Chapter 1 : Memories

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Fairy Hills

Sadness. Regret. Emptiness...


A dream, a constant dream. A never-ending nightmare..

Wake up..wake up..

PLEASE...let me...WAKE UP!


Carla suddenly woke up eyes wide, panting and breathing heavily, her heart pounding. She looked around, wondering if she was truly awake. She scanned the bedroom through the darkness, searching for her partner while her eyes adjusted to the dark. She smiled softly as her eyes caught a glimpse of blue hair shimmering as the moonlight reflecting off it.

'Wendy..thank goodness..its been a week since the Grand Magical Games have ended, but I guess I'm still a little shaken..'

The white Exceed moved quietly over to the sleeping Sky Maiden, the Sky Dragon Slayer. She quickly giggled as she heard Wendy mumble something incoherent in her sleep, then turned over facing her while she continued mumbling. Carla took a good look at her partner, and the changes she's gone through.

Wendy was nineteen now, her small petite body quickly bloomed into that of a beautiful young woman over the last seven years. Her face was a spitting image of her Edolas counter-part, with a more mature and refined looked, long silky blue hair that reached her backside. Her legs were slim yet muscular, giving her a very fit and toned look. Her assets grew to reasonable proportions, to say the least. They rivaled those of the Great Titania, Erza Scarlet (In Carla's opinion), while her smooth, white skin gave her a healthy glow that attracted the attention of all the males wherever she went.

'Now that I think about it..she never would have matured like this if I hadn't convinced her then..' the white Exceed thought to herself.

Carla remembered that day seven years ago, when Wendy was approached by that man who claimed he was Mest Gryder and asked her to be is partner for the S-Class exam. Despite the white Exceed's protests, Wendy was determined to help out Mest, after he conveniently mentioned that he was Mystogan's disciple. Thankfully, after Carla had broken down into tears pleading that Wendy stay, the young dragon slayer finally gave in, knowing that her partner and friend was truly worried about her well-being. Then, two days before the S-Class exam, Panther Lily realized who 'Mest' really was, and exposed him to the guild.

It turned out that 'Mest' was actually a spy sent from the newly reformed magic council to find any evidence to use against Fairy Tail to disband them. Master Makarov was furious to say the least. He had a mind to go up to the Chairman and give him a piece of his mind, but then relented when he realized this was the Magic Council they were talking about. He sighed and then pinched the bridge of his nose. After that mess was sorted out, the Master decided to continue with the S-Class exam as scheduled, giving the empty spot to Max the sand mage.

"C-Carla..are you wake..?"

The white Exceed was suddenly pulled out of her thoughts and back into reality, as her partner sat up and yawned, wiping the sleep from her face. She hadn't realized that it was morning already.

"Well good morning Sleeping Beauty." the stoic cat teased. "Did you sleep well?"

"Mmhmm" Wendy replied, giving Carla a bright smile as she stretched her arms. "It's not like you to be up before I am."

The white Exceed frowned a bit, remembering her dream again. The Sky Maiden noticed, her smile quickly vanishing.

"Is everything okay Carla?" she asked, as the white Exceed collected her thoughts.

"I'm fine Wendy, I just had a hard time sleeping." she lied.

Wendy looked at her questionably, but then decided to drop it, deciding it was better to just let it go for now. She smiled again when she suddenly heard Carla's stomach grumble, as she giggled at her partner. The white Exceed turned around with a quick huff, slightly embarrassed.

"Come on." the bluenette chirped as she stood up from her bed. "Let's go get breakfast before we meet up with Natsu-san and the others at the guild."

Carla smiled and nodded in agreement.

'It would only worry her if I told her about my dream anyways..' she thought to herself.

"Besides." the bluenette began. "I'm sure once you see Happy, you'll feel muuuuuuch better, since you liiiiiiiike him."

Wendy gave her friend a sly grin before getting pegged in the head with one of her pillows. The white Exceed glared at her, blushing madly with a tick mark on her head.


Outskirts of Magnolia

In the outskirts of Magnolia, a pink haired young man and his blue feline friend made their way towards their guild after an early morning training session. The Fire Dragon Slayer Natsu, smiled, his arms behind his head as he looked over to Happy, the blue Exceed, and gave him a wide grin.

"You think today's gonna be an exciting day, Happy?"

"Aye sir!" the blue Exceed chirped. "As long as me and you are together, everyday's even more exciting than the last!"

"Alright! No one can beat the great Salamander and the Nekomander! We're unbeatable! I'M ALL FIRED UP!" the Natsu yelled, with fire spewing from his mouth. They both started a mad dash towards their guild. As they approached closer to the city, they both noticed a flash of red hair before they came to a screeching halt. They were both greeted with the sight of the great Titania, Erza Scarlet staring into space..

"Erza?" they both quipped.

