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Akito walked home from school, his hands shoved in his pant pockets. The teachers got angry at him today for spacing out in class, but all he could think about was the letter he had sent a couple days ago.

Now that he thought back to it, he realized just how embarrassing and stupid that letter he sent was. He wished he could take it back, but the letter was already in the process of sending. It'd most likely end up with her tomorrow. The thought made his cheeks turn a light shade of pink.

What was he thinking? Sana was going to laugh at the letter. She wouldn't understand it, that's for sure. She was too dense. Way too dense.

He remembered the various signals he had sent her when she was around him. She never noticed even one, so maybe Akito shouldn't have worried too much about the letter.

Yep, he thought she wouldn't get it. That is, until she sent a reply.


Sana smiled ear-to-ear when she found the familiar-looking white envelope stuffed into her mailbox. She hadn't noticed how exited she'd get to receive a letter from Akito until she was mistaken that it was his letter when it was really some fan mail.

However, this time she made sure it was from Akito by searching for his handwriting. Sure enough, she found it along with some fan mail in the back of her mailbox.

Sana liked receiving fan mail, and she liked reading it even more! However, for some reason, Akito's letter proved more important to her. Once up in her room, she tore the envelope open and pulled out the sheet of paper. She unfolded it and read from the top:


You really want me to play this game with you? Sounds stupid, baka, but I'll play, whatever:

Hey Kurata, it's Akito! So I'm glad to hear that you're having a good time. I think that going to America with you would be fun!

Actually, I think doing a lot of things with you would be fun. You see, you're just so bright and fun to be around, so anything we do together I will treasure.

Sana stopped reading to giggle for a bit. It sounded so odd, hearing this side from Akito. It felt strange, and it was so unlike him. He played the game amazingly!

She continued reading:

Well, you said to say how I felt at the moment, and I was feeling very, very in love. I'm not sure if you already know this or not, but I am in love with someone. A girl who always smiles, despite the troubles that are thrown at her. A girl who never gives up on not only her own, but her friend's problems. A girl who likes to see people smiling and laughing, and hates to see anyone upset or angry. A girl who loves the world and everyone in it. A girl who sings about her mood and isn't afraid to stand up for herself or for others. A girl who acts much younger than she is, but is actually much smarter than she looks. A girl who is no longer by my side right now, but will be soon. And finally, a girl who can act beautifully, and can have multiple personalities when on a stage.

I love that girl.


It takes a few minutes for the words to sink in to Sana's brain. Was this supposed to be a poem? No, a confession perhaps? But to who? Sana reread the letter multiple times, and after examining each sentence she finally understood.

She realized just how dense she really was.


It had been a week and five days since Akito sent the latest letter to Sana. In the letter was his confession. Akito wondered if Sana really understood. He half wanted her to understand and accept his feelings, but half wanted her to look right through the words and reply without understanding a thing.

Akito had liked Sana for almost a year now, and she never returned his feelings. Or at least, she never thought about his feelings, much less hers. Sana had told him on many occasions that he was her best friend, however hearing that made Akito a little upset. He wanted her to think of him more than a friend, honestly.

Akito reached his house from walking home from school. He didn't expect to find a letter from Sana in the mailbox, however there was a small white envelope in the back of the box anyway! After conforming that it was from Sana, Akito slipped it into his back pocket and walked inside his house. He didn't want his sister finding the letter Sana sent. He made the mistake of leaving one of Sana's letters out on his desk when he went to school one day, and as the insensitive, snooping sister she was, Akito's sister teased him for a week about it.

"Akito, any mail?" she giggled. Okay, apparently she was still teasing him about it. Why did everyone figure out his feelings for Sana except Sana herself?

Akito shook his head and dropped his bag in the living room before dashing up the stairs. He now had a special hiding place for Sana's letters: under his desk lamp. His sister was far too simple to bother looking under a lamp, so he had no worries.

He snatched the letter out of his pocket and slowly ripped open the seal. Okay, this letter would determine if she understood his last letter or not.

Dear Akito,

I know we were playing the Out Of Character Game, but I need to reply to your letter as myself, I'm sorry.

I honestly don't know what to say… Akito, I'm sorry for being so dense, but I never thought that you had feelings for me! All those times we spent together, I never understood the signals. Wow, do I feel stupid… I want to thank you for confessing to me, and I'm very flattered, however I am so new to love, I have no idea what it is! Is this feeling love that I have for you? Or is it just love like a friend? I truly wish I knew. Maybe I should ask Mama.

For now, Akito, I'd like to remain friends. I am very sorry, but I need to understand this feeling before we go further.

When I read the letter you sent, I was confused. However, after I read it over a couple of times, my heart soared. My spirits lifted and I couldn't stop myself from smiling and my stomach from fluttering. Is this love? Is this what you feel when I'm around you? Please reply soon, because my heart is very confused right now. If I find out that this is really love, I would enjoy to go further with you.

Your good friend and possibly something more,

Sana Kurata.

P.S. You are amazing at the Out Of Character Game! :)

Akito didn't plan on the letter saying something like that. He honestly thought she would be too dense to understand, however she did. She understood his feelings, yet didn't understand her own. Was this the way their relationship was going to go?

~Chapter End~

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