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Sunlight filtered over the town of Namimori. It reflected through the window of a teenager. Since it was a half hour before dawn you would think he would be asleep for another hour before he had to get up for school. Instead, harmonious strums of an acoustic guitar echoed beautifully from within his room. He was sitting cross-legged on the floor.

This teenage boy is Sawada Tsunayoshi.

The trills of the birds outside paled in comparison to his music. His long fingers stopped strumming to hear the sounds of his Kaa-san, Sawada Nana, in the kitchen fixing breakfast. He got to his feet gracefully, putting away his guitar in its bag studded with peace signs and rainbows.

He walked towards his closet to pull out his modified uniform. The white undershirt was tie died along with the tie while he had stitched peace signs on the pockets. After donning it, he put on his peace sign necklaces, tie died bandanna, and his worn, soft brown moccasins.

Then he brushed his long caramel colored hair, putting beads and feathers in it. He grew his hair out at the age of nine. He preferred it long; it was more natural that way to him.

He frowned slightly when he thought of Hibari Kyouya's reaction to his sweet modifications to the uniform. Hibari was the prefect of the Disciplinary Committee in Namimori Middle. He was really violent. Tsuna firmly believed Hibari needed to get high and appreciate life more. Hibari, on his first day, attacked him for "desecrating the Namimori Middle's sacred uniform."

Tsuna doesn't like violence, he tends to run. He was still surprised he was alive. Hibari's tonfas were scary. Hopefully he could avoid him today but something told him that would be impossible. He walked down the stairs with an easy gait.

A curve of his lips turned into a lazy smile. When he got to the kitchen he knew something was wrong hen his Kaa-san turned around from flipping pancakes. She took out a piece of paper from her apron that Tsuna thought he had tossed a while ago.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi got a 20 on a math test…what are you doing with your life?" she scolded gently.

Tsuna shrugged lightly. "As long as we have peace within our hearts anything is possible."

She sighed at his typical response. "I wish you would apply that to your studies," she pouted, turning back to her cooking.

Tsuna chuckled. He glanced disdainfully at the bacon. Being a vegetarian he hated meat of any kind.

His Kaa-san liked it so that's why she still made it. She gave up on him liking it a long time ago.

"Tsu-kun, could you please get the mail for me please?" she asked quietly.


Tsuna waltzed with easy grace to the door, walked down the small path, and opened the mailbox. He grabbed what was in there, flipping through the small stack.

"Bill, bill, trash, bill, advertisement for a tutor-"he paused, looking at the last one curiously. He read it.

"I will teach your child to become the leader of the generation in any subject. Will teach for free, 24/7 as long as provided with food, room, and board.


The number to call was under the unusual name. Tsuna hummed Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire as he thought about it. It sounded dangerous this ad.

But his Kaa-san was sad about his studies…he didn't like making people sad. He walked back into the house, handed the papers to her, and then headed for the phone. He brought the phone to the table so he could eat too.

Dialing the number, he didn't have long to wait before a high pitched voice answered.

"Caiossu, Greatest Tutor Reborn here."

"Peace man…could you like teach me? I'm Sawada Tsuna…apparently my Kaa-san is sad about my marks," Tsuna drawled cheerfully. It was silent on the other end for a moment. "Yes…it is my job after all," Reborn replied, sounding impassive. "Thanks man…when can I expect ya? My Kaa-san is making epic pancakes…and I have school in 20 minutes, such a drag…" Tsuna yawned.

If Tsuna's random switching of subject's perplexed Reborn he didn't let it show in his voice.

"I'm here now…turn around." The click of a phone closing had Tsuna turning around slowly. He looked down at the child in a black suit with an orange undershirt and tie, a black fedora with a yellow stripe around it, and the small chameleon on it blinked at him with yellow eyes. The child had big, onyx eyes.

Reborn had to admit that he was slightly surprised his victim-erm student had called instead of his Kaa-san. The boy had half lidded eyes a lazy smile, and a slight slouch.

Tsuna held up a peace sign. "Peace man…children are a joy to this world, ne?"

