Chapter 6: Sonia and Alexi

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Crocus Woodlands, Exceed Village

The walk back to Sonia's village was relatively uneventful, which mostly consisted of Erza and Natsu explaining how they traveled to Edolas seven years ago. The black Exceed listened attentively with awe and curiosity, occasionally asking a question or two here and there. Anima, Edolas' Fairy Tail counterparts, King Faust, the Exceed, Queen Shagotte and the Droma Anim. For Sonia it was like listening to a bedtime story, only that it was an actual even that had taken place years ago. The Exceed had known that a majority of the villagers claimed they were from another world, but now hearing it from the perspective of two humans who had travelled there to save their friends made her realize that they were actually telling the truth.

' Edolas really is my homeland..' Sonia thought.

As they neared their destination, the two Fairy Tail wizards began to hear voices of different people talking, children playing and so on. Once they passed into a clearing, the village came into complete view; small houses were everywhere, simple dirt roads adorned the streets and there was a large arae in the middle that appeared to be the village square. The Exceeds themselves were going about their daily business, the young children were playing while a few of them were sitting down at a table being lectured about various wild life. The adults on the other hand were hard at work; a group of Exceed were dragging along a huge net that held a great deal of fish, no doubt having just returned from a fishing trip. The others were busy tending to everyday things ranging from running their shops to repairing damaged homes and so on. Natsu and Erza then noticed a very large garden next in the center of the entire village that had quite a variety of vegetables and fruits growing. It came to no surprise when the entire village stopped what they were doing and stared at the two visitors. Some were uneasy at first, but when some of them finally recognized the pink haired boy and the scarlet haired girl, they quickly gathered around them like they were celebrities, asking questions left and right.

Natsu couldn't help but grin. "Yo, looks like you guys are taking good care of yourselves."

"Ah, he's one of the wizards who defeated King Faust and the Droma Anim!" an Exceed shouted out.

"It's really him!"


"My, this is a pleasant surprise." a feminine voice spoke that made all the villagers quiet down. "It has been a while, Natsu, Erza."

Everyone, including the two wizards, turned to see the former queen of the Exceeds, Shagotte, making her way towards the small gathering. Compared to her previous appearance, she was slightly taller, wearing a blue blouse with a pair of grey pants and holding a hoe in her hand. She also seemed to be sweating, no doubt working along with her fellow Exceed to keep the village in tip-top shape. This was further confirmed by the group of adult Exceed who followed close, one of them being Lucky, Happy's estranged father. His wife, Marl, floated down next to him holding a small basket full of produce.

"Kah!" he said loudly. "Good to see you youngsters are still around and kick'n!"

Marl gave Natsu and Erza a warm smile. "It's good to see that you are both alright. We've heard what happened to you all on that island, it's a miracle that you are all unharmed. Tell me, how are Happy and Carla doing?"

"They're both doing great!" Natsu said with a grin.

Erza nodded her head. "They are getting along pretty well, especially with Panther Lily. I'm sure the three of them will be happy to know you are all doing fine."

At this comment, Lucky suddenly interjected. "Kah! That greenhorn still ain't come by to visit!" he yelled angrily. Though his eyes wouldn't show it, Lucky missed seeing his son.

"Now dear.." Marl tried to calm him down, though deep down she too felt the same.

Shagotte shifted uncomfortably. She also felt the same as Lucky, seven years without seeing her child's face or hearing her voice really took a lot out of the former queen. 'It's only natural for a parent to worry about their child.'

Natsu seemed to pick up on this and decided to ease their worries. "Well, I guess we'll just have to bring Happy and Carla along with us the next time we come visit." he said.

The three Exceeds' eyes lit up as Erza nodded at them again. "They'll come visit, even if we have to force them to." she said, while Natsu and the others sweat dropped.

"Thank you, I think.." Shagotte replied. "So, what brings you two to our little village?"

Sonia decided to speak up for the first time since they're arrival. "I brought them here." she began. "I was in the outer forest looking for Alexi after he ran off without warning. Natsu and Erza came across me when I was still searching, and when I described him, they both said they were looking for someone of the same description, so I decided to bring them here so they could speak with him. Has he come back by any chance?"

"Hm.." Shagotte thought for a moment. "I think I saw him going near the lake behind the village."

"Do any of you know where he came from?" Erza asked, getting the other's attention.

Marl shook her head. "No, he never said where he was from. A few of us had asked him, but he said he didn't remember."

"I see.." the scarlet mage replied, crossing her arms.

"KAAAAH!" Lucky yelled, startling everyone. "Don't really care where that young whippersnapper came from, all I know if Alexi hadn't shown up when our village was attacked, we'd all be kissing dirt or in a cage in who knows where!"

"Now dear.." his wife said with a soft smile.

Natsu turned to the former queen. "Your village was attacked?" he questioned.

"Yes.." Shaggotte grimaced. "Two days ago, a group of human wizards tried to attacked our village. Apparently, they were going to capture us and sell us off as slaves and pets. They threatened to kill some of the Exceed if we failed to comply. Just when we thought it was hopeless, a grey haired human appeared and drove them off, suprising all of us when he did so without the use of magic. We invited him to stay here afterwards to repay him, as he said he had no place to call his own, and he's even helped rebuild the homes that were damaged during the attack." she finished explaining. All the Exceed remained quiet for a few moments, seemingly out of respect for this Alexi.

"Well, I believe it's time we went to go speak with him." Erza spoke. "There's something very important that needs to discuss."

The pink haired mage put his hands behind his head. "Let's get it over with then."

Sonia, who had remained silent for the most part, glanced up at the two Fairy Tail wizards. "I'll escort you two." the black Exceed said aloud as she spread her wings and floated towards the lake, Natsu and Erza following close behind. Shagotte watched as the trio began to disappear from view with a smile.

"First Alexi, now Natsu and Erza. She seems to be slowly getting over her fear of humans." the former queen said to no one in particular.

"It seems so.." Marl added. "From what had happened to her, its only natural that Sonia fears them. It seems now, however, that she's beginning to face her fear and overcome it." she finished with a smile.

Back with Erza, Natsu and Sonia, the trio wear slowly nearing the lake. A familiar scent told the black Exceed that they were getting close as Natsu caught whiff of the scent himself. Erza simply sported her usual stoic expression. 'Our first priority is to identify whether this person is the same one I saw at the Marza mountain range two days ago before I blacked out.' the knight thought to herself. 'If this Alexi is that same person, then I can ask my questions.'

