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It was a fine day at the Guild same people, same antics, and same fights

"What the hell are you saying squinty eyes" Natsu glared at Gray

"HA! You didn't even understand the words I said" Gray smirked

"You wanna fight stripper?!" Natsu launched at Gray

"Calm down Natsu" Max calmed him down "Gray, could you repeat what you said?" he asked politely

"Tch, I said Natsu has a girl he likes" Gray smiled evilly at Natsu

Upon those words, the whole guild stared at Natsu in silence waiting for an answer

"So what" Natsu said sitting crossed legged

"EHHH?!" the whole guild erupted, curious the boys moved closer while the girls were just eavesdropping especially a blonde haired girl

"So Natsu tell us" Max asked

"Whaaaat? Why do you wanna know?" Natsu said in a boring tone

"As a man you need to tell us! That's what a man does! Are not a man?!" Elfman roared at Natsu

"I bet he isn't" Gray smirked challenging the twitching boy

"I am a man!" Natsu stood up holding a fist

"Now,now Natsu why don't tell us all about her" Max made Natsu sit again

"Why? You all know her" Natsu said quirking a brow

"WHAAT?!" They screamed thinking 'Natsu's crush is someone in the guild?'

"What don't tell me" Mira piped up dropping her rug "It's-it's-kyah!" she screamed and fainted with a smile on her face

"S-so do t-tell us Natsu" Lucy stammered as she joined the conversation

'Lucy' Natsu thought and smirked "If all of you are interested then" he paused and looked down "I'll tell you about her personality and you guess who she is" he said with it with his mischievous grin

"DEAL!" the guild roared

"You okay with that Luce?" Natsu asked

Bewildered at the sudden question she replied "I-it's okay"

"How do I start?" Natsu rubbed his chin as he squinted his eyes "Ah!" he exclaimed as he light bulb appeared above is head "She's the one I'm looking for" he said with a grin

"Igneel?" Max said, his eyes bulging

"WHAT?!" They followed

"Are you crazy?!" Natsu said a nerve popping out

"S-so….no?" Max said in a quivering tone

"Hell No! I may be looking for Igneel but he's not the one! Heck he's not even a girl!" Natsu said forming a fist and looked at Lucy's reaction who was thinking thoroughly, he sighed

"How about another clue" a guild member suggested

"Well she's cold and she's cruel but she knows what she's doing" Natsu said with a chuckle

"Don't tell me" All heads turned and saw Mira with her head nodding in disagreement "Natsu I didn't know you like Juvia" she said with a tsk "Now what will poor Gray do?" she said with tears

"Y-you l-like Juvia" Gray pointed at Natsu

"Wha-" Natsu was cut-off

"Makes sense" someone said

"Yeah, Juvia is certainly cold knowing she's water and all but I don't think she's cruel" another said in agreement

"Well she is mean to Lucy" another one said

"What the hell?" Natsu said at the guild who were in agreement to themselves and saw Lucy with a worried face "It's not Juvia" he said with a straight face


"What? I'll give you another hint" Natsu sighed "She laughs at my dreams but I dream about her laughter" this time he said it with a tint of pink on his face

"Since when did Natsu grow up? How come I didn't see it?" Max thought holding a fist while tears streamed down his face

"Aye!" Happy chimed

Everyone looked at Happy 'Happy is Natsu's best friend, I'm sure he knows' each of them thought

"Hey Happy!" They called

"Aye?" Happy looked at them

"Who's Natsu's crush? We'll give you fish" They said in unison, they bombarded him with questions that he got scared and flew towards Natsu

"Natsuuuuu" Happy cried

"Come on guys" Natsu said but they didn't listen "I'll get out of here" he stood up and held happy in his arms everyone noticed this and gathered at Natsu

"Stay" They all said and argued with one another

Someone entered the guild and saw it was in chaos "What are you guys doing?!" she said with a glare

"Erza! We were just curious about Natsu?" Max said in a whimper that his statement came out like a question

"What about Natsu?" Erza looked at the guy in question

"Well he was giving us hints on the girl he likes" Max quivered at her gaze

"Aye" The others became like Happy

"Well this is interesting" Erza began "Continue in giving hints Natsu, I will also help in guessing" she walked towards him

