes, good, like that. Go."

As sabers clashed again, Bastila made her way to the floor. Anna nodded at her as she stopped next to her.

"He's good. Adjoon, that is."

"Wouldn't know it from the way you yell at him."

"Builds character." She shifted uncomfortably.

"So. Looking for new padawans, I suppose?" Bastila teased. Anna grinned, shifting again as her son crawled into her lap.

"Already got one," she replied, ruffling his thick brown hair. "About to have another. I think I've got my hands full."

"So how is it? Your 'normal' life."

Anna snorted. "Being the secret Jedi wife of a high-ranking Republic Admiral? Not what I'd call 'normal,' Bastila."

"You're happy, though?"

She tilted her son's head against her shoulder, pressing a kiss to his hair. "More than I'd thought. I'm not exactly the domesticated type."

No, Bastila thought. The former Darth Revan, memories fully restored, happily settled down as a Master in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, training and married and bearing children … something about it seemed wrong, like the universe had forgotten everything she'd ever done in the wake of everything she'd done since then, but part of it seemed right. Bastila didn't know everything that Revan had gone through in her first trip outside the Rim, but from the distant look she sometimes got and her lack of willingness to discuss it, she didn't believe it had been any more pleasant than her treatment with Malak — and probably quite worse. So she smiled, happy in her friend's own happiness.

"I think it suits you."

Anna grinned back at her, fingers combing out her child's unruly hair. "It's not so bad."