"Sonia." Natsu said abruptly, catching the black Exceed's attention and pulling Erza from he rthoughts. "Something's been bugging the hell out of me for a while now. When you freaked out when you first saw us in the forest..was it cause you're afraid of humans?" he questioned.

The black cat was quiet for a moment, then found her voice. "Y-yes, I apologize about that. After a certain..incident when I was growing up.." Sonia cringed for a moment. "..I grew fearful of humans."

"Then how is it that you became friends with Alexi, a human?" Erza asked curiously.

"To be honest, I was afraid of Alexi at first as well." Sonia replied. "Even though he saved the village, I was still scared of him. Of course, Shagotte insisted that everyone thank him so I did, or at least tried. But when I tried to speak, I was gripped with so much fear that nothing came out of my mouth. I felt bad because I thought I hurt his feelings, but instead he smiled and me and said 'You're welcome.' I thought he was acting a little suspicious."

The scarlet mage crossed her arms. "What happened afterwards?"

"Well, I kinda, uh.." the black Exceed blushed with embarrassment. "I kinda followed him around when he wasn't looking during his first day here, though I found out later that he already knew I was. Anyways, I ended up following him to the lake later that day and I saw him sitting near the shore. But what really got my attention was the look on his face..he looked so..lost."

"Sounds like someone I used to know." Natsu said softly while Erza nodded. Though the Exceed never knew it, the two wizards were referring to themselves; they were no strangers to loneliness or isolation.

"Anyways, one thing happened after another, and before I knew it, I ended up being friends with Alexi. Its strange, I never imagined I would be friends with a human again after such a long time." Sonia said quietly. The Exceed felt a hand pat her head gently.

"Some people have that kind of effect, you know? Just being around can make you do or say things without you even realizing it." Natsu said with a big grin. Sonia found herself smiling as she looked up to the pink haired mage. Erza watched the two from a close distance, though her eyes were more focused on Natsu.

'You have no idea how right you are,'re the same after all, everyone who's been around had changed..including me..' the scarlet mage thought with a faint smile on her face. Her thoughts quickly ended when a loud explosion boomed in the distance.

"The hell was that?" Natsu asked. As if to answer his question, a loud howl filled the air, nearly blowing out his ear drums. "I guess that answered my question!" he screamed as he covered his ears.

Another ear-splitting howl was heard, as Erza and Sonia tried desperately to shield their ears from the horrific noise. The sound finally stopped, but in turn another loud explosion rumbled dangerously nearby. Something was wreaking havoc, and the scarlet mage didn't like it one bit. "We need to find whatever's causing this noise!" she yelled as she quickly ran ahead, followed by Natsu and Sonia. "Where's the lake?" Erza asked as Sonia caught up with her.

"Right over that hill!" the Exceed pointed up ahead.

No sooner had they reached the top of the hill, did they see the source of the howls; a large, black serpentine creature thrashing about in the lake shore. It raised its tail and smashed it into some nearby rocks, spraying chunks of debris everywhere. At first, the wizards thought it was going on a mindless rampage, but they would soon find out that wasn't the case.

"Impudent pest!" the serpent roared. "How dare you trespass on my territory!"

That's when the trio noticed someone standing on top of the creature's tail. A pair of piercing blue eyes glared back at the creature in defiance. Grey, slicked back hair shifted in the wind as the person stood there with his arms crossed. A black coat with blue trimmings adorned his upper body, while he wore an azure sash around his waist, and black pants with white shoes on his lower body. Sonia gasped. "That's Alexi!"

Erza's eyes widened when she recognized the person's hair style. 'He's the same one from the mountain!'

"I've never seen you before, and as far as I'm concerned, this lake belongs to no one, it is free to all living creatures!" the young man known as Alexi countered back.

The serpent let out a huff. "It matters not, human, from this day forth this lake is my home, and those who would dare near it without my permission will suffer my wrath!" it thundered as it pulled its tail out from under the grey haired boy. It then lunged directly at the small human, the serpent's mouth wide open threatening to swallow him whole.

"What a pain.." Alexi sighed as he stood his ground. The others on the hill watched as the grey haired boy cocked his right fist back, a Magic Seal appearing in front of his knuckles. The seal was white and had a blue outline, with the image of a white horned dragon in the center.

"That's Dragon Slayer Magic!" Natsu quickly pointed out from atop the hill.

"Nova Dragon's Meteor Fist!" the grey haired mage roared as a torrent of white energy, surrounded by blue electricity, formed around his fist. The serpent, well within range, thought its victory was all but assured, that was until its face met with a the human's fist. The force of the mage's punch alone was enough to stop the creature dead in its tracks, but then the shockwave of energy that followed right after sent it sailing through the air and back into the lake. Satisfied with his work, the young man focused his attention to his small band of spectators, who believed themselves to be well hidden from view. "You three can come out now!" he shouted with a slight smirk on his face.

The two Fairy Tail wizards stiffened, realizing that the mage was aware of their presence during the entire fight, possibly even before then. Sonia was the first to quickly fly down the hill, with Natsu and Erza following suit. Within moments, the trio stood at the center of what was just a battlefield moments earlier, broken rocks and debris scattered everywhere. "Alexi!" the Exceed cried as she flung herself at Alexi's face.

The grey haired mage muffled a few words before Sonia decided to pry herself off. "Missed me?" he asked cooly with a smile.

"S-shut up." the Exceed replied playfully with a faint smile.

Alexi's smile widened before he turned his attention to the red-head and pinkette. "So, we finally meet." he said calmly.

"It sounds as if you were expecting us." Erza spoke.

"Well, I did sense the two of you enter the forest earlier, so I figured it was just a matter of time before you guys found me." the grey haired mage explained.

Natsu tilted his head. "You did?"

Alexi nodded. "I felt two very high magic signatures enter the forest earlier, it was pretty hard not to notice. That and the explosions you two made were hard to miss."

"Yup, explosions and destruction are the qualities of a Fairy Tail mage!" the pink haired boy said proudly.

The grey haired mage sweat dropped. "You don't say.."

"We're getting a little off track here. I believe introductions are in order." the red-head called for everyone's attention. "I am Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail."

"Natsu Dragneel, also of Fairy Tail." the pinkette said as he placed his hands behind his head.

The grey haired mage smiled faintly. "Alexi Bluemoon."