Reborn eyes his new student carefully. Reports have been correct so far which was rather unfortunate. A hippie for a Mafia Boss? Unheard of.

Nana suddenly came in with some pancakes, abruptly stopping at the sight of Reborn. "Tsu-kun, who is this child?" she asked curiously. Tsuna's grin became slightly bigger. "Kaa-san~ This is my new a home tutor, Reborn~," he sing songed, grabbing several pancakes and stuffing them into his mouth.

Her eyes widened before she squealed happily. "My baby boy is growing up! Getting a tutor himself~!"

She hugged Tsuna tightly. Reborn watched this display of affection warily. "Caiossu Maman," Reborn greeted Nana when she turned towards him.

He didn't find it odd the woman didn't bat an eye at his infant body or the fact he was going to teach her son in what seemed like a last minute, never-probably-would've- happened last ditch effort if he hadn't put the flier in their mailbox. Iemitsu's raves about his family, at least his wife, were true it seemed.

Tsuna finally managed to gently detach himself from his Kaa-san as he ambled up the stairs. Reborn followed discreetly. Tsuna's room was a rainbow of color, peace signs, and several guitars with sheet music scattered around the failed test papers.

Tsuna had slung what Reborn assumed was his favorite guitar in its case on his shoulder. "Hey man…you wanna go to school with me? Scope out the learning environment, ne? Mind, it's not peaceful sadly," Tsuna said, yawning.

Reborn nodded, hopping on Tsuna's fluffy head. Tsuna chuckled.

"I like you man…just don't shoot me, ne? I dislike violence."

Reborn stiffened minutely. 'Does he know?' he wondered.

Eventually, Reborn deduced that Tsuna didn't know. But couldn't be too sure so he observed for the moment.

"Bye Kaa-san!" Tsuna yelled as he walked out the door.

Tsuna looked at his watch. "Ne…I might be late," Tsuna hummed, not too worried.

Reborn cocked an eyebrow before jumping on the stone wall next to Tsuna. "Sawada Tsunayoshi, poor at athletics, academics, and social skills but has an uncanny talent for music…overall a Dame pacifist," Reborn listed impassively.

Tsuna laughed softly. "Heh, you're good man…how'd ya know that?"

"My line of work is assassination, gathering information is vital," Reborn replied.

"I thought you were a tutor?" Tsuna said, puzzled. "I am," Reborn answered simply.

"Ne…" Tsuna said, scratching his head. He seemed unfazed by Reborn's words. Most had run when they heard who or what he was.

When they turned the corner, Tsuna nearly bumped into Sasegawa Kyoko, Namimori Middle's female idol. Tsuna blinked when she apologized before spotting Reborn. She squealed. "Tsuna-san is this your brother?" she asked, looking at Reborn excitedly.

"He's my tutor, man…," Tsuna replied, yawning. He liked Kyoko to a point. She, like him, didn't condone violence. But he didn't like her beyond that. She wasn't his type.

She wasn't listening to him anyways.

"Why are you wearing a suit?" she asked Reborn curiously. "I am an assassin," he replied with a small smirk. "Aww~ Cute!" she laughed before waving goodbye to him and Tsuna.

They walked in silence for a while, just when Tsuna saw the pillars of the entrance to Namimori Middle, Reborn spoke.

"Do you like that girl, Dame-Tsuna?"

Tsuna looked at him with a lazy smile. "As a fellow peace maker, dude…she doesn't have the aura."

Reborn didn't comment on the odd reply. Instead he was looking at a bloodthirsty raven haired teen stalking towards Tsuna.

'Hibari Kyouya, DC prefect, perfect for Cloud Guardian…how the hell am I going to tell Dame-Tsuna he's going to be a Mafia Boss of Vongola? Usually I would enjoy torturing my students….but I have a feeling that it would be a mistake at the moment…' Reborn's musing was broken when Hibari attacked his student who darted to the side. "Ne, ne…Hibari man…chill dude," Tsuna tried to placate Hibari but it just made him madder.

The blur of tonfas flashed as Tsuna easily evaded. Reborn found this unusual too. 'Is some of the information on Sawada Tsunayoshi outdated?'

