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Dick Grayson groaned as he woke up. It was five seconds after this that he realized he wasn't at home in bed. His head was aching. It was too late to pretend to be asleep. He opened his eyes only to discover that he was on the floor. It was a dark grey floor, a hard floor. The walls were the same. There were no windows. Bright white lights hung about from about twelve feet up.

Another voice let out a moan and Dick knew he wasn't alone in the room. He sat up discovering that the room was small. Behind him was a very familiar costume that he hadn't seen outside of photographs in years. It was the orange and yellow costume of the original Speedy, Roy Harper. A bow and a quiver full of arrows were strapped to his back. The young man on the floor looked like the original Speedy. He was too young looking. His face was too unlined to be the adult Roy Harper.

Dick stood up. His balance was off. He was…shorter? His body was smaller! "What the heck?" he said. Even his voice was off. It was too young sounding. He was dressed in a red and black costume. The sleeves were short. The outfit had a r on the red vest. It was a Robin costume! There was a black cape with yellow lining. Dick had never seen this costume before but it reminded of Tim's. He felt along his face. Even with the gloves he could tell there was a domino mask.

The young man dressed as Speedy sat up. He looked at Dick warily. "Who are you?" the youth asked. His voice sounded exactly like Roy's.

Roy's identity wasn't exactly a secret anymore but it seemed best to err on the side of caution. Was there anything else Roy would recognize? Yes. Dick could think of a few things. He smirked. "Bowhead," he said. "That's a nickname of mine," Roy said, "but not one I like. It's not one I'll put up with from a kid."

"It's me!" Dick shouted. He looked around the small room seeing only way out, a rusty brown metal door. Anyone could be listening. He couldn't say his real name. Unlike Roy he still had secret identity to protect. "It's Nightwing!"

"Yeah right, you Robin wannabe," Roy said, "and I'm still Speedy!"

Dick smiled. "Actually you kind of are. You're dressed the same as then."

"What?" Roy said. He stared down at himself. "Huh?" He stood up. He was several inches taller than Dick. "I'd say you look maybe fifteen," Dick said,

"Yeah? You look ten!" Roy shouted.

Dick groaned. He leaned against a wall. "I was afraid of that." As Roy moved closer Dick realized that it wasn't just inches. The archer was at least a foot taller than Dick.

"How is possible?" Roy asked, "Where are we?"

"How should I know?" Dick said, "The last thing I remember I was getting ready for bed after a long night of patrolling Bludhaven."

Roy titled his head down. "I was getting Li-"

"Zip it!" Dick shouted interrupting Roy. "No personal names or references. You should know that Speedy!"

"Hey!" Roy said, "At least call me Arsenal!"

"I don't think you are Arsenal right now." Dick sighed. He sunk to a sitting position on the floor. "I really don't want to be Robin. "

"Okay if you insist on being anonymous," Roy said with sarcasm, "I'll say You-Know-Who instead."

Dick snorted. "That's an alternative name for that Harry Potter character Voldemort."

"Anyways," Roy continued speaking, "I was putting her to bed. I think I fell asleep beside her. The next thing I know I'm waking up here!"

Dick didn't speak. He just stared at his hands. They were too small. He took off one of the black gloves, the one covering his right hand. He examined the hand. It was definitely a child's hand. "Hey kid!" Roy yelled, "I talking to you!"

"Don't call me kid!" Dick shouted, "We're the same age!"

"Not anymore," Roy said, smirking. His face quickly became worried. "How did we get here?"

"I only wish I knew," Dick said.

The rusty metal door creaked open. It was pitch black outside the room. It was impossible to see what was beyond. A yellow and red clad figure was thrown into the room. He landed with a hard cracking sound on to the floor. The costume was somewhat familiar.

"Kid Flash?" Roy said, "Which one is-

"Don't say any real names!" Dick said, "It's not the costumes of the original or the second. Only the first had hair this shade of red. He looks about twelve maybe thirteen. I think his left leg is broken."

Roy bent down and examined Kid Flash's leg. It was bent in an odd angle. Roy's face was grim as he looked up at Dick. "You were right. It was broken. The speedster's blessing and curse, super speed healing. The leg healed wrong. We'll have to rebreak it to set it. And by 'we' I mean me. You're too small to be strong enough."

Dick glared at Roy. "Do you see anything to set it with?" he asked, "No. you'll leave it alone for now." "Ooohh! Channeling the bat, are you?" Roy gave a fake overly theatrical shudder. "I'm so scared! Not! Especially not from a pint sized kid who may or may not be who I think he is!"

"Oh shut up, R-" Dick caught himself before he could speak the name.