'Bluemoon, like the color of his eyes.' Erza thought. "Well then Alexi, I hope you don't mind answering a few questions I have." she said as she crossed her arms. "Two days ago, a mysterious person saved my team and I from being crushed under a mountain of dirt and rocks after all of us lost consciousness. He later gave his name as White Fang to a group of friends who were waiting outside for us. Was that person you?"

Alexi closed his eyes and nodded. "Yes, that was me."

"Why were you there?" the red-head questioned. "Why did you help us?"

"Because." the grey haired mage began. "I was there long before you arrived." Alexi saw the questionable look he received from Erza and sighed. "I'll just cut to the chase. You and your friends found a lacrima in that cave, right?" The two wizards nodded, confirming this. "Incase you were wondering, that lacrima was me. Now as for your other question, would any sane person leave a group of unconscious people to be buried under a mountain of dirt and rocks?"

Erza's head shot up. "So you were transformed into a lacrima?" she asked, the grey haired boy nodding in response.

"Sounds like Edolas all over again.." Natsu mumbled.

"Edolas?" Alexi raised an eyebrow.

The pink haired mage shrugged. "Long story."

Erza remained silent as she studied Alexi. 'So then when Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy overloaded the lacrima with their magic, it lost its form and Alexi was reverted back to his original body.' she thought to herself. Alexi noticed the hard stare he was receiving from the scarlet woman, but decided to say nothing of it.

"How did you end up as a lacrima anyways?" the pinkette voiced his question.

The grey haired boy turned back to Natsu. "A dark mage cast a spell on me. For what and why, I honestly can't remember, nor do I remember the mage's name or how they looked like. It seems turning into a lacrima and reverting back messed with my memory. When I finally came to and realize what was going on, I couldn't remember anything, not even my name. Thankfully, I managed to remember my magic and how to use it, so I was able to get you and your friends outside at the last second. When your Exceed friends outside asked me who I was, the only name I could recall was White Fang, so I decided to give that as my name until I could remember my real one. After helping you guys out, I wandered around for a bit until I ran into Sonia's village being attacked by some people. Naturally, I intervened." he paused, then continued. "After that mess was sorted out, my memories started slowly coming back, but there's a lot that feels fuzzy to me."

'I guess until all his memories return, we'll only end up with more questions than answers.' Erza thought. ''Perhaps Porlyusica could help, she may know some kind of medicine that could restore a person's memories.' she contemplated. As the red-head went over their options, and after a few moments of silence, Natsu decided to ask the question that was burning in the back of his head.

"So you're a Dragon Slayer, huh?"

Alexi turned to Natsu with a questioning look on his face. "You know about Dragon Slayer Magic?" he replied with his own question.

Natsu simply grinned. "More than that, actually. I'm one myself."

Alexi was more than a little surprised. "Huh. Never really thought I'd meet another dragon slayer, the thought never crossed my mind."

"Heh!" the pinkette smiled. "There are actually two more Dragon Slayers back in our guild. Well, there's Laxus too, but he's not a true Dragon Slayer."

"I see.." the grey haired said with a thinking pose as he sat down cross-legged, followed by Natsu and Sonia who did the same. "So what kind of Dragon Slayer Magic do you use?" he asked.

"Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. Igneel, the Fire Dragon, taught it to me. He also took care of me and raised me." Natsu replied.

The grey haired boy crossed his arms. "Igneel, huh.."

"What about you?"

"I use Nova Dragon Slayer Magic."

Natsu tilted his head, thinking. "Nova? Isn't that like explosions or something?"

"You were close." Alexi raised his right hand and allowed his magic to swirl around it. Natsu stared as the white energy seemed to clash around the grey haired mage's hand, it reminded him of magic in its pure form that he had seen when Edolas's magic was being sucked into the reversed Anima. "A nova is essentially a more powerful version of an explosion, and the energy it produces is tremendous. Think of a star exploding and then you'll get what I'm saying."

"It looks so pretty.." Sonia said as she became entranced by the flow of energy.

The pinkette squinted his eyes a bit. "I never heard of explosions as an element, let alone a nova or whatever it's called. How do you eat it?"

The grey haired dragon slayer chuckled. "Well, that's a little tricky. When a nova or explosion happens, I'm able to eat the energy they produce when they explode." The swirl of energy quickly formed into a white orb that had blue electricity surrounding it. "Thankfully, I have a resistance to explosions of any kind, though I can still get hurt if it's more than I can handle."

Natsu nodded, he himself used to think he was immune to all forms of fire, until meeting Grimoire Heart's Zancrow, the God Slayer. After that he became slightly more cautious when facing Fire Mage's.

"Hm.." Alexi contemplated something for a bit, before smiling slightly. He decided to give them a demonstration of his magic. With one fluid motion, Alexi threw the orb in hand high in the air, until it was well over sixty feet high. "How good is your aim?" he asked with a slight smirk as he turned to the other dragon slayer.

The pink haired mage replied with a smirk of his own. "Watch and learn." he said, preparing a fireball in his right hand.

Alexi turned to Sonia. "You might want to cover your ears." he suggested.

The Exceed nodded and placed her paws over her ears, then watched as Natsu tossed a small fireball up at the white orb in the air. As soon as the fireball made contact, the white orb erupted in a flash of white light along with an ear shattering boom that scared all nearby life half to death.

Erza at the time was having some very pleasant thoughts about strawberry cake and Natsu, when the noise suddenly interrupted her own thoughts. The red-head turned around slowly with eyes ready to kill. "Who dares to interrupt me while I'm having such pleasant thoughts!" she demanded with rage in her voice.

The two dragon slayers and the black Exceed suddenly felt very small before the presence of the enraged Titania. Natsu swallowed his fear and decided to be brave for a change. "W-w-well, y-you s-s-" was all the pink haired mage could get out before Erza suddenly materialized in front of him and sent him flying into the a tree with a well placed kick, shocking Sonia and angering Alexi.

"What the hell was that for?" Alexi yelled angrily. "What kind of idiot attacks their own friends?!"

Erza's eye twitched. "What did you just call me?" the knight said dangerously as her eyes began glowing red and a black aura formed around her. "Would you care to repeat that?"

Sonia tried her best to defuse the situation. "N-now, now, this is all just a big misunderstanding.." she said, trying to calm the red-head down. Unfortunately, the Exceed's words fell on deaf ears.

Alexi stared back at Titania defiantly, but remained silent.