Tsuna refused to fight back. No surprise there.

"Herbivore…how dare you defy the Namimori dress code again? And come late too? I will bite you to death," Hibari hissed, his steel grey eyes narrowed into slits. Tsuna's peace sign necklaces danced with his movements, the sun reflected off them just right for Hibari to close his eyes for split second which was enough for Tsuna to run like the hounds of hell were on his trail which wasn't far from reality.

Reborn watched, bemused. 'Did he do that on purpose? This has gotten interesting…'

Hibari was scowling after the dust cloud that was Tsuna. 'I'll get you…stupid herbivore.' Hibari stalked away to viciously bite other late comers instead who didn't have Tsuna's intuition or reflexes.

Reborn, unknown to Tsuna, was observing Tsuna in his classes. Whenever the teacher would call on Tsuna to answer a question Tsuna would chuckle before giving a half assed reply but not without adding peace to it. Reborn's eyes narrowed. He was going to fix that…painfully.


Tsuna looked around the class, bored. He intensely disliked history. The main reason being it was mostly violence, war, and more violence. There were only three things he intensely disliked.

Meat, war, violence, and history…or was that four? Meh.

He idly tapped his pencil on the desk to Pink Floyd's song , Eclipse. Glancing over, he spotted a crowd of fan girls and some boys from the baseball team surrounding Yamamoto Takeshi, the baseball idol of Namimori Middle. Yamamoto's laugh gave him a good aura. Tsuna liked him. If only the boy would realize those around him had sickening g auras.

Suddenly he was called upon to answer a question. "Sawada, which war was the bloodiest during the Shogunate Rebellion of the seventeen hundreds?" the teacher asked, smirking.

"Every war is bloody man…pointless too, why can't we talk it out, ya know? Like civilized humans? Peace for the world man…" Tsuna replied, staring out the window at the clear blue sky. "Wrong Sawada," the teacher scoffed, before calling on another to answer.

The teenagers in the class giggled at his answer.

The day passed slowly. Tsuna pouted when he didn't see his new tutor. The child like tutor had a dangerous aura but at the time it was tempered with a good conscience where it mattered. It enthralled Tsuna.

Tsuna walked to the music room for lunch. It wasn't used during lunch time thankfully. He set down his guitar before opening his bento. It contained all fruits and veggies.

He idly chewed a strawberry while looking at the piano. 'Maybe I should learn to play it…'

He finished eating with enough time to play a bit of his guitar. He played the strain on Janis Joplin's Piece of My Heart. It was a rad song man.

He didn't hear the creak of the door opening so he was surprised when he looked up into the angry, slightly puzzled face of Mochida-senpai.

"Ne senpai…what's up man?" Tsuna asked, gently strumming the strings.

"Sawada! I saw you speaking to Kyoko-chan! Stay the hell away from her," he spat. Tsuna blinked. "Maa…it was just a friendly chat…besides her aura ain't strong enough for me anyways," Tsuna said, yawning.

Mochida didn't know whether to be insulted on his future girlfriend's behalf or confused by the enigma that was Sawada Tsunayoshi, or more commonly known as Dame-Tsuna.

He settled on insulted.

"I challenge you to a kendo duel after school in the gym! Be there Sawada, I'll kick your ass."

The slamming of the door behind him echoed. Tsuna blinked. "So not peaceful man," he whined softly.

He weighed the benefit of going versus not going. On one hand he disliked violence and on another he wanted to make Mochida's aura less icky. Humming, Tsuna continued to play his guitar till the bell rang.

Rumors spread like wildfire so by the end of the day everyone in the school new about Mochida's challenge to Dame-Tsuna.

He heard jeers like, "You're getting your ass whooped pansy! And the one he liked best, "You're probably going to run like the sissy hippie you are!

It made him chuckle.

Reborn popped out of the window in the boy's bathroom while Tsuna was washing his hands. His eyes lit up, unnerving Reborn a little. "Ne dude…what do you think I should do?"

Without much elaborating, Reborn knew what he was asking.

"You should at least learn to defend yourself, Dame-Tsuna…perhaps you can change Mochida," Reborn stated off handedly.

