Chapter 2: Kidnapped

Christine sat at the vanity in her guest room, brushing out her wet hair. The engagement party had long since ended, but she couldn't bring herself to sleep. She knew she needed it. She had to be well rested for her wedding tomorrow. But too much was on her mind.

Certainly the party had been fairly calm after the balcony run-in with Blackheart. She had, of course, danced with Blackheart after the formal announcements and various toasts. The whole time, the demon wore this smugly expectant smirk on his face. Christine was absolutely certain he was up to something. She just wasn't sure what.

A knock on her door broke her train of thought. "Just a minute!" Swapping her towel for a fluffy robe, she went to answer the door. She hesitated at the shiver that crept down her spine ominously. She almost sent her caller away, unnerved by the sudden cold chill. But the knock persisted, so she opened the door... and was shocked to find Blackheart on the other side. "Wha-what are you doing here?!"

"What do you think?" He stepped in, shutting the door behind him. "I came for that kiss."

"You shouldn't be here! If you're caught here-"

"No one will catch us. Everyone's gone to bed by now." Christine stammered nervously. What was he thinking?! They'd both be ruined if he was caught in her room. Especially with her dressed in only her robe. She had to get him out five minutes ago. However, the demon prince made that difficult by making himself right at home, removing his shirt and vest. Her face grew red hot at that.

"W-w-what are you doing?" He gave her that arrogant smirk of his, answering her question long before he spoke.

"Leveling the playing field, my dear." Christine didn't have to ask him to explain that statement. She was acutely aware of the fact she was only wearing a robe with this highly seductive male in her room. And the young monarch certainly had seduction on his mind. She straightened herself the best should could in her nervous state.

"You need to leave," she sternly requested, ducking behind the nearby changing screen. However, Blackheart was already there. Christine gasped as he pulled her to him, pinning her against his frozen frame. "What are yo-" Before she could finish her protest, she felt a pair of frozen lips on her own.

A cold chill seemed to settle over her body the minute he kissed her. And shameful as it was, Christine found herself thoroughly enjoying it. The demon prince was certainly no amateur at this. He overwhelmed her senses, making her head spin. He smelled strongly of brimstone sweetened surprisingly by roses and lavender. She found herself wrapping her arms around her neck, pulling closer to him.

Blackheart chuckled as the angel pulled closer to him with surprising enthusiasm. Not that he was complaining about this surprise. There was something curiously addictive about Christine's cinnamon flavor. Apparently, this angel had a few surprises hidden up her sleeves. If it wasn't for what she was, he might have actually allowed this wedding to happen. However, he had no plans whatsoever to call an angel his wedded wife. No matter how innocently gorgeous they were. His plan was simple. Seduce her into his bed. Taint her purity so that the wedding would be called off and get out.

He tunneled his fingers through her long, dark hair, tipping her head back a bit more. Her nervous hesitation as well as her shorter stature made her a little awkward to reach. Despite being pointedly eager before, she certainly wasn't making this easy for him. When they parted for her to catch her breath, he released a soft, frustrated growl. He was going to have to take a risk then.

While she was still reeling from his kiss, his hands found the knot keeping her robe closed, working on untying the offensive thing. He would do whatever he had to ruin this wedding. Unfortunately, it seemed her mind wasn't as muddled as he wanted as she stopped his hands. "Stop…" Blackheart reluctantly did so, taking not of her breathless state. "You need to leave. Now." She took a step away from him, pulling the edges of her robe closer together. He wasn't going to be so easily deterred. Although, he had to give her some credit for being able to resist him so far.

"You don't want me to leave." He took a step towards her, trying to block any escape. "I can see it in your eyes, angel."

"It doesn't matter. You need to leave my room right now."

"Why shou-" A faint, far-off sound stole the young monarch's attention. It sounded like there was a struggle at the main entrance of the castle. Being on the opposite side of the second floor, his acute hearing provided the advanced warning. Of course the angel wouldn't hear it.

"Blackheart? What's wrong?"

"Get dressed. Now." She didn't need to be told twice luckily. He conjured his sword in his hand as she ducked back behind the changing screen again. While he didn't doubt the palace's security, he also knew much better than to take his chances. The castle had been broken into by factions with little drive besides status. And there were plenty of people who weren't thrilled about the idea of Blackheart marrying an angel.

"Angel, are you dressed yet?" He asked, pulling on his shirt. No answer came. "Angel?" He looked behind the changing screen… only to find Christine wasn't there. Before he could react, however, something struck him hard over the head, knocking him out.