"Fine, if you have nothing else to say, then accept your punishment like a man!" the scarlet mage yelled as she cocked back her fist, ready to dispense her own brand of 'justice' upon the mage. Before she could get close enough, however, Alexi suddenly appeared right in front of Erza, catching her completely off guard.

"I think you should take a nap." the dragon slayer sighed as he took his right hand and poked Titania on her forehead with his index finger. The mage's eyes widened with shock as she felt her entire body suddenly relax before she slowly lost consciousness. Her body went limp and began to fall, but was quickly caught by Alexi who gently laid her down on the ground. "She's gonna be pissed when she wakes up.." he mumbled.

The black Exceed quickly flew to Alexi's side. "What did you do to her?"

"Nothing harmful." the grey haired boy assured her as he sat down next to Erza's sleeping body. "It was a little trick my father taught me, he used it on me a lot when I was younger. I was quite an unruly child back then." he chuckled.

"ERZA!" the two companions heard as Natsu ran over to Titania's fallen figure. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!" the pinkette roared.

Alexi put his hands up defensively. "Calm down Natsu! I didn't hurt her or anything, she's just sleeping." He watched as Natsu's face visibly relaxed. "She looked like she could use a nap anyways."

The pink haired dragon slayer shrugged. "You know, you could have done that right before she kicked me." he pouted as he took a seat next to the other dragon slayer.

"Wait, you're not mad at her?" the grey haired mage questioned.

"Nope." Natsu replied cheerfully. "That's just how Erza is sometimes, a little scary, but she's a very strong and passionate person. She's brave, courageous, reliable, loyal.." the pinkette went on for five minutes listing various other qualities that described Erza.

After Natsu finished his list, Alexi quirked an eyebrow. "Hm..the way you reacted when you thought I did something bad to her and how highly you speak of Erza, by any chance, your mate?"

Natsu's face turned as red as Titania's hair. "M-M-MATE?!" he sputtered loudly.

Alexi blinked for a second before grinning slyly. "Is that a yes?" he teased as Sonia giggled.

"N-no, it's not like that between me and her! We're just friends!" the pinkette blurted out. "And what the hell do you mean by mate?" Natsu spoke more calmly this time.

"Igneel didn't teach you about dragon mating?"

"Well, he probably did, but I probably didn't pay much attention.." Natsu admitted sheepishly.

"Man, you really are hopeless.." Alexi sighed. "I'm surprised Igneel had that much patience with you. My father had very little patience for any interruptions I caused."

The pink haired mage suddenly perked up. "Oh yea, I forgot to ask you. Who was your dragon?"

Alexi smiled faintly. "Neosys, the Nova Dragon." he said sadly.

"Did he disappear on July 7th, 777?" Natsu inquired.

This time the smile faded. "I'm not sure.." the other dragon slayer replied with a puzzled expression. "I can't..remember."

The three of them each remained silent, before a voice broke their thoughts. "Then we're going to have to do something about your memory loss then." They all looked to see Erza waking up from her 'nap', rubbing her eyes and yawning.

"Erza, you're awake!" Natsu said happily, making the scarlet mage blush. "Did you have a nice nap?"

"Y-y-yes.." she stuttered, turning away to hide her blush. "How long was I out?"

"About ten minutes." Alexi answered nonchalantly. After her blush died down, Erza turned to face the grey haired mage, making him tense up.

The scarlet mage smiled slightly. "Don't worry, I won't punish you..for now anyways." Erza finished with an evil glint in her eyes, making everyone shudder.

'Great, I think I just made things worse between us..' Alexi sighed inwardly.

"However..that little trick you used on me might be useful for something."

The grey haired mage raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

The scarlet haired mage closed her eyes. "As embarrassing as it is to admit, I've been having a hard time falling asleep on my mattress lately, it's actually very uncomfortable. But after you put me to sleep, I slept very peacefully despite sleeping on the ground, and I woke up feeling very refreshed. That was probably the best nap I have ever had."

Alexi folded his arms over his chest, already knowing where the red-head was going with this. "No way. I'm not becoming your solution to your night-time problems." he said, turning away slightly.

"Very well then.." Erza opened her eyes and gave the mage a demonic look. "Then I will hunt you down to the ends of Earthland and fill your life with misery and suffering for having beaten me in such a humiliating manner." she said coldly.

The mage was now sweating nervously. "Fine!" he shot back. 'Sheesh, that woman sure holds a grudge..'

The red-head changed back to her usual stoic expression. "Think of it as my way of forgiving you."

"Sounds more like a punishment to me.." Alexi muttered to no one in particular.

"Anyways.." Erza coughed, getting everyone's attention. "Before we veer off topic again..we have something to ask of you, Alexi."

The grey haired dragon slayer furrowed his brow. "What would that be?"

The scarlet knight stood up and dusted herself off. "To come back to the guild, Fairy Tail, with us. Our Master has requested to speak with you, there is a problem we are dealing with at the moment and we are lacking a great deal of information, but he believes you may know something we don't." Erza went on to explain the events that took place two days ago, and how a man named Kornell and a guild called Serpent Fang were attempting to use Alexi's, Natsus's, Wendy's and Gajeel's dragon slayer magic for an unknown ceremony. When she finished, Erza waited expectantly as Alexi took in all the information.

"A ceremony.." the grey haired mage murmured. Alexi closed his eyes and began thinking back to when he was turned into a lacrima. He could faintly remember the person who did it, but the person's face and name kept escaping him. He tried to at least remember the last thing that person said before everything went dark. The two Fairy Tail wizards and Sonia watched the young mage deep in thought. Alexi became very still, almost as if he were a statue as he concentrated, but just as he would come close to remembering, it would all slip away. After a few more minutes, he gave up. "Damn, it's still all too fuzzy.."

Erza smiled. "Another reason you should come to the guild with us." she added, as Alexi looked at her curiously. "There is a mage who lives near Fairy Tail, Porlyrusica. She specializes in healing potions and medicines, I believe she may be able to restore all of your memories. We've also heard that you currently have no place to stay, is that right?" she asked.

The grey haired mage nodded. "I was considering going to the nearest city and finding some way of earning money."

"Then you should join Fairy Tail." Natsu spoke this time. "If you become a member, then you'll be able to take on job requests that offer money as a reward. The more jobs you take on and complete, the more money you can earn, and in no time you'll be able to find an apartment to rent or even buy a house. I'm sure Gramps wouldn't mind letting you join, hell, he could even have some kind of housing arrangement set up for you while you save up." the pink haired mage finished with a grin. "So what do ya say?"