The scarlet haired mage seemed dazed. She had on odd expression on her face, while her cheeks were slightly pink and her brown eyes had that faraway look in them.

'Is she day dreaming?' he thought to himself, smiling. 'Its actually kind of cute now that I think about it.'

He was about to poke Erza in the cheek when she suddenly snapped back into reality, finally sensing their presence. "Forgive me, I didn't notice the two of you. Please, hit me!"

"Good morning to you too Erza." Natsu replied, ignoring the last part of her sentence. Erza shot back a glare, but then softened when Natsu turned back around and gave her his trademark grin. She smiled back, red dusting her cheeks.

"Are you okay Erza?" the pink mage asked, noticing her face slightly red, then got closer to get a better look at her, which made her blush even more. "Your face is awfully red."

Erza suddenly jumped back realizing how close he was to her face.

"N-n-nothing! It's nothing, just thinking about the guild and all that you know? We're number one again, whoo hoo!" the scarlet mage replied as she gave him a crooked smile that looked like she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar. He just looked at her quizzically. Happy on the the other hand caught on, giving her huge grin.

"Naaaaatsu, Erza liiiiii-" was all the blue Exceed could get out before Erza grabbed him by his tail, a menacing aura surrounding her. She gave him a death glare, her eyes conveying the message 'If you value your life, you'll keep quiet.' Happy could only nod before he was punted to an unknown part of forest, with Natsu running after him.

"I'm coming for ya Happy!" he yelled as he disappeared into the forest. Erza let out a sigh of relief. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest furiously as she looked in the direction Natsu ran off too.

"That was secret was almost out" she said to herself. 'One of these days Natsu, I'm gonna tell you how I feel about you, and hopefully you'll feel the same way' Erza thought as she smiled. Ever since the Tower of Heaven fiasco, when Natsu not only defeated Jellal Fernandes, her childhood friend who betrayed her and took her friends hostage, but also defied the odds and saved her from recklessly sacrificing herself to prevent the tower from violently exploding, she had begun to develop feelings for the clueless dragon slayer. She saw Natsu in a different light, his grin always made her heart skip a beat, and his carefree nature made her feel like she could be herself around him and not worry about feeling judged. Slowly she felt the armor around her heart slowly melt away. Yes, he was reckless at times, but what truly started to win her over was his determination, his ability to face every challenge head on and overcome it. She saw this yet again when they confronted Oracion Seis, when he defeated Zero, the guild master of Oracion Seis, and even though she wasn't there to witness the final moment, she didn't need to be to tell that he had won and he was safe.

What happened afterwards, Erza would never forget, not in a million years. When the Detention Corps of the Newly Reformed Magic Council arrived at the scene to detain the members of Oracion Seis, her heart nearly broke when she found out that the dark guild wasn't their true objective. They wanted Jellal, the man who infiltrated the Magic Council, fired Etherion, and then nearly resurrected Zeref, attempting to sacrifice everyone in the tower to do so. This time however, upon returning, Jella had lost all of his previous memories, and Erza realized that maybe she had a chance to help change him, to help awaken him from his nightmare. Unfortunately, Lahar, the head of the Detention Corps, was going to take him away to either be imprisoned for the rest of his life or to be executed. As they took him away, Erza could no longer hold herself back, but before she could do anything, someone else did.

"Jellal is our ally!"

Even to this day, those words still echo in her mind whenever she thinks back to that day. Natsu, of all people, was defending him. Defending Jellal. The man that tried to kill both her and Natsu. The man who killed Simon. The man who held her childhood friends hostage for eight years to complete that God-forsaken tower. Natsu was defending Jellal for her sake. Erza stood there shocked as Natsu began fighting his way through the Rune Knights to get to Jellal. Before long, everyone had joined in and they each gave their reason to why Jellal was being unjustly arrested. Before things could escalate any further, she stopped Natsu and the others. As much as it pained her to see Jellal taken away, he still needed to atone for his sins. After they took Jellal away, she spent the rest of the night to herself, crying and letting out her feelings as the sun came up. She later found out from Gray and Lucy that Jellal helped Natsu defeat Master Zero by giving him the Flame of Rebuke, allowing Natsu to achieve Dragon Force. Erza then realized that what Natsu said before wasn't simply because he wanted Erza to be happy, he had genuinely accepted Jellal as his ally. His comrade. Her feelings for Natsu grew even stronger.

Erza soon found herself in front of the Fairy Tail guild. As she looked up at her home, her family, she couldn't help but smile.

'Against Grimoire Hearts, against Master Hades, against Sabertooth, and even against never gave up, you never backed down. You always faced them, even when you had no power, even when you had no strength left, you stood tall..even when we lacked the courage to move forward, you stood up for all of us and gave us the courage to keep on fighting..that's why I've come to have these feelings for you..that's why I've come to love you..Natsu Dragneel'

"I'm glad I met you.." she said softly before entering the guild.