"Nah, I'm getting-" Natsu said but as he looked at Erza who had a venomous aura "W-well she can't keep a secret for more than an hour" he said as he loosened his scarf

"I-Isn't that M-mira?!" Erza said in shock

"Hey I can keep a secret" Mira defended herself

"Yeah it's definitely Mira" someone said nodding his head

"Yeah" the others nodded

"NOOO! As a man I won't allow you to touch my sister" Elfman raged "As a man, you're young to be a man! That is a man!" he continued his rants

"It's not Mira!" Natsu said veins popping on his head

"Then is it Cana?" Someone raised their hand

"Yeah! Cana fits the bill" another said then the others nodded

"How about another hint Natsu" Gray suggested

Natsu sighed "She runs on 100 proof attitude power" he laughed remembering something

"JET!" Max screamed

"Wha-" Natsu started to argue and saw Lucy with a lifeless face

"It's not Jet!" Gray said "Are you fools he said she right?" Gray sighed and motioned Natsu to continue

"The more she ignores me, the more I adore her" Natsu said with a proud face

"Isn't that Charle?" Mira pipped in

"Yeah it's possible" Erza nodded "She does ignore Natsu most of the time"

"How could you Natsu? I thought we were friends?" Happy cried and flew away

"Happy wait! It's not-" Natsu explained but Happy was already gone

"Why don't we let Natsu finish, then we can gather our thoughts" Mira said with a smile

"Well she's bittersweet" He started "She knocks me off of my feet and She's also a mystery " he looked at everyone and smiled a soft smile "I'd do anything for her"

At that statement Mira fainted, Erza was speechless, Gray's mouth reached the floor, Elfman ranted that 'that's manly, Max cried at the thought of Natsu growing up already, while the master (who was watching the thing since the beginning) just smiled, and the others were just silent.

"Who are you and what have you done with Natsu?" Gray came back to reality and grabbed Natsu's vest

"What the hell? You wanna fight?" And Natsu charged at Gray that they started fight including Elfman

Erza and Mira were studying and tried giving names but none seems to fit.

"Just tell us Natsu who this girl is?" Erza said in frustration

They stopped fighting and waited for Natsu to answer

"Well she is" Natsu looked around but frowned "She's gone"

"Who the hell is Gone? I don't remember having a member of the guild named Gone" Gray said aloud

Erza smacked him in the head "The girl he likes left the guild " she looked at Natsu who was at the door with Happy

"Hey Happy, have you seen Lucy?" Natsu asked

"She went home just now" Happy flied upwards pointing Lucy's house

"I see…Happy –" Natsu was about to ask him something but he was already chasing Charle who was flying by "I'll go there myself then" he said as he left the guild who stood by watching him

"Then the girl he likes is…" Gray said in shock



"I knew it" Lucy sighed as she plopped down her bed

"Whoever that girl is, she sure is Lucky" she sighed as tears start to form in her eyes

"Yo Lucy, why are you crying" Natsu appeared by her window staring down at her

She got up quickly that she slammed her head into his

"Ouch" They both said and laughed at their clumsiness but then it eventually died down

"So why are you crying" Natsu asked wiping a tear that escaped her eye

"It's just dust in my eyes" she excused "So, today at the guild" she started and looked at him "You said that you have a girl that you like"

"We'll it's more like love" He said as he jumped down to her bed

"I-I see" her voice quivered "So you love her that you'd do anything for her" her bangs covered her eyes

"Yes, I love her very much" he said with a proud grin

Lucy couldn't hold it anymore that her tears fell down

"Lucy! Why are you crying?" Natsu asked frantic about the situation but Lucy just sobbed as she tried to hold her emotions

Natsu didn't know what to do or how to stop her cries, so he just grabbed her arm away from her face and kissed her full on the lips. Apparently it did stop her cries. Natsu pulled away and hugged her tightly

"Baka, don't cry like" he buried his face into her hair "Your killing me when you cry like that"

"Natsu" Lucy was wide-eyed

Natsu released her and looked at her straight in the eyes blushing "I love you Lucy Heartfilia"

"I love you too Natsu Dragneel" Lucy smiled and kissed him


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