*at School*

Harper: hey Alex

A: hey Harper

H: oh my god… did you hear about the new teacher*

A: no

H: he's replacing

A: really?

H: yeah and they say that he's really cute and he's 21

A: 21? Isn't he young to teach college?

H: yeah but who cares, finally English will not be boring anymore*smirks*

A: well I don't care, he's just going to be another teacher who'll give me detention*turns to leave when she bumps into someone and her books fell on the floor*hey watch it

Justin: oh I'm sorry, I wasn't looking were I was walking

A: yeah well you better look next time*starts grabbing her books from the floor*

J: here let me help you

A: I don't need your help, thanks

J: fine I was just trying to be nice

A: just go away

J*walks away*

A: jerk

J: I heard that

A*shakes her head*

H: Alex why did you talk to him like that, he was trying to be nice

A: well I don't care

H: you're unbelievable, come on let's go, we have English and I can't wait to meet the new teacher

A*rolls her eyes and walks away with Harper*

*after few minutes*

*in class*

Mr. Laritate: as you all know, there's a new replacement for Mr. Sulkin for this year, so I would like you to treat him nicely and with respect

*all: yes Mr. laritate*

Mr. L: ok, Justin you can come in

J*enter the class*

A*shocked* oh my god

H: Alex that's the guy who runs into you in the hallway and you was being mean to him

A: I know, you don't need to remind me*was really embarrassed*

Mr.L: so class, this is Mr. Moriarty

J: hi everyone

*the whole class was shocked because he was young and cute*

Mr.L: so I'm going to leave you now, behave*leaves*

J: ok so my name is Justin Moriarty and I'm your new teacher, so I want all of you now to tell me one by one your names

*everyone starts to say their names*

A*stands up, she wasn't able to look at him because she was embarrassed about what happened in the hallway** h…hi, my name is Alex Russo

J: well nice to meet Miss Russo

A*nods and sits down*

H: hi, I'm Harper Finkle

J: nice meeting you Miss Finkle

H*smiles and sits down*

*after few minutes*

J: ok so… I want you all to read the first 2 chapters of this book and… I'll see you tomorrow*smiles*

*everyone left except Alex*

J*sitting behind his desk, checking some papers*

A: mmm… hey

J: oh Miss Russo, is there something wrong?

A: mmm… no but I… I just wanted to… apologize on what happened in the hallway, I… I didn't know that you were the new teacher

J*chuckles* don't worry I don't blame you, but thanks for the apology

A*nods and leaves*

*at lunch*

H*sitting on a table with Alex, eating lunch* oh my god, Mr. Moriarty is so cute don't you think

A: yeah I guess, but come on isn't it weird to talk like that about a teacher?

H: yeah but he's young not like those old teachers

A*chuckles* yeah

Gigi: don't get your hopes high ladies because he's never going to look at two girls like you*smirks*

A*annoyed* go away Gigi

Gi: oh… I'm so scared*pretend to be scared*

A: you're a jerk

Gi*sarcastic* oh well thank you

H: Gigi just go away and leave us alone

Gi*smirks and walks away*

A: uughh I hate her so much

H: yeah me too, she just causes trouble

A: yeah tell me about it

H: hey do you want to come over after school?

A: sorry but I have work remember?

H: oh yeah

A: yeah I just wish I could stop working

H: yeah me too, because I really miss hanging out with you

A: yeah I know*sighs*