20 Minutes later

"Oi, what was Erza's problem?" Natsu asked as he and Happy made their way through Magnolia. The blue exceed simply shuddered when remembered the glare Erza had given to him.

"Aye..I think she was in a bad mood." the blue cat replied, hoping Natsu would forget all about it by the time they got to the guilt. But this was Natsu. The stubborn, thick-headed, clueless idiot that he had some how come to love. He could only pray that Natsu would, at the very least, invoke Titania's wrath solely on himself. As much as Happy loved him, he still wanted to live to see another day.

"Eh, I guess you're right." the pink haired mage replied, suprising his feline friend, "I'll ask her about it later, but for now, lets go find a job, its been a few days since we've been on one." Happy couldn't help bt smile.

"Aye! Lets invite Erza, Lucy, Gray, Wendy and Carla." the blue Exceed chirped.

"Hoho, Carla, huh?" Natsu replied, slightly elbowing Happy and giving him a sly grin as his feline friend started blushing.

"A-aye, its been a while since I've seen her.." he admitted, as he twiddle his thumbs. Natsu let out chuckle as he patted the blue Exceed on his head.

"Don't worry bud, I'm rooting for ya!" he cheered Happy as he gave him a thumbs up and a huge, goofy grin. The Exceed couldn't help but return a smile as he felt his fighting spirit rise.

"Aye! Now I'm getting fired up!" Happy said confidently, as he raised his hand high. Natsu couldn't help but feel proud for his adopted son, as a small tear came to his eye.

"That's the spirit Happy!"

"Let's go find the rest of Team Natsu!"

"Aye sir!"

As the duo made their way made their way to the guild, they were unaware that someone or something was watching them. Amidst one of the rooftops, a shadowy figured appeared.

"Natsu Dragneel.." the figure spoke, its voice distorted. "The Fire Dragon Slayer..yes, your power is just what we need..Wendy Marvel..Gajeel Redfox..we'll need all of your powers.."

A creepy smile slowly crept across it's face, bearing sharp fangs, before dissipating into nothing.

It wasn't long before everyone's favorite pink haired dragon slayer busted through the doors to the guild..literally. They all glared at Natsu and Happy, who walked in like nothing was wrong. Honestly, how thick is this guy? They all thought simultaneously. At least he was in a good mood. When he's in a bad mood..well, let's not go there.

"Hey, walking matchstick!" yelled Gray at his long time rival.

"You say something, Frosty the perv?!" Natsu retored.

"Who you calling a perv, napalm breath?!" this time butting heads with him.

"Go Gray-sama!" Juvia added from the sidelines.

Lucy just watched from the bar and sighed. 'Right off the bat, eh?' she thought to herself. Honestly, its like they were both created for the sole purpose of beating the crap out of each other. While most of the guild found their bickering and fighting entertaining, she could only fear for her life after many brushes with death due to their idiotic fights.

"They're as lively as ever I see." replied a voice from behind the bar. Lucy looked up at to see Mirajane giving her the usual smile that seemed to bend the very laws of nature. Seriously, how does she do it?

"I just wished they weren't so energetic all time." replied the celestial mage.

"But if they weren't like this all the time, this guild would be very dull, don't you think?"

Lucy just stared blankly at the white haired mage.

"They're like a force of nature Mira, there's no stopping them once they get into it!" the blonde complained. "This place would've been long gone before I had a chance to see it, if it wasn't for Erza..oh God, and Erza..when she doesn't get her strawberry cake..dear God, its like she's an animal sometimes, vicious and scary as hell, who can't control herself and she's right behind me, isn't she?"

Mirajane just gave the blonde a smile that said 'Good luck.' Lucy slowly turned around, coming face to face with death itself. With a dark aura surrounding her, Erza glared at Lucy. But it wasn't her typical death glare that she gave to Natsu and Gray every time they fought, no sir. This was a glare that pierced one's very soul, slowly and painfully breaking it down. Everyone in guild stopped what they were doing and froze. Happy stopped munching on the fish he was eating, who for some reason had a never ending supply of it in his green backpack. Even Natsu and Gray stopped fighting, their fists millimeters away from hitting the other's face. Everyone just watched the two, waiting to see what happens next. Lucy looked like she was stuck in a repeating cycle of dying from fear, then coming right back to life, only to die again over and over.

"E-E-rza! H-hey, how a-re you?" the celestial mage squeaked as she tried force a smile, but was failing horribly. 'Please don't kill me! I'm too young to die!'

Streets of Magnolia

"So how are things going between you and Happy, Carla?" teased Wendy. She was wearing a white tank top with a small coat similar to Natsu's vest, with yellow and blue stripes. Her lower wear consisted of a pair of black shorts and white sandals.

