AU-ish. Not as AU as my other story, though. This is an idea that I have been keeping on the back burner for a while. Anyway, I've read a number of Mikaelson sibling and even offspring stories and thought I would try a different approach to it.

Sorry if it's a little boring at the moment, but this chapter is a group of flashbacks. The next chapter will get things rolling, hopefully.


Chapter One

She could remember the first time she saw him, as she remembers many things. It was both a blessing and a curse to have a memory like hers. There wasn't a storm the day he came, nor was it nightfall.

It was actually a rather hot day in July. So hot, in fact, that she remembers sitting in front of a fan, the cool air blowing on her as she tried to work through a colourful child's book, the words confusing and frustrating her.

It wasn't until later in life that she discovered her passion for reading, but at that time it was more of a chore. Something her mother forced her to do.

It was on that hot summer day that someone knocked on the door. She remembers looking over the couch slightly, placing the book down on the cushion beside her. Her mother, Tasha, was tense. It was odd, seeing as she was usually very open and friendly towards people.

And yet, she only approached the door after taking a calming breath. She watched as her mother's hand gripped the doorknob and opened the door. She couldn't see the man standing there very well, seeing as her mother did a fairly good job of blocking the doorway.

Though, she could see that the man was tall. She couldn't hear what they were saying, but by the sound of her mother's voice it wasn't a pleasant conversation.

Though, curiosity got the better of her and she climbed down from the couch and started to walk over towards the front door. She picked up on the end of the conversation, the man's voice was smooth and seemed calming.

Yet, her mother's was harsh and biting, her arms tense as she gripped the door handle.

"I understand your hostility, but I can assure you that I am not here to harm you," the man said, standing outside the door with his hands inside the pockets of his suit.

"That does not matter," her mother stated, "you are not welcome here."

"Who are you talking to?"

Tasha turned towards her daughter, her voice softening slightly but still held a hard tone.

"Go up to your room, Jenny," she said, Jenny looking away from her for a few moments to look at the man. She stared up at him for a few moments, something about him that made her fear him. It could have been how her mother was reacting towards him that set her off, but if her mother was scared, Jenny should be scared.

She turned and headed towards the stairs, not looking behind her until she was in her room. She crawled across her bed and pulled back the curtain to see the man step inside the house.

Elijah became a familiar person in her home, at least for a little while. He never stayed too long, but long enough to leave an impression. Though, the more he came around, the more her mother became hostile towards him. Jenny liked him though, she remembered sitting in the chair in the living room, her legs pulled up to her chest and watched him sometimes while he waited for her mother to return with whatever he came for.

Sometimes he would talk to her, Jenny would answer him with a small smile. She liked being talked to by someone new, seeing as she knew what she wanted to know about her mother. Though, that would stop once her mother would snap at her and tell her not to bother him.

It was always her fault, even if he was the one who started the conversations. But, Jenny was used to it. Her mother changed a lot since he started visiting. She became much more on edge and grouchy even.

She started doing magic again, which Jenny was used to because she used to do it every now and then. Though, she refused to teach her anything aside from what each plant was and what they were used for. Jenny remembered a lot of the plants that her mother used, she used to be able to name them.

But, Elijah stopped visiting as often has he used to, and he only visited when he wanted something from her mother. Usually a spell of some sort, Jenny being eight or nine once that started happening. She would help with the plants, and overheard some conversations about someone named Klaus.

She would ask about him, but her mother would either tell her not to worry about it. Though, she did say something back to her once.

"He's a very bad man," she said, placing a hand on her shoulder, "and as long as Elijah keeps his word, we hopefully won't have to worry about him."

Though, looking back, Jenny knew that Klaus was the cause of her mother's downfall.

He didn't even have to be an active part of her life to do it.

Seven years past, and Jenny watched her mother fall into a downward spiral. She was worried for her mental health, the things she would say would scare her. Some nights, she would scare the living hell out of her.

