Uncharted Treasure

By Funarialmaiden




Author's message- **RE-WRITTEN since 4.1.13— 4.2.13** I had to re-write my story because I hate the format of what I have done, including the mistakes. Oh well, at least my English 2A class had taught me something to improve my writing. For some odd reason, whenever I'm writing this, I'm learning all the alcohol drinks and types of warships when I researched so much stuff. I guess this is the power of writing a good story.

* As though I have not entirely have seen many Suikoden IV fan fictions between Kika and her men (such as Hervey and Sigurd) I decided to cook up this story between the pirate crew. After all, nobody have not experienced Kika interacting with her followers that much, right?

Random dream- This might be random but, I decided to write this because I got this dream where Hervey is carrying me and rocking me like I'm some child, I don't know. Maybe the idea is getting on to me… or maybe my imagination has gone wild. But it's such a nice feeling to be in his arms *faints*

Summary- Kika and Hervey are stuck in an uncharted island when their ship was caught up in a ferocious storm and an ambush from the shady pirates, causing the crew to separate. With both of them stranded, Hervey begins to learn about Kika's past and story, including her knowing his past.

*This is taken after the events of Suikoden IV and Rhapsodia*




Chapter I- The Killer taste of Alcohol




Kika was taking a well-deserved walk around her own ship on a stormy afternoon weather. The seas roared furiously, echoing through the Island Nations. Clouds have shrouded the area as well as the dense fog, covering the lands that were impossible to see afar. Winds howl ferociously across the sea, making it hard for her ship to go forward. But Kika does not care on how the weather is. What's more complicated are the thoughts scrambling inside her mind.

Many events have come to an end after the Kooluk Empire had crumbled down. Other conflicts such as eradicating the rune cannons were also one of the missions she had to face, considering that some of her men turned into horrific creatures. Overall, everyone have resumed to their peaceful lives, living to the fullest without any worries, except for Kika. The pirate leader stopped and stares at the dense fog with a distant look on her face.

"As much as I hate being in my own ship, it makes me remember those painful memories," she said to herself. Kika could only think of two things what she had in mind: her lost love Edgar and her lost partner Brandeau. So much has happened to the three of them when the cursed rune of punishment came to their lives.

Kika couldn't stop blaming the rune's power, and yet she was glad that the rune existed. So many lives were saved by this rune during the war, but others died in vain. Though it was ironic for her to think that the rune of punishment was considered a lifesaver in some occasions, she still despises the fact that it tore away the people she loved.

Maybe it was fate that had leaded both Edgar and Brandeau to their deaths at an early stage. None of them could not survive the Rune of Punishment's its fearful destructive power.

She sighed and starred at the vast ocean that was covered by a deep heavy mist, surrounding her whole ship. Kika looked at the pendant on the chest and fiddled with it, rubbing the rough surface of the sharp end. Thinking, she thought about her role as the icon as the pirate leader. "It is best for me to be in this current role as a leader that is entrusted to Edgar. But..." she paused for a second and look up. "Can I really bear the burden of everything I experienced? I wish to be with you, both you and Brandeau. My life living through the depths of the endless sea... has no meaning if I have to endure everything alone..." she whispered sadly.

Couldn't help but ponder the thoughts that came over Kika's existence, the fog grew heavier as each time has passed. Rain began to pour down as the wind grew stronger. The sunset that was shrouded by the clouds and the fog began to set, darkening the place. The waves grew hard and hit the ship, causing Kika to cling onto one of the poles. Kika blinked hard, trying to bear the pain and the weather. She shook her head and releases her grip of the pendant. "What am I saying? This is not me... choosing death as a cowardly route." She paused once again and smiled to herself. "It would be nice to see a glimpse of them, one more time." Staring at the waters once again, she saw little snow-white hairballs roaming around the stormy ocean, looking at the giant ship. She smiled once again.

"At least there's something to cheer me up than seeing the ocean all day with all this weather goes wild."

Feeling the pain of the headache appearing in the back of her head, Kika quickly went back inside the ship.




- Inside the Tavern -




Nothing is better than seeing her people in the tavern having fun, with the stench of the alcohol and the smoking meat filling up the atmosphere. Many of the pirates are drinking and eating loads of food as if they are right at home in the Pirate's Nest. Kika felt a tinge of pain taking hold of her head and looked down, her vision being blurry from her headache. The rocking of the ship did not support her balance very well, so Kika struggled to regain her posture. Not bothering to interact with anyone in the moment, Kika slowly stumbled her way to her cabin, focusing her vision towards her destination to her cabin. Suddenly, someone grabbed her arm, making her stop halfway from walking to her destination.

"Ha-ha! Hey there Lady Kika! Wanna have a drink or two *hic* with ush?" Dario slurred with a loud burp. The other pirate members laughed at Dario's usual behavior towards his leader, but kept a keen eye at him and continued drinking their jugs of rum and wine.

