Claudine White hated the colour white. She was not like her family, and that was just a reminder. She was a squib. She had always been second class in her French pure blood family. At eighteen, she had fallen in love with a muggle, whom, like her, had no magic what so ever. But, in a tragic accident, he had vanished. And she had his daughter.

She called her daughter a simple muggle name; Mary. There was no need to show her connection to the magical world. Mary grew up in a normal house, with a normal mother. She was normal. She went to school, made friends, and grew into a nice young girl. They were both happy.

When Mary was seven, Claudine and her daughter moved to London. Mary didn't like London, and neither did Claudine, but it was the only place they could afford to stay. They were both very unhappy until Claudine met a new man; A half blood wizard.

He accepted her for being a squib, and treated her like a witch. Mary grew to like Andrew, her mother's boyfriend, and was overjoyed when they became married. Mary wanted them to be married in white, but Claudine refused; she had always hated the colour white, and always would.

The proudest moment of Claudine's life, when Mary was nine, was early one cold winter morning when Mary ran into her bedroom holding a rose.

"Look, muzzer!" She cried, as her French accent had held on. Claudine threw the blankets off her bed and went to see what her daughter could do.

"Yes, dear?" She asked. Mary grinned.

"Look at ze flower, muzzer!" She said, and indicated the red rose in her hand. As Claudine watched, the rose started to double and triple every second, changing colours rapidly. Claudine gave a squeal of delight and picked up Mary and spun her around in the air.

Later that year, in November, nearly the next winter, Claudine gave birth to a beautiful baby.

"What do you want to call her?" Andrew asked. Just turned eight year old Mary watched her mother and 'father' bicker over the name. Finally, they came to a conclusion.

"Rowena," Claudine beamed proudly, "As in Rowena Ravenclaw. I would be honoured to wear her bronze and blue and this is my way of showing it!"

"Perfect!" Andrew cooed, holding his baby daughter proudly. Mary felt a surge of jealousy, and the thought that came to ever big brother or sister came to her mind. What if they love the baby more than me?

To Mary, this seemed likely for her to be pushed out of the way for a baby sister. She was older, she could look after herself. She ran to her bedroom, and prayed that she would be the only magical child.

Two years, nine months and eighteen days later, on the eighth of August 2006, Mary got her Hogwarts letter. She was overjoyed, as any young witch or wizard would be. Her parents seemed to think it was great, too.

As Mary grew older, she grew more wary. Especially when she was sixteen, because Rowena had showed signs of magic. Deeply depressed, Mary removed herself from the family.

Only a year later, on her graduation, did she realise how much her parents missed her. When sulking in a corner, her mother showed up and comforted her.

Mary realised that you should love and be proud of your family, and not to make the same mistake her mother did. She found how it could kill. And she dared not risk her life to sadness.