Alexi thought about what Natsu and Erza offered, and he couldn't see anything wrong with it. After all, he needed to earn some money somehow or else he wouldn't be able to get very far, being in a foreign country after all. This was an opportunity to start fresh, one that Alexi couldn't pass up. He could regain his memories and hopefully remember everything that happened to him, particularly as to why a dark mage turned him into a lacrima in the first place. But even more important than all those things was finding any clues to the whereabouts of his father, Neosys. 'Perhaps the other two Dragon Slayers Natsu spoke of might know something.' he pondered. Alexi sat up and dusted himself off as he looked up at the setting sun. It felt fitting, as the grey haired mage smiled. "Alright, you guys win."

The two Fairy Tail wizards looked at each other and smiled. It was then that a very saddened Sonia sighed. "I guess that means you won't be coming back.." the Exceed said sadly.

Crouching down to pet her head, Alexi spoke softly. "Sonia..." he said with a sad smile. Before he could say anything else, a thought popped into his head. "..Would you like to come with me?" he asked.

Sonia stared at the mage with bewildered eyes. "A-are you serious? You want come with you?"

"Of course, you're my first friend I made in Fiore after all. I trust you." the grey haired mage said with chuckle. "Is that alright with you guys?" he asked, turning his head slightly towards Natsu and Erza.

"I don't see why not. She can even become a member of Fairy Tail if she would like." the scarlet mage replied with a stoic smile.

The pinkette grinned. "Then we'll have four dragon slayers and four Exceeds in our guild! I'm sure Happy, Carla and Lily will be stoked."

Alexi turned back to Sonia who was now smiling. "Well, there you have it. So what do you say, would you like to come with me?" he asked her again.

"O-of course!" the back Exceed replied with joy.

"Then its settled." the grey haired dragon slayer said with a grin. "From this day forward, you and I are partners."

Sonia smiled even wider. "You bet!" she said, sounding confident. "I won't let you down Alexi!"

"That's the spirit!" Natsu said as he threw his hands in the air. "Let's go back to Fairy Tail!" he added as he tried running off into the forest, only to be stopped by Erza who grabbed a hold of his scarf. "What the hell?!" he fumed angrily.

"Idiot, we can't leave without telling Shagotte about our departure. We need to inform them that Alexi and Sonia will be leaving to join Fairy Tail." the red-head said as she began walking towards the village, dragging a thrashing Natsu along by his scarf.

Alexi and Sonia sweat dropped but then looked at each other, laughing. Unknown to any of them at the time, they were being watched thousands of miles away by a certain dragon.


"So, the son of Neosys has returned.."

A low rumbling sigh echoed throughout the area, though no one was there to hear it, and with good reason; the insurmountable heat produced by free-flowing lava made it impossible for any living to creature to survive such a hellish place, let alone live here. That is, to all but one being. In this seemingly God forsaken place, a great dragon called this his home. With a mighty roar, the majestic yet fearsome being let his presence be known to those who would dare trespass in his territory. Into Igneel's territory.

Flapping his bony wings, bright red scales shimmering in the wake of the lava's heat, the great Fire Dragon Igneel let loose a puff of smoke from his gaping maw. It had been fourteen years since he had left his adoptive son, Natsu Dragneel, to fend for himself, and not a day went by that the proud dragon regretted it. But alas, there are just some things that must be done, even if it meant leaving the closest thing to a family he had behind for the sake of saving the world. A parent could still worry, however, and Igneel was no exception. The dragon could still remember the warmth that child radiated, that power that he could see dwelling dormant within Natsu. His great maw curved into a smile.

"My, am I dreaming, or is the one and only Igneel smiling?"

Grunting, the great dragon turned his massive head towards a small, green transparent orb of light that gently floated in the air. A feminine chuckle come from the light as it approached Igneel.

"Grandine..I believe I made it clear that you are forbidden to come to this place!" The dragon said with a mighty roar that would send any other living creature running for dear life. The Sky Dragon Grandine, in light form, sighed at the fire dragon's impatience. Though Igneel could not see her physical form, he had no doubt that the female dragon was smiling behind that light.

"Pipe down, you old fool. " This time a different voice spoke, sounding male and metallic in tone. "Grandine never listens to me, what makes you think she'd listen to you?"

Igneel growled in with a hint of displeasure. "Metalicana.."

A silver transparent orb of light now floated adjacent next to the green one. "I see you still remember my name, you flaming behemoth." Metalicana sneered. "Of course, who could forget the name of the awesome and all powerful Metalicana!"

"Do not test my patience!" the fire dragon boomed in response. "Do you wish to be melted down into ore?"

"I'd like to see you try!" the iron dragon thundered back. "Just because your son defeated my brat doesn't mean the same will result with our fight!"

Grandine sighed as the two dragons bickered, issuing meaningless threats back and forth between one another. They were just like their respective sons, unable to settle anything without resorting to violence. The sky dragon wouldn't lie that she wasn't amused, however.

"Enough of your childish banter you two!" Grandine screeched. "We did not come here to bicker who the stronger dragon is.."

Igneel and Metalicana huffed, opting to remain silent. After what seemed like an eternity, the iron dragon finally spoke. "So then its true.."

"Yes." the sky dragon added. "The human that Neosys raised has suddenly appeared once again."

Igneel remained silent for a moment, deep in thought as the other two dragons went on speaking.

"So his brat still lives..I'm sure that old fossil will be happy." Metalicana snorted.

Grandine let out a sigh. "Why must you refer to Neosys with such a name? While it is true that he is one of the remaining ancient dragons, he is also the wisest and one of the most powerful among us all. I would suggest showing a little more respect towards our elder, Metalicana."

The iron dragon let out a grunt. He never liked being scolded or lectured by the sky dragon, even after several centuries he still couldn't find the patience to deal with her attitude. "You need to stop acting like my mother, Grandine. I'm no hatchling."

"Considering how you and your son turned out, I would say I am making up for what she neglected to teach you."

"Say that one more time, Sky Dragon.."

"ENOUGH!" Igneel bellowed as the two dragons ceased their bickering. "Is Neosys aware of this?" he asked, going back to the topic at hand.

Grandine sighed. "Most likely. There is no possible way that Neosys wouldn't sense his own son's magic signature, especially considering that child suddenly appeared in the human kingdom of Fiore, of all places."