"Hah!" Roy shouted. "What happened to your whole being anonymous thing?"

The Kid Flash began to moan. "Roy?" he said.

Dick sighed. "So much for that," he said, "Just try to keep it first names only. There really is no telling who's listening."

The Kid Flash went on speaking. "Dick? No can't be. The voice sounds off. Why it's so dark in here?"

"Wally?" Roy asked. He put a hand in front of the Kid Flash's eyes. "He's blind."

The Kid Flash, Wally looked around franticly. His eyes were completely unfocused. It was true. He was sightless. Wally tried to stand up only to trip. The crooked leg would not hold his weight. "Ow!" he screamed as he crashed to the floor.

Dick rushed to stand beside Wally. "Take it easy, Wally." Dick said.

"Where am I?" Wally asked, "Dick is that you? What's wrong with your voice. It's too high pitched."

Dick sighed again. "You have very good ears. That or a very good memory of sounds to recognize me this way."

"This way?" Wally said.

"We're younger," Dick said, You're wearing a Kid Flash costume. I'm dressed as some version of Robin. Bowhead here is Speedy again."

"Hey!" Roy shouted, "I'm not Speedy. No matter old or young I look, I'm still Arsenal!"

"The age gaps are more pronounced than they should be," Dick said, "If Arsenal is to be believed I look ten. He's fourteen or fifteen. Until you opened your mouth I would have said you're about twelve. Now I'd say thirteen. Your voice is very close to how it should sound if you were the correct age. The pitch is only slightly off."

"You're being awfully bat-like!" Roy said.

Dick grinned. "What I can say except I learned from the best!" He let out a laugh. The sound was eerie. It was a weird creepy laughter that filled the room. Dick went silent fast. A look of shock spread across his face. Similar looks were on the faces of the other two.

"What was that?" Wally asked.

"The boy wonder's laughter," Roy said.

"That was not my laugh," Dick said.

Wally nodded. "I' .Likeavillian's.I'veneverheardcreepier."

Roy groaned. "Speed talk!"

"KF slow down!" Dick yelled.

"Sorry, I don't know what came over me," Wally said, "I can control my powers. I never get like that." "Hormones," Dick said, "The one good about being younger than a teen is that I don't have to deal with that. Your hormones are most likely affecting your self control. You complained about that the last time you got deaged."

"It's true isn't it? I am a teenager! Again! Ugh!" Wally yelled, "Ihatethis!Ihatethis!Ihatethis!"

"KF!" Dick's voice was threatening.

Wally slowed his speech. "Sorry." He looked and sounded sheepish. His eyes widened. "KF? What's that? Sounds like it's short for Kid Flash. You've never called me that."

"I don't know," Dick said, "It just came to me. It seemed natural."

"Why would anyone kidnap us and do this?" Roy asked, "Why would they go to all this trouble?"

"Unless" Dick said, "Wild mass guessing: who ever is holding us is not the original kidnapper. More likely they're not meaning us harm. That or they're really dumb, or want to appear that way." Dick unfastened the utility belt around his waist. He held the belt up. "This belt is genuine Batman gear. It's not a model I know of but I recognize the workmanship. It is costly to make. Few enemies would have been able to copy it. An enemy would have to pretty dumb to leave this with me."

Dick sat down on the floor. He began opening up the compartments on the belt one at a time, replacing the objects after he named them. He spoke like he was reading off a list. "Basic Batarangs. Smoke pellets. Flash Grenades. Lock picks. Rebreather. Knife. Chalk. Wait a sec, chalk?" Dick shook his head. "In what universe would chalk make sense in a utility belt? Never mind." Dick went back to listing the items. "Grappling gun. Taser. Bolas." Dick felt suddenly confused as the he counted the last item. "That's it? Where's the explosive batarangs?"

Roy laughed. "If you were really ten, would Batman trust you with explosives?"

"No," Dick said, "He probably wouldn't even let me out in the field. I didn't start crime fighting until I was twelve. But that's not the point."

"Just where are we?" Wally asked sitting on the floor. "And what happened to my leg? Why can't I see? Whywouldn'tmyleftlegholdmyweight?What'sgoingon?What'shappening?Wherearewe?" Wally's face and voice became increasingly alarmed. His mouth was moving so fast it became impossible to understand what he was saying. It was just meaningless sounds.

Roy shook his head. "Only a speedster could panic at super speed!" Roy slapped Wally's face. "I hate doing this." Wally was still speed babbling. Roy slapped him again. Wally finally went quiet.

"Your leg was broken, KF," Dick said, "It's crooked. As for how we got here, none of us know. The last thing Arsenal or I remember was going to sleep in our respective homes." Dick crawled the short distance across the floor to sit beside Wally. He touched Wally's head rubbing a hand through the red hair.