Kika chuckled lightly, "Dario, you know I can't drink a bottle of wine while I'm not having a good mood today."

Her right-handed man laughed, not understanding to what Kika is saying, "You seem happy *hic* to have me as your favorite disciple, riggghhhtt?" he said, leaning forward to her.

She pets his shaggy hair, sighing. Obviously, she did not want to put up with this moment. "Yes, you're one of my favorite followers, but the most annoying one." Kika said and pushed his head aside, walking away.

"WAHOOO! Another round boys!" Dario said shouted happily, paying no heed to his leader as the other pirate members raised up their glass. Kika rolled her eyes and smiled to see her right-handed man to see him spirited and energetic as ever. After several minutes of escaping the tavern, the pirate leader was able to make way to her room, feeling relief to get out of the craziness of the place. Even if she is used to the noise, her headache gets worse every time she encounters Dario.

As soon as she entered her room, she found her men hanging in her room. Hervey is shouting at Sigurd while drinking a big jug of Grog. Sigurd, covering one of his ears, is concentrating looking at one of the treasure charts while eating a piece of garlic bread. For Nalleo, he is sleeping soundly in Kika's bed.

Hervey stopped yelling at Sigurd and turned to his boss, giving a big giant grin. "Look what the cat has dragged in!"

"There he goes, him being drunk as usual," Sigurd said, rolling his eyes.

"Are you two having another round of drinking again?" Kika replied casually, walking towards her followers to the table. She spot numerous of rum bottles at the ground and a couple of bread crumbs on the bed sheets, as well the treasure charts scattered all over the table. It was typical for Kika's men to stay in her room while leaving a mess. Still, it doesn't matter for them to create litter, because the feeling gives her company. Personally, she enjoys having company. At least, for those people anyway. Nalleo always sleeps in her bed every single day, which she does not care. On some occasions, they sleep together whenever they are in the pirate ship mission.

"I wish, but Mr. Smarty-pants here is too concerned about our mission rather than having to take on a manly game with the one-and-only!" Hervey replied with a pose, taking another big gulp of drinking a bottle of grog.

Sigurd sighed in annoyance at his partner and went back looking at the map. "How cute Hervey. Real cute. Anyways, shouldn't we be heading towards the deep north-east to find what we are looking for? From what I recall, we should be able to see the specific location we're looking for near the Kooluk Empire," Sigurd said, pointing out the certain location on the map. "But it feels like we are sailing northwest. I mean, the weather shouldn't be this bad. If we go to the other way, we should be able to see the stars."

"Relax, Sigurd!" Hervey said, laying his left-arm hanging on his neck, "We've done so many adventures out in the ocean. Besides, what should we be worrying about the weather anyway? As long as the ship and Lady Kika is alright, nothing can go wrong. Right Lady Kika?" the handsome pirate said, turning to his leader and made a wink. Sigurd made a face-palm at Hervey. "You're too cheesy, Hervey. I know I should have hidden Dario's stash of grog earlier before you found it."

Kika chuckled at Hervey and turned to her henchmen. "Sigurd," she gently put her hand on his head, "Each and every one of us has faced the vicious seas and the horrid ruins that we all ventured and struggled together. But I had to agree with you, the location seems way off than the usual route we are going. The storms are severely dangerous outside, so we cannot proceed further. We might as well change our course Donut Island or somewhere near here so all of us can re-direct the location to home."

"Fair enough. Although Donut Island is a bit far, I think an island near here is better," Sigurd said with a nod of agreement. He then turned to Hervey with a victory look plastered on his face, "You know Hervey, even if you have the guts of a reckless man like Dario, I am more intelligent and responsible than you."

Hervey looked at him and smirked, "Says the person who never takes on a drinking contest! C'mon, it's you and me, one-on-one to the bitter end!"

"Ever heard of taking a break of drinking? First I'd have a word to the helmsman and report changing our destination before I accept your silly game. Until then, I'm off." Sigurd said, leaving with a wave. Kika sighed and sat on the bedside next to the sleeping Nalleo, touching her forehead. She removed her red pirate jacket, revealing her torn-black tank top. Throwing it onto the middle of the table, she stretched her slender arms and cracked her neck, feeling a bit stiff from being dazed out outside.

Hervey watched Sigurd leaving, closing the door with a slam. "That Sigurd… always postpones every challenge I requested. Best rival I have so far," Hervey said sarcastically, feeling disappointed at his friend. He then turned to his queen, who looks fatigue than ever. He sat beside her.

"Is that headache coming over to thrash your head again?" he whispered, trying to maintain his loud voice to not wake Nalleo. His head leaned forward close to hers. Kika smelled the stench of his breath of the sweet grog, enveloping the sweet scent around her.