"Wait, didn't the old fossil find that brat in the southern continent?" the iron dragon questioned. "How did that human end up all the way over there? Even more important now that I think about it, how did that brat survive for that long?"

"It seemed the boy was turned into a lacrima by a unknown individual." Igneel revealed. "Effectively stopping him from aging. Afterwards, he was somehow transported to Fiore until he was reawakened a few days ago." he surmised from the knowledge he had attained earlier.

The sky dragon remained puzzled. "If what you say is true, then what did this individual hoped to achieve by doing that?"

"I am not sure, Dragon Slayer Magic has many uses, some which are still unknown to even us. This individual, or group of individuals, must have extensive knowledge about dragons and dragon slayers."

Metalicana let out a frustrated roar. "This is starting to annoy me! Its bad enough that we must deal with the Dragon King still loose in the world, but now this? Are we honestly worrying about something so miniscule?"

Igneel glared at the iron dragon. "Anything that involves using Dragon Magic and Dragon Slayer Magic for unknown purposes is considered dangerous. Humans are very naive and unpredictable, they often cross boundaries that are not meant to be crossed. We've all seen what the Black Wizard Zeref had done; he created thousands of demons and set them loose upon the world. What if humans used our magic for something similar?" he said, effectively silencing the iron dragon.

"So what do you suggest we do?" Grandine questioned. It wasn't like the sky dragon to be asking Igneel for suggestions, but they honestly had no idea what or who they were dealing with at the moment.

"We wait for now.." the fire dragon stated. "We shall keep an eye on this boy."

The other two dragons seemed to agree with this statement.

"Well, if that is all, then I shall take my leave." Grandine said. "Farewell for now you two, I shall go and speak with Neosys about this matter."

"Very well, Grandine." Igneel replied.

"This place was beginning to become unbearable anyways." Metalicana snorted. "The next we meet, Fire Dragon, we shall see who is the strongest between the two of us."

The red dragon smirked. "As you wish, Iron Dragon."

With that, the two lights flew off into the distance until they were out of sight, leaving Igneel to his own thoughts. 'Could it be that they know what secret that child holds?' the mighty dragon questioned in thought. 'Is it just mere coincidence, or is it fate? I suppose the answer will come in time. It seems our children will have to face yet another trial before the battle against the Dragon King begins..' After a few moments of silence, Igneel's thoughts moved to a more pleasant matter.

"Erza have fallen for my son it would seem.." the great dragon chuckled before it shifted to full-blown laughter. "I wish you good luck child, I know how stubborn that boy is.."

Next Day, Fairy Tail

"Ah, it's so boring!" Lucy groaned as she laid her head on the bar counter.

The guild had been rather quiet with the absence of Salamander and Titania, and while it was enjoyable at first, it suddenly became uneventful and just plain..unnatural. Even Gray and Gajeel, who found the Fire Dragon Slayer unbearable almost always, found themselves wishing he would return just to start another guild fight. Mira found herself giggling at the blonde who slumped over the counter.

"It is too quiet without those two here. I'm sure they will be back soon enough to liven things up again."

"Aye!" Happy chirped as he flew by Lucy and took a seat on the counter. "I'm sure they're having fun wreaking havoc, where ever they are."

"That's a pretty grim way of thinking.." the blonde shuddered.

Mira giggle. "My, my, I wouldn't put it past them, those two do have a hard time holding back."

Lucy grimaced slightly. "I feel sorry for that guy they're supposed to bring back.."

"If the guy's lucky, they'll drag his unconscious body back to the guild." the blue Exceed said casually.

"You know, you can be pretty scary sometimes Happy." the Celestial mage stated, sitting straight up.


Upon hearing that unusual laugh, everyone turned to see Gajeel strolling over to the bar. "Oh, hey Gajeel." Lucy greeted.

"I bet that Erza drag's both the guy's and Salamander's sorry asses back to the guild." the Iron Dragon Slayer snorted.

Gray, who just happened to be sitting at a table nearby with Juvia, couldn't help but overhear that statement. "I wouldn't put it past her, that flaming idiot will probably screw up the mission by doing something stupid."

"Now, now you two, we all know that Natsu has grown up quite a bit." Mira said with a bright smile. "I think you're both just jealous that he got to go on a special mission."

"Bah, what's so special about looking for some guy?" Gajeel grunted.

Gray shook his head. "Did you forget already? That guy saved our sorry asses after those other bastards handed them to us, the least we can do is send someone out to say thank you."

Juvia, who had been admiring the ice mage from being in close proximity, decided to throw her two cents in. "Gray-sama is right! Juvia will personally thank the man who saved her beloved's life!" she said before turning to Gajeel. "You should, at the very least, be thankful as well Gajeel-kun."

The Iron Dragon Slayer snorted. "Like I needed saving, I could have gotten out of that mess on my own."

"Still, for the guy to save all of us from being crushed under a mountain, it really says something about his character." Lucy spoke up. "I have a feeling this person isn't your typical civilian or mage."

Everyone, even Gajeel, remained silent as they each turned to their own thoughts on their mysterious savior. Wendy was on the second floor with her partner, Carla, when she overheard the group talking down below, raising her own questions as well.

"I wonder how he's like.." the bluenette thought out loud as she stared down at her friends.

The white Exceed huffed. "I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you." In truth, Carla was actually very weary of meeting that man again, being the exact person she had seen in her vision, though he lacked the gauntlets, greaves and breastplate he had during her premonition. The feline couldn't help but worry; an unknown person usually brought unknown troubles with them, something she learned first hand with 'Mest' and 'Michelle Lobster.'

"You know, even after seven years, you still haven't changed very much." Wendy pouted. "You're still sour puss."

"What do you mean by that?!"

"Heh, nothing!"

Carla grumbled something under her breath as Wendy giggled. 'At least she isn't depressed anymore..' the white feline thought.

The bluenette's attitude quickly changed as she found herself feeling very impatient about something, or more specifically, someone. "I hope Natsu-san comes back soon.." the Sky Dragon Slayer sighed.

"So you're finally going to tell him?" the Exceed asked, noticing the change in her partner's voice.

Wendy's eyes became a little downcast, but she smiled nonetheless. "Yes..I know now that he isn't meant for me, but I still want him to know how I I can finally move on. I still want to be friends with him after all."