Wally tried weakly to push Dick's hand away. "What are you doing?"

"You have a bump on the back of your head," Dick said calmly, "It's possible you have a concussion."

"Geez," Roy said, "You really are acting like Bats! So cold! So heartless!"

"Well, somebody has to be acting rational!" Dick yelled, "Somebody has to behave responsibly! It not like I wanted this! I'm not ten years old! I'm not!" Dick silently cursed himself for the tears that were welling up in his eyes. He berated himself for loosing control even as the tears slipped past the mask. The tears rolled down his cheeks. Sobs escaped his throat.

"Are you crying?" Roy asked.

"I can't even see," Wally said, "But even I think that's obvious!" Wally reached out. He grabbed a hold of Dick pulling him closer. Dick let him. Dick buried his head against Wally's shoulder. The tears just poured out. Dick wasn't certain how it lasted. He could hear the sound of Roy shuffling something around but he didn't care. All rationality and logic was out the figurative window. When at last Dick lifted his head and pulled away from Wally, he discovered that the archer was rummaging through the quiver of arrows.

Roy was grinning like a cat who ate a canary. "I never I thought I'd this thankful for trick arrows!"

Dick sniffled. He wiped at his cheeks. He could not rub his eyes because of the mask. There was no spirit gum to reattach the mask should he remove it. Crying was childish and unmanly but it wasn't entirely a bad thing. He had forgotten that tears were a natural stress reliever. There was a calmness now. It was as if a heavy burden had been lifted, one he had not known he was carrying. To have lost control that easily though…he was not himself. Was it because he had been deaged or was it something else? He couldn't afford to think to deeply about this. It would only worry him further.

"Ah hah!" Roy held up an arrow. "This is what I was hoping for! An explosive arrow!"

Dick felt his brows raise. "Your point?"

Roy swung the quiver onto his back. He stood up fast with the bow and arrow in hand. The catlike grin spread widely across his face. "Isn't it obvious Robbie? I'm going to blow up that door!"

Dick shook his head. "The room is too small. Debris from the door would hit us. The door is metal. Not to mention the explosive device itself…I don't know about you but I don't want to get hit by metal shrapnel!"

"We got to do something!" Roy yelled.

Dick titled his head up. He looked up at the lights. "There seems to something up there."

"Support beams," Roy said, "Some kind of narrow platform. Now that's a great idea!"

"Oh no!" Dick shook his head realizing where this was probably going.

"What?" Wally asked. "What's going on?"

"This idiot," Dick said, "is planning on getting up on a platform high above our heads. Where he will no doubt, fire that explosive arrow."

"More that," Roy said, "All three us of us up there."

Dick glared at Roy. "Sure, Bowhead. Just one problem. How are you planning on getting us up there?"

"You've got a grabbling gun, don't you?" Roy asked.

Dick sighed and pulled out the gun from the utility belt. "Fine," he said, "but I'm firing it. I don't trust you with my gear."

"Your gear?" Roy said in disbelief, "That's not yours anymore than these arrows are mine! I've never seen this bow before in my life! We don't even where this stuff came from! And what do you mean you don't trust me? Why should I trust you? How do I know that you're really Dick!"

"Guys!" Wally shouted, "Why are you acting this way? You're like spoiled-"

"Brats?" Dick suggested, "Or maybe the word you're looking for is kids. Physically we are kids." Dick stared at his hands. He looked at the grappling gun he was holding. Then he looked up at platform above the lights. "This really isn't a good idea." Dick gestured at the room around him. "This place has got to be some kind of temporary holding cell. There's no plumbing in here. There's no bedding. Whoever put us here isn't planning on keeping us here for long."

"Any length of time is too long!" Roy shouted, "Give me that!" Roy snatched the grappling gun out of Dick's hand. The archer pulled the trigger. The hook shot out catching a hold of the beam. Roy climbed up. He was soon up the beam on his knees looking down.

It was hard for Dick to see Roy because of the bright lights. "I still say this isn't a good idea," Dick said.

"You got any better ideas?" Roy yelled down.

"No," Dick muttered to himself.

A few minutes later all three boys were crowded together up on the beam. Roy had the bow and the explosive arrow in his hands. He shot the arrow at the door. The door exploded. The entire room shook. Smoke filled the room. The boys coughed. When the smoke cleared there was an empty door where the door had been. There was nothing but blackness past the doorway.

"Okay," Roy said, "Who wants to go through the creepy dark doorway first."

Dick smirked at Roy. "This was your idea. You go first!"