Noticing Kika smelling the aroma of his breath, he took out a flask and handed it to her. "Well, I thought you might need a refresher before you get some beauty sleep. Dario bought this drink that's all the way from Seika. Or at least, that's what I heard from that old man." Kika grabbed the flask, feeling curious what it might taste like. Smelling the sweet scent of the alcohol, she drank everything within one shot, making her right-handed man astonished. "Wow, I've never seen her drink that quick before…" Hervey thought, his eyes wide open. In some of the moments in the pirates nest, Kika drinks, putting her head down. Rumors got him speculating that she drinks to forget the deaths of her lover and her lost comrade. However, compared to this moment, she felt like she wanted a drink. Not just to forget the painful memories, but to relax her day away.

She handed back the bottle to Hervey and lay down with a sigh of relaxation. "The size of the flask is decent, and yet the grog tasted very sweet. Got any more?"

Hervey scratched his face, laughing. "Ah well, I wish. We got more in the hideout, so you have to wait for a while. "

Kika nodded in response as she threw back her head onto the pillow. Hervey followed suit, as he lay next to his pirate queen. Silence drew in, as both of them look at the ceiling, feeling the ship rock back and forth. Both of their faces were pinkish red, due to all the alcohol they drank. There was a moment of silence as they closed their eyes, trying to subside the dizziness from all that alcohol.

"So, was Dario being a stupid drunken idiot and accidentally hit you with the glass of rum?" he questioned out of the blue, breaking the silence.

Kika yawned. "Don't worry between me and Dario. He didn't go wild and smack my head like last time," she answered, giving a reassuring smile. The memories of that incident were hazy, and yet she can barely remember how she was injured. Dario won against this one pirate and accidentally smashes the glass bottle in the back of Kika's head. Almost the entire pirate crew had to pin Dario down while Hervey and Sigurd had to carry her back into her room.

He looked at her with an eye of disapproval and crossed his arms. "Even so, I'll smack him if he hits you again. Sigurd and I have to remove the bits of glass while you were unconscious, which took forever to remove! Not to mention I had to wash your clothes from that alcohol spill."

"Really? Well, I am not feeling the pain of the glass shards," Kika said, feeling the back of her head.

"But your headache is doing all the damage. You've been getting those lately ever since Dario hit you," Hervey countered.

She raised an eyebrow, "And you're concerned about me?"

The pirate laughed at her response. "If I wasn't, then why would I be here in the first place?" he said light-heartily. But within his heart, he was deeply concerned for his leader. He might as well devote his life serving her, since Kika saved him after the Pirate Steele incident.

Kika smirked. "You got a point there. Anyway, I'm not really in the best mood to chat all day. Dario is drinking again, so why don't you join him instead of drinking here? He needs an opponent to beat him. The crew has slain many monsters in order to gain 5000 potch so they can see anyone win against him. "

"You serious? Well, looks like that old man got a new challenger for today! At least Dario is a good opponent. He can pick up a good fight other than Sigurd… who's always declining my challenge," he said and looked at Nalleo, who is still sleeping soundly. Kika smiled and patted Nalleo's head. "Don't worry. Nalleo can sleep here with me. I don't think he'll ever find peace in his room, considering Dario's loud voice. And yours."

He looked over to Nalleo once more and eyed on Kika. "Can I sleep here as well?" Hervey asked, hoping to at least sleep in this bed for one night. Before he had to get out of his own room (which is Lazlo's gigantic ship) he never have any good place to sleep but share a bed with other pirates, since there were not enough rooms in Kika's warship. The only place he can ever find a comfortable place was either renting a hotel roo. Or the worse, he would have to sleep in the tavern or share Nalleo's bed, suffering the gruesome noise of Dario's snoring and yelling.

Kika smiled and slapped his back, forcing him to sit up. "You might as well take up the whole space, snoring like Dario."

Hervey laughed and went to the door, with his hands behind his head. "At least I don't yell in the middle of the night!" He paused and made a funny face, giving Kika to crack a smile. "Ahoy there, I'm Dario! I snore like a boar and drink everything in sight!" Hervey imitated him, making hilarious gestures that symbolize Dario's movements. Both of them laughed, lightening Kika's bad mood. Hervey can't help but smile at his leader. To see him breaking his leader's crappy mood is one of the favorite moments of the day.

"Well, I got a challenge waiting for me downstairs," Hervey said with a wink, making his leader wave her hand to get out of her room.

"By the way Lady Kika," Hervey called out, making her look at him. "You look lovely smiling. Keep doing that, it suits you well. Sweet dreams Lady Kika," he grinned as he walked away, feeling cool. Kika shook her head and smiled to herself.

"I agree with Sigurd. You're one cheesy pirate to hang around with. But you make me smile too much when nobody is looking."

A/N- I hope you enjoy the short chapter. Be sure to give your feedback on what should I improve to make this story super special awesome! I made Hervey to be what he usually is, but more flirty and funny. I also tweak Kika's personality to be more open to express her problems. We must understand her problems!

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