But, one night, things started to take a turn for the worse. Jenny wasn't sure what caused it, but Tasha woke her up in the middle of the night. She was red eyed and looking like she hadn't slept in days, but here was a finality in her voice when she told her to get up.

"Why? I have to get up early," Jenny questioned, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She didn't go to a public school, usually being home schooled by classes online. But, she still needed to get up early in the morning.

"You won't need to worry about that anymore, sweetheart," she muttered, turning and heading down the hall towards the stairs. Jenny slowly pulled herself out of the bed, heading over to her nightstand and pulled out her fully charged cellphone out of one of the drawers and stuffed it in her pockets. Jenny didn't use cellphones, it wasn't that she didn't like them, it was more that she hadn't met any friends to call or text to.

So, she only used it in emergencies. There were two numbers on there, aside from the normal 9-1-1, that she could call in an emergency. Her mother's and Elijah's.

Though, Elijah's number was never called, her mother insisted that she had it on there. Something told her in her gut that this wasn't going to end well.

Slowly, she headed downstairs where her mother was waiting by the door, car keys in hand. Jenny blinked, trying to keep her arms from shaking.

"Where are we going?" Jenny breathed after a few moments, her mother only opening the door and motioned for her to follow. Jenny hesitated for a few moments before she followed her out into the night, towards the small car.

Tasha got into the driver's seat, Jenny getting into the back. She waited until the car started up, her mother started to drive.

"Where are we going?" Jenny asked, her heart beating harshly in her chest.

Her mother made no attempt to answer, turning onto a road and started to drive up towards a park.

"Mom!" Jenny called, panic starting to build in her, "where are we going? Answer me!"

"A better place," her mother said, she looked at her in the rear view mirror, a smile on her face, "a better place for both of us. We are in too deep with this one, Jen, I'm sorry for inviting all of this into your life."

"Inviting what?" Jenny questioned, reaching into her pocket carefully to pull out the cellphone.

Her mother just kept driving, Jenny not too sure where she was driving to, but she needed to get out of the car. She was scared about what her mother was going to do.

She clicked the phone to life, the light dull as her mother had told her to keep it.

"In case you are ever kidnapped," she remember her mother saying, "the low light might be able to allow you to get a text to someone..."

Never thought I would be using it on you, Mom. Jenny thought, clicking on Elijah's name and started typing out the message very carefully.

I really hope you are near my house right now. Something is wrong with mom, from what I can tell we are heading towards the park near my home. Do not call me. Help.

She sent the message, hoping that Elijah was able to get it on time. She looked up at her mother for a few moments, then outside. It wasn't long before her mother pulled up towards a part of the park, Jenny's legs shaking as she watched her mother get out of the car. She felt compelled to follow her outside, Jenny deciding that it would take too long for help from Elijah. He wouldn't be able to do much, couldn't he?

He seemed human, a little intimidating, but human. Still, her mother depended on him. He might be able to stop her, but he would be too late if she tried something dangerous.

So, she called the police. She wouldn't be able to talk to them, but they might be able to hear what was going on. Send someone out, at least.

"Jenny," Tasha sighed, turning to look at her, "I hoped that you would be able to get out of this, but I realize now that you won't."

"Get out of what?" Jenny asked, her voice shaking.

"I'm sorry," her mother said quietly, little emotion on her face. Jenny was going to ask more questions, but it seemed to happen too fast to catch exactly what happened before she felt it.

She saw her mother pull out something, a loud bang filling the night, and Jenny landed on the hard ground below her. Sharp pain shot through her stomach, the pain was so bad she almost didn't hear the gun go off again. Her mother dropped to the ground also, Jenny starting to black out.

Regret washed through her, confusion also.

She should have seen this coming, she shouldn't have done anything. Refused to even get into the car.

As blackness gripped at her mind, she hoped that her mother's "better place" was what she hoped it would be.