It hurt Carla to hear her closest friend say that, but she knew as well that it was for the best. These matters were always so delicate, and usually having someone else help you resulted in more problems than solutions. In the end, it was just another chapter that Wendy needed to close the page on. "Don't give up Wendy, I'm sure you'll find the guy that's right for you." she assured her partner.

The bluenette smiled. "Thank you Carla."

Down below with Lucy and her group, Happy was describing the mysterious young man to Levy and her team, who had stopped by to have a chat with the others.

"Aye! He has grey hair and deep blue eyes that look like they could stare into your soul!" the Exceed went on to describe, rather creepily.

The two other members of Team Shadow Gear, Jet and Droy, felt a little unnerved, but Levy was somewhat intrigued by Happy's description of the mage.

"What kind of clothing was he wearing?" the bluenette asked.

The blue feline thought for a moment. "His clothes were kinda like Natsu's, except they looked a little more..foreign." he explained. "I think that maybe he's not from Fiore, probably from another country or continent."

Levy's eyes suddenly lit up. "Maybe he knows how to speak and write in a different language! I could ask him to teach me!" she chirped.

Gajeel grunted in displeasure at her remark. "Why are you suddenly interested in this guy? Got a crush on him or something?"

"No I don't, you big jerk!" Levy scowled at the dragon slayer. "I'm just interested in what kind of knowledge and information he knows." she said matter of factly.

Lucy giggled. "You know, despite never having seen the guy in person, I'm actually a little interested in meeting him myself."

"That, or you're hoping that he'll become your boyfriend." Happy snickered, making the blonde's face turn several shades of red.

"Shut up you damn cat!"

Everyone laughed at the interaction between Lucy and the Exceed. During their exchange, Lucy attempted to peg the feline with a mug, only to miss and hit Elfman in the back of the head. Said person grew furious and grabbed the person nearest him and threw the poor bastard across the guild hall, hitting Fried who was posing for Reedus; the Rune Mage in turn threw a chair at a group of wizards sitting at a round table. The chair ended up knocking their beer mugs out of their hands, spraying everyone with booze, and so on. After the rest fell like dominos, the guild erupted into one of their famous fight as everyone began to pummel one another senseless. Lucy, Mira, Levy and Happy hid behind the bar to avoid incoming projectiles.

"Look what you did, Lu-chan!" Levy cried as a random member landed right next to the group.

Lucy screamed when another member came crashing head first through the counter. "I'm sorry, I had no idea this would happen!"

While the two girls worried for their lives, Happy stared at the sight nonchalantly. "It looks like you pulled a page from Natsu's book, Lucy. Normally he's the one who ends up starting a fight."

"My, my.." Mira giggled, a thousand megawatt smile plastered across her face. "Seems like he's been rubbing off on you Lucy."

"That has nothing to do with this!" the blonde yelled.

While the chaos and mayhem ensued, Makarov could hear the entire commotion from his office. The man sighed and rubbed his temples to ease his headache as he exited his office. The Titan Mage was half way down stairs, intent on punishing his 'children', when an all too familiar voice boomed from the guild doors.


Everyone stopped, even the objects and people flying in the air froze into place. Like machines, the members all turned their heads to a sight none of them wanted to see; Erza. A mixture of surprise and fear filled the air, surprise because of how quickly Erza had returned from her mission, and fear for the punishment she would begin to deliver to each and every single of one of them. Natsu, who was accompanying Titania, did his best not to laugh at the others for having started a guild fight, and without him for once! The dragon slayer found it a little ironic; he expected the guild to be in one piece when he returned since he was the cause of almost ninety-nine percent of the fights that went on, but instead he found its members in the middle of destroying everything inside. He glanced over at Gajeel and Gray, and almost burst into laughter when he saw the horrified looks on their faces.

'Oh man, so this must be how it's like when Erza catches us doing something bad.' Natsu thought with a snicker. 'I should go on missions with her more often.'

Erza glared sternly at the entire guild before she went off on them full force. "We leave for one day, and this happens? You should all be ashamed of yourselves! I can't believe after all these years that you still act like immature children!" Titania howled. The next five minutes consisted of the red-head lecturing everyone to death, while Natsu simply smirked at all them as he stood proudly next to Erza.

'Lucky bastard!' they all thought.

Mira, oblivious to Erza's rampant lecturing, popped up from behind the bar and greeted the two wizards. "Natsu, Erza, welcome back." she said with a smile.

"Yo!" Natsu grinned back at the white-haired mage.

Erza visibly relaxed and returned the smile. "Thank you Mira, its good to be back." she said before turning to the guild once again. "Despite what has happened, I am willing to forgive you all in the meantime, but don't let this happen again." she finished.

The entire guild let out a collective sigh of relief, having averted the wrath of Titania, before they all started cleaning up the mess that had been created in the wake of their fight. It was at that moment that a person, one that none of them had ever seen before, walked through the guild doors. The person was a lightly tanned male, no older than eighteen, with grey hair and eyes as blue as the sky. In contrast, the person's clothing was black, with blue trimmings on his long-sleeved coat and a blue sash around his waist, with black pants. The only thing he seemed to be carrying on his person was a green backpack.

"Hey.." Jet said to Droy as they finished flipping a table over. "Who's that guy?"

The rather large mage turned his head and looked. "Don't know, never seen him before."

Everyone took notice of their visitor, and they were all a little surprised to see Natsu and Erza talking so casually to the young man.

"Sorry about that." the visitor said to the red-head and pinkette. "Sonia is still really nervous, so it took a while to convince her to come in."

Natsu grinned. "No worries man, we'll help her get over that fear of her's."

"Where is she?" Erza asked, looking around for signs of black Exceed.

The grey haired boy rubbed his neck sheepishly. "She's hiding in my backpack.."

The conversation was cut short when Makarov, having just made his way downstairs, came to greet his two brats. "Natsu, Erza. I'm grateful that you both returned unharmed, though I am a little surprised to see you back so quickly." the Master said with a chuckle.

"Hey Gramps!" the pink haired mage said with a grin.

Titania nodded. "It seemed that luck was on our side during this mission."

The Sixth Master nodded before turning to his new visitor. "So you are the young man I've heard of that saved my children lives." Makarov could tell the boy was a little uneasy when he looked at him.

"It was nothing." the young man replied with a faint smile before he bowed his head. "You must be Master Makarov, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Makarov waved his hand. "Now, now, no need to be so formal, it makes me feel old." the old man joked heartily, making the visitor feel more at ease. "Follow me to my office, you and I have much to discuss."