"Hey! You're right…but I don't wanna hit anyone," Tsuna said, blinking. Reborn stared at him.

"You might have to."

The loud chattering from the gym made Tsuna yawn. So much energy they had. It made him sleepy.

When he walked in everyone turned to look at him in varying degrees of surprise, amusement, and mockery.

"So Dame-Tsuna decided to show!"

"He's gonna lose for sure!"

"He should've run."

The shouts didn't bother Tsuna much. He was used to it.

Reborn watched from the balcony above the gym. 'Maybe I can finally use the Dying Will Bullet…' he thought, smirking.

Tsuna spotted Kyoko, her friend Hana, Yamamoto, Ryohei who was Kyoko's brother, and in some distant corner away from everyone, Hibari.

Mochida was leering at Tsuna. "You have guts Sawada! I'll fight you to the death for the prize…which is Kyoko-chan! Just score an Ippon…if you can," he yelled, brandishing his kendo sword. Tsuna scratched his head, completely ignoring Mochida much to his chagrin. Tsuna vaguely saw Ryohei being held back by several DC members from slaughtering Mochida and probably him. He observed the armor skeptically before deciding to do without.

He swung his guitar out of its case. The rainbows and peace signs garnered mocking laughs from the crowd. The only ones who didn't laugh were Kyoko, Ryohei, Yamamoto, Hibari, and Reborn. They noticed something about the guitar no one else did, well Yamamoto, Reborn, and Hibari did.

Mochida laughed before darting forward quickly to stab at Tsuna. Tsuna lazily blocked with the guitar. It made an clanging noise.

'It's made of steel…' Reborn, Yamamoto, and Hibari thought simultaneously.

Indeed it was. The beige paint disguised the metal. Concealed within the peace sign designs were buttons which activated the secret, dangerous mechanisms. Tsuna didn't seem keen on using them though.

He blocked every blow from Mochida's kendo sword easily. This shocked everyone in the gym. Whispers of 'Is that really Dame-Tsuna?' echoed around.

Mochida was getting increasingly angry every time his blows were blocked or failed so his movements became sloppier. Suddenly he was blown backwards by some invisible force. Tsuna stood, slouched, fingers splayed over the strings of the guitar which were glowing faintly.

"Let's end this man...I wanna nap," Tsuna yawned. Mochida saw red and without thinking he charged at Tsuna with kendo sword held high. Tsuna, with a speed most thought him incapable of, twirled around with his guitar, breaking the kendo sword in half. Mochida stared dumbly at the useless pieces of wood in his hands. The referee, fearing slightly for Mochida-senpai, raised the red flag.

"S-sawada T-t-tsunayoshi w-wins!"

It was stunned silence for a moment before cheers erupted. They started to converge on Tsuna who suddenly ran with lightning speed out the doors. Kyoko looked disappointed that she couldn't thank him.

Reborn watched with inscrutable eyes as his previously thought Dame student ran out of the gym. He was slightly disappointed his plans of amusement failed to produce a Sawada Tsunayoshi running around in boxers. But then again this made his job somewhat easier.

Later that night, Reborn decided he didn't give a fuck anymore if Tsuna liked the idea of being a Mafia boss or not…it was inevitable anyways. After dinner with Reborn stealing Tsuna's salad, they retreated to Tsuna's room to work on his homework.

Reborn hopped onto Tsuna's desk. His black eyes looked into Tsuna's gently laughing ones seriously.

"Tsuna…the main reason I am here is to turn you into the best Mafia Boss for the Vongola family."

Tsuna chewed on his pencil idly, eyes half lidded. "Ne, ne…peace out man…that's some epic shit you just spouted," Tsuna remarked, doodling peace signs on his math homework. Reborn's eye twitched.

He cocked his gun at Tsuna's head. Tsuna looked up lazily at him.

"I said no shooting at me, ne? What's up with that man?"

"Dame-Tsuna…I am serious…you are the future Vongola Decimo which is Mafia," Reborn said through gritted teeth.

"Maa…seriously man? That so not peaceful at all…" Tsuna pouted.

Reborn nodded curtly before lowering his gun to point at Tsuna's blank math homework. "You will get every single damn question right or I'll fill your skull with lead," he threatened lowly.

Tsuna chuckled. "Peace…no violence, it doesn't solve shit dude."

"We'll see about that Dame-Tsuna," Reborn muttered before shooting at the wall behind Tsuna. A trickle of blood ran down Tsuna's cheek. His eyes widened.

Tsuna raised a slightly shaking finger to the wound, the blood bright on his fingertips. An unnerving grin unexpectedly broke out on his face.

"Was that a paintball gun? Sweet man…" Tsuna said, using his blood which he thought was paint to draw peace signs on his math homework among the other doodles.

Reborn resisted the urge to facepalm. Needless to say getting Tsuna's homework done correctly involved a lot of time, patience, and "red paint."


Reborn was exhausted though he didn't show it. This student was worse than his previous. At least the reports on Dino were more accurate. Reborn reclined in his hammock, watching as Tsuna tried to be quiet, thinking he was still asleep. It was 6 in the morning.

Tsuna sat cross-legged on the floor, his dangerous guitar cradled in his arms. Reborn was curious about who made it and what it was fully capable of. It was an unusual weapon no one would expect to be dangerous. Reborn did have to admit if however grudgingly that his student was a musical genius. Among many artist's he played after he had also created a lot of his own works too.

Reborn struggled slightly to stay awake as Tsuna played soft strains. Then Tsuna's beautiful , soft voice joined it. It should be illegal to play such music.

He wasn't the greatest hitman for nothing so he managed to stay awake.

When it was 6:45 a.m., Tsuna stopped playing. Reborn mused sulkily that he never gets to wake Tsuna up in various painful ways like he did with Dino. Perhaps he should introduce Dino to Tsuna one day.

Tsuna stretched languidly, blinking tiredly. He was glad it was Friday. The past week was so not peaceful. People have been pestering him with praise. He preferred the insults since they were something he was used to.

He had to turn down someone twenty seven times to take the place of a volley player the very next day.

So not peaceful, man.

Besides he wasn't proud for using violence. It hurt him internally. His favorite guitar was made for the purpose but still…

It was an instrument of peace not violence.

And his choice didn't alter Mochida-senpai's aura at all…only worsened it.

He glanced at Reborn who sat on his hammock with his legs crossed, twirling his gun dangerously. Tsuna chuckled before getting ready. He didn't give a damn if Reborn was in the room while he was changing. It wasn't peaceful to stress over trivial shit.

Reborn seemed amused by his modified uniform choices. Tsuna suspected this was because Reborn liked watching Hibari get after him for it. His tutor sure had a sadistic streak.

Reborn jumped on his head as Tsuna was about to go downstairs. Tsuna chuckled, used to this by now. He thought it was cute.

Reborn poked his gun warningly into the top of his skull. "Ne Reborn…it's too early to be using that," Tsuna said, yawning.

It took many days, several gun shots, and threats before Tsuna started using Reborn's name.

"It's never too early to shoot imbeciles," Reborn deadpanned. Tsuna pouted.

"Mou~…so not peaceful man…"

Reborn didn't deign to reply. Nana set down a plate of toast on the table, smiling happily at Tsuna and his tutor.

"Eat all you want~" she said, beaming before going back to the kitchen.

" Arigatou Kaa-san…keep the peace," Tsuna mumbled around a piece of toast slathered with strawberry jam.

"Thank you Maman," Reborn said politely.

"Ne…you're Italian Reborn?" Tsuna inquired thoughtfully. Reborn eyed Tsuna for a moment before responding.


Tsuna hummed, sipping his juice. Tsuna was difficult to read at times. It frustrated Reborn.

"I heard Italians were real romantics, ne…" Tsuna said, ruffling his hair, making the bead clack.

Reborn had to hold back from choking on his hot espresso. 'What had brought this up?' he wondered.

"Depends." Reborn replied.

"Huh…I see," Tsuna said, for some reason looking perplexed.

Really hard to read indeed.


Tsuna blinked at the harsh glare of the sun. He was in P.E. about to play baseball. Tsuna was always picked last or not at all. At the moment the coach was inside taking a kid who had gotten hit by a baseball in the eye during warm up to the nurse so Tsuna knew his chances of sitting out today were strong.

That is until Yamamoto Takeshi decided to mess it up.

"Maa, maa…let him be on our team," Yamamoto said cheerfully. His teammates looked at their star player in dismay. "But Yamamoto! He sucks! We will lose for sure…" one of the players moaned. For a moment Tsuna could've sworn he saw a dark shadow flicker through Yamamoto's eyes before it went as quickly as it came.

"It's fine isn't it? All we have to do is make sure he doesn't hit, yeah?"

The other players agreed reluctantly before the game went underway. The coach wasn't back yet. No matter how many homeruns Yamamoto got for the team they still lost because Tsuna screwed it up.

Tsuna's excuse was that he didn't want to cause the poor baseball any harm. Needless to say that didn't earn him their favor and he ended up sweeping the baseball field alone. Until Yamamoto surprisingly showed up swinging a broom.

"Help has arrived!" he cried, a fake smile crinkling his face grotesquely. Tsuna winced. Yamamoto's aura in the past three days had been shifting unpleasantly.

"Ne…watcha helping me for?" Tsuna asked curiously. "You've been pretty awesome lately so I decided to help! And I need some advice," Yamamoto said, sobering a little.

Tsuna's interest was piqued. "Peace out man…and what about?" Tsuna drawled with a small curve of his lips.

"Yeah…lately my average in baseball has been dropping…at this rate it will be the first time I don't start since I started baseball…baseball is all I'm good at, what should I do Tsuna?" Yamamoto asked hopefully.

Tsuna blinked owlishly. "Ne…don't let the peace waver within yourself man, go with the wind that you love…don't give up but don't overdo it…enjoy life," Tsuna replied, yawning.

Yamamoto broke out into a wide grin, a much more genuine one than he had been giving the past few days.

"I knew I could ask you Tsuna! Thank you," he said happily.

"No problem."

They continued sweeping the field. Yamamoto waved happily to Tsuna as he stayed behind to practice. Tsuna waved back lazily but watched in concern as Yamamoto continued to hit the balls, half the time he missed.

Sighing he walked away from the not so peaceful field.


Reborn was forcing Tsuna to study for the math test on Monday that Saturday. Tsuna sweatdropped at the so not peaceful bombs Reborn had triggered around their studying table.

"What is the square root of pie rounded to the nearest thousandths?"

Before Tsuna could answer he saw something pressed against his window. It looked like a baby cow. "Ne, Reborn…there's a cow on the window with grenades in its hands…do you know it?," Tsuna said, blinking.

"I'm the one asking questions here, give me the correct answer or you die," Reborn ordered impassively, not looking at the window. By now the cow had used a crowbar that he pulled from his black afro to pry open the window.

Tsuna answered the question correctly, mostly out of wariness and luck than anything. The cow started to cackle.


So not peaceful man...'I need to get high again…' Tsuna thought longingly.

Just as Lambo the cow was about to toss the pink grenades at Reborn, he had turned around with his gun and shot the grenades which exploded causing Lambo to crash out the window into the tree which burst into flames that caused him to go airborne.

"Next question…"

"Ne…that wasn't nice Reborn," Tsuna mumbled, yawning.

Tsuna vaguely heard the words,


Fucking violence.


Nana had brought Lambo in. Tsuna knew right away that she had adopted him as her own.

"Lambo Bovino, ne? Your aura is strange dude…" Tsuna said, puzzled. Lambo seemed confused too because he looked away to search for candy.

"Ne, ne…why don't you talk to Lambo, Reborn?"

Reborn looked up from his espresso. "I do not associate myself with lesser mafia families," he replied.

"Keep the peace man…that was harsh," Tsuna grumbled.

Reborn didn't acknowledge his words. Other than that it was a peaceful weekend.

Monday however was purely hell of the most anti-peaceful kind.

Suicide was about to make it on Tsuna's List of Intensely Disliked Things.


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