*the next day*

*in class*

A*talking and laughing with Taylor*

J*sees them* Alex and Taylor stop talking

T: oh I'm sorry Mr. Moriarty

A: don't worry about him Taylor… just continue your story

J: what did you just say? I told you to quit down in class, that's your job

A: yeah but I'm bored

J: well I'm sorry for boring you but that's your English class

A: yeah fine, whatever

J: just stop talking

A*rolls her eyes*


*after one week*

*Alex and Taylor we're always together, talking and laughing and Justin was really getting jealous every time he saw Alex with Taylor, he just wanted to tell her how much he like her, he couldn't take it anymore*

*at school*

A*leaning against the wall in the hallway talking with Taylor*

T*standing in front of her*

J*comes to the hallway and see them*

J*walks over to them*mmm… Taylor can I talk to Alex alone?

T: yeah sure

A: no it's fine you can stay

J: mmm… no actually I want to talk to you alone

T: it's fine, I'll see you later Alex

A: ok fine, bye

T: bye*leaves*

A*turns to Justin* what do you want?

J: look I know what you're trying to do

A: what? What are you talking about?*confused*

J: staying with Taylor every day, laughing and hanging out with him, you're trying to make me jealous

A: what? Are you serious?

J: yes very

A: look I'm not trying to make you jealous ok, you didn't want me so I'm not going to wait for you my whole life, I have to move on, and Taylor is a great guy, he cares about me, not like other people

J: yeah yeah whatever, but I just know that you're doing this to make me jealous

A*a little annoyed* look I don't have time for this right now, so I'm just going to leave*about to walk away*

J*he quickly pressed his hand on the wall which trapped Alex in between them*

A*out of guard, shocked* wha… what are you doing?

J*smiles a little* we have to talk

A: I… I have… to mmm… go*tries to go*

J*moves closer to her so that she can't go*

J*he was now very close to her, their body where almost touching*

A*really shocked* Mr. Moriarty… wha.. what are y…

J: I need to tell you something

A*really shocked, out of breath*

J: you know since the day you started to hang out with Taylor, I felt something different about you, I didn't want to see you with him anymore, I'm tired of all the fights we had and I'm tired of hiding what I truly feel about you Alex

A: wh… what are you talking about?

J: I don't care anymore if I'm your teacher or not, I just don't want to stay like this for the rest of my life, denying what I want just because of a stupid thing

A*just looking at him*

J: Alex I was jealous as hell when you were with Taylor, I couldn't see you with him even if you were just talking to him

A: wh… what?

J: I like you Alex

A*didn't know what to do or say, she was so shocked but happy at the same time* wh… what did yo… what did you just said?

J*smiles and strokes her cheek* I like you more than you can ever imagine, these few months were the hardest months of my life because I had to force myself not to give up and pretend that I don't like you, every time I saw you crying over me, I felt my heart ripped out of me but I couldn't say anything…. But now I can't take it anymore, you have to know that I like you, I always did

A*tears runs from her eyes* I… I can't believe this, is this a dream?!

J*laughs a little* no it's true I promise, and remember the kiss?


J: that was definitely not a mistake, I meat it, but I told you that it was a mistake because I didn't wanted you to think that I like you… but that kiss was the best thing of my life

A*cries a little and hugs him tightly*

J*wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer to his body*

A*burying her head in his chest* finally…

J*just smiles*

A*pulls away and wipes her tears*

J: I'm sorry for all the things I did to you, I really regret it

A: it's fine, I forgive you…

J: good…

A: oh my god… I… I still can't believe that this is happening

J: it's true…*grabs her face and kisses her softly*

A*wraps her arms around his back and presses herself closer to his body*

J* wraps his arms around her waist*

A*deepens it*

J*pulls away and smiles*


J*smirks* I'm sorry I took so long

A: yeah you did take so long, how could you do that?

J: sorry it's never going to happen again

A: yeah you better be

J: I want you back Alex?

A: what?

J: come back and live with me

A: are you sure?

J: never been more sure in my life

A: yes yes, of course I'll come back

J*kisses her passionately*

A*smiles through the kiss*

J*deepens it*

A: we have… to stop…someone…could see…us*says between the kisses*

J: ughh yeah you're right

A: hey one question

J: what?

A: do I have to call you Mr. Moriarty?*smirks*

J: of course you do… but just in class*strokes her cheek* but outside class you can call me whatever you want

A: great… so I'll see you after class Justin*smiles*

J*smiles* can't wait

A*smirks and leaves*