The young man frowned slightly, but nodded. He then turned to Erza. "Do you mind looking after Sonia for me?" he asked the scarlet woman, who nodded in response.

The entire guild watched curiously as the young man opened his back pack and gently reached in to pull something from within. That something turned out to have black fur with white spots, wearing a white dress with little suns patterned all over and to top it all off, there were cat ears and a tail. Everyone turned to Happy and then Carla, before looking back at the feline in the young man's hands; it was a female Exceed.

"Sonia.." the visitor began. "I'm going to go talk with Makarov in private, so Erza is going to look after you for a bit, okay?"

The Exceed nodded, shaking slightly. She seemed a little terrified than anything else, though she visibly relaxed when the boy smiled at her warmly to reassure her. The young man set Sonia down the her feet before following Makarov upstairs, ignoring the stares that were directed at him. He was obviously not one for attention, that was for certain.

"He must be the one.." Wendy, who was still on the second floor with Carla, watched with curious eyes as the grey haired boy and her Master walk up to the second floor and into the hallway behind her. Her brown orbs kept their gaze on him until he reached the end of the hall, standing right outside Makarov's office. Before going inside, however, the young man noticed Wendy's peculiar stare and turned to look at her. After a moment of looking at the bluenette, he gave her a quick smile before proceeding inside, leaving the girl to stare dumbly at the empty space in the hallway.

"Something catch your eye?" the white Exceed said teasingly, having caught how her partner looked at the boy.

Wendy remained silent for a few moments, before she realized her partner was trying to get through to her. "Huh?" she blinked.

Carla frowned. "Are you alright? You seem to be spacing out a bit there."

"Oh. Yea, sorry about that." the blunette laughed sheepishly before going to her thoughts. 'What was that just then? When we both looked at each other, I felt a strange feeling inside for a split second, and then it went away..' After thinking for a few moments and coming up with nothing, Wendy brushed the thought aside for another time. "Let's go talk with Lucy-san and the others." she suggested to her partner.

"Very well then." Carla replied before she activated her Aera and followed her partner downstairs. By now the guild hall was abuzz with talk of their new visitor, many of them curious about who he may be and why Makarov wanted to speak with him.

"Everyone listen up!" Erza yelled, effectively silencing everyone. All eyes fell on the scarlet mage as she stood with her usual authoritarian posture. "As you have seen, we have visitors here, so behave yourselves." The red-head knelt down and picked Sonia up in her arms. "For now, I will introduce one of them. This is Sonia. As you can all see, she is an Exceed, a very pretty one I must add." The Exceed in the knight's arms blushed at that statement. "But she is also afraid of people, something she is working very hard on overcoming. That being said, I want everyone to make her feel welcomed, but also keep in mind of her uneasiness around people."

"Aye, sir!" Everyone saluted before they resumed their clean up.

Ten minutes later, the guild was cleaned up and sporting a new look, almost as if a fight had never broken out in the first place. Erza, Natsu and Sonia had settled down at a table to eat, when the rest of their friends crowded around them, eager to hear about the grey haired boy and his Exceed friend.

"Guys, this is Sonia." Erza introduced her. "Sonia, these are our friends; The blonde girl is Lucy, the boy with no shirt is Gray.." There was a short pause when Gray cursed himself as he looked for his shirt. "..Anyways, the blue haired girl with the blue and yellow vest is Wendy, and the white Exceed is her partner, Carla." The said wizards each said their hellos before Sonia greeted them back, albeit shyly, though she relaxed when she greeted Carla.

Natsu decided to continue where Erza left off. "And this here is my partner Happy!" he said proudly as the blue Exceed walked up to Sonia and raised his paw.

"Aye! It's nice to meet you Sonia." Happy chirped.

The black Exceed visibly relaxed again, seeing the familiar sight of yet another Exceed. "Likewise Happy, I've heard a lot about you and Carla during my time in the Exceed village."

At the mention of the other Exceeds, the blue cat and white cat both stared with wide eyes before they both adopted looks of guilt.

"Now that you brought it up, its been a while since we said we would visit Shagotte and the others.." Happy said as his ears drooped down. Carla nodded slowly in agreement.

Sensing their distress, Sonia gave the two Exceeds a reassuring smile. "Well, you could make it up to them by visiting sometime soon, I can show you were the village is at."

Happy and Carla both looked at the black Exceed with surprise, but then smiled as they both nodded. The surrounding wizards watched with happy smiles, glad that Sonia was beginning to feel a bit more comfortable around them now.

"Hey!" they all heard a voice yell out. "What about us?"

The others quickly turned to see Levy with her hands on her hips and Gajeel who seemed a bit disgruntled, having both been left out during the introductions.

"OH!" Lucy quickly apologized before looking over at Sonia. "These two are Levy and Gajeel." she said sheepishly.

The black Exceed smiled before bowing a little. "I-its a pleasure to meet you both."

The Solid Script mage gave back a peace sign. "The pleasure is all our's!"

Gajeel, who wasn't much for formalities, grunted but gave a small smirk. With the final introductions out of the way (Gajeel explained that Lily was at home, sick apparently), they began asking Sonia various questions and allowed her to ask a few of her own. After some time had passed, and everyone was better acquainted with the black Exceed, they went on to ask the all important question; who was that grey haired young man who was currently speaking with their master?

"His name is Alexi Bluemoon." Erza explained. "He's a mage from the Southern continent who somehow ended up in Fiore. Unfortunately, Alexi is suffering from memory loss at the moment, so he has no idea how he ended up all the way over here." The scarlet knight purposely left out the part about him being turned into a lacrima, figuring it was better for Alexi to explain it himself.

"He's a Dragon Slayer." Natsu said abruptly, already knowing that they were going to ask what type of mage Alexi is. The wizards all gave varying expressions; Lucy and Levy looked surprised, Gajeel was grinning at the thought of being able to fight another dragon slayer, and Wendy had a thoughtful expression. Happy glanced over at Carla who simply shrugged, not really knowing what to think of the revelation.

"So he had something to do with what happened to you guys on that job two days ago?" Levy asked curiously.

Natsu nodded. "Gramps thinks he might know something about those bastards that tried to steal our magic."

Everyone remained silent for a moment as they each wondered the same thing. Where are Serpent Fang and Kornell, and what are they planning to do next?

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