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Chapter Two.

When Jenny came to, it wasn't slow or calm. She woke with a gasp, her back arching slightly. A machine beside her beeping wildly, nurses running in from where they were before she woke up. Her eyes were wide open, the bright lights on the ceiling making her eyes burn and throb.

But, there was something down her throat. She felt panic bubble up on her, her hand reaching up to remove the device she was sure she was choking on.

"...Jenny, you need to relax," the voice of a nurse broke through to her, "you're okay. We are going to remove the respirator from your mouth, alright?"

All Jenny could do was nod her head sharply, gagging once she felt the tube being removed from her throat. She gasped in some air, her thoughts dazed and slow. She had no idea where she was, but something was wrong if she was in the hospital.

A flash of the park came to her mind, the gunshot and the pain. Slowly, Jenny lowered her hand and felt the gown she was dressed in. There was some bandages across her stomach and chest.

"What happened?" Jenny asked, not recognizing her own voice. It was horse and slightly raspy.

"You shouldn't speak for a while-" the nurse started to say, but Jenny cut her off.

"What happened to me? My mother?" she demanded, the nurse pausing. Her face seemed to fall slightly, she nodded her head.

"You were in a medical induced sleep for a few days, to help you heal. Do you remember what happened to you?"

"I was shot," Jenny said, her hand still resting under the blanket and on her chest. She felt no pain, but the rest of her world seemed a little groggy and her brain was having a bit of trouble recalling what happened to her.

"Yes, once in the stomach and once in the chest," the nurse said, her voice careful. Jenny frowned and shook her head.

"I don't remember getting shot in the chest," she remarked, the nurse nodding her head.

"You were, but you will be making a full recovery from what we have seen so far," the nurse said, walking towards her bed, "you should be resting now, though."

"What happened to my mother?" Jenny asked, almost dreading the answer. She was pretty sure she remembered her fall to the ground, though they might have been able to save her.

She watched the nurse's face fall slightly again, a look in her eyes telling her the answer. Jenny stared, her mouth slightly open.

"No, she can't..."

"I'm sorry," the nurse said, quiet, "the doctors did everything they could, but the injury to her brain was too great and she didn't make it."

Jenny looked away, her body shaking slightly. She wanted to cry, but she couldn't bring herself to do so at that moment. She felt numb, Jenny not sure if it was the shock of it all or the drugs the nurse was trying to give her through the IV.

"Was there anyone else that was there?" Jenny asked, leaning back slightly.

"Well, there is a man that has been checking up on you everyday since you arrived," the nurse said, "he should be here soon now that you are awake."

Jenny leaned back on the hospital bed, trying to take in everything. Jenny told the nurse that she didn't feel any pain at the moment, and the nurse left her for a while and said she would be back later to give her another dosage of pain killers.

Thoughts raced through her head as she lay in the hospital bed, emotion starting to finally build in her chest. Her mother was dead, Jenny still being confused as to why she would try to kill her, but the fact of it all seemed to have finally caught up with her.

Tears started to dot her eyes, casting a slight fog over her vision. She raised her free hand to wipe the tears away, taking a steadying breath.

This isn't happening, she thought to herself as she looked down at her hands resting against the pale blue blankets of the hospital bed. She heard someone enter the room, her eyes looking up from the blanket to the doorway.

Elijah stood in one of his suits, there was some emotion on his face, but Jenny couldn't quite read it properly. Jenny gripped the blankets slightly, watching him enter the room. She wanted to say something, anything. But, there was rage building inside her.

"This is your fault," Jenny stated, the words leaving her mouth without really having any control over it. Her voice was low, a sharpness to it.

The question seemed to catch him off guard, but he recovered a bit too quickly for Jenny to completely know if it did or not.

"I'm sorry, Jenny," he said, Jenny staring at him with glossy eyes. She kind of expected him to deny it, though she wasn't sure if the sorry was him accepting her statement or that he was sorry for her loss.

Jenny just shook her head, feeling sleepy. "Where do I go now?" she asked, mostly to herself, "where the hell do I go now? I don't have any aunts or uncles on my mother's side, my mother didn't marry..."

"You will be staying with me," Elijah stated, Jenny turning to look at him.

"I'm not going to stay with you," Jenny said, Elijah leaning back in his seat slightly.

"You have nowhere else to go," Elijah stated in that damn voice of his, Jenny finding it frustrating in this situation. The indifference in his voice only added to her rage, seeing as he was the one who caused all the problems with her mother.

They were fine before he showed up, her mother not preforming magic and she was able to be that woman that Jenny was missing at that moment.

"And I owe your mother this," Elijah continued, Jenny staring at him. "It was part of our deal."

"You don't even want to take care of me," Jenny stated, "I'm some consequence to this deal you made with my mother."

"Would you rather stay in a home?" Elijah asked, Jenny looking away from him. Slowly, she shook her head. He was right, she had nowhere else to go. She just didn't want to be some charity case, a burden.

She shifted, sharp pain shooting through her stomach and chest. She could feel her heart racing, her teeth clenching in pain. She let out a small painful grunt, she felt a hand on her shoulder pushing her down on the bed again.

"You shouldn't move," Elijah stated, glancing towards the hall where some of the nurses and doctors were walking around, "I'll go get a nurse."

"She tried to kill me," Jenny stated, causing Elijah to pause at the end to look back at her, "she said something about a better place for the both of us. She didn't want this to happen, she was hoping I would die, too."

"You should get some rest," Elijah said, turning and leaving the room. Jenny watched the doorway as a nurse walked in, a smile on her face. She said some soothing words, lowering the bed down so Jenny was laying down.

Sleep came easily as the drugs kicked in, a part of Jenny wondering if Elijah walked back in the doorway after he left.

He did stay, much to Jenny's relief and dismay. It was a week before she was clear to leave the hospital, Jenny getting into Elijah's vehicle. Though, she didn't remember most of the drive, her mind drifting in and out of sleep.

When she woke up, though, she was laying in an unfamiliar room. Some part of her wanting to get up and figure out where she was, but her body was in no shape to do so. She was in some serious pain, making tears prickle in her eyes.

"'Lijah! Someone!" she called out, turning her head towards the doorway of the bedroom. A few moments later, a man walked into her room, a white pill bottle and a glass of water in hand.

"You're awake," he remarked, smiling at her slightly as he twisted off the cap of the bottle and emptied two pills onto the palm of his hand.

"Who are you?" Jenny asked, slightly out of breath.

"Gavin," the man stated, holding out his hand to give her the pills, "I'm supposed to watch you while Elijah deals with some business in the town a few hours away. He should be back by nightfall, apparently."

Jenny took the pills from him, putting them in her mouth and taking down the glass of water. She swallowed them down and laid back down on the comfortable bed.

"If you need anything else, just give me a shout again," Gavin said, placing the pills down on the nightstand. She watched him leave the room, the pills starting to take effect a few minutes after. Jenny turned her head to look at the pill bottle on the nightstand for a few moments, the thought of taking a handful of them at once crossed her mind.

But, the numbness took over again and she ended up drifting into a dreamless sleep before she could act on that thought.