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Chapter Nine: Situations

Isaac sighs as Boyd kisses his bare shoulder. They lie in the small nest of soft moss and are beneath the thick wool blankets they had acquired. They made love constantly now, Erika always securing the Perimeter in their stead. Isaac hasn't shown signs of carrying and Boyd had assured him that he could care less. He had chosen the blonde because of who he was and what he had to offer. Cubs hadn't made the list. A rustling and soon a smirking Erika stood before them.

"Still practicing hm?"

She'd land gracefully and then go about snuggling between the naked, sweaty flesh of her pack. They lay there calmly, talking about everything and nothing. Erika whips out her cell phone, texting her daily report to Derek and decides its her turn to lounge for the rest of the day as he boys are off and into the woods in no time.

Deaton reassures Stiles as he makes his way towards the Jeep. Derek perks up and keeps his eyes on the teen as he walks towards the car and slips into his seat. A brown paper bag and small stack of information is handed to Derek almost immediately. But the alpha lets them slip from his fingers and chooses instead to stare at a small, perfectly square piece of black and white inked paper like it held all the answers of the universe. The ultra sound had been unpleasant on Stiles' part but seeing his cub on screen and hearing it's heart beat, it had rocked the teens world. Derek fingered the barely dried ink tenderly and before Stiles can start the car, large arms engulf his body and warm lips speak into the pale flesh of his slender neck.

"Thank you."

They stay like that for a bit, before Derek is shoved into his seat and Stiles is fixing him with knitted brows and crossed arms.

"It isn't the baby's fault. It deserves to live, and a mistake doesn't make that an invalid point."

Stiles starts the car and drives, ignoring the hurt, slightly angry look the alpha is giving him. Derek pretends to be calm as he texts and Stiles pretends not to notice the tension about to snap his mate's shoulder blades. They arrive at the Stilinski house hold and as they climb out, a very satisfied Chris Argent is practically strutting down the walk way. He nods at them, eyes lingering on Stiles before he's walking down the block and climbing into his truck.

Stiles tears up the walk and practically rips the door open. Derek is right on his heels. The alpha feels his stomach shift uncomfortably as Sheriff Stilinski clutches a thin blanket around his naked form and looks at them like a deer in head lights.

It didn't help Stiles' already climbing blood pressure that a condom wrapper was clutched tightly in his blanket filled fist.

The silence was defeating and Derek felt anger coming off his mate in an onslaught. Stiles breathes and only utters one sentence.

"If you haven't eaten there's egg salad in the fridge."

With that he was up the stairs and Derek was left standing there as he awkwardly turned to shut the door. A sigh lets him know that, for once, he isn't the issue. The sheriff sits on the couch, wrapping the fabric tighter around himself and staring at the worn living room rug in silent thought.

Derek curses his ability to care.

"Give him time, I know what it's like to be alone. It makes sense to find someone like Argent attractive, especially in your line of work."

Derek feels bile threatening to seep past his lips but he swallows and looks at Mr. Stilinski with what he hopes is understanding.

"Just go make sure he hasn't hung himself yet."

Derek is up the stairs faster than the poor man can finish his sentence.