"Why are you asking me that? I don't care what happens to him!" the white Exceed retorted, her bright red face betraying her words. The bluenette could only giggle. Carla missed the days when Wendy was still really shy, at least she never teased her about Happy then. Boy does time fly.

"Well, since we officially became a part of Natsu-san's team, you should do your best to get along with our other teammates." she said a-matter-of-factly.

A flaming idiot, a perverted stripper, an over dramatic blonde, and a raging red head. How Wendy every convinced her to be a part of that team, she'll never know.

'I suppose Happy is the only normal one.' the white Exceed thought to herself. She had already given up on Wendy. Since she gained some much-needed self-confidence, she teased Carla non-stop about Happy. Though she wouldn't admit it, the white Exceed didn't mind it that much, were it not for her pride. Suddenly, a grin formed on the white Exceed's face. 'Two can play at this game.'

"Me and Happy aside, how are things between you and Natsu?" she smirked, elbowing Wendy.

"W-w-hat do you mean, me and N-N-Natsu-san?" the bluenette squealed, her face red as she flailed her hands infront of her face in a desperate attempt to hide her ever growing blush. Carla could only smile in satisfaction. Although Wendy was more confident, her composure always fell apart at the mention of her and Natsu together.

"Oh, you know, ever since we became a part of his team, you've had a hard time keeping your eyes off of him." the white Exceed mused.

"C-Carla!" Wendy squeaked, her face was now a shade of red that would rival even Erza's scarlet hair. Carla couldn't hold it anymore and started laughing non-stop. Wendy just glared at her, pouting.

"I'm sorry Wendy." she chuckled, wiping some tears from her eyes. She gave the bluenette another wide grin.

Suddenly, they both stopped what the were doing, feeling an ominous feeling in the air that made them both shiver.

'Someone's watching us.' the bluenette thought as her eyes scanned her surroundings. Before she could find the source, the ominous feeling disappeared as quickly as it came. She glanced over at her feline friend and stood silent for a moment, but before she had a chance to speak, someone else did it for her.

"Did you feel that, Lily?"

"Yes, it was felt like someone was watching us."

"What's even weirder is that it had no scent to it, whatever the hell it was."

Wendy turned around as Gajeel, the Iron Dragon Slayer and his Exceed partner Panther Lily made their way towards their current position. She felt slightly more at ease that she wasn't the only one who sensed that thing's presence.

"Yo, shrimp, did you feel that?" Gajeel greeted, much to Wendy's annoyance.

"I'm not a shrimp!" she retorted, before giving a huff and looking the other way. "This is why Levy thinks you're a stupid jerk!"

Gajeel's eye twitched as he opened his mouth to reply, but nothing came out. Lily and Carla only exchanged smirks as they watched the two Dragon Slayers interact. Poor Gajeel.

"You've been hanging around Salamander and his crew again, haven't you?! They're a bad influence!"

"Oh?" Wendy grinned. "Since when do you tell me what to do? Mr. 'I can't sing even if my life depended on it!'."

Gajeel's mouth hung open, shocked. The days of the cute little shy Dragon Slayer with a big smile were long gone. Oh, how he missed those days. Now what he had to contend with was, in his opinion, a female version of Natsu Dragneel. 'This is messed up.' Gajeel wondered who he must've pissed off in his previous life to end up in this situation. After letting out a sigh, he gave Wendy a serious look as her expression turned serious as well.

"Yes, I felt it too..someone was watching us, but for some reason they wanted us to know we were being watched." she replied as she crossed her arms.

Gajeel thought for a moment, before his lips formed a huge grin.

"Geehee." he replied with his trademark laugh. "It's about time things started getting interesting again, I was getting bored out of my mind."

Wendy and the two exceeds only sweat dropped, as they sighed. 'Raring to go, huh? Looks like I'm not the only one being influenced by Natsu-san.'

"Come Lily." the Iron Dragon Slayer glanced at his partner. Lily nodded in response and followed him.

"See you two at the guild." the black Exceed bid as he dissapeared from sight, leaving the two women to their thoughts.

"Well, no sense standing around here while someone out there is plotting against us." Carla spoke up. "We should head to the guild as well, maybe the others felt it too."

Wendy nodded in agreement. "Maybe Natsu-san might know what's going on."

"Oh? Eager to see Natsu now, are we?" the white Exceed teased before Wendy's face turned as red as a tomato.


Welp, there's the first chapter of my first fan fic. It will mainly focus on NatsuxErza, but it will also focus on other possible relationships, as well as the perspectives the others have about said pairing. I decided made Wendy the same age as Erza to act as a love rival in later chapters, in which chaos and hilarity will ensue, since she also has feelings for our pink-headed friend. Let me know what you liked, what you didn't like and what should be improved. I appreciate criticism. :3