The crisp night air burned in heaving lungs, the moon bright and full. He could feel the call, the alpha's howl still freshly ringing in his ears. Leaves and twigs snap in his wake and soon he's there, the smell of aged, burnt wood and his alpha filling his senses. He moves to all fours as he picks up another scent.

The blood and slick of another.

He feels his alpha's order to flank the perimeter, but he can't help the curiosity that peaks when he realizes he can place the scent.

"Scott, I won't say it again. Tighten the perimeter, now."

The words reach his ears but he quickly hovers by the window, fighting the urge to obey as soft cries come from the burnt out husk of the Hale estate. He perks, eyes gleaming as he looks inside.

Derek is bare, his muscles rippling beneath sweat slick skin. His hips are in steady motion as his growls ward off any interested parties. Except Scott.

The small sob fills the house again, a pale thigh held roughly by Derek around his taut waist. Scott grits his teeth, feeling the lust roll off his leader in waves.

"Show him who's in charge, your alpha, breed him right."

Scott finds himself encouraging the rough scene, his voice low, hand dipping beneath his waist band as another pain filled sob reaches his ears. Derek lets out a whine, the words egging him on, the prospect of a mate too much to ignore.

"Fill him, tie him like a bitch. Can't you see he's begging for your pups. Our pups. Our pack will grow, so tie him."

Suddenly the struggle inside becomes frantic and Scott snaps out of his lust filled haze when a painfully familiar voice pours over him like a bucket of ice water.

"N-no it hurts! It won't fit!"

Stiles. He had been out during the full moon doing some recon and had crossed Derek. He trusted the pack, he didn't realize the true drive of the alpha. Soon a roar fills the forest, Derek's hips grinding forward as he ties his new mate, seed spurting deep inside the human's small body.

All Scott Could do was turn and bolt into the darkness, guilt swelling in his chest as his best friend's sobs follow him for miles.

Ok so I'm in love with the show and decided to be a tad cynical. Let me know what you think? Mpreg isn't a new territory for me btw so if the prospect bugs you feel free to click away.