Featuring the Doctor and River, as played by Matt Smith and Alex Kingston.

"Would you ever lie to me, Doctor?" she asked, as she swept her hair back into a loose bun.

"Lie to you?"

"Lie to me," she repeated. She looked at him in the mirror, reflected over her shoulder, her eyes burning into his. His cheeks flushed, and he looked away. "I don't mind, Doctor, if you do. You know, spoilers and all that."

He looked back to the mirror, and she saw in his eyes sadness. Even more than usual. "Yes. Spoilers."

River frowned, waiting for him to say more. He didn't. Sighing, she looked at her reflection again, made sure her make up was right. Her hair was an unruly mass of curls at the best of times, and she'd long ago learnt to just leave it to her own devices.

Her lipstick, however, was perfect.

"So where are we going tonight, Doctor?" she asked, as he finally shrugged into his tuxedo jacket.

"A party." was all he said.

River smiled. "Do we actually have an invitation this time, or…?"

The Doctor reached into the pocket of his jacket. He flashed the psychic paper and grinned. "Of course. Still, a bit iffy these days. After that mess on Gavalon."

"Ah, yes," River intoned with a wistful smile. "Gavalon."

The Doctor appeared at her side, and reached towards one of the drawers in her dressing table. River may have been an archaeologist, but she was still a woman, and she was proud to say that of all of time, of all of space, she still found the TARDIS' wardrobe to be the single most impressive place in the universe.

"Here," the Doctor said, taking something from the drawer.

He draped the necklace, heavy and tasteful, around her throat, clipping it gently and leaving it to rest against the nape of her neck.

River touched the largest of the gems, and said "It's beautiful."

"Suits you," he said.

"It looks familiar…"

"Yes," the Doctor said. "I thought it might."

"I found this, didn't I? The dig on Messaline."

"So we know where it ended up," the Doctor said. "Shall we find out how it got there?"

She flashed a grin. "Why, yes, Doctor, we shall. But we've got a party to get to, remember?"

The Doctor nodded. "Quite right you are. As the psychic paper says, the Doctor plus one."

"Plus one?" River said, taking it from him. "You'd best check that again."

He glanced at the blank sheet, and saw the words she'd conjured up; Mr. and Mrs. River Song, Archaeologists.