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Gamma Zeos GT Episode 2: Rocket Jumped

After her failed infiltration of Team Aqua's hideout Dawn went to Celadon City in Kanto and discovered a secret underground base in the Game Corner. Instinctively she disguised herself as a Rocket grunt, but unfortunately James was nearby at the time and recognized her hairstyle from the back. However, Dawn knew a secret - she had heard James doing his partner Jessie one night and threatened to tell Giovanni this if he gave away her identity. This hit James below the belt, and he left toward the Game Corner above. Unfortunately, Dawn was quickly ambushed by twenty male grunts who promptly took her to Giovanni - they came from the side opposite the one James exited the hideout in, so she knew he didn't tell on her - and without warning she suffered some mental torture by the grunts.

"Seriously, let me go, will ya?" she managed to cry out before one grunt placed a gag on her, rendering her unable to scream out for help - this time screaming was bound to attract someone's attention and the Rockets didn't want to risk it. With this, once her disguise was off, leaving her completely nude, Giovanni proceeded to rape her as hard as he could go. Going with the gag was a smart decision by the grunt who put it there as, with her mouth obstructed, she couldn't get anyone to help her out. She was only twelve at the moment, but she had already experienced giving birth due to her pregnancy after being discovered in the Aqua hideout. Like Archie had done, Giovanni didn't stop until he had launched his seed inside her, and once the gag was removed she was breathing heavily to catch her breath, which was quite hard as she was crying.

Two weeks later, at her current location somewhere well in the trees off Route 15 she went and used one of the pregnancy tests she had on her. Like with the last one she used, the device gave her three plus signs, indicating she was pregnant again. With this she started crying even harder than after the discovery of her first one ten months prior. Even more unfortunate for her was the fact her birthday was nine and a half months away, and the typical pregnancy ended in nine at most.

'This HAS to stop. Neither one of my infiltration attempts have gone the way i had planned, and i ended up pregnant after both tries. I didn't want this distinction, but they wouldn't let me avoid it - two separate pregnancies bound to end up with childbirth before turning thirteen. I just hope i have a miscarriage before then.' she thought, even more heartbroken than she had been ten months earlier. Unfortunately, the miscarriage she was hoping for, though painful, never occurred. This pregnancy went the entire nine months it normally took, resulting in her giving birth to twin girls. With three babies to raise and not yet thirteen, Dawn was hoping her next plan would go her way, desperate for fate to be